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#1 [Training] New Blood on Tue 4 Jul 2017 - 6:53


This was the first time the vizard even join up with an organization like this but it seems nice having a roof over his head. Kade was having trouble sleeping as his zanpakuto's spiritual voice was calming him down all those years alone. Only bits and fragments of his past showing like shattered glass pieces but some showing images of sheer horror and pain to the vizard.

In the morning, Kade got dressed leaving his room and started looking around the place but his training should be the most important. But finding someone to train him might be difficult because the only person he knew about was the landlord of this fine establishment. Who else was a part of this organization? He was thinking "What did I get myself into??? Really, I hope these people do get me into something extreme like....But, I do miss Seireitei though."
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