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#11 Re: [Training] Under Pressure on Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:39 pm

He was learning and adjusting really well, and I was glad to see that. It's always nice to see a recruit that can think for themselves and make on-the-spot decisions. However, he made a wall of ice, and I wasn't really sure of the reason why. Sure it would stop the trees, but did he think it would stop me? I decided I better show him that I could easily take care of that wall.. At least that was my thought up until the mist came. It obscured my vision, even as superior as it was. It was a good thing I had already calculated my rate of travel, the approximate distance and estimated the time I would impact the wall, because otherwise the mist would have thrown that bit off. I prepared a strike and launched it at the projected time. It would seem my calculation was slightly off. I broke clean through the ice, sure, but I was about a centimeter too soon. The hole wasn't big enough for me to enter through.

No real problem though, I could easily bash it the rest of the way open. To my surprise, the boy didn't scurry off. He seemed adamant and sturdy, ready for combat right behind the wall. Though I couldn't really sense or see him that well, I could tell that much off of his energy. It was stable, and didn't move. That was all I could tell. I lunged in anyways, going for a blow to his left leg, then aiming to parry a weapon strike. I was expecting it at least.

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#12 Re: [Training] Under Pressure on Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:39 pm

Once Maki got close was when she honestly fucked her self over. "oh you are fucked now Maki"Winderlin said becoming happy with his situation he was in. This was amaizng. Winderlin quickly took all the ice and mist around him and trying to freeze Maki. She had grabbed him and that was his chance to freeze her body completely. Winderlin thought he was clever and smart with his idea. And if that failed he was create a Air Blast with his foot and three Air Slahses from his hands. He would then back flip away from Maki sense there was no more cover anymore. It was time to get more serious with Maki. She's not playing anymore.

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#13 Re: [Training] Under Pressure on Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:13 am

He spoke for the first time in a while, decreeing his victory before even making contact with me. I simply stared him down, though I knew what was occuring around my body. He was attempting to freeze me. I would intentionally allow the ice to encase my limbs before snapping the ice cleanly off. "On the contrary. I am still capable. Rule Number One: Never assume victory. Fight as if victory is just within your reach, but only touchable if you give everything in your power."

With that retort, I would tank the next few attacks, brushing them off with a complacent "Ow. That hurt." Then I would proceed to wail him solidly with my bare fist. I'm an expert on physics, so this is nearly guaranteed. Objects that are hit with a very powerful object tend to travel a very large distance. Let's do an experiment. Experiment A: Trial 1. Variable: Winderlin. Condition: Will he take the hit and fly a vast distance? Awaiting result.

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#14 Re: [Training] Under Pressure on Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:17 pm

Winderlin wasn't sure what the fuck to do anymore. He was out of ideas of how to work his magic to protect. Maki was coming st him and he needed to come up with something really quick. Then it hit him. He knew he would some how soft then blow. He took water from the trees and quickly covered the ground in water and froze it into ice. Afterwards he he created several Air blasts surrounding Maki. Hopefully the ice floor slowed her down and took her of her focus. But if that all failed he had a back up plan.

Winderlin also froze himself in ice to stop the blow from doing a lot of damage to him. He thought the idea was genius if it pulled off correctly. Even better he could quickly use that ice and water as weapon in close range to really get a hit on Maki. She was fast though but hopefully Winderlin got the move on her this time.

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#15 Re: [Training] Under Pressure on Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:30 pm

I saw it as soon as I was within melee range of him. His weakness. The moment he lost face in combat, he panicked. That's not going to help him if he goes out into the field, more likely get him killed. Still, he was resourceful. He froze the ground beneath my feet, resulting me sliding around for a bit when I prepared to close the gap again. I made sure that his trick didn't have too much an effect on me... well, at least I tried, the supplementary wind blasts kept me from regaining my balance for a few minutes. That being said, once I had my balance again, I stood still for a moment, then used Bringer Light to get close to him without skimming the ice. By the time I was in range, I noticed he'd frozen himself. I was actually afraid to test the frozen body's durability, so instead, I held back, only lightly prodding him with the end of my staff, causing him to slide across the ice he generated for himself.

I would wait for him to thaw, then say to him. "You cannot afford to slip like that. Don't lose your cool and then panic, got it? Keep your head in the fight. If someone other than me fights you, chances are, they will exploit any amount of vulnerability to bring you down. I don't wanna see that happen to you. Pick yourself back up. You're ready for a training session with someone else, someone more even with you. Seek out one of my subordinates, Jun. He'll teach you how to fight realistically, and not against someone you're hopelessly outmatched against."

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#16 Re: [Training] Under Pressure on Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:02 am

Nozzie and I have discussed this; this topic is done. WE didn't see why there had to be anymore talking.

-Exit Thread-

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