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#1 Iggy Garcia on Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:53 am


9th Division
9th Division

Name: [Iggy Garcia]
Alias: [None at the moment]
Real Age: [724 but he doesn’t know his age]
Phys. Age: [24]
Gender: [Male]
Hollow Stage: [Vasto Lorde]
Personality: [Iggy’s behavior, in general, is based upon being solitary and keeping eyes upon those who want him to believe that they can be trusted. He will always prefer his space from others in order to preserve his survival. It’s not to say that he will never trust anyone, ever. However, it will take a lot to gain his trust because a lot is riding on his trust. Iggy simply won’t just give his trust away as his mind tells him that he will lose everything if he trusts the wrong people for the wrong reasons. There is so little space and far too many people competing for that space. Who can truly trust anyone else under such circumstances, despite the evolution or strength status?

Survival is his driving force as it is for any and all Hollows. What price would you pay for survival? Iggy has sacrificed countless members of his kind, souls of those ready to cross over to a new life, and souls of those who weren’t even close to being ready for the cross over and were still living out their first lives. If need be, Iggy will go to any and all lengths necessary to ensure his survival. Why is this? Because his nature and instinct demands it and he has obeyed as best as he could. Survival means things to other beings. Due to this, Iggy would do whatever it took so that both beings could continue their survival after meeting. If simply walking away would do that, so be it. If taking that other being’s life would do that, so be it. Makes no difference to Iggy.

Since Iggy prefers to just survive, he will not start issues with anyone else unless those circumstances are what dictate his further survival. He does have a bit of curiosity but not enough to where he will overstep his bounds and get into trouble. This curiosity is for anything that would help in his survival. He would go and look into areas that would give him peace, find potential allies, or anything that increases his abilities by any capacity. What price are you willing to pay for survival? Iggy will pay for his.]

Height: [200.66 cm]
Weight: [113.3981 kg]
Physical Traits: [Iggy Garcia is 200.66 cm tall, weighs 113.3981 kg, humanoid build, dark blue skin tone, Navy blue colored eyes, and scruffy looking brown short hair. Iggy wears black pants, black shoes, a black headband, a black belt on his pants, and extremely dark blue wrist bands. He has no tattoos or scars yet.

Iggy’s presence can best be described as chilly, powerful, careful, and untrustworthy of everything around him. His power is demonstrated on many different levels but the most important is his survival. He is extremely careful of everything around him…his environment, the beings around him, and most of all, his own self. He is extremely untrustworthy of everything and everyone he is surrounded by in every situation. The only thing he has learned that he can count on is himself if he wants to continue surviving.

The best way to explain what Iggy is like is through his expressions and mannerisms. If he wants alone time, he would put up his reiatsu at its strongest and nothing would be able to get near him unless they were stronger. His reiatsu didn’t just deal out pressure though, it controls the water in surrounding area up to 50 feet. Different things happened depending upon Iggy's mood. Anyone who got close enough would have their limbs covered in water that seemed to attack on it's own which would then instantly turn to ice. Iggy would follow that up by using those frozen limbs as target practice for his heavy two-handed hammer if he was in the mood for some exercise. Other days, he would use the same tactic with freezing their limbs but instead of the hammer, Iggy would force water down their throats and drown them where they were forced to stand if he was in a nonchalant mood. However, on a bad day where he was in a bad mood...once they approached, Iggy would simply fire off high-speed water bullets at their heads as he hits their eyes, throats, and the middle of their skulls to end them quickly. Iggy won’t attack on sight unless his survival is being threatened by the sight or he simply wants to be left alone.

General Fighting Style: [Mid-Long Range Ability Focused]
Strengths: [Reiatsu, Sonido]
Weaknesses: [Endurance, Durability]
Boosts: [4x Strength, Speed, Reiryoku]
Ability Name: [Water Manipulation]
Ability Description: [Iggy is able to manifest and manipulate water up to 300 feet.]
Ability Name: [Ice Manipulation]
Ability Description: [Iggy is able to manifest and manipulate ice up to 300 feet.]

Vasto Lorde Appearance:
Vasto Lorde Abilities: [Cero, Sonido]
Ability Name: [The Second Degree]
Ability Description: [Iggy can vaporize any or all of the water he controls on the field within the the 300 feet by raising the temperature of the water up to where it becomes hot steam and can cause second degree burns upon another being.]
Ability Name: [The Sky Is Falling]
Ability Description: [Once Iggy has vaporized any water into steam that has risen into the sky, he can then or later call it back down into various forms be it water or ice.]
Ability Name: [Limb Freezing]
Ability Description: [Iggy gets water that he controls onto his opponent's limbs and turns it into solid ice to restrict movement until opponent either breaks the ice, Iggy removes the ice himself, or opponent is defeated.]
Ability Name: [Water Bullets]
Ability Description: [Iggy takes an amount of water he controls and separates it into small firable balls of ice comparable to those used in muskets which equates to Hado 57.]
Ability Name: [Ice Wall]
Ability Description: [Iggy gets water that he controls, builds it up into a wave and freezes it into solid ice for defense or to by time to set up a technique that the opponent won't be able to see until either they get through or around the wall...or even Iggy himself uses through the wall. Who knows? This ability is comparable to Bakudo 81. CD=4 posts]
Ability Name: [Rain of Ice Blades]
Ability Description: [Iggy gets water that he controls into the air and freezes it into sharp Icicle Blades of various shapes, sizes, and numbers dependant upon the amount of water he has to work with and the situation he's in.]

[Iggy Garcia was just like any other normal Hollow when he started. He awoke each and everyday to fight for space and food against other like-minded Hollows. The most dangerous but profitable thing for Hollows to do was to open a Kumon to the World of the Living and hunt for souls of the humans there. Once a Hollow is able to feed upon enough living souls, they were able to evolve into a higher form of Hollow known as a Menos Grande called Gillian. From that point, a Gillian becomes a towering mass of power and mindlessness. If one were to gain a control over their mind in this state, it would be reflected in the look of their mask and behavior as they wouldn't act like a typical Gillian but instead feed upon their fellow Hollows and Gillians. This action furthers their evolution from Gillian to Adjuchas. Adjuchas is the second state of Menos Grande in which the Hollow has more mental control over their behavior, actions, and their personality is more prominent. This state has many different physical forms it can take from bulky humanoid to animal based. There is always the ability to regress back into a Gillian which warrants the Adjuchas to continue to feed upon their fellow lower-class Hollows and Adjuchas to maintain their state. However, if an Adjuchas were to be fed off of, they can no longer evolve either. There is one more evolution state beyond Adjuchas that a Hollow could possibly reach but there is more speculation rather than fact on how that state is reached. This final state of the Menos Grande is known as Vasto Lorde. The largest truth that has been confirmed about the Vasto Lorde is existence of so few of them which adds to the reason why no one has been able to figure out how to gain that state.

Iggy Garcia started as a boy with a family like any other. His mother and father were typical parents who were loving and kind. He had neighbors that even did favors for them to care for the boy. To say he wasn’t loved would be a massive slap in the face to anything related to sarcasm. He wasn't the typical boy however as he would look so at first glance but look closer. Iggy was born with a very, very unique trait that has never been seen before and his parents weren't sure what it meant for their son...or them. All they knew was that this was their son and they were going to love him and care for him as if nothing was different. What stood out about him do you ask? Well, Iggy's veins were blue. No one was able to determine the cause of this phenomenon and it doesn't seem to have any negative effect upon him physically. But, people do treat each other differently just for looking differently in life. Iggy was at his wits end on being smothered by everyone and wanted his own space. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate and love his family back…originally. It was just that there were times were too much was too much and he didn’t know how to express that properly. How does a child tell their parents to lay off without making it sound like they aren’t being disrespectful and ungrateful? Due to not being able to come up with the answer to that question, Iggy figured the best thing he could do was show small signs and hope they got the message sooner than later. He began by going outside more and more, staying in his room more, and finally going to bed at earlier hours while sleeping in when he could. Over time, it did nothing but make his parents create adjustments to his new behaviors believing it was part of him ‘growing up’ or it was ‘just a phase and he will grow out of it’. This made Iggy angrier and angrier inside as his parents were truly oblivious to the messages he was trying to send to them. The neighbors were starting to believe and say that the boy was cold-hearted and had ice in his veins. Was there some truth to that? I mean, look at him. Did the change in his attitude come from the phemenon that occured in his body? Or will his attitude affect that body difference in some way? Only time could tell. Then…it happened.

Iggy was eating dinner with his family one evening and in a rush to finish so that he could return to his room, Iggy began choking on something. His parents did their best but they couldn’t dislodge the food that he was choking on and lost their son that day. Iggy may have died physically but he remained spiritually as he became chained to the house. This was common when the soul becomes bound to a place by chains during their transformation into a Hollow. This process can be sped up by someone forcing the hole in the chest to open. An exorcist did this to Iggy after finding him a few weeks after his death and creating problems for his parents. Iggy couldn’t understand why his parents would do this to him even though he was doing all he could to stay with them. Did they not want their beloved son in their lives? It sounded like they did as they continued to weep for him after he was killed by that criminal. Yet…they do this to him?! Due to this, Iggy is now a full-fledged Hollow as his mask with three thin red streaks now covers his face. He goes into the Otherworld full of misunderstanding and regret.

Now, time no longer holds any meaning for Iggy Garcia as he only cares about his survival. Feeding keeps him sustained. What does he feed on? Souls. Iggy now feeds on both living and ready to pass spirits. In this state…Iggy is a large, bulky humanoid that is blue skinned, has two spikes on his shoulders, and can produce then fire large water balls from the palms of his hands. After sneaking around for so long to claim souls that were ready to cross over and living humans who were high in spirit energy that were easy pickings while managing to avoid the shinigami, Iggy got fed up and began to feed upon his fellow Hollows. All of this not only sustained Iggy but pushed him to his next evolution state, the lowest level of the Menos Grande…Gillian.

Once Iggy became a Gillian, he followed suit with the others in behavior and motions. That didn’t last too long though as he wasn’t as mindless and controlled by instinct as they others were. As he even noticed, he even looked different from the others and found that he still had his desire to feed and it was greater than it was before. He was extremely tall, black, with white feet and hands but his mask had a very thick red streak across it that the others didn’t. Iggy realized that even though he may look different than he did originally and have new abilities, he still needed to feed to survive. Continuing with this way of life, he moved forward through each day, week, and year until the next change would occur.

Finally, the day arrived. Iggy Garcia evolved from Gillian to an Adjuchas. He now took the shape of a porcupine even covered in poisonous spikes from front to back and went back to being purple while his mask had 2 red streaks across it in the form of an X. He gained even more control over his actions, habits, and personality but one thing remained evident…the need to feed was still there and it was increased yet again. After spending quite some time in this new form, he did learn that he could lose it if he didn’t feed properly and regularly. This was learned in moments where he ‘lost’ control of himself and he felt that was something he never wanted to completely lose. Iggy overheard a group of Adjuchas talking and realized that not only does one lose their individuality from not feeding but they also regress physically back to what they once were. This is the last thing Iggy would want and made it paramount to continue his feedings. Years later, Iggy came across a fellow Adjuchas who stopped Iggy in his tracks and asked Iggy to feed upon him. This is when Iggy learned how Adjuchas prevent their regression and began to have mixed feelings related to it but realized in the end that it wasn’t something that he desired. From that moment forward he did everything he could to evolve to the next stage, despite the fact that it was unknown to anyone else how to do it.

The day came. No one shall ever know how it happened. Not even Iggy himself is sure how it happened. He awoke and he was different than he was the previous day. Was it even a day, perhaps it was longer? However long the change took, all that matters is that it did happen. Iggy Garcia is now a Vasto Lorde. His skin was still purple, his spikes were now smaller but now in various places along his body mostly his back and arms, and his mask now not only has the X but also has a red stripe going down the middle.  He is now at the size of a normal human and his Hollow hole is smaller on the upper left side of his chest.

Iggy was now learning about his new form, though it wasn’t taking too long to learn some things because they were unique to him…other things will take a long time as he didn’t have anyone to compare them to. At least, no one that he knew of off-hand. Of course, when you gain something like this, why would you want to go around boasting about it? Those who preceded him had the right mind by keeping to themselves or finding each other and keeping the secret of this power to a small group. The question now remained for Iggy, if there were others of his level…how could he find them without them believing he was a threat of any kind or if there was a group, could they trust him enough to join them without creating too much doubt? How well would he even fit in a group in the first place due to his inability to trust too many others? After all, a Hollow will always be a Hollow and their instincts will always hold true and number one on that list for a Hollow is survival, no matter what part of the evolution chain you have obtained.

A few years have passed and Iggy Garcia is currently searching for anyone of kind…a fellow Vasto Lorde. During his search, he has gaining more control over who he is, what he is able to do, and his desires. One of his strongest desires is to find out the lengths of what he is capable of doing and once he finds that wall, break it and discover more than any other Vasto Lorde has ever been capable of doing since their existence. Iggy used to have a hard time controlling his spiritual pressure and it was no typical spiritual pressure either. He exuded poison in its strongest, unrestricted form naturally before he began to control it. All those who came within several feet of him were poisoned to death and robbed of their life. Over time, he conceived the ability to condense his poison his body, particularly his spikes. Should anyone anger him or he need his space though and the poison cloud will emerge from him again.

Iggy has heard particular parts of Hueco Mundo that had strong powers gathering there. How would the ruling power feel if an unknown Vasto Lorde were to appear on their grounds unrestricted? There’s only so long a power like his could move around unchecked and unapproached by anyone anyways. Which would be best for Iggy…approach them first or wait for them to find him? He would be comfortable with either situation considering that he has nothing to lose in both scenarios. Well, this is certainly something that will be addressed sooner than later as Iggy has placed this issue on his to-do list.]
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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