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#1 Hitsuyona Shizukesa [Done] on Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:23 am


Name: Hitsuyona Shizukesa
Alias: [Does your character have nicknames?]
Real Age: 100
Phys. Age: 19
Gender: Male
A known individual for the keenest of observation and persistence. His observing skills are strayed from his distrust in others, but specifically those he has not properly met or thoroughly examined. This often leads to Hitsuyona's first impressions deciding whether or not someone can be trusted. Once these first impressions have been altered, it would be difficult to sway him from his thoughts of someone. Some would label this as his way of being stubborn, and simple minded; however, it is his way of taking precautions in an already uncomfortable situation. Although he clearly displays qualities of an antisocial individual, he has the calm and clear mind of a Omnitsukidou member. He is just as subject to emotions as anyone else, even though he is capable of bottling up said feelings to do what he knows must be done.

His sense of self is very apparent in his belief of accomplishment. Over time he has honestly convinced himself to be capable of anything, given that proper training and preparations are made. This could very well be the result of a sudden lack of failure over time. Instead of being grateful for having succeeded in most challenges, the Shinigami took this foolish sense of self as a sign to constantly place himself in more difficult situations to conquer. Surely this fueled a fire from within himself, and brought about a true determination to grow stronger; however, this mission of improving himself has often came from a belief that he is merely better than others.

If any difficult decision making were brought forth, the first priority would be for those potentially in danger. Hitsuyona could put his pride aside in most cases, and take care of what orders may be given, although preferring not to kill anyone deemed innocent by his standards

Hitsuyona essentially believes his emotions to be an impenetrable fortress. The foundation of these emotions lies within himself, and those who have become important to him over the years. Their safety provides him with comfort, and seeing them in danger could most definitely alter his course of actions. This could even go so far as to alter and/or go against orders if it led to such a case. To him the upholding of respect, friendship, and promises are the true foundation of the soul society, much higher than any order or rules set forth to follow. He sees these rules as only an example, and feels as though all rules are meant to be broken if the importance of his personal wishes are strong enough.

He has a preference for short bladed weapons, as shown by unusually small zanpaktou. The preference of this weapon is closely tied to his style of fighting, which allows him to make use of preemptive strikes with deadly precision. His desire in going for the quick kill is often shown by his dislike of death. This is not to be confused with an enjoyment of fighting, as the two had completely different coinciding meanings to himself. Death is rarely sought for personal reason, aside from avenging a close comrade or friend.

Hitsuyona relies on more than his physical capabilities to carry out tasks, being more of a thinker than a brute. His strongest non-physical weapon is the art of deception. This was ironically picked up from his lack of trust in others, which made him wish to learn what it is people wanted to hear or think. He may purposely act more foolish than he truly is to sway people into giving away information they believe he couldn't utilize, or act as if he shares interests with an enemy to bring them closer and gain their trust.

Positive Traits:

Determined | "I welcome death should it befall me, can you say the same?"- Orders are absolute ,and judgement is righteous. Hitsuyona shares a mindset similar to this when given a task, a truly expendable soldier to the Soul Society. He will get the task done one way or another, even if his mind is filled with complaints for the task at hand. There has yet to be a task that he wouldn't commit to, but miracles do happen. He is bound to the cause so long as his eyes see it just, even when the cost may be difficult to grasp.

Observation |" Your words tell lies, but actions speak truth."- Hitsuyona is a very observant individual, a quality derived from a negative one that actually has useful purpose. Although he doesn't trust most people by nature, he has developed a skill by looking into what others wouldn't. He feels that words are unreliable coming from an unknown individual, while their facial expressions and other key features can easily give away their true intentions.

Neutral |"I've no reason to argue."- Hitsu is more neutral than anything. He simply has no argument personally in favor of something that doesn't personally involve himself. He is truly a good 'third opinion' on matters , as his opinion would derive from the actual pros and cons, as opposed to personal attachment to what may be gained for himself. He can't be 'pressured' into swaying in favor of one particular person ,lest it was his will to do so all along.

Negative Traits:

Unforgiving |"Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool me twice? Our blades do the talking."- Hitsu has difficulties forgiving actions taken against him, and holds quite the grudge. The only exception is the will of the soul society, which can still at times bring him unease. It honestly takes real attempts from the party that loses his trust in order to regain it, assuming he even let's the wrongdoers have the light of day.

Distrust |"If you want it done right, do it yourself"- He doesn't really trust people he doesn't know, and his trust in known people isn't always present. A real first impressions kind of guy for the most part. He does his best to forcefully trust judgement of others when it involves orders, but has his doubts at times.

Arrogance |"Long after the river runs dry, I shall remain, as I have will it to be"- One of the worst qualities he has is arrogance. He feels he has to make even himself believe that if he couldn't do it no one could. This sense of arrogance goes as far as to fuel his determination.

In closing |Much like fire would cease to exist without oxygen, his underlying qualities mix to strengthen one another. He wouldn't have his sense of determination without the seemingly necessary arrogance he has fueled throughout time, nor would his observation be so keen without his paranoia of others true intentions.

Likes: Music| While not outwardly appearing to be much of a music type, Hitsu always enjoys a good tune to fill the silence, and even whistles from time to time while in solitude.

Peace | A man melded into such a warrior that appears emotionless, yet he strives for a true peace for his people. He has gladly welcomed the terrible actions and qualities needed in order to create a better world for his people. He is driven by thoughts of peace to do the unspeakable.

Silence |"Nature speaks, and I listen, it tells me unspeakable things that can never be forgotten ."- Aside from meditation, Hitsu greatly dislikes prolonged periods of silence, as they bring upon uncomfortable thoughts. He may at times seek out solutions like conversations with his zanpaktou, or whistling, etc.

Spiders| Hitsu hates eight legged freaks, but not to the extent of having an irrational fear. He would go out of his way to avoid a web, or stop on one of the bastards though, and rues the day he fights anything of the arachnid nature.

Mental Disorders and conditions:Depression | Something that many people exhibit in some form or fashion. Hitsuyona's actions throughout the years can at times take a toll, perhaps nightmares with prolonged effects, and constant weighing thoughts after committing acts he wishes he hadn't needed to. A quality many try to run from and not face head on, and he is no exception.

Disassociation |Although this is obviously something he can't control, he has found ways to help at times. Hitsuyona can at times disassociate from reality of the world around him, most specifically in times of prolonged silence or depressing thoughts, as a instinctive defensive mechanism.


Height: 5'11
Weight: 165
Physical Traits:
Skin l Hitsuyona's skin appears to be white, but a slightly tanner complexion due to repeated sun exposure. His skin is rather rugged around the fingertips, and accompanied by several calices from the use of his katana(s). Another notable feature of his general appearance is his bodily hair, or rather, the lack thereof. This hair is 'white' and minute to the occasional glance, outside of his apparent hairstyle and facial hair.

Eyes l His eyes appear to be an extraordinary hue of teal, which gives a unique feature to an otherwise bland appearance. In most situations his eyes would give off a general feeling of seriousness, meaning that they aren't wide or squinted, but rather simply blatantly present.

Hairstyle l The most distinguishing feature of Hitsuyona's hair would be its turquoise color, followed by its naturally spiked appearance. This hair generally comes to a medium length that falls upon his face, yet seemingly never reaches his notable facial features, such as his eyes or nose.

Facial Features l His nose would appear to be normal at a first glance, but upon further inspection is actually a tab bit large for his face as a whole. Beyond this he dons an extended jaw line that reaches its peak nearing the end of his rounded chin. On the rare occasion that a smile occurs one would notice two small dimples.

Miscellaneous Information  l Other notable features that don't fall under a specific category include his arm length and structure. They appear to be a bit longer than suites his height, and the structure of his bones are to a sense defect. His shoulders can dislocate both willingly and unwillingly to an extent that wouldn't be considered normal. His foot size is 11 in American.

Outfit l Hitsuyona has a more customized outfit and appearance. He wears the standard Shinigami Shihakusho; however, this outfit is sleeveless. The shihakusho is opened down to his waist in a v like fashion, which reveals the tank top he wears underneath, accompanied by a white scarf that hangs around his neck. This unique outfit is topped off with a unknown white fabric wrapped from his forearms to his knuckles. Strangely enough, this exact same fabric is found accompanying the hilt of his zanpaktou.

Stance(s) l In front of enemies or those who he might consider a superior or respectable he maintains the look of a man who seems stoic in nature. His posture is rather serious and uniform, almost as if he were standing at attention in front of a commanding officer, but not to such an extent that he looks vulnerable to taking orders from another. This appearance is almost stiff, and accompanied by a blank facial expression.

Outside of wandering eyes that bring about a sense of duty or discomfort he is far more lax. When taking on this stance he might seem more casual in nature, and can at times lean on one side of his body, or against a structure. This is how he would go about things during his 'leisure' time, and is likely the most often posture he will have.

Mannerisms l As one might have gathered by this point he predominantly assumes a solemn outlook, but what about responses and gestures in general? As a general rule of thumb he is 'blank', but he most definitely exhibits signs of emotions like any other. When intrigued or insulted a normal response is the raise of a brow, or a smirk given the intensity of the situation. He is also known to speak with his hands when deeply engaged in a comfortable conversation. Hitsuyona also usually looks into the eyes of those he is speaking to, or observing during a conversation he might not be a part of. His 'soft' spot on the other hand causes him to innately look away from someone when feeling a sense of remorse or impartial feelings in response to what might be mentioned to him. In rare situations he can sometimes disassociate however, in which case he'd stare into space as if he'd not given them the light of day.

Voice l His voice is somewhat deep, and when raised, can carry an echo above all others to be heard. When angered though, his pitch can heighten a bit to be mid-range and apparent enough to be noticed.


General Fighting Style: Hitsuyona's range of fighting styles all fall into two common interests, deception and assassination. While he is well versed if hand-to-hand combat, all of his fighting involves quick precise strikes geared towards quickly inhabiting opponents effectiveness and/or lethally punishing them. He is also exceptionally aware of his zanjutsu, being capable of well placed strikes aimed towards vital areas of the human anatomy. He is known to use a variety of Kido in combat; yet, their effectiveness is most usually of a deceptive or tactical nature. Such as creating an opportunity to bind or strike the opponent.
Strengths:Agility, Reiryoku, Reitsu Manip, Hakuda, and Kidou
Weaknesses: Zanjetsu, Durability, Endurance, Strength
Ability Name: Reiryoku Fists
Ability Description: Due to the nature of his job as an Onmitsukido member-most specifically the detention unit, Hitsuyona is required to be proficient in Hakuda. As a person who lacks raw physical strength, his solution was to create this unique use of reiryoku applied through various physical strikes. This technique allows him to unleash raw forms of reiryoku through physical contact; yet, is not similar to Shunko. These strikes release reiyoku in a very specific location of his body, and harm the user much like a shockwave was suddenly hit upon the area that has been struck. If this technique were used on something like a stone wall for example, it may cause a large crack or a chunk of its stone to fall from the point of impact.


Sealed Appearance: Hitsuyona's zanpaktou is a Wakizashi blade. The hilt of the blade is approximately 1/2 thick, while the dull of the blade is 1/4 thick. The blade itself comes to small curve. The zanpaktou has a white thin white fabric wrapped around the hilt similar to tape, opposed to traditional wakizashi blades. The mysterious fabric can be unraveled from his forearms and attached to the blade to used as a ranged weapon. The hilt is 7 inches in length, and the blade stretches out to an 18 inch length.
Zanpakutou Name: Teikai Kage (Lingering Shadow)
Call Out Command: Disperse


Appearance: His zanpaktou itself does not change forms; instead, the immediate area surrounding Hitsuyona slightly changes in his favor. All shadows within the immediate area surrounding Hitsuyona seem to gather within his very shadow itself.
Abilities: Htsuyona gains the ability to both manipulate and manifest shadows within the general vaccinity of his location. These shadows may only originally manifest within 10 meters of his current location, but can be farther moved should he wish to do so. The maximum range these shadows may travel before losing manifestation is 50 meters.

Specific Abilities l
Fog l Hitsuyona instantly emits a large dense fog surrounding himself within a ten meter radius, that can expand exponentially to a maximum range of 50 meters in either direction. Within this fog he may either greatly limit sight, or encompass them within complete darkness. Those within this said fog can be 'felt' by Hitsuyona, which gives him their location.

Incognito l Hitsuyona is able to hide his presence entirely while within the fog; however, this requires complete concentration to do so. If he breaks this concentration [AKA: Attacks] the masked presence will become immediately present. -Max range for shadow related attacks is 20 M-

Feast l These shadows are capable of quite literally consuming reiryoku on a lesser scale, and within a focused range. By focusing in on a certain area, Hitsuyona can use this to dampen the strength of non-physically thrown projectiles of a spiritual nature. -reduces strength of non-physical ranged attacks greater than 10M away by 15%-

Armaments l Hitsuyona can manifest 'thread' like shadows within 10 meters that may be extend outwards and be as thin as thread, or widened to the point of being a large weapon if he so desired. These shadows might be used to cut, pierce, or even 'bind' the enemy on a variety of levels, and their strength can vary. This is subject to a cooldown similar to that of the power of a kido for binding uses. [Binding uses are limited to a cooldown based on their strength, limited to Bakudo level 40]

Mimicry l Hitsuyons creates a shadow-version of the well-known hadou spells at his disposal. These unique versions are very similar in strength to their original, and do not share a cool-down with normal kido. They are just as taxing and have same length cooldowns. These can not be manipulated from the original versions. limit of hadou #60

Boosts: All


New Name: Shōhi suru, Tekai Kage
Appearance: Aside from his skin itself, Hitsuyona's distinguishing features don a pure black appearance, having become a living embodiment of darkness itself. His blade shares this appearance, having become entirely black as well. Beyond this, it would appear as though the previous visual changes from Shikai literally revert (if he was first in shikai of course)
Abilities: The true form of his zanpaktou further expands to exhibit control over darkness itself, as opposed to shadows. He is able to manifest and manipulate this darkness in both an intangible and tangible form. The maximum range it can extend is 100 Meters. The primary concept of this Bankai is gluttony, or to consume, and it's nature is not entirely dependent on Hitsuyona.

Consume l Hitsuyona can consume any non-spiritual matter [and even reiryoku once emitted from the body] which goes on to linger within his spiritual world. Although, doing so is taxing on the user to an extent as if he'd exhibited these capabilities. {Ex: Aborbing a Cero equivalent to a #55 kidou would make him suddenly feel as though he's used such a kidou} Such consumed objects and projectiles can be later re-emerged from his innerworld, specifically from his zanpaktou, but is half as taxing. -Shares a cooldown of similar used tecniques, and the re-usage can not be done so until the cool-down is complete. Re-used techs follow this cooldown as well, making it very rarely used-

Imprisonment l Hitsuyona plainly states a number loud enough for his opponent(s) to hear. Upon doing so, a vast darkness plagues upon this exact number [in meters] in all directions of himself. Around the edges of this said darkness is a barrier of sorts, which prohibits those from leaving the surrounding area. Within this darkness Hitsuyona gains what could be considered a form of 'Dark vision', which only allows him to see the outlines of things of a spiritual nature such as nonsuppressed aura's[one must be over 2 tiers stronger to completely suppress themselves wthin] and spiritual attacks. Those within this place can not see, past 10 meters. They can not sense Hitsuyona if he is more than 20 Meters away from them. All form of reiryoku based attacks can be seen regardless-though only similar to a lowlight vision. -Minimum range is 25M-

Armaments l Hitsuyona can manifest 'thread' like shadows within 10 meters that may be extend outwards and be as thin as thread, or widened to the point of being a large weapon if he so desired. These shadows might be used to cut, pierce, or even 'bind' the enemy on a variety of levels, and their strength can vary. This is subject to a cooldown similar to that of the power of a kido for binding uses. [Binding uses are limited to a cooldown based on their strength, limited to Bakudo level 60]

Mimicry l Hitsuyons creates a shadow-version of the well-known hadou spells at his disposal. These unique versions are very similar in strength to their original, and do not share a cool-down with normal kido. They are just as taxing and have same length cooldowns. These can not be manipulated from the original versions. limit of hadou #80

Boosts: All


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


[An unlikely upbringing]1916-?? Hitsuyona is a pure born soul of the Rukongai, yet holds no true recollection of his birthright. He'd been left abandoned at such a young age that any memories he might of had were locked behind suppressed memories of a fearful child. He'd managed to survive either by pure luck, or through the sympathy of those who happened to stumble upon the frail shell of a boy. His first recallable memory is a fragmented moment of melancholy, related to an individual who came to visit him within an abandoned shack he'd occasionally sleep in.  After initially stumbling upon him, the elderly man often brought him scraps from the daily bread they'd share back at home. However, one day came that this kind elderly man did not show, and this child did wait for days with no food. He eventually came to conclusion that he was dead of course, and went on to attempt fending for himself once more. 

Misfortune and luck alike seemed to accompany Hitsuyona throughout his travels amongst Rukongai, yet they never seemed to show any sense of balance between the two. He never truly got to experience the meaning of being a 'child', as his days of youth were spent trying to survive in a world cruel to those without anything to give in return. This led him to be driven by more instinctual mannerisms than emotional throughout activities of daily life. Instead of going about playing with other healthy children he would rummage through the remains of trash cans for hopes of scraps. In truth he was actually confused by the emotional state of those who appeared to be his age, and resented how they seemed to lack any fear or real worries of day to day survival. They seemed as though they had only one care in the world; begrudgingly so, that he saw their pleasure as a form of torment. The one thing worse than these children were the parents who cared for them. They looked at him like a dying animal, and he couldn't stand it. Their eyes stared down upon him, and it felt as though they wished to end his misery. Hitsuyona's attitude towards their lackluster attempts to 'help' him merely drove away any chances he had at salvation from life as a street rat, as their attempts usually left him angered at the pity he felt was insulting.  Begrudgingly the peoples attempts from town to town had been far too late to help the shatter shell of a boy who was forced to succumb to anger and resentment, having forfeited trust and hope for a better life in many ways. He'd simply take what was given and vanish to move elsewhere, however seldom such a gesture was given. More often than not though, mistreatment came to be given out. Once he'd reached an age where most kids start to show a real sense of personality, it seemed as though they also gained a sense of judgement. The chances of these children judging or harming him for what he was to them became painfully obvious the longer he stayed in one place. Others his age usually saw him as some peon ; rather, they saw him as less than that. Just because of how he acted to survive they would try to gang up on him from time to time, and a malnourished boy hardly had a chance at fighting to defend himself against a group. On the chance that he did defend himself though, it only came with the repercussions of a parents wrath coming to 'rescue' their loved ones. 

[one step forward, two steps back]Growing up in conditions like these caused Hitsuyona to form a barrier around himself. He never truly let anyone get close to himself, and kept to this even towards those with no ill will towards him. He would avoid confrontations with others, and learned that watching people closely gave him an understanding of how they act. After countless villages with both bullies and kind men and women, he could tell who was who based on their mannerisms. He used this to his advantage, and got whatever he could out of those that were foolish enough to contemplate helping him. However, as soon as the thought of any attachments appeared in his mind, he would run from them to avoid any more emotional pain coming from a failed relationship. This constant bottling of positive emotions to avoid harm indeed did more harm than good. The more he grew into a man, the more this unhealthy behavior took a toll on himself. Constant thoughts of what ifs and the like brought sadness to the surface of his mind, but he constantly tried to push away uncomfortable thoughts. 

[Moving forward]1937 Hitsuyona eventually decided that simply living was no longer enough to move on, and vowed that he needed to work towards a goal to feel any sense of happiness. Over his years he'd seen that most people could not be trusted, but some were among that many that are worth the time of day. Essentially he had destroyed all chances of reconnecting of any of these people from the past, and needed only to keep moving forwards. With that in mind he needed a common goal among others to do so, and as such decided it was time to take a leap of faith for once in his life. The young man had heard many times from others about the Shinigami, and sought to finally learn more about their existence. He'd known that they have an academy for those strong enough to become one, and with that information chose to enlist.

(1945-??) Hitsuyona graduated from the academy and wound up as part of the peons amongst the Onmitsukido. He thought himself to be ready for the mental challenge that such a force would bring upon him due to his upbringing, but had no clue what he'd signed up for. The training was far from over by any means, and it was much more gruesome than the time he spent in the academy. This isn't what tested him on an emotional level though, as the deeds they expected of him were more than 'brutal' in his mind. He was molded and shaped into a man who would be willing to do almost anything, or so they thought. When given orders to take out he was sent off to the rukongai, but when parts of his mission involved the execution of 'dangerous' individuals who appeared innocent provided conflict.  It wasn't that he was afraid to execute these orders, but pondered why they wanted him to do so. This first kill so to speak came to hold a deep burden on his conscience, and is one he remembers through present. Actually, he remembers the faces of all those who came to meet his blade and didn't live to tell the tale. 

Side Notes: The user ability [Reiryoku Fists] Is not meant as a way around obtaining Shunko, and shouldn't be looked at and compared to as such (please). It's essentially his customary fighting style unique to his situation of high physical capabilities with little physical strength to compliment it.
Roleplay Sample:
Silence befalling all, there lacks a willingness to speak among the many who walk aimlessly about their business. There comes about a certain sound within this place, mimicking that of a constant recurrence. Water dripping one drop at a time, so quiet that it's echo might be heard for several meters.  Around the singular splash that hits the floor, there are three that stand around it's origin, watching aimlessly as it happens over and over. The entire surrounding area was darkened, and the only sources of light were artificial. Walls around seemingly made of a combination of a more modern technology, yet structured around that of an already existent cave. The four individuals stand within this odd refinement, and find entertainment in what little happened within this place. It was almost sad how these people had over time deteriorated into something so simple as this, brainlessly watching water drip from the  ceiling like it were a soap opera. However, that was the effect this place simply had on some people. Several meters to the side of these men stands another individual, or rather, leans one who finds rest upon the naturally constructed walls. His posture seemed relaxed, yet remains refined all the same. The oddness in such a positions appearance accompanied the teal spiked hair, to only further the irregularities about himself. The only main difference more so than this, at least pertaining appearance wise to all others surrounding him, was the presence of a Shinigami's Shihakusho. 

No one else within eye sight of the young man bore such an outfit, especially not to the customization that his were embroidered. Instead, these men surrounding his being appeared to have a certain 'ordinary garment' when in comparison to any outfit that any organization of the Gotei and/or their affiliates might wear. That was clearly because these were not officers, or of any relation to -any more, of the soul society. Quite the contrary actually, as the men standing before this particular Shinigami had actually been deemed a potential threat to the Soul Society. However meaningful of a threat they may have been, it was apparently enough so that they remained here, with or without bindings or ability to leave their holding places of sorts. The severity of their punishment could greatly vary dependent upon the situation, yet most all within this place seemed to roam freely. If they are a threat, yet why do they live? Why do they walk without bindings, without a cell? Where is this so called shinigami's zanpaktou?
Potential threats to the Soul Society found themselves to be sent to the Maggot's nest, with or without reason. This is often under the circumstance to assure no potential problems may occur, and once arriving there is little obligations set forth for these individuals. They may walk this place without bindings, and without a holding cell -in most cases mind you. Of course, even though they are at most times not violent, a Shinigami within this place is not permitted to carry their zanpaktou for certain reasons left unmentioned. A man of great hand-to-hand combat skills must be placed within this place to watch over all those that dwell within the nest of the maggots. That was for such should a situation arise for their expertise to handle any within swiftly. It was odd for any violence to really be needed as of lately, and there were obviously displays of such in the near. Why would someone simply staring into nothingness bring it upon themselves to create violence? More so than this, what was it that brought about such an action? Those within this place had practically through time gone mad of their own accord, simply not being able to withstand the nature of the maggot any more so than the next. 

It was due to these 'mad men' that could not handle detainment of unknown extended periods of time, that men such as Hitsuyona were needed. A man who would in most all situations find himself standing around for hours on end, almost hoping for something to happen that may require his expertise. It was saddening to think he would wish misshapen upon others, but the nature of this job was often lacking in purpose aside from rare occurrences involving outfits of rage. This was why the teal colored-haired individual had thus far found comfort in leaning to the wall. There was at this point literally nothing more to do, other than watch water fall repeatedly to the floor. It were moments like these that truly questioned your sanity, and whether or not you had what it took to withhold your social tendencies within prolonged absences of social interaction. Hitsuyona had since gotten used to not speaking a singular word once stepping into this place, maintaining his solemn appearance and lack of emotion for hours on end. He had sometimes wandered why it was that no one here really seemed to speak much, but over time it began to make sense. People didn't come to this place often, and surely there was that first person who had to spend some amount of time here alone. Perhaps that person becoming anti-social rubbed off on the second to arrive, and so on and so forth. 

Hitsu had his theories about why the vast majority of the nest remained silent, but that was all they were. Whether true or not, it was somewhat his way of distracting himself from the silence that always fell apparent. This train of thought is found to be soon interrupted at the sounds of screaming. The screams seemed like ones of anger, yet no audible words came forth. Hitsuyona's eyes open from their rested position, and his arms unfold for the first time in what felt like hours. After a split second, the young man lets out a echoing yawn before allowing his arms to stretch. Taking out a sudden burst of movement, Hitsuyona finds himself jolting in the general direction from where the sound had came. Finally, there was something going on in this place. Whether it was 'action' or not didn't really matter to Hitsuyona, anything would suffice at this current point in time. When nothing happened, people made something out of very little. 

Within a matter of seconds Hitsuyona would find himself in the presence of the audible screams coming forth, revealing itself to be coming from a rather large man in appearance, holding another man with a singular hand by the throat. He stood at seven feet tall, and his hands were easily the size of  Hitsuyona's skull. The smaller individual currently in his grasps were no taller than 5 '8, and had to weigh less than 150 pounds. It was a rather disturbing sight to see, as it looked like this 'giant' could squash the smaller like a bug if he's so wished. Hitsuyona wasn't exactly the type to stand around and start asking questions. Instead of resorting to diplomacy, he resorts to swing first, ask questions later. The shinigami takes a sudden burst of speed towards the back of this man, and leaps into the air behind him. Bringing his knee up swiftly, it meets the back of the 'giants' neck and skull simultaneously. The desired effect would have been to bring this massive fool crumbling to the surface of the ground without any further hesitation;however, this wasn't the case. Just as Hitsuyona's knee meets the man's head, the only reaction that comes thereafter would be for this massive being's head to tilt forwards to a slight angle. It was apparent this individual had an exceptional tolerance to pain, as well as endurance. 
Hitsuyona wasn't one to cower in fear as the 'giant' would begin to squeeze this smaller man tighter, instead, his arms rear back just as his knee retracts mid-air. Hitsuyona's hands forcefully meet the skull of this man repeatedly as he begins to make his descent. There were little signs his foe would be giving up any time soon, but Shizukesa matches this by bringing his foot swiftly to the genitals of the taller individual. "Whatever the means to gain the higher ground, I shall take it." This clearly holds a satisfactory effect, as the giant finally dwindles, leaning to gain himself and dropping the man. In this moment, Hitsuyona comes round the target to quicly bring a powerful fist to the temple of the man. It knocks him clean out, and the shinigami catches this man to throw him across their shoulder. The young man carries this massive fool allowing his feet to drag the ground, before throwing him into a nearby holding cell. Slamming its doors shut, he responds to the situation by knocking the dust from his own hands. "My time here is done, I doubt anything else will occur today."

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