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#1 A Reunion 300 years in the making.. on Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:57 am

Ika MaziOnline

Kokoro wandered into the forests of Bogota and let his Reitsu waft about heavily, because he knew who exactly he was trying to attract.. He knew Ika too damn well to think that he knew nothing, but he wasn't exactly stupid enough to believe he'd get the information he wanted out of Ika under normal circumstances.. Nonetheless Kokoro deduced that a visit between the two wouldn't be the worst idea ever, and the thought of seeing him after all of these years really did pique his interest.. He had notified Ika he was coming, before he even bothered to head towards Bogota, so he wasn't exactly surprised that Ika was there, waiting for him. They Shunpo'd over to the upstairs suite, Ika's little throne room of sorts, and sat down... "Well.. It's been a while eh Mazi?.."

Ika smirked lightly, glaring towards the man. "It's been a lot longer than I think you're wanting to believe Kokoro.." Ika smiled from ear to ear, meticulously and obtusely obfuscating his true thoughts on the matter at hand. "What brings you to my lovely neck of the woods, and why am I to trust you're coming as Kokoro, not a Captain of the Gotei 13..? I have no interest in being spied on, recorded, or reported on, I do hope you're aware of this.." Ika smiled lightly, Shunpoing over to Kokoro whom didn't seem to budge much.. "Still no coward I see.. I can't find anything on you to worry about.. but do know that if I find a reason to worry?.. Your life will pay the forfeit.."

Kokoro had known Ika a little too well to fall for what he was attempting to pull off, intimidation.. That was the name of the game with Ika, always was, always would be.. Kokoro glanced outside and smirked, "Nice garden, wouldn't want to become an exhibition piece within it though unfortunately.. you have nothing to fear per the usual, my trust in the Gotei is loose, my relations are strained, my status is golden.. This is the usual relationship I have with the Gotei 13, and it has been unchanged for the last 1000 years or more.." Kokoro smiled a bit, sitting down to get comfortable as Ika had motioned for him to do.. "So.. Let's get down to the real reason I'm here eh?.."

Ika smirked at Kokoro's responses, and awaited the main topic of conversation, "Oh I thought you'd never tell, normally you sit and ramble on for an hour before getting there so please, enlighten me." The moment Kokoro heard this he used a tentacle to shut the door, "What's your level of involvement in current affairs Ika.. Why are you all of a sudden taking in others like you.. When did you develop a bone in your body that wasn't selfish?.. I know you didn't really become a selfless person, so why.. Why are you suddenly forming a group to protect, why did you create this sanctuary.. What's your goal..?" Kokoro asked this, clearly perplexed though he kept a poker face.. "I have my own ideas but.."

"They're useless." Ika interjected with the authority one might expect him to, "Your ideas are as dated as the faction which you represent, I believe in a world run by power, and a world without the petty interference of the Gotei 13.. If the Soul King is a god and we are therefore extensions of a God then at what point do we become Gods ourselves?.. If the Soul King is powerless without us, if the man who cannot maintain the universe without us is the one governing our affairs, how in the hell will we ever hope to be more than what we are?.. Why are you Kokoro, and so many others, content with serving a faceless God?.." Ika smiled, turning in his chair to face the mirror behind him before he continued.. "Why not serve a God with a reflection, Kokoro?.. Or better yet, why not BE a God with a reflection?.."

Ika continued, "To get back to your initial question my involvement is minimal, for now anyway. My only goal is to ensure that the Gotei 13, nor the Espada can continue to interact in affairs pertaining to the Human World where it is not necessary. I hope to continue allowing you two to fight your own wars against each other for ever and ever until the end of time, I only serve to ensure that the Human World, does not become one of your casualties.." Ika lit a cigarette and took a quick drag off of it, letting the smoke fill the air slowly, as he exhaled.. "I have no more interest in the order you two factions wish to pursue. That's the bottom line Kokoro.."

Kokoro knew that most of what Ika said was true, much of it even bordered on being outright irrefutable.. But not all of it, or so he hoped.. "Ika you are no God of man or myth and neither am I, neither of us are worthy of such a title, neither of us are-"

"But the Soul King is?.." Ika posed this question with a sly smirk, a shit-eating grin that would make the best men commit violence in an instant.. "What makes the Soul King a God?.. Fuck even he doesn't call himself a God! He's a King! He's man made! You know what he had over the Soul Society initially? Power. Power through purpose. A supposed need for balance. A balance that spawns nothing but hatred, vitriol, and eternal suffering in every corner, every spectrum of this fucking world he supposedly created no! He is no God Kokoro.. He is not a God... Ika stood up and leaned across the table, looking Kokoro in the eyes.. "But I found God Kokoro.. I found what God's real name is.. Do you know what it is Kokoro?.."

Kokoro swallowed hard, absorbing the words of the lunatic he once knew so well, the one he knew was an aimless buffoon but this one?.. He had purpose, and intent.. Resolve.. It was a scary combination, and this was always what Kokoro had feared with him.. Kokoro sat, clearly listening but confused as Ika leaned in to whisper the answer into his ear.. "Power.." As Ika said this, his smile which had broken earlier from the tone of the conversation returned once more, "They key to becoming a God lies not in the heart, lies not in man, lies not in the soul no! The key to becoming a God is power Kokoro, after-all God throughout history has ALWAYS been a function of power!"

Kokoro stared towards the man, clearly disturbed by what he was hearing but Ika rambled on, "What good is a God with no one to worship him? With no one to obey? He's dead Kokoro! That God is Dead, and it will be ME that kills him. God's fail for they are concepts, they are not tangible beings! Were we made to be the extensions of this supposed God that is the Soul King? And if so, if he is truly a God in the traditional sense, why did he need us in the first place? He created us, all of us, but needs us to maintain order? He lets us die! Suffer! He allows Arrancar's and Sinners to pillage rape and kill! He allows a perpetual cycle of death suffering and sin and you believe him to be a God?!" Ika was by this point screaming like a pastor, "You're not a fool Kokoro, quit acting like it!" Ika kicked his seat back out and took a seat again, now safely back across the table from Kokoro, as he awaited a reply..

Kokoro glared harshly, unsure of what to say but his mouth moved anyway, "Ika since the dawn of time man has needed more to hope for than what could tangibly be provided for, we need more reason to make something of ourselves, to do good in this world, we need reason to be great Ika, men need-" Ika stopped him there with a shout, "WE ARE NOT MEN KOKORO! WE ARE GODS!" Ika punched the table, snapping it in half as he did so, much to Kokoro's clear bewilderment. "We are not like the sickly peasants that inhabit this fucking planet, we are Gods among men and monsters. We are the right where all else is wrong. The Strong where all else is weak! We are power! We are not meant to be constrained, Gods are not meant to be confined to this base morality of ours! We are meant to indulge! This world is a sandbox! It is ours for the taking! There can be nothing more serene to a good soul than the sweet reprieve of death, so let them welcome it gladly!" Ika's face was stoic and hard, and Kokoro squirmed uncomfortably in his seat..

Was Ika right?.. Were they gods?... Were God being controlled by.. No.. The Spirit King yet lives! "The Spirit King yet lives Ika, he lives in you, he lives in me, he lives in all of us. All of us exist through him, and it is left to us to arbitrarily execute his will, our existence is a token of his faith in us to not go down the path you've discovered.." Kokoro repaired the desk quickly with his tendrils before continuing, "This world is to be protected and cherished Ika, it is for us to uphold.. The Soul King does nothing but provide for you and I, even our tragedies geared towards the fulfillment of a greater-" As Kokoro went to finish his phrase Ika interrupted with a face formed only by rage, "The Soul King leads us to our deaths, that is not a tragedy to learn from! He wished me dead for being an abomination of his own fucking creation! If his will lives on in the heart of that fucking place I wish only to rip it from the fucking chest, and sever the Atrium with my own gnashing teeth! But you see Kokoro! I don't have to worry about doing that!" Ika smiled, laughing lightly before he continued..

"Since you don't see it, I guess I'll just go ahead and say it Kokoro.. God is dead, the Soul King, God, whatever you wish to call him?.. He is dead. We have killed him, you and I Kokoro!" Ika got up from his seat, causing Kokoro to flinch slightly, before returning to his usual stoic demeanor, and Ika's grin went from cheek to cheek as he continued. "I know you're wondering, who gave us the sponge to wipe away the horizon? What did we do when we unchained the Earth from it's Sun? Whither is it moving now Kokoro? Whither are we moving? Away from all suns? Are we not after-all in an existence of perpetual falling? Backward, Sideward, Forward, in all directions!?"

Ika's smirk grew watching Kokoro shift in his seat and yet before he could speak Ika interjected, "Are we not straying Kokoro? Is there any up or down left?.. Is it not as though we are an infinite nothing?.. Do we not feel the empty breaths of space and time as ours become increasingly bated? Has it not become colder? Has the night not yet replaced the day? Has not the gas for our lanterns run out Kokoro listen god dammit! Do you hear that? Fuck the birds chirping, fuck the leaves chattering in the fucking wind and fuck my incessant noise listen closely Kokoro, to the stirrings of the soil beneath your feet! It is the sound of the gravediggers, and they are burying your God.. Your God and every other God detached from tangible reality.." Ika's smirk grew to a smile, then went back again before he continued, "It's in the air Kokoro.." Ika sniffed about before continuing on, "That smell, that lovely aroma in the air?.. It's the decomposition of the divine! Do you not smell it yet?.. God's too decompose..

Ika fell back into his chair, still staring a hole through Kokoro whom was able to say little to interject at this point "Kokoro.. I tell you now with the utmost certainty.. God is dead, God remains dead, and we?.. We have killed him.. You and I.. But this brings up the question how we, the murderers of all murderers! How shall we console ourselves?! The holy and the divine, the only such thing that the world has yet known has bled to death under our blades! What was one mighty has passed and it is ours to take up that once blazing torch, and set it alight with our own flames! Burn our own image into a world paved by fire! There is no water to purify ourselves Kokoro, no festivals of atonement, no sacred games that can make this unclean deed clean! No! We are yet unworthy of this deed.. And is it not now our jobs to change that? To become worthy? Must we not ourselves become Gods to simply be worthy of this?!.. Kokoro.. in all of history there has been no greater deed hitherto..." It was with this in mind Ika smiled.. "I will form a new world Kokoro.. But the ruins, the remains of the old world, they must burn to make room for a greater world.. A greater vision!" Ika's grin became faint as he continued, and his voice lowered.. "The Gotei 13, Las Noches, these are the remains of a previous regime.. They are the sepulchers, the tombs of a long dead God.." Ika's face became stoic, as he glared into Kokoro with as much venom and hate as one could muster.. "And they too, one day they too will burn.. the relics of the past will be no more.. They cannot be, lest they stifle progress.."

Kokoro took this in for a second, and his mind raced a mile a minute.. There was no reasoning with a man like this.. Nothing he could say to change his mind and frankly?.. Kokoro didn't want to.. It was a strange feeling, but one Kokoro couldn't shake.. "Agree to disagree old friend, for now I'll die on my sword, protecting these relics you so obnoxiously proclaim to be the tombs of a God I still obey and abide by.. This God is only dead to fools such as yourself, but we will see how I feel when he has wronged me as he has you.. But thus far?.. He has done nothing but good for me.. This God and that Relic have given me a second chance in life.. And you nor anyone else will be allowed the power to take it from me.. If power makes a God than I am proud to say my God is going no where.. Not before I do anyway.." Ika smiled and stood up, "Then there's nothing more to discuss Kokoro.. I only hope your end will be merciful, or you'll see it my way in time.. That is all either of us can hope for.. pray for if you rather.." Ika smiled cheekily and waved him out, and Kokoro was quick to abide, making a dash for the door with relative precision before he would stop and turn back, "When did this happen to you Ika?.. When did you forsake yourself and your purpose for power and chaos, why'd you give up a system for anarchy, when did you give up the very things that make you what you are today?.." Ika pondered this for a minute, before replying simply..

"The minute I realized I could be more, I wanted to be.. Ambition is the sin I've chosen, and it's one I plan to see through till the end Kokoro.. Goodbye." And with that Kokoro left, returning to the Gotei in a Senkaimon.. He didn't know what to tell Akane about what he had heard, he didn't even know what to make of it himself.. All he knew is that his lab had the private transcript saved to a server that only he could access.. and he'd need to play it back and transcribe it when he got home, before deleting it..It was time to see what he could figure out about Ika's mental state.. Or what was left of it anyway..

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