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#1 [Private] The Meeting (Ika, Maki, and Akane) on Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:09 am

Ika smiled, sitting in the 18th floor of a 20 story building created just for this occasion.. Ika sat around with Accelerator, his chosen bodyguard for the day as Selica, Jackson, Kazuku, and another unlucky soldier who's name has not yet been revealed sat downstairs among several Committee members, and several members of the Gotei 13. They were meant to be diplomatic, and there as protection for their factions in the case something went awry. Hopefully, they would all get along just fine, and nothing would be happening downstairs while this visit went on. In the meantime, Maki Kessho had just arrived with her newest recruit Aaron, and Akane was arriving through a Senkaimon with Kokoro... "Welcome friends, may I recommend we all have a seat at the table?.."

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It was going to be an interesting day, or at the very least the young Captain Commander thought it would be. As she stepped out of her senkaimon and back into the human world. It had been quite a while she'd been able to come back here really, so she took a moment to take it all in before being escorted by Kokoro to the meeting with the other two leaders. She scanned the room, seeing a few unfamiliar faces but none-the-less she would take her seat. So far she wasn't sure how this meeting was going to go down, the main point was to form an alliance or at least an understanding with the Committee, but she felt that there would be resistance in the form of Ika Mazi. For now, she sat silently, waiting for everyone to get comfortable before they would begin.

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The day had finally arrived where all three of us would meet. Though I'd only met Rena once, it would seem something had happened to her in that time, to have another presiding in her place. The one that did so was one small redhead by the name of Akane Makishima. Ika was also present, and each had brought a handful of supplementary guests as it had been agreed on. Upon seeing the two, I bowed respectfully to both, then urged my table to sit. Included among them would be most notably, Sakota and Aaron, two of my strongest. Hopefully an onslaught would be the last thing to happen, but one can never be too careful.

In any case, the table was set. Ika had already asked us to sit, and I would nod and take my place. "Shall we begin? I believe it's time we talked about our ties with each other, or moreso in this case, the lack thereof."

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Ika took a seat at the table and smiled. "I hope to delegate in this discussion.. Concessions should not be what holds up an alliance that is so desperately needed in the wake of recent tragedies.. I believe I will allow Akane to make her points, her thoughts, and her wants known, before allowing Maki to rebuke and otherwise do as Akane will have done.. Are we all clear?.." Ika would smile politely, sitting back at the table, as if he had been doing this for thousands of years.. He motioned a hand towards Akane. "Go ahead, start us off, feel free to pace yourself so that we don't need to address one hundred things at once.." Ika picked up a notepad and would scribble down key stances taken by both sides, and as he looked up he noticed Kokoro was as well, and holding the paper in front of Akane.. Good man..

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#5 Re: [Private] The Meeting (Ika, Maki, and Akane) on Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:31 pm

Akane looks over to the other leaders, noting that Maki seemed slightly older than she was, it made her feel at least a little more at ease with the whole situation. It seemed though that she would be the first to put forward her case into this arrangement of theirs. "Well... First of all, thank you for agreeing to this meeting" she offers a polite bow of the head. "I would like to form an alliance, we've a common enemy in the Espada and I believe the knowledge and experience the Gotei can bring will be invaluable in combating them" Ika had already shown his feelings towards to Gotei, but no matter what he thought they wouldn't be sitting idly by in the Soul Society, regardless of the power and recent discoveries in hollow purification that may have shown up recently. Feeling like this was a good place to start, Akane would allow for the leader of the committee to express her thoughts on the matter.

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The situation as presented before me, where Ika would be the Recorder, of all things, and Akane began to set her terms for the table, I reached into the back of my mind, clinging to her assessment of our ties. "Certainly, the Espada are a threat to us all, and for the sake of human life, the control and containment of hollow-kind and arrancars would be necessary as well. This also fuels into the goals of the Soul Society, and this gives me all the more reason to assist you. There's nothing as far as actual territory limits I would ask of you, simply that unless human life is at risk, that you may work in those efforts as you wish. Should there be Hollow activity or other activity of that kind in a residential area, I would suggest attempting to move the fight up or away from it. The goal should be to minimize the loss of innocent lives, and restrict damage to the World of the Living if and when possible. Aside from that, there's also the plight of Ika's brood. Though we haven't had any incidents that we are aware of in recent months, it is known to us that they claim Bogota and a few other small areas to be territory of theirs. If he would like special protections of those areas, it is more than likely up for debate, but in those cases, protected areas would also be his responsibility to protect the humans of those areas." This would all be said very clear, and to the point, as this was a very crucial discussion. I was simply trying to act on the best interests of both the Committee and the parties present, but herein, there might be more of a disturbance. By this time, it was Ika's turn to speak, and I nodded to him to acknowledge that fact.

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Ika smirked, listening to the two parties, he would simply shrug when the conversation was passed back to him. "I myself am more of a fan of, and thought I heard you were a bigger fan of a less.. active Gotei 13 in the Human World, but to answer the implied question, I don't care what you do outside of my territory. I will help out within the confines of yours, so long as you leave me alone in mine. I also ask for permission to deal with all internal affairs, and I would ask that Rogues were treated a little bit better by all factions, presuming they don't cause trouble. Any sign of a police state from anyone, would be considered against what my faction stands for. That is my stance on the matters at hand. I also ask for protection of any Arrancar that become part of my faction. They are at that point kept on a leash inherently, and extermination isn't productive to begin with. No race is superior or more important than another, and because of that I would propose that our real threat is the Espada, more so than anything else."

Kokoro wrote the majority of Ika's statements down, and looked back at him. Confused with the man before him.. He was different, sane, rational, what?..

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"We won't be getting less active, we have a duty to assist human-kind anyway we can and I intend to adhere to this duty" Akane glances over to Ika, his suggestion was going to be ignored on that end at least. "But if Ika wants his isolation, then he can have it." It seemed to be mostly acceptable so far, with Akane agreeing to Maki's requirements. The whole point was to keep the human world safe after all. Though the girl gave an audible sigh at the mention of various arrancar being under Ika's protection. "How will we know they're with you? Do they have collars or something?" That wouldn't exactly surprise her to be honest. "If you can keep them under control, then it won't be a problem. If they cause trouble outside your territory I can't guarantee their safety and I don't expect Miss Kesshō would either. The point here is to save lives, not give you free reign" That would hopefully be straight forward enough. Though if he could keep a bunch of vizard mostly under control she was fairly certain he could contain a few errant hollow that had been unfortunate enough to find themselves working with him.

"I would also request that if you find any shinigami wandering in your territory Ika, you make sure to send them to me... alive and in one piece. I will discipline my people, not you. My orders have been to avoid Bagota" She doubted that he'd agree to something like that, but it would be a fine line he was treading really, the Soul Society had begun to recover from the war and his leverage was beginning to wane, he wasn't the only person who could make a corpse after all.

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My suggested policies seemed to have gone over well, and I was quite thankful for this. In a sense, this was like a UN convention, but for otherworldly criteria. Ika agreed that his positions were to be kept, and that he would take responsibility, and Akane denoted that we couldn't possibly keep them protected 100% of the time. She was right, but if they were a similar kind to Ika, I doubted that would be a problem. I centralized my gaze, intentionally staring at the space between the two. "I'm in favor of the terms, seeing as we can all heartily agree on what has been said. Fairly enough, we cannot keep tabs on each other 100% of the time without degrading the privacy of each respective faction, and the inclusion of Arrancar in that group of yours, Ika, may arise to cause problem. We can try so long as they are not openly threatening an area, but that decision is ultimately left to Akane. That being said, we have a cause that we each must carry. Ika's brood is that of a haven for possible rejects and outcasts. Mine is that of human protection, and Akane's is that of keeping the Soul Cycle in balance. That all considered, we could close this discussion where it sits and not have any major issues. I would also not be against reconvening if the need arises. After all, I've met with Ika twice to this point, this being the third meeting. It's also important to remember that some of our own kind might not like the fact that we're working together like this. Please remember that this is the price of making decisions."

I'd level my gaze back to each of them, wary of subtle quiverings of the two. For once, I felt like a proper leader instead of just a clueless figurehead.

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#10 Re: [Private] The Meeting (Ika, Maki, and Akane) on Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:06 pm

Ika shrugged his shoulders as the conversation went back towards him, "If they don't care how often you're around than nor do I.I do have Arrancar that work alongside myself marked, and so long as they aren't burning towns to the ground I would expect they be left alone regardless of area. If they are committing a crime that is one thing, if they are simply attempting to conduct themselves with a bit of normalcy and they are attacked? That's another. In these circumstances all bets are off, and I will not allow them to be held liable for ANY damages they may cause. I enjoy my isolation but I am expanding a bit. I plan on setting up bases around the globe, and I expect that any member of my faction, as identified by these.." Ika held up his teleport button gimmick, showing it around the room.. "Is left alone unless a serious offense is being committed. I'm talking Genocide, Mass murder, shit of that nature. Not thinking about a snack."

As Akane made her next request Ika would smirk, "I will return them alive, though if aggressive advances are made they will be returned.. The last time 3 Captains wandered over they were returned alive, don't know what happened to that Ryuuichi guy though.. Funny that. Anyway! It's nice to know your orders have been to avoid Bogota and I can assure you because of that my orders will be the same, no one without prior ties to the Gotei is to report there without expressed permission by the Gotei, and anyone from my organization that goes there with prior ties does so at their own risk. If they commit a crime in your territory, and there is evidence to be held against them, I would at that point concede jurisdiction. I expect my people to behave in lands that aren't my own much the same way I expect others to conduct themselves in my lands. I'm pretty easy in that respect.." Ika shrugged his shoulders, and shifted his gaze to Maki..

"My people will like it or get the fuck over it. You need not worry about me. As for the rest of the terms I'm pretty well satisfied, but do not forget that the protection of humanity as a whole is something that I deem to be very much a part of the Chaos mission statement.. I made that a part of it the day we aligned, if you recall Ms. Kessho.." Ika shot her a glance with a raised eyebrow before finishing, "Just because I'm out to protect my people does not mean our goals are not one in the same.. I don't think any of us would sacrifice our factions for the lives of even a billion human souls. That would be ridiculous, would it not?"

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