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His spiritual pressure was all but erased, on his travels in hopes that it would stop the Shinigami from activating the Kōtotsu which would give him more time to properly plot a course home. His escape from the twisted scientist of the Gotei 13 couldn't have come sooner. His travel through the Dangai was speedy and thus, poorly planned. He had no choice but to quickly pass through the world between the human one and that of the Shinigami. This inevitably meant he would have to visit the human world momentarily before once again opening a black cavity to Hueco Mundo.

It was during this brief visit to the world of the living that El Cirujano became aware of a pair of odd humans with notable spiritual pressure. The two sat in Central Park some distance away. He made note of their relative location so that he may pay them a visit later. Even though he'd just barely escaped with his life from Seireitei, there was no reason to slack off on his own research. There was still much to learn about spiritually aware humans. While he'd run his experiments on a few, so called Fullbringers, there was one that stood out from the rest. He'd never encountered anything like it before. It's power hadn't been influenced by a Hollow like those of the Fullbringers. He'd looked for a replacement ever since the first died. Would either of these two be that replacement?

In any case, he returned to Hueco Mundo to reclaim Apex and visit his laboratory in the heavens of the savage land. He finished regenerating the flesh he'd lost while in Soul Society and went to work. Once there he restructured Apex and gave it a form more suited for capturing than killing. It would retain its tracking abilities and battle prowess, but it would be less likely to accidentally kill a delicate human body.

Once completed, he returned to the human world. By this time the night had claimed New York City. Nadroj returned to the spot where he first spotted the humans. The mass of eel-like tentacles that formed Apex's new shape slowly worked over the area, sifting through scents and making the necessary mental notes that allowed it to connect the residual reiatsu left behind and the scent of the humans they belonged to.

Apex quickly tracked the scent to New York City's famous subway. So, the hunt for this human would occur underground, in closed confines. For a moment, Nadroj wondered how Apex would fair in such an environment. The hunter could adapt, Apex could always adapt. They two began their descent from the street, each stop down into the tunnel bringing them closer to their goal.

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Not really sure what happen at all today but to make life short I had fun. I hung out with a close friend of mine and we went our separate ways not the long ago. I was now in the subway waiting for a train to take to my destination. I get in the club free before eleven thanks to my connections but this train was taking for ever. I stood again one of the pillars wearing my tight black jogger and my cute hugged black and grey shirt. But I soon got this feeling that i wasn't going to having fun soon. I had got this really bad feeling and I really didn't like what I was feeling anymore. Every second the feeling got worse and worse in the sense of bad. I sighed, can I ever catch a break. i started to scan the people around me trying to se who or what was giving me this vibe.

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The lights of the subway flickered before the space went completely black. It was almost as if they were foreshadowing impending events. The irony wasn't lost on Nadroj as he stepped into the pitch black station. He walked into a sea of murmurs, courtesy of frightened humans. Humans were often scared of the dark. They trembled from mere speculation over what may reside within it. If only they could see Apex. He permitted himself a small smile at the thought.  

The lights of the station illuminated the station once more. Their radiance washed over Nadroj highlighting his otherworldly physicality. It lit his pristine white kosode. It also cast a glow over his effervescent umber skin and lit the copper beads intricately braided into his hair a shimmer. The word 'statuesque' fell just short of being able to describe Nadroj in this moment. A being pulled not only from another world, but from another time, stood out of place in this sea of dull humans for anyone who was spiritually aware to see. After all, there was no need to hide, he wasn't the one doing the grunt work of hunting. That job went to the creature he named Apex who'd already expertly hidden itself.

The bustling crowd walked around Nadroj. Though they were unable to see him, each of them somehow knew to avoid the space which he occupied. Nadroj peered out at his target, through vibrant golden eyes. He didn't want to miss his creation's attempt to ensnare this target. He usually found himself impressed with the strategy of the creature and impressing Nadroj was no easy task. Both he and it waited in perfect stillness for the right moment.

Again, the lights of the station began to flicker.

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The feeling Winderlin was getting was getting worse and worse and he wasn't sure why. His train had finally pulled in and he was walking closer to the door but something was stopping him. he knew that the feeling hw was getting wasn't just one of those bad feelings it was something more. Like when he's near hollows or something. Like when he fought Maki and Sakota and he could tell when more and more energy was being released. Winderlin stopped in his tracks. People were pushing past him getting on the train. Do I really have to deal with this now. I just want to go to club and party with sexy guys. UGHGu. Winderlin walked away from the train and stood against one of the pillars looking to see what was giving him this strange feeling in his stomach.

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Moments after the train departed, the there were only two people left on the platform; one human and one arrancar. They stood more than twenty feet away from each other but the entire distance now held an almost tangible tension. It would appear as though the human could sense Nadroj since he hadn't bothered completely erasing the entirety of his spiritual pressure. It was best to make this quick to avoid interference. It wasn't a matter of whether the Gotei 13 were monitoring New York, but how adept at sensing the Shinigami posted there was. So what was taking Apex so long to strike? Was it having a difficult time figuring out this specific target?

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Winderlin stood alone in the subway well minus the weird feeling of some else was with him. He notice that wasn't alone. There was someone else in the subway with him. He looked back at the person into their gold eyes of confusion. Was there something that Winderlin wasn't seeing or what. It was like Winderlin felt but it wasn't coming from the guy he saw.

"Soooo are you the reason why I missed my train? You got to be fucking shitting me. I understand that I'm suppose to help save the world because it's my moral and Committee's job but like fuckkk. Can you guys give me a break. I had to deal with crazy Ika and Hollows and Sakota and Maki. I want a break. You all seem to bother me when I have things to do. Come bother me at work or just on my lazy days. Stop bothering when I want to live life. Fuck" Winderlin said going on his rant of frustration.

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"Committee?" Nadroj said as he slightly tilted his head in apparent interest. And with that Apex acted.

The first of several quickly slithered up from shadows of the train rails and across the passenger platform. A lightning fast blur reached out to the humans closest leg in an attempt to ensnare it. Another tentacle came up for his other leg, two more aimed at each arm, and finally one for the human's throat.

"Clever" Nadroj thought to himself as several more tentacles quickly shot from the rails, across the platform and towards the young man. Apex waited until the human appeared to be distracted by its own creator. How opportunistic.

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Winderlin felt really annoyed from this creepy guy he was talking to. But that feeling went way when he felt something grabbed him. Then something else and then more things. Wnderlin was captured by this really horrible looking monster crappy think. Winderlin wanted to vomit just looking at it but he saw what was happening and needs to act and fast. So with that Winderlin covered this monster thing in water and then froze it. Once that was done he used his wind to get of the last bit of the grasp this thing had on him.

"So I'm assuming this ugly think is with you?" He said rolling his eyes. "You should learn how to pick nicer looking friends because that thing is just ugly as fuck. You have terrible taste." After his statement Winderlin did is typical gay stance and created two water swords from the water vapor in the air and froze them.

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"I didn't hear you activate your Fullbring" Nadroj said after Apex stopped all movement. Realizing that this was going to be far more interesting than he'd originally assumed, he activated the eyes which inspired envy in the Shinigami that kidnapped him earlier in the day. Within moments, the world before him revealed its molecular secrets.

This human was manipulating the H2O in the air, with uncanny efficiency. To think that he could create not one, but two full-sized swords from moisture alone. What kind of fullbring could be used without calling it's name? Was it a fullbring at all? Or was this the ability of a long sought after Advent Human?

Shattering the barrier of ice around its form was an easy task for Apex. It quickly worked itself into a made dash from the tracks onto the platform. Once their the mass of tentacles twisted and bent themselves into a form that was almost humanoid in appearance.

It lashed out at the human with a massive makeshift arm which was almost mace-like in appearance. It was going to attempt to bludgeon its target and knock the young man unconscious. The speed of the attack was nothing to overlook. The weight and momentum of it would likely break bone if it connected with his side.

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"What the hell is a Fullbring. Wait are those people who use items right? Oh no I'm just a regular human with some really cool powers. It was actually really fun" Winderlin said before he realized he was being attacked by this thing that changed his form. Winderlin dodged it by flying with his Wind Manipulation. He was now on the other side of this thing. Getting really tired of seeing and just wanted to end this Winderlin morphed his swords back into liquids and then turned them into water spikes and then froze them. He then forced them to the monster and added a Air Slash hopefully cutting the thing or at least stabbing it enough to make it stay still.

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