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#1 [Private] Aurora Borealis (Mei) on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:22 pm

Graven Fel


Snow crunched lightly underfoot as eyes, as red as fresh heart's blood, scanned the clearing in the woods around him, stones marking the only remnants of what was once a thriving village. A guide shivered slightly in the cold as he spoke in Norwegian, the odd white-haired man glancing back at him. He was questioning why he had asked to be brought out here, and why he was wearing naught but a white suit with a black button-up shirt, silver tie, and black leather dress shoes when it was hitting the negatives in windchill. The guide himself, a local from Oslo, was wearing several layers, many of them wool, and the young blonde woman that made up the other half of the couple was bundled up in even more and looked to be blushing with the cold. This man, however...He was unaffected by the knife-like winds blowing through the area, and even appeared to relish it.

Alyss had persuaded Graven to take her to his old home, and he was unable to refuse her. The moment they had landed in Norway, it had seemed to take a ton off from his shoulders, while she immediately regretted her decision, if only for the cold. The only reason she hadn't asked to go back already was because she enjoyed watching Graven's response to being in his homeland, such as when he replied to the guide that he had hired to bring them out here. The man was able to understand Old Norse, simply by virtue of Norwegian being a language descended from it, but he shivered every time Graven began to speak. She couldn't understand his language, as she was Mesopotamian, but she got to see the slightly glazed look in his eye when she began speaking Sumerian, and it was priceless. As it was, Graven smirked as he noted her discomfort, and told the guide that he could leave.

Grabbing Alyss's arm, he walked her over to the remains of a larger building towards the center of the large clearing, and cleared a spot in the snow for them to sit down beside a wall, getting rid of the wind. Walking over to a pile of snow and clearing it off with his bare hands, he revealed a stone box that he then opened, chuckling as he saw what was inside it. He didn't think much would still be there from his life, but there it was in near-perfect condition. Closing the box to collect his mementos later, he walked over to the edge of the woods and collected several large branches, bringing them back over to what used to be his hut and swept a leg over where his fire pit used to be, placing the wood inside and lighting it with a carefully-controlled Bala. Bringing Alyss to huddle over by the fire, he laughed as she tucked into his side. Hierro did wonders for an Arrancar when it came to the cold, but she had never gotten used to it as well as he had, since THIS is what he had lived in for a solid half of the year. Sniffing the air, he noted that there was a heavy scent of vanilla, signaling the arrival of a Shinigami. He had discovered that, with his newfound strength, he was completely unable to suppress his own power enough to hide. As it was, he had sealed away 80% of his power and was in a Gigai that made him seem human, but a slight bit of Hollow tinged his reiatsu still, making him feel like a Fullbringer. An excessively strong Fullbringer. Alyss had the same kind of Gigai, but she felt perfectly normal because of it, so there wasn't much danger there. Still, he shouldn't have been found so quickly, as it had only been three weeks since the war. What was this Shinigami there for?
technique log
Name: Enhanced Senses
Effect: Due to his nature as a Wolf-Based Hollow, Graven's senses (excluding his spiritual ones) are far more sensitive than those of a human or Shinigami. Even other Hollows are incapable of matching this aspect of the Espada in action. Beyond-perfect eyesight, sonar hearing, hyper-sensitive skin and taste-buds, and a nose nearly 1,000 times more sensitive than normal all combine to make Graven the perfect predator.
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#2 Re: [Private] Aurora Borealis (Mei) on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:16 pm

Mei T

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
It seemed as if it were uo and out of nowhere that Mei would si.ply disappear, however she knew Abella would know she would be back soon. With everything that had been roaming around her heart and mind, Mei only seemed to need timw away. The only problem she had was telling Noziel that she was going away for a time being, nonetheless she would leave him a note within her room and hope for the best. Being who she was, Mei would wear the least amount of clothing possible for her, a tee and shorts with her black converse. It would seem there was no significance for this attire, however Mei certainly wasn't going on some beach trip. No, she would go to one place she hoped to see not a soul. A place for her pains to feel physical.

The freezing air surrounding her was a start and the unknown area was also quite enjoyable for someone not in their right mind. Her body would begin to shiver as she wandered along, and she would begin to become stiffer, which wasn't anything new with these rotten gigai things. However, it only added to her suffering and unstable nature. The only thing distracting her from her shivering being was her thoughts and her aching heart. She couldn't remember the last time it felt whole. She couldn't remember the last time it was happy and free. In between thoughts, Mei would feel a presence that only seemed to attract her. However, it only becane a morw prominent thought the closer she came to it.

It was something familiar, yet it didn't seem to be anything as it once was. What was this? Who was this? Mei would move quicker towards it realizing the high amount of power it held. It was certainly a bit more than her own, but she wasn't so sure that was all it had. Upon coming closer, Mei would feel the familiarity growing, until she would slow down and enter into an open area. Pink orbs would scan the area setting upon two figures that seemed fairly familiar to her, however one was more prominent in her mind than the other. Without fear, since she had no real purpose in her mind, Mei would walk closer to the duo only recognizing the features of them as she moved closer. Upon being close enough to see them, Mei would stop and sigh, "I figured as much," her vpice would become a grumbling low sound as she spoke. "Long time No See, Graven," Mei would say with quite an emotionless voice. How he would react to her after recent events was beyond her.


Yuki was here!<3
Noz was here too Razz
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