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Realizing that I was being shot at I needed to do something and quick so I quickly turned my ice wall into steam. One that was complete I made twelve rounds of Air Slashes to hit the Dragoons to hopefully throw there aim off as I ran toward the back of the fog where I couldn't be seen. Surprising missing every shot I still need a way to attack him. I quickly then turned my steam into ice shards and Air Slash all toward Sakota. Hopefully while he was pay attention to that he didn't see me trailing water from the pond all over the grass in a big circle. Hopefully this plan works out for me. I made a huge circle of water with me in it and most of the field and froze it to make an ice layer on the ground. Let's see how Sakota can handle this, his on my turf now.

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Sakota was caught off guard as Winnie turned his wall of ice into a cloud of steam, effectively covering the area around him with a fog that made seeing him almost impossible, though it was still easy to detect where he was especially while he was in his released state. Blades of air flew out of the mist striking the two dragoon's still in ranged mode knocking them around as they were trying to lock on to the young human's presence causing their shots to miss their mark. Good he is thinking, though odds are against that working again now that I know he has thought that far ahead are against him. Sakota's gray-green eyes were locked on where he felt Winnie's pressure from within his cloud of steam, which he was already condensing into daggers of ice that he sent flying Sakota's way using his wind power to bolster the speed that they flew at. Using Hirenkyaku Sakota avoided the incoming strike, Winnie was going to have to be trickier than that to actually land a blow like that.

From his aerial vantage point the young quincy could see the grass swaying like large snakes were slithering through it from multiple points of the lake. Smirking down at the young human he had some idea what was coming, Winnie was trying to make the battle field favor him more, though there was no guarantee that it was going to work as he had intended, especially if Sakota stayed in the air like he was intending. As Winnie's pool of water froze into a ring of ice beneath his feet Sakota swapped one of his melee dragoons over to ranged and one of the ranged dragoon's that had circled around to behind Winnie to melee mode, flying at him blade extended looking to pierce the young human in his left shoulder. Should that work his two ranged dragoon's would fire off up to six shots each aiming to strike Winnie in his thigh's and calf's.

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I felt a sharp stinging pain in my left pain. I soon saw that I was stabbed in my shoulder. I was going to use my healing waters but I didn't have a chance to start that as I was getting shot at from the front and back by these damn Dragoons. I quickly took some water around me and incased myself in ice. The shots were slowing tearing down the ice and I started to panic. After the tenth shot my ice shattered. I felt the next two shots coming and needed to move quick. I used my wind manipulation to fly upward which allowed me to dogged the last two lasers. I started to pant heavy. This fight was lasting longer then I had expected. I needed to find a way to end this and end it now. So I created several air slashes and a air blast coming from the sky raining on Sakota and turned the ice floor into spikes and launched them from below. He surely had to take his hands now that he had some deadly forces coming at him.

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Sakota watched as the young human was stabbed through his shoulder, coated himself in ice then flew out of the way of the last two dragoon shots, barely escaping crippling blows that the lasers would have inflicted. The gray haired quincy smirked recalling his Dragoon's back to their holsters under his coat, he was done with them it was time to treat Winnie like a real opponent, at least for a little bit. Though before Sakota could make his move Winnie was already on the offensive launching blades of air his way as well of spikes of ice from below. Sakota just used his Hirenkyaku to avoid the initial assault, once the spikes of ice was in the air he would manifest his floating bows, having one of the six flying bows take aim at the cluster of ice spears and firing off a Charged reishi arrow, that upon impacting the arrows and air attacks in its path it quite literally obliterated them all before dissipating just outside of the forest.

Turning one more of his bows towards Winnie he had it release what would look like a normal arrow at first, flying extremely quickly though just before impacting the young human the arrow would open up into a net that would bind Winnie in reiryoku enhanced reiraku hitting him in a trap that would be equal to a high level bakudo and completely restricting his movement. Should the netted arrow hit it's mark Sakota would pull his hands out of his pocket slowly clapping as he says. "Congratulations, you pass. You have done enough to impress me and prove you are quite capable in a fight, lets get you healed up and off to headquarters so you can meet the boss lady and sign the necessary contracts and shite like that."

Should the net arrow fail Sakota would use a slightly different one, it would still look normal, and would intentionally miss the young human though as it struck a tree behind him there would be a massive explosion followed up by the tree collapsing. At which point and time Sakota would say, "I suggest giving up now, who knows how things will turn out otherwise."

Afterwards should Winnie give up Sakota will clap his hands and congratulate him on impressing the young quincy.

Techniques Used:
Name: Geist-Bogenschützen MK-2 (Spirit Archers Mark-2)
Description: Duration: 4posts; Cooldown: 4posts; This ability replaces Sakota's Geist-Bogenschützen making it even more powerful granting him the ability to create up to six of his Drone-like bows that he can control telepathically. The bows can fly anywhere within one hundred yards of Sakota granting him vision of whatever they point at, though they lose the ability to fire arrows once their distance exceeds 50 yards. These drone-like bows can fire any arrow technique that Sakota has access too, so long as it is not on cool down. The Geist-Bogenschützen cost no more for Sakota to maintain than additional copies of his bow.

Charged Spirit Arrow: A quincy is capable of charging up a much more powerful arrow when they enter Letzt Stil. The charged arrow appears noticeably more solid than the standard bolts of Reishi. A charged arrow has enough power to severely injure a combatant of the same tier. This attack is activated, and is equal to an arrancar’s gran rey cero in power and has a 3 post cooldown.

Name: Netzpfeil (Web Arrow)
Description: Cooldown: 3 posts Using a similar mechanic to Ransotengai Sakota manipulates spirit ribbons into an arrow that he then fires at his opponent. Mid flight the arrow will explode open revealing a net of Reishi-reinforced spirit ribbons that will enclose around his target trapping them in an equivalent to a Bakudo #70.

Name: Sprengpfeil (Blasting Arrow)
Description: Cooldown: 3posts Sakota fires an arrow that does not differ in appearance to a normal arrow. However when this arrow impacts it explodes doing Hado #80 damage in a four foot radius around its detonation point.

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Winderlin laid there in the net not sure what h should really do. He felt happy that he won in a sense but it felt weird to be put in a net for winning. "Thanks but I going to get out of the net by myself I feel like this is weird way to say congrats you win." he said. He stared to move his hands ready to work his wind and water to cut the net but he felt heavy. "Why do I feel like this? I feel heavy and weak. I guess I used too much of my power. I forfeit then. I'll go in.." He began too close his eyes and his breathing started to get light and at a tone. Winderlin did it. He was going to become a Committee Member.

-(End of Thread)-

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