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#1 [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:17 am

First day of summer begins today. On a Saturday, to be precise. The sun was covered by the never-ending flow of clouds that passed over. It was a perfect day to start the summer out. I stepped out into the world at about noon. There was a breeze coming about that blew an uncomforting chill on me, so I zipped up my signature grey hoodie and popped my hood up. I began walking , not knowing where i might end up. Today was my first day free, and last since I started work at my new job tomorrow. I decided to make the best of it.

I was just passing Time Square, when I noticed a street performer pull out a guitar that looked old and well used. The man holding it had long shaggy hair and a scruffy beard. His clothes looked scuffed up, but that wasnt what caught my attention. He began playing a song i was quite familiar with, and it seemed very ironic to be played where he was playing it. While he played each not he began singing to himself, but loud enough that anyone passing by could hear him clearly. ”Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York City. I'm a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty. Yes you do. Time Square can't shine as bright as you…” I halted for a moment to listen a little, then dropped a ten dollar bill with my respects embedded with it insode of his guitar case and walked on, humming the rest of the song in my head. It seemed quite like a wonderful day.

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#2 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:59 am

It felt so good to finally have a Saturday off. Working where there are kids around is such a damn drag and the last Saturday I was off was terrible since fucking hollows ruined my date. But I tried to ignore all that. I was going to enjoy my time in Time Square with some much needed shopping. I normally drive down there but I wanted to walk since it was a very nice day out which is very rare in my case. I walked around Time square for a bit not sure on what I wanted to shop for. Then I heard some singing. I turned to see a street performer with a guitar. He didn't look that bad but you could tell he wasn't that well off in life either.

He was singing a really good song and was doing it well. A kid a dropped a ten and felt proud walking away. I ran to the old man. I told him that I was head of my school choir and that I wanted to sing with him and that I would give him a twenty dollar bill. He seemed very happy with my offer and was even more happy that I was willing to sing with him. He had asked me what song and I replied with If I Were a Boy by Beyoncé which I was surprise he knew how to play. And we started to sing together.

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#3 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:35 am

As I walked away, the man playing behind me had changed songs. Still another song i knew, but with a different voice. I stopped and listened for a moment. The voice that was singing seemed well rehearsed, like they had done it a thousand times to perfection. I stood there just listening to the song. I didn't sing along, i didn't turn around, just listened from behind myself. It was like a peaceful melody when I heard it. The guitar player and the other voice working in such a duo, i thought it was very nice.

After the song started reaching its end i began to walk away, thinking of where to go next. So far my walk had brought me quite the harmony. maybe the park to watch the birds and flowers I thought. I head off, taking off my hood and unzipping my jacket to get the breeze around me, as ive been out long enough to feel accustomed to the chillful breeze.

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#4 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:52 am

After singing with the man I felt good and was in a very singing mood. I didn't care for shopping anymore. I gave the man forty instead of twenty since I was in a good mood all thanks to him and began walking. I didn't walk far before some wind had hit me in a nice way. God it felt so good to have the wind hit you in the face since well I controlled air and stuff but I needed the feel of water the most. Being able to sit or just be near it felt so good. With that I new where my journey was to next.

I walked for a bit before I saw the boy again. To say I shocked would be a lie since I wasn't like...Actually not really sure where I was going with that. But I started running so it didn't look like I was following him. I mean I fucking bolted my ass to that park. When I got to the park I stopped for a minute since I wasn't here for the park. After my minute I walked past the park and walked towards next to the park already knowing where I wanted to head to. I was taking a stroll to my spot. I normally go there to train my powers but today I wanted to go and just relax. So I entered the woods and once I was far enough in I used my air abilities to get there faster. Once I made it to the big circle opening with the little lake I quickly air ran to it. I took of my shows and socks off and walked on the water with my abilities. It felt so good. I then sat down with my feet in the water and started to make water waves that hit my legs. Nothing could ruin this Saturday.

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#5 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:11 pm

As I walked towards the park, a boy, who looked about my age, blasted past me. I stopped a moment to watch him. He seemed to be going in the same direction I was, towards the park. After he got a ways in front of me, I began walking again, slightly picking up my pace. An unusual urge of curiosity came about me, and I decided that I wanted to follow him. I locked my eyes onto the back of his head and started to speed up enough to look like I was just out for a daily jog. I kept my distance to about 30 yards behind him. It seemed far enough to me, since I had done this many times before.

He approached the park and then stopped on site. It didn't seem like he was really wanting to be here. I leaned behind a tree, but poked my head out the side to see his next move. Eavesdropping, research, I'm willing to do almost anything just to see inside someone else's life. It's so intriguing how different people act and think. How they may spend their day. What they are willing to do for themselves or for others. It's all just so exciting.

I was still in the middle of talking to myself in my head when he started off again. I waited a bit before setting off myself. This guy seemed a bit more interesting than most the people I followed. I've watched a man work hard to support his family, and still turn around and pick up hookers on the corner. I've watched a hobo beg for change only to spend it on addictive byproducts and a bag of chips. Oh mighty moment of life, what might the bring to my eyes.

The young man that I was following, many feet back, took a sharp turn into a crowd of trees. Honestly, I didn't really ever notice these woods here before. The thought of exploring them only added to the hundreds of other things i was eager to discover. I was hesitant at first, stopping just a moment to further the distance from him, but then, as he began to disappear into the trees, I followed after.

I wasn't exactly sure where I was, or even what I may be getting myself into. I could only see him for split moments, with the thick trees leaving me mostly blind. From what I could see of him, he seemed unexpected by the trees, almost comfortable. He waltzed down the path like he had been going through here routinely. We had been getting deeper into the depth of the woods, but i could still hear the sound of cars and taxis from behind. I struggled a little bit to keep my eyes on him, not because of speed but because the trees. But still, on every other moment, I could see the coloring of his clothing appear and then vanish. He seemed to be sticking to the path. Maybe he's just walking about I thought to myself. It was a possible and plausible thought, but I still hadn't found a purpose. I could only assume that he came into these woods for something particular.

I blinked only once, and then couldn't see any sign of him. I went up a ways to where I last saw him and looked all around. It was like he vanished into the trees. Maybe I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice him turn or something. Lost in thought, I decided to just continue to follow the trail. Even if I don't find the guy I was following, at least I still found a new place to walk. I had given up on following him, since I wasn't really up for a duck chase. My speed and posture went from stealth the casual as I myself waltzed down the rest of the trail, awaiting what i might find.

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#6 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:57 am

I sat there still amazed by the feeling of water. It's been so long but that all shortly ended. I stopped for a minute because I heard sounds of something. It sounded like someone was on the trail something. I was ready to make a ice dagger but then I thought maybe it might be a human like me.... Well sort of like me. I listened for a bit listening to the sound before I did the most white girl thing ever.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" I yelled and then slapped myself for being so damn stupid. Like really that was the most white girl thing ever and your black ass just had to ask was anybody there like really just fucking stupid. I shook my head and stood up from where I was sitting waiting for someone or something to jump out or just anything to happen. Lord please don't fail me now.

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#7 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:43 am

While walking down the trail, I seen some sticks that i thought looked pretty cool, so I picked them up. One looked like a wand, one was long enough and dense enough to be a long sword, and one like a cane. I held the wand in my right hand and the others in my left. I kept shrooshing it around pretending that I was casting spells on the trees to make them freeze. ”Tree Freeze beneath the breeze.” Maybe I am a wizard, cus they stopped moving. I laughed to myself.

Suddenly I heard a yell from a far distance ahead of me. ”Hello? Is anyone there?” the voice yelled. It sounded kinda familiar, but my memory isn't always that good. I kept walking a bit, curious but not concerned. I noticed an opening shortly ahead. Assuming that the yell of a man came from there, I didn't just want to walk up on them, especially if it was the guy I was following. Time to stalk up some peeps.

Even though it was hard to do, I had to make a sacrifice. I dropped the two big sticks so that I could be more stealthy and have an open hand, but I was keeping the wand. It was too good to just lose over a stranger. I went into stealth mode from then and left the trail, walking around the clearing, and acting like a ghost. ”woooo woooo booga booga.” I probably shouldn't have made ghost noises though, even if I was quiet about it. I got to about a quarter of the way around and started slowly towards the clearing. I could see a small lake that had a stream on one side leading off into the distance. It took me a moment to realize, but there was a man standing in the small lake. Wait, I guess that would make it a pond.. Wait, isn't that the guy I was following? I creeped behind a tree and watched him stand there. He was looking in the direction of the trail. Maybe he had heard me walking. I wasn't really being quiet, but now I must wait.

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#8 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:48 pm

See listen I'm black which means my ass is not going to stay to see what the fuck made that noise. I'm either running or fighting the shit but then again I'm in my element so I should be fine. I sat back down and put my feet back into the water. I mean if it was anything big and bad I probably could take care of it so what's the big deal.

"Ok listen I know something or someone is out there so it's best that you just come out and show yourself because I'm not a fan of these games. And if we keep playing these games I can't promise your safety with me." I said laughing my ass off as I tried to make a threat like really.... That was funny because that was the weakest and lamest threat on planet Earth. "Ok no my bad listen just come out and nothing will happen. I am 'unarmed' and not hostile so it's all good." I continued trying not to stop myself from laughing and wiping the one tear I had. Damn am I really that funny.

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#9 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:24 pm

I watched the man stand and stare at the trail like he was expecting something to jump out and scare the shit out of him. I must have been watching him like a bad horror movie, because at some point I started expecting the same thing. I had completely forgotten that I was stalking this guy, until he lowered his posture and sat back down, facing away from my vicinity. It seemed like he had gotten over whatever he was thinking, but then.. He said possibly the worst.. Threat? Can I even call that a threat? Does it qualify? After hearing it ill, I had to rethink through the entire statement, trying to figure out how someone, in a real life situation, could say the corniest shit. In what situation ever in reality, has somebody said “hey, I know you're there, just come on out...?” and the other person actually come out. This guy was a walking monologue, and to top it off he actually said that he was unarmed and not hostile. That's something an armed hostile would say. In like every movie ever.

I couldn't get past his words. It was like he could only talk through bad one liners. He was basically cinematic bumblebee. However, I still didn't want any confrontation, and my mission to finding the end of the trail was a success. I waved my wand at the trees to unfreeze them, but they must have been frozen too long because they didn't still acted like trees. Nevertheless, I left them behind as I ghosted back up to the streets of civilization.

In the extensive time that i had spent following a single man, the lunch rush had well passed and the sky had cleared up enough to shine the pesky sun on the back of my head. I took my hoodie off and balled it into a ball, holding it in my left hand, and sporting my favorite green t-shirt, as I steadily walked down the sidewalk. Only time would tell what may happen next.

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#10 Re: [Private] I Met A Gay, He Met Me (Winnie) on Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:44 am

i stayed sitting in my spot not really bothered anymore about whatever or whoever was in the trees. They had seemed to leave since I wasn't attacked nor did anyone say anything. I grabbed my phone from my back pocket seeing that it was past lunch time and that I should be heading home to go type my blog. I sighed and grabbed my socks and shoes and put them on. Today was my first day of Summer and to say the least it was a weird one. It all started out with a boy giving a performer money. Strange how that shaped out my day but hey that's just life. I got up and took the long way out of the woods and back home. The whole walk home I thought about random stuff and nothing important but one thing that did one across my mind was why did me and that boy cross paths like that.

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