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#1 Ambiance Neutralizer on Wed Jun 28, 2017 2:12 am

Item name: Ambiance Neutralizer
Description: The best description of this would be to call it a type of air purifier. In actuality it consumes the ambient reiatsu in an environment one would expect to come across after someone who once released their spiritual pressure and left. A meaty membrane which contains trillions upon trillions of genetically modified Hollow bacteria which eat ambient reiatsu and then produce a neutralized byproduct.
Effect: The Hollow bacteria eat remaining reiatsu in an environment and produce a neutralized waste product before dying without a trace. This is useful for cleaning up area and erasing the presence of those who were once there. For example, if a battle were to occur in an environment between an Arrancar and a Shinigami, there would be residual reiatsu which remained as a result of that fight. An experienced tracker could sense what occurred and may even be able to deduce from these residual energy signatures the exact results of the fight. Using this device erases the signatures completely so that even though reiatsu is sensed, it's completely neutralized as though it came from a single soul.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: n/a produced in laboratory; generally one kept on his person.
Private Equipment or Public: Private

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#2 Re: Ambiance Neutralizer on Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:57 am

Ika Mazi

Approved for ehhhh 150 coins.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#3 Re: Ambiance Neutralizer on Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:07 am

I'll purchase this now.

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