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#11 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:02 am

In my second attempt to punching the girl, she went under the punch and followed through with her own punch on the center of my chest, her hand covered in ice as she punched me. My mind was so clouded with emotion that I hadn't thought through what I was doing. The girl sent me flying backwards across the room. My back hit another wall. My whole body crushing the wall like before. This hit seemed to knock a nail into place in my head, because I could remember, again, the thoughts I had before about my grandfather's rules. I couldn't think of much else. After breaking straight through the wall, landing in the bedroom on the other side which was mine, I started getting up. I noticed my body went through the wall and I acknowledged where I was. I looked around for a second and noticed a framed quote on the wall that used to be my mothers. It read:

If ever there is a tomorrow
When we're not together
There is something you
Must always remember
You are braver than you believe
Stronger than you seem
And smarter than you think
But the most important thing is
Even if we are apart
I'll always be with you
~A.A. Milne

After I looked at the quote, mentally remembering what it read out to say, I wiped my face of drywall dust and whatever tears may reside. Standing to my feet, I began breathing, as a way to calm down. I noticed my glove was different and half my clothing was gone, but that was far from the strangest thing that's happened. Besides, at this point, I believed that I could keep my cool and beat this little girl. I looked up at her. She was talking to my grandfather, who was still breathing barely. I didn't know what she was saying, but after she had finished talking she punched my grandfather in the ribs. As I watched that happen, I couldn't comprehend or focus on anything besides my grandfather's 'crucial lessons'. The rest of my mind was a blur. These thoughts were all that remained, along with an instinct to kill. I had never felt this way before. I had never wanted to kill somebody, but watching her punch my grandfather again. It was like she was taunting me, and it was working.

My grandfather had only been thinking of what he has enjoyed in his life. He believes that he has lived a well life, being in his sixties. He believes that he has sent a positive message to me, which I did get, but he has no certain way of knowing that I know. However, he has complete hope and faith that I did, which leaves him with no doubts to say otherwise. His message, in intentions, was to tell me that no matter what happens, I can have happiness. That I do not have to suffer with death staring me in the face. He was alright, to some extents, with me dying because he believes that I will see the bright side to it, being able to go to a place where I can see my mother for the first time. A common outlook that he would tell me when death came up in a conversation between us. He always told me that death was nothing to be afraid of, and that it will happen eventually. He would tell me that if I were to ever face death, that I should face it with a smile, so that there is no chance of leaving behind any grief or sadness.

I knew all of this and understood my grandfather's intentions. The understanding was somewhere in my mind, but I never acknowledged consciously that he was ready to die. Deep down inside, there was another thought that told me I did not want him to die, nor did I want to do, but I was willing to put my life on the line for his own and for the merer vengeance of what she has caused.

His ability to withstand the pain he was going through without reacting was coming from his acceptance. He knew it would end soon, and he had accepted it completely. So, when he was punched yet again, his ribs stabbing into his lungs and his eyes still softly closed, the only reaction he gave to it was a gag reflex of coughing up blood onto the little girl who was right in front of him. He was faintly gasping for air, as it is a natural reaction, but he was not showing suffering. He was not showing worry or concern.

When he coughed up blood, I hadn't analyzed his expression. My instinct was taking over, locked on to the girl and with a thrive to kill. Without even thinking, I made a gun with my right hand, pointing my index finger at the girl. I fired five Electric Blasts back to back, aiming each one in a different place: directly at her head, center point to her but as low as her head was, before, when she ducked to block my second attempt of punching her, directly behind her so that if she backs up it will hit her in the side of her head, same height as the second one but directly below the third one, and dead center to all the other four. They were each fired in this exact order. They are as powerful as a bala, but move at twice the speed. If they were to hit any part of the girl, they would leave 2nd degree burns on the area of contact as well as numb the area which it hits and hinder the nerves functions up to 50%. (ex. if it were to hit your upper leg than it would affect that segment of the leg and not the rest of the leg, but if it were to hit your knee than it would affect that knee and neither parts of the leg. If it were to hit a part of your head - ear, eye, nose, mouth - then it would have effects on that spot.)

After firing the fifth Electric Blast I would run towards her. When I got to her, I would swing my left arm to grab her face and sling her away from my grandfather, the claws of my glove trying to dig into her skin. Successful or not, I would move as fast as I could to a position where I could see the front of her face and reach my palm out and fire a single Electric blast from the palm of my most available hand, if both available than the right hand, and aim it towards her face, firing it dead center. The blast will be the power of a cero but move twice as fast. The blast will have the same effects as the ones from my fingers, however, since it is bigger in size, it would also affect surrounding segments of the body. (ex. If it were to hit your upper leg than It would affect your upper leg as well as the entire joints of both sides, knee and hip. If it were to hit your knee then it would affect your knee as well as your upper leg and your lower leg. If it were to hit the side of your head than it would affect that side's ear, eye, as well as that side of your jaw. If it were to hit the front of your face than it would affect both eyes, nose, and entire jaw, only burning and numbing the outer part of your ears that exposed have been exposed.)

The effects caused by each of the smaller blasts as well as the palm blast each last for two posts. After firing the Electric Blast from my palm,  whether it hit or not, I would go directly up to her face and punch her repeatedly punch her left fist right fist left fist right fist until there is nothing left to punch. Each time the black material of my gloves would make contact with you, that part of your body will have hindered nerve functions up to 50% and numb the limb as well as the sharp, blunt, metal pieces on the knuckles damaging you in that contact with an equivalent power force to a number thirty hadou. The effects of each glove contact would last two posts.

If at any point she would swing at me from a position which I could see, I would instictively attempt to counter it with the next attack that I would have already attempted and change its target to that which would be attacking me, be it fist to fist, fist to foot, or fist to ice. After the target of the next move would change to attempt a counter of her attack if she would try to, I would resume back to the target that I initially had.

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#12 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:09 am

From the corner of Yukari's eye she saw the glow of Aiden's attacks approaching, with a wave of her hand she intercepted the shots with a wall of ice, while not massively thick it was enough to stop the human's pitiful attempts to strike her from afar. The heat of the bolts was enough to melt the wall leaving a clear, yet slippery path for Aiden to approach, grabbing onto her face and attempting to feebly fling her away, causing her to laugh maniacally as she slid a short distance across the floor, her lack of weight working against her in this instance. From his near point blank range the young electro-kinetic released another, larger blast of lightning aimed right at her face, that singed her hair and caused it to stick out on end, as well as numbed her skin a bit but that was all it could muster through her reiatsu.

Not satisfied with the results of that attack the young human went to try and punch her in the face, apparently he learned nothing from the last time he did that, either way it was a big mistake. Yukari met his first punch with one of her own, her hand covered in ice. The force of the blows meeting would be more than enough to at least fracture if not break the young human's bones. Not even waiting for the pain to register on the human's end Yukari kicked him hard in the side again, probably with enough force to send him back through the hole he made last time.

Should he go flying Yukari would slowly saunter after him, she was about done playing with her food.

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#13 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:42 am

I had no acknowledgement of any of my attackcs results. My mind was in a deep abyss of instinct that had taken over my own consciousness and actions. I went to punch her with my left hand, after grabbing her face and moving her a bit a ways, she iced her hand and met my own. The metal on my gloves easily shattered her ice, and my fist met with hers. With her strength surpassing my own, my hand felt the effects of fracturing a few of the bones, however, in my rush of the moment I did not realize that I was even injured. Also when my hand met hers, her hand would take the effects of up to 50% hinder of nerve function for her four fingers as well as feeling numb. The sharp knuckles pieces giving power force impact equal to that of a hadou thirty. Following the meeting of fists, the girl immediately decides to push through with a kick to my side. I then easily saw the rise of her foot, before it even took the position of swinging sideways. Not even a second, did it take to reach up to my level, but I stepped the leg closest to the kick back a short ways while at the same time I swung my right fist with full force at her ankle. Contact of glove causing up to 50% hinder of nerve function as well as causing numbness, and in addition impact of metal on knuckles giving what ever sharp effects possible on such skin and impacting at a damage level equal to that of a hadou thirty. The punch would be at her ankle, but also aimed downward as my aim is from above. If the kick would hit me anywhere from waist to should I would be forced airborne into the wall that I had just left. I would jump to my feet after about 3 seconds if able to and charge at the girl with fists to face attempt. If the kick would hit me any lower than the waste then I would trip and fall to the ground, my hands put out to catch myself and I would jump back to my feet if nothing were to prevent. If the kick were to miss any of the two areas, and surely not hit my head, than I would bring my left fist to follow at her face, unless another attack would come my way, in which case I would do the same as before and attempt to block it with my ongoing or next available punch. All nerve hindering and numbing effects last two posts.

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#14 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:09 am

The ice covering Yukari's hand cracked as it met Aiden's spikes it wasn't that big of a deal her Hierro stopped the spikes from actually damaging her body, and even the electrical current going through them was a slight tingle, kind of like sticking your tongue on a 9v battery. As the brat stepped into her kick punching her in the ankle with a decent amount of force enough to actually cause her leg to drop from striking in the midsection to hitting him in the knee, still with enough force to cause his legs to fly out from underneath him. Stepping forward while he was still mid air Yukari punched him straight down into the ground with her right hand with enough force to make him bounce off of the ground especially in this precarious position he found himself in. As he he reached the apex of his bounce Yukari would punt him back through that hole in the wall, slowly sauntering after him, right now their difference in strength made it so that his attacks were useless against her, well mostly anyways though he probably didn't have enough time or reiryoku to wear down her defenses, oh well sucks to be him...

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#15 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:30 am

Jun was the closest Committee member with any relevant power, and that wasn't saying much seeing as it still took him a long time to get there. Still, his opponent was going to be the strongest he'd fought. Well, to the death. He was stronger now than when he fought Kaede, but it was still gonna be an uphill battle. He'd already activated his fullbring, and was going full strength, but was also using bakudo 26 to hide himself. And it was working. She wasn't going to suspect a single thing until the last moment. He was behind her, and did a jump with both hands clasped together for a downward strike to the top of her head, and he became visible during his small leap. Hit or miss, he would bend and aim a kick to her side while manipulating his chain whips to stab her, one at the base of the neck on her left side, and the other to see if he can't hinder her mobility with a stab to the Achilles's heel.

Upon landing and sliding back fifteen yards, he let loose with dual waves of fire and lightning, each the strength of a hado 33. Other reinforcements were incoming, but it would still take them a while to get there.

Jun Tomoshibi. Human. 0-5
Riku Tomoshibi. Shinigami. 0-5
Tegan Tristan Tomoshibi. Human. 2-1
Kuro, Tegan's talking cat. 4 tier noncombatant.
Reo Sato. Shinigami. 2-1
Jin Midokawa. Human. 0-5
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