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"ughug it's summer vaca and tests are just ughug but if I need to do a test to see if I can get in the committee to save lives I will." I said siting up right and throwing myself in the water. My back was turned to Sakota so I'm not sure what his reaction was but all I do know is I had to win this fight. I started to rise up from the water and had water completely surround my arms and legs.

"So when do we start this fight?" I asked walking out of the water and back on the grass with my water swirling around arms and legs. I didn't really care that I was giving him the advantage on having him see my moves since this wasn't a death thing but I mean he has a bow and I have water and air I do have a better chance with fighting him I hope.

"Also, just because we are now new friends don't think I'm going to go easy on you. I mean I do have to show you and the Commitee what I got." I said smiling at the boy who was still sitting in the grass looking at me like he had a plan of some sort that I wasn't ready for at all.

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"I fully understand that feeling" Sakota said, he truly did. The last thing most any student wanted to do on their summer vacation was more tests. Though he knew that it would be easier on Winnie to test out here than in that training room where Maki brought him, heck who knows if it could even simulate bodies of water, and how limited his wind powers would be inside. "We can start it now if you wish, the goal for you is simple, you have lets say ninety minutes to make me use my hands. If you can get me to pull both hands out of my pockets by the end of that ninety minutes you will pass, that work for you? Oh and I hope you won't take it easy, just try to keep lethal strikes to a minimum, the committee's medical skills are great and all but they still can't cure death."

With what he needed to say said, including the guidelines of this little test Sakota stood there, his hands buried in the pockets of his hoodie, the muscles in his legs tense ready to respond, he knew he would have a hard time against someone who uses fluid attacks such as water and wind especially if the strikes can come from behind him, but with his powers and equipment the only thing limited by him keeping his hands bound up in his hood would be his items like the seele schneiders and ginto tubes. Neither one really useful in this situation.

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"So all I have to do is make you use your hands. Mmhh shouldn't be hard." I said smiling and thinking about all the possible was I could get this to happen. I mean I could actually make him fall or cut his hoodie or a lot of things. Well I like to surprise myself lets see what comes first. I quickly made a water whip from my hands and formed a sword in the other and then froze it.

"Listen if I hurt don't worry I'll try not to hurt really bad and I can heal you after wards but for now it's fighting time."
I said and threw my whip at his right arm which he clearly dodge like it was nothing. Ok let's not be obvious about your tactics. Like let's maybe not get cocky during this fight. It's time to use strategies. I mean he's apart of the committee. Now this is where things get interesting. I charged at him now.

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Sakota responded to Winnie's confidence with a smirk of his own, the young elementalist will be suprised at just how hard the task that Sakota had assigned him is going to be. As Winnie manipulated the water into a whip an sword the young quincy figured he better get ready himself, with a thought he brought the dragoon's hiding under his coat to life, causing them to fly out of their holster and float in the air around him waiting for his next command. As the whip of water approached Sakota leaped backwards using his Hirenkyaku to increase the distance a fair bit causing the lash of fluid to fly through the air harmlessly.

As Winnie charged forward looking to get in range with to use his sword Sakota made his move, reminding the young man that his opponent was a ranged fighter, without any kind of advanced movement skill or distraction rushing in like that was not the brightest move he could make. Controlling a pair of his Dragoon's telepathically the young quincy moved them up higher, where they would each fire a couple of hado 4 level blasts aimed at him. One at each leg and one at each arm. The remaining pair would trigger their energy blades and fly close by to intercept winnie's blade and whip.

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Sakota had these weird things start flying in the air and aiming for me shooting out them beams. I quickly then started to flip backwards keeping my distance again. So he has little toys he can play with. I stood there thinking about my next move. S clearly he had toys that would do his dirty work for him. Wait why am I repeating myself in my head. Anyway they seem to be long range things. Now thinking about this he is completely long range in all his fighting styles it seems like. I wanted to try a few more water things before I got creative with my air. I smirked and made water daggers and threw them at the blue flying things in the air as that was happening I air ran towards him trying to see if I could get a punch in. Which actually work but not as much as I hoped. The things shot the daggers and my punch didn't do as much of hit that I would of liked. The boy just smirked and I felt that the things were going to fire again so I used my air powers to push him off his feet.

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Winnie had back flipped to avoid the shots that his Dragoon's had fired at him, showing great agility in the process as he avoided the weapons completely. Sakota had shifted himself so that the young elementalist was between him and the major sources of water, with the opening of the trail to his back so that should the human try to keep pushing this into a close range fight Sakota could retreat into the tree line and weaken his powers, as the young human had yet to show the ability to pull moisture out of the air itself, or create water from his spirtual pressure. Also so long as he didn't pull catastrophe level winds with his aerokinesis the tree's would provide some excellent cover all while barely hindering Sakota who through his powers could fight in the trees just as easily if not more so than in the clearing.

Winnie apparently decided to test the dragoon's durability by throwing daggers made out of water at them. With barely a thought from Sakota the telepathically controlled the dragoon's out of the way of the fluid projectiles, though Winnie didn't seem to care about the result of his little experiment as he rushed the young quincy trying to close the gap to land a physical blow. Which against most quincy might have seemed a smart thing to do, but Sakota held trophies from multiple different martial arts tournaments though Winnie didn't know that not yet anyways. But from what the young quincy could tell of the elementalists' powers he might be better trying to fight from a distance as well. Sakota avoided the blow by stepping forward and to the outside of the incoming strike, raising his right knee in a strike aimed at the belly button of the young human before using Hirenkyaku to break away and put some distance between him and Winnie, now standing right on the edge of the clearing. The dragoon's re-positioned themselves to float around Sakota, two of them still set to sword mode.

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After being hit by Sakota I learned to no get into close range with him. Clearly he had some tricks up his sleeves. So I had to start really being smart about this fight. So me being me I had released more energy which had caused a ring of water to surround me. I need to be smart about this and try to caught him off guard. I need to mix my water and air and not just one. Remember you are one with your elements. Realizing what I had to do I quickly made seven Ice discs with my phase change out of the ring and added a Air slash behind it to give it a bit more speed and power to them. Hopefully it could give me a better idea of how Sakota actually works.

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The knee strike had hit home, allowing the young quincy to break away with his hirenkyaku without any troubles. Apparently the one blow was all it took for the young human to realize the folly of getting up close and personal with the young quincy. Good, from his safe vantage point he could feel the spike in Winnie's power as if he had started to tap into a deeper well of available energy. Good He is ready to take things seriously. I should do the same as well. As the young quincy had that thought he triggered his release, a single wing of concentrated reishi forming from his right shoulder, he had entered Letz Stil, final form to some, though the main reason he triggered the release was for the increase to his speed that comes from having the extra power flowing through his body.

Using his dragoon's he shot the disks out of the sky, the laser from the two he still had in gun mode easily shattering the ice, dispatching the weapons easily, though now that Sakota thought of it, probably not his brightest move of the day, but only time will tell whether or not Winnie will see where the mistake was made. Leaping over the concentration of air that was flying behind the disks with relative ease. Rather than making it easy on the young human to see that he positioned his ranged Dragoon's to fire at the human, repeatedly up the remainder of their six shots (three from one two from the other). One of his bladed Dragoon's flew towards the human as well looking to pierce him through his knee, potentially crippling Winnie, at least until Sakota brought him to seek medical attention.

All Winnie had to do now was prove his competence and he would be in, even if he failed in forcing the young quincies hands from his pockets.

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Seeing that Sakota wasn't play either seeing that he had also relased more engery wasn't a good sign. His damn flying things shot at me and I needed to quickly figure something out. I made a wall of water and turned its a wall of ice that was perfectly not see through thank god. The lasers didn't faze the wall and I quickly then made several Air Slashes behind Sakota that were all different shapes and then made a Air Blast in front of him. Hopefully this would catch him off guard. I still stood behind my wall to hopefully give me some cover and advantage to his attacks. For extra coverage I formed two water swords and froze them in my hand and waited to see how the clever boy would get out of that and then see how he would attack since I am getting a better understanding of his fighting style.

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Sakota couldn't help but smirk as Winnie blocked the dragoon's attacks using a wall of ice which was smart. The lasers impacted the wall and the young quincy was impressed that there was no signs of damage done to the wall of ice itself, of course the cloudy ice itself did an amazing job in breaking Sakota's line of sight.. well for now anyways. But before the young quincy could worry about it and reposition himself to where that was no longer the case he was struck in the front by a gust of wind strong enough to send him flying backwards into a collection of razor sharp gusts of wind which tore into his clothes biting shallowly into his skin just deep enough to draw blood. Infact if the young quincy wasn't as spiritually strong as he was they might have even sliced his limbs and back deep enough into the muscles to cripple his movements. Using Hirenkyaku, combined with reishi manipulation to create a platform in the sky itself where Sakota could look over the wall. From his new vantage point Sakota spoke repositioning the dragoon's so that they could fire over the wall, his voice was joyous and full of humor which might be odd seeing as he was basically just cut a half dozen times and his outfit is now ruined. "Well I suppose destroying the hoodie would be one way to achieve the goal, not not entirely ideal."

With his two ranged weapons in place he had them fire off their half dozen shots each, still aiming at the young human's arms and legs, the swords in his hands would probably prove rather useless at this point.

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