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"Ika before you say 5 and I say quit can I make a statement? Training is suppose to be us fighting and working on my powers and skills. Not you killing me or losing your temper. I'm just stating this is all. I quit I guess but I'm just stating this. Winderlin said giving Ika a blank look at him. Winderlin wasn't trying a bitch just a little curious and making facts about the whole thing. He was all for the tough training but I mean this wasn't really getting him any where with his day.

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As the man spoke Ika smirked and punched him in the face full force yelling "FIVE!" Ika laughed wildly, very much in line with how one would expect a man like Ika to react. He shunpo'd over to the boy's body and smirked, "In a real fight the persons not going to care about the terms of engagement, that's the whole point to this. I'm toughening you up, of course that's a pointless fucking idea.. Regardless, fine, you quit. Whatever." And like that, Ika turned his back, and raised his hand. "Ciao."

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