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#1 A Stroll Through The City on Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:18 am

I walked out of the grocery store, just getting off my shift. My grandfather had texted me this morning saying that he'd be home today. I was so excited that I smiled on my way home, taking one of my newer routes so that I could pass the park and see the blooming flowers and chirping birds under the high noon sun. As I passed the park I stopped for a couple minutes to just look. I felt like peace and harmony were within me, nothing stressing me out and nothing to worry about. I noticed the people all around, little kids playing like they too had nothing to worry about. There were red robins and beautiful dandelions filling the area. It was a sight that I hadn't taken the opportunity to really admire before, and I was glad that I had done so today.
After the moment passed and I started feeling sweat glue my shirt to my back from the beaming sun, I began back home, plugging in my earbuds and listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers. One foot after the other, i walked down the sidewalk of New York, glancing at the passing cars and people. I wondered what their worries may consist of. I asked myself What do normal people in this world worry about?

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#2 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:53 am

Yukari stepped through a gate into the human world she had decided to forgo her skin suit and go for a more basic feeding and find a strong source of spiritual power killing its owner and eating their souls. As soon as she stepped through the gate in the park she could feel one such pressure walking by, he wasn't much by means of her normal meal but she wasn't going to be picky she was just trying to sate the urge to eat fresh. Suppressing her power to the fullest extent she could she followed the human she had set her eyes on trailing him hoping to find a semi-secluded area to do the deed.

Her long black hair flowed behind her as her chocolate brown eyes locked on Aiden's form her pale skin and white clothes completing her package, with her zanpakuto hanging from her waist.

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#3 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:21 am

Since my work was only about a quarter of a mile from my house, my travel, to and from, would not seem very far. I could always just take a direct path and be at either one in just under fifteen minutes, but I always found a sense of comfort when I walked about the city and analyzed each individual to some degree. By taking different routes to get from place to place, even if it's not the shortest, I grant myself with a larger variety of specimen to be examined. With each and every opportunity, I have managed to learn something new, whether it be about a particular person or of people as a whole.

Since I was eager to get home, I hadn't the time to fully analyze many people, only catching a short glance and a farfetched assumption on most everyone that I past. I saw a raggedly dressed man on a bus bench blowing his nose into a tissue he had just pulled from a box. With only this much in my mind I immediately assumed that he was an extravagant entrepreneur, playing a roll as a homeless man to try and catch some extra dollars. Just the thought of this made me laugh.

As I waltz my way home, I passed three more fake hobos, two men having an affair, and a high-class-wannabe, who I believed to have a bad form of schizophrenia, getting into a taxi. On a day like this, when I dont have the mental focus to analyze people enough, I leave my mind open for improbable assumptions. I was just around the block from my house, basically jumping out of my pants with excitement. I hadn't seen my grandfather in nearly a month. Our bond was at such a scale, that I have managed nearly half a year without him. This was all thanks to the glove that he had given me so long ago, to represent the love that my family will always have towards me, even if they are not there to show it. While I always was able to manage an absence of loved ones, I never let it change who I believed I truly was as a person. So, as I walked up my street and towards my house, I was ready to see my grandfather, the only remaining family member that I have in my life, and talk and listen with him, like old friends with much to say.

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#4 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:13 am

Yukari followed the human all the way across town, trailing in his wake waiting patiently to be in a less crowded area before beginning her attack. She had sensed more human's with powers in the area, and while she couldn't quite tell if they would each be strong enough on their own to even hurt her, never mind kill her, she knew that they could probably overwhelm her with sheer numbers and her exquisite hierro would only carry her so far. Finally it looked like her pray was approaching a home which would be good, a nice enough secluded space for her to pounce.

Waiting until Aiden had been inside of his house for about five minutes or so before approaching it Yukari would walk up to the front door, tilt her head sideways slightly she considered her approach options. Shrugging she decided that it would be easy enough to just walk in and get what she wanted. Pressing her pale hand against the locks on the door Yukari created keys of ice that she would just slowly turn in the locks to confirm that door was unlocked before letting herself in quietly. Following the young boy's 'scent' she would slowly walk in ready for the taste of a fresh soul.

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#5 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:21 am

As I approached my home, I felt as if I hadn't seen it in forever. An exaggerated thought perhaps, but a true feeling, because it always seemed like an entirely different place with my grandfather around. I stopped in front of the door and took my headphones out of my ears, shoving them into my pocket with my phone. After wiping an itch off my nose, I clenched my right hand into a fist and held it against my chest. This was always my way of holding my family close to my heart. Waiting for the moment to pass, I took one last deep breath and opened the front door, which lead instantly into the kitchen.

As I walk inside, shutting the door behind me, my eyes immediately locked onto my grandfather, who had been sitting at the kitchen table, reading a thick, worn down book as he waited for me. With the amount of time that had past since our last encounter, I couldn't help but analyze him entirely, just as I would a stray on the street.

He was a thin old man, with straight silver hair that was barely long enough to cover his ears. It looked combed, but some of it still stuck upwardly in the back. Surely, one would naturally assume him to be well kept, if not for his short, scruffy beard and the matching mustache that was only slightly longer. To me, this feature made him seem more laid back and worry-free, though I quickly recalled countless times of him being described as professional with his choice of hairstyle.

His eyes were a perfect reflection of the ocean's surface, which I always thought it to be an astonishing coincidence. When observed from afar, they appear gentle and calm, however, upon closer inspection, one may feel their deep and mysterious core radiate through their aquatic surface. This sort of vibe would typically make a man seem difficult to confront, but he seemed to always play it off with his gentle smile and attitude. However, I have always been able to see the ironic and mysterious features of his eyes. Though the details always seemed to stay to myself, in hopes that one day I may fully understand the cause of their permanent expression, already knowing that he, as well as I, has endured a tragic loss, I could not even begin to imagine the pain he felt on that day.

The rest of his face was primarily pale with some freckles scattered here and there. I would have thought that he'd be more sunburnt this time around, if not for a small recollection of the last time that he had come home. I had teased him of being a bruised banana, because he was sunburnt all over, appearing even darker than myself, but then, when the sunburn peeled off, he was just a pale, thin banana. Perhaps this time he peeled himself before I got home, which would have been smart on his half.

He was wearing a tacky pink long sleeve button up shirt with small blue anchors all over it, as well as a clean pair of jeans that seemed to have militant creases down the front and back of the legs, likely a stern habit that he picked up from the navy all those years ago. His whole outfit was completed with a pair of black snakeskin cowboy boots and a broken gold watch.

While all of these thoughts occurred, in a matter of seconds, I was shortly cut off from my analysis when he wrapped his arms around me in a tight warm hug, that I had somehow not seen coming, but I still hugged back with just as much affection. We each expressed, in particular detail, how much we missed each other, followed by a meal that my grandfather had prepared before I had arrived. He had made yet another mysterious-fish meal. It always consisted of fish that I knew nothing about, and each time he made it he would cook a different fish. I only knew they were different because of how he prepared them. On few occasions, he would make a meal that he's made before, and because of the randomness of the meals, I used to always ask about the differences. Since I never got a serious answer from him, on the topic, at some point I just stopped asking, merely enjoying the meal that I was given. This time it was a fish I hadn't seen before, that he had cooked and seasoned to my humble perfection, as he would often say in an overdramatic southern accent. It was an inside joke referring to slavery and me living with a white man. I always would laugh with him afterwards.

After our sentimental hug and greeting, I would begin to tell him about the things I've seen and done since our last real chat, which was nearly three months ago. I skimmed through an explanation of how my end of the school year went, repeating to him twice that I hadn't failed any classes, because that was really all he cared about on the subject. Then I started getting into telling him about an unusual young man that I followed into the woods, on the first day of summer. I hadn't gotten far into my story, when he abruptly interrupted me with a fixed plate of food and an overused southern accent. I was just about to laugh, when a more serious interruption intervened on our evening.

The front door, which was completely visible to my grandfather and I, slowly opened. I didn't see anything come through, but a chill shriveled down my spine in reaction to what had just occurred. My grandfather, however, had seen more than I had. He watched the door open to a girl, who looked not much smaller than his own grandson, and he kept eye contact with her has she slowly walked in. I was completely oblivious to this, my mind already racing through possible explanations, and while still in the moment of surprise, I was able to come up with a single explanation. ”Oop, uh, my bad. I guess I didn't shut the door all the way,” I said aloud with a small faint chuckle that followed my words, hoping that it would cover for the otherwise unexplainable door opening. As stood up, I nearly believed my own words. However, my relief was cut almost immediately, as my grandfather began talking, to what I thought was directed towards the door.

”Oh, hello there. Would you like to join us for dinner?” he said in a soft and gentle tone. I couldn't hear a single bit of concern in his voice, nor could I understand why he was inviting the door to join us for dinner. At this point I was speechless. I couldn't even think of a joke to fill the silence. My body began swelling up with different thoughts and feelings that I couldn't even acknowledge. I merely stood there next to my chair, with a face of anticipation, and stared at the open door, half expecting it to talk back.

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#6 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:32 am

So her prey couldn't see her, and probably didn't even know she was there, this knowledge brought a smile to her face. There wasn't many tasty smelling souls that she could get without them trying to put up a fight was few and far between. This might be her lucky day after all. The old man however was an unexpected surprise, he could see her though that might be because he already had one foot in the grave rather than than any kind of spiritual awareness of his own, oh well. "Why Thank you, I will gladly join you" Yukari would say to the old man moving forward in a blink grabbing up Aiden by the back of his neck in a vice like grip that threatened to break his neck as she lifted him a couple of inches off of the ground. Her body started to radiate a pressure that literally dropped the temperature in the room almost ten degrees in an instant, the temperature would continue to drop as she turned her chocolate brown eyes on the old man. "Though unfortunately for you, You are going to be my dinner."

Laughing maniacally at that little thought Yukari glared at the old man, almost as if she was taunting him to try and attack her, It is always more fun when the weak foolishly try to prolong their life. How she loves to make them suffer so, Should the old man take her up on her offer she would just create a spike of ice in her left hand flinging it with the force of a high impact sniper rifle it would impale the man's arm just below the wrist, effectively pinning him to whatever solid object was behind him (wall, cabinet, fridge, eh your house man you know the layout) there would be three hook like spikes coming out of it as well. One such hook would pierce his palm embedding in whatever the old man was now pinned two. The others would only scratch his flesh on either side of his forearm continuing to lock him to whatever he was pinned to.

Yukari wouldn't stop there she would create one more pinning his other arm in a similar fashion before creating two slightly different ones that would pierce right between each of the old man's tibia and fibia. To prolong the old man's suffering even more the ice would spread into his body freezing the severed blood vessels to stop his blood loss.

Should the old man not take up her challenge Yukari would just continue to squeeze Aiden's neck causing him to cry out in pain until he does and gets pinned.

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#7 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:17 am

My over exaggerated thought of the door talking back astonishingly came to be. “Why thank You, I will gladly join you,” I heard the door say, in a rather young feminine voice. When I heard this, my eyes would immediately widen in surprise, a gasping sniffle would come from my nostrils, and I would shift my eyes from my grandfather to the opening of the doorway and then back to my grandfather. No longer believing that he had been talking to the door, but perhaps something near it. I couldn't see anything other than what had already been there prior to the doors opening. I desperately would try to see what had replied to my grandfather. Squinting my eyes in hopes to make out some sort of figure or something.

As the voice ended its statement, I would take a partial step forward, in hopes of getting a better look. As soon as my foot touched the ground, not even a second after the voice had stopped, a faint feeling of a breeze would come past me, immediately followed by my entire body being lifted up from the ground. I then felt a piercing grip on the back of my neck with my body's weight pulling downward, resulting in even more pain. I was speechless and frozen at an instant. My heart began to pound my chest rapidly and my breath would follow its pattern. My body radiated fear and I began shaking like a chihuahua. I heard the voice again, only this time it was behind me. “Though unfortunately for you, you are going to be my dinner,” It spoke, accompanied by an unpleasant laugh that got me screaming inside.

I attempted to turn my head towards my grandfather, but only my eyes would move. I could see him with the same smile that he always wore, but his eyes were locked onto my own. They didn't show fear, nor worry, nor sadness, nor anger. They looked the same now as they did when I got home. I couldn't understand how he still looked calm after those words, until I remembered what he had told me so many years ago. He told me that as long as I had this glove on, he and my parents would always be with me, and I would have nothing to worry about. With that thought, I decided that I would do the same as he. So, I released all my worry and fear behind a smile that I gave my grandfather.

Seeming to ignore the excruciating pain that I felt, I began to speak aloud, with a tone in my voice one would use to explain themselves after being insulted. “Look, I’m a flying penguin, and I have rights.” As I said this, he smiled at me with warmth.  I hadn't reached for my own neck, nor have I tried to get free. I had assumed that if something were trying to hurt me, then my panic would only provoke it to tighten its grip as a means of keeping me from getting free.

Right after he gave me a smile, he turned his eyes behind me, to the girl who had me by the neck. He then spoke to her with the same southern accent that he used earlier. “Hold up there little lady…” he said, putting dramatic emphasis on every word, “...That there be my flyin pengin you gots there in yur hand…” he gestured his left arm directly at me, my body starting to move about as I tried not laughing aloud, “...Now I ain't no expert on no flyin pengins…” at this point he set the plate of food down on the table next to him and used both his hands to straighten his shirt. He then cleared his throat and continued in a decent british accent, pronouncing every syllable of every word to the t, “...but I do believe that what you are doing is a violation of his…”

He had stopped because I interrupted, hysterically laughing at his impression, which I had been trying to hold in. I laughed until it hurt my body, and then I pointlessly held my stomach and laughed even more. I became red in the face and I started struggling with the ability to breathe, desperately gasping for air with each breath. My grandfather started doing the same thing, holding his stomach and laughing. Only, his laugh turned out to be a santa claus impression, which I hadn't heard before, making me laugh even harder, if that was even possible. I had completely forgotten about being inches in the air and even the pain. I was so distracted that I didn't even notice the grip tighten.

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#8 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:07 am

Yukari's chocolate brown eyes narrowed, apparently these fools before her did not believe her when she said that she was going to end up eating them. Ah it is times like this that she truly misses her previous monster like form. The temperature in the room had dropped almost twenty degrees by now, as she flashed the old man a malicious grin before speaking again with a rather hissing tone, "Such bravery, or is it foolishness I can't tell. But before you think I am joking you here is some proof of the seriousness of my claim."

With that said Yukari proceeded to toss Aiden hard into the nearest wall before turning her attention back to the old man, oh the things she was going to do to him to make him suffer before she finally pulled his soul from his body and consumed it. Walking toward the old man she would pin him against a wall with her arm striking him with enough force to crack his sternum, turning towards Aiden she would create a dagger out of ice throwing it at where Aiden crumpled to the ground to pin his hand to the floor, before creating her hooked spikes driving it through the old man's limbs like she was planning too if he interfered with her crushing of Aiden's neck. Once the old man was securely pinned to the wall Yukari would proceed to strike the old man in the groin with enough force that his pelvis shattered audibly and the spikes in his legs tore his flesh. Yukari spread the ice from the spikes in his leg to freeze to stop blood loss. "Now be a good geezer and watch as I tear apart that delectable young man piece by piece before I devour him"

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#9 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:38 am

It felt nice to laugh with my grandfather again. It was always easy for him to distract me from something by doing the simplest things. It wasn’t that I was easily distracted, but my grandfather just seemed to always know how to do it, considering he raised me. This all convinced me into thinking that nothing crazy was happening, thinking that we were still going to eat dinner and finish what we had planned. I was unaware that this was but a ruse that my grandfather influenced on me. He was merely toying with what he assumed to be death, believing that his time was too short for goodbyes. He wanted his final actions to be seen as an example for me. To show me that I can be happy even at the worst of times.

Unfortunately, he did not consider the idea that his actions would make his end more painful. He probably would have if he put more thought into the fact that the girl had her hands on my neck instead of trying to make the moment more heartfelt, however, he would soon begin to see his consequences as the embodiment of death gave him a brief demonic grin. Though he was staring into my cheerful eyes, he still noticed her sinful grin. He showed no acknowledgement to it. Following the grin, she would speak.

"Such bravery. Or is it foolishness? I can't tell. But before you think I am joking you, here is some proof of the seriousness of my claim."

As she said this with a hissing tone, massive chills of fear pulsed through my body. My heart beat rising with every word that she spoke. The pain that I once felt in my neck had returned, feeling ten times worse than before. I noticed that I could see every shallow breath that I produced so rapidly. It was from there that I looked back to my grandfather, my humorous laughter long since gone, and noticed that he still smiling at me.

Tears poured down my face in pain and confusion rushed through my head. It felt as if there was nothing I could do. Nothing I could comprehend. Until, the moment she stopped talking. In that single split second of a moment, with no fear in his voice, no worry, no concern, my grandfather said to me, ”Remember…” That was all he had time to say before she threw me head first towards the wall next to me, my body crashing into the drywall.

As I flew through the air, I had no idea that I had even been thrown. In most cases, this would be where one's life flashes before their eyes. I, instead, attempted to use this time to think about those last moments. Why did he make a joke? Why did I laugh? Who was talking? What was talking? Why was he smiling at me? Remember? Why would he say remember? What am I supposed to remember? It was at that final question when I realized what he meant, and as one's life would flash before their eyes, memories of every crucial lesson he had ever taught me flashed through my mind. In less than a second, I was able hear my grandfather's voice say every crucial lesson simultaneously, and I was able to understand each one. Upon that realization, a smile grew on my face as my head impacted the wall, my body slowing and steadily falling as it crumbled the wall, leaving me lying on the ground. It was only then, when I realized that I had just been thrown into the wall. It felt excruciatingly painful, but I never let out a cry or a scream. I merely laid there on my stomach, with my eyes closed, and smiled as the tears ran off my face.

The girl, just after throwing me, turned to my grandfather, who had been watching me crumple the wall as I flew into it, and walked towards him. He made no movements and no new expressions. The only thing that changed with him was the tears that poured down his face, but he acted as if they weren't even there. He was still smiling, because he was able to see me smile before I hit the wall. Believing that I was able to remember, he closed his eyes, leaving my smile to be the last thing he sees. When the girl got to him, she used her arm to push him against the wall on the other side of the room, nearly three meters from where I was. As his back hit the wall with such a force, his breath was taken from him and he could feel a crushing pain in the center of his chest. His heart beating rapidly from the pain, threatening his life even more with its stinging beats. He did not panic, nor did he appear phased. In the acceptance of his death, he was able to put his mind to peace, having nothing to keep himself from it.

After my grandfather was pinned, a sharp and cold dagger pierced through the palm of my left hand. The pain it caused was excruciating, causing me to almost scream out, but before I did I was able to bite my tongue, which drew blood, and hold it in. never show pain, no matter what kind was what I thought about when I was biting my tongue. My grandfather always taught me to not show pain, no matter the form of it. He told me that people strive for the sensation of watching someone in pain and if I don't show it then they won't be able to gain pleasure from it, but he also warned me that some people will try to break me even further if they don't get what they were wanting.

After the girl struck my hand she turned back to my grandfather and struck each of his limbs with hooks of ice that held him to the wall. One in each of his upper arms and two more individually going through each of his lower legs. He was incapable of moving, though he had no plans to try, and he was basically hanging from the hooks. His damaged limbs were frozen even further, to the extent that his blood had froze, causing his bleeding to seem to stop.

When the ice struck my left hand I was also able to find my way back to reality. I opened my eyes to a massive headache, a bruising neck and a piece of ice stuck in my hand. As I slowly sat up, I focused directly on my hand. It was right above my left wrist. I bit my tongue again as I pulled it out of my hand, and the floor. As I got up from the floor, blood gradually pouring from my hand, I looked up to see a girl. She seemed quite shorter than me but not exponentially. She had long black hair and white clothing. I was partially confused where the girl had come from, but then I noticed a  cross shaped hole in her back. I could see right through it. That wasn't normal for people, but it didn't freak me out, seeing as it wasn't any more messed up than other things that have happened.

Out of nowhere, ice comes from her hand and I watch it go straight through my grandfather's arm. Then I watch it go through his other one, and then through each of his legs. The ice then started to grow spikes and the ice began to spread. My grandfather had frozen blood all over him. This seemed inhuman. This seemed impossible. I wanted to scream and cry and plead for her to stop, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't do anything but watch. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that there was nothing I could do. I suddenly recalled one of my grandfathers crucial lessons. Nothing is impossible, you can do anything. I can do anything. He told me that I could do anything, and to never let a person or a situation limit my capabilities. But I didn't know what to do. I couldnt smile while looking at my almost dead grandfather. I had no expression shown but deep inside I was screaming with anger. I tried hard to hide my pain, but it was too overwhelming.

Then I watched as she kicked him in the groin. I couldn't take it. I couldn't stand being helpless and I couldn't watch as my grandfather suffered. I didn't even hear what she said to him, I was too mad. Watching her made me go mad. I had to do something. I had to stop her. Suddenly, before she had even finished talking, a pressure of spiritual energy would begin to rise from me. My shirt and jacket would be disintegrated as my right hand glove began to extend black material up my arm to the shoulder with a design up the outer part of the arm similar to the glove, as well as sharp claws on the fingertips and sharp metal on the knuckle area (Fullbring in release).

With my mind clouded by rage, I would instinctively charge towards the girl with my right arm sprung back and as I approached her, I would release my sprung arm into forcefully swinging my fist at the back of her head. Whether this would be successful or not, I would follow it with two more attempts, each aiming for her head vasinity. If my gloved were to touch the targeted area, or any other part of her body, that area would be left with hindered nerve function up to 50% and remain numb for two posts, as well as damage by the metal on the knuckles, enough force break bones and cause superficial wounds as deep as a quarter of an inch.

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#10 Re: A Stroll Through The City on Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:39 am

Yukari felt the spike in pressure behind her as she taunted the old man, who had up to this point only shed tears without showing any other sign of caring for the boy she had just recently struck with a dagger. He didn't even flinch when she had drove his reproductive system up into his throat with that vicious knee. Though that was a conundrum for another time as she turned to face the source of the pressure behind her. The boy was on his feet, the clothes on his upper body was gone, and his glove had changed and now covered both arms in a strange material, also it seemed he was finally aware of where she was now as he rushed her throwing a punch aimed at her head that Yukari decided to block with her forehead, as the blow connected Aiden would feel like he just punched an I-beam as her Hierro absorbed the damage from the spikes and her own reiatsu counteracted most of the electrical damage, leaving her with a slight tingling where the blow struck.

As Aiden cocked back for his second blow, Yukari would duck underneath it coating her right hand in ice she would proceed to punch the young boy in the sternum, hard enough to send him flying clean across the room into yet another wall with enough force to easily break the drywall and crack the the studs in the wall that it was nailed too, well so long as they weren't larger than a 4x4 anyways. Smiling still Yukari would turn back to the old man and say, "Ooh looks like the more I hurt you the tastier he gets there old man." Yukari would then punch the old man right in the floating ribs, the blow wouldn't look like much but it would break a rib, shooting a spear of the sharpened bone into one of the man's lungs causing it to slowly, and painfully fill with blood.

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