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It was just the cracked of dawn in New York City. I could see the orange colored sky just above the tree line. The wind started to pick up as I stood in front of the forest that I always go in. It looked weird seeing the forest this early since I normally go in the afternoon but too many people are starting to take the trail so I have to go in the morning. I sighed and marched on the green grass into the woods.

    I wasn't that far in before I had to start jumping over logs and climbing stuff. I grabbed my phone and small Bluetooth speaker from my bag and started to play music. Strangers by Halsey came on. I threw everything back in my bag and I started singing since the walk seemed longer then normal. I mean trees were everywhere, old ones, new ones, middle age, just forest. I started to get annoyed with everything and used my wind abilities to move faster through the woods. I made it pretty far before I saw some light.

   "For the love of everything that is holy. I finally made it." I yelled entering a clearing. It was pretty open. Trees surround me in a nice sized shaped circle. Even though I was in the middle of the forest there was still a type of wind coming in. I couldn't tell if I was doing it or if it came naturally, but hey, I needed it, so it was what ever. There was also a lake that had a river flowing into it. I walked to the lake in a normal manor and stood in front of the water. I looked at my reflection for a minute before I knew it was time. I started to move my arms, legs, and body in a very fluid motion. Soon the water had rose up and covered my arms. It was time to train again.

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Sakota was walking around New York enjoying the near silence of the pre-dawn hours. His stroll had brought him to a nice trail in the morning, deciding to walk it to see if he could find a peaceful clearing to warm up his spiritual powers as well as his physical body. As the gray-haired quincy made his way down the trail he felt a surge of energy from up ahead, it didn't feel malicious, but it was enough to pique Sakota's curiosity. Using Hirenkyaku to pick up the pace the young quincy made his way down the trail finding a dark skinned young man moving gracefully almost as if he was dancing, the water twining around his limbs as he moved.

Silently entering the clearing the young quincy watched for a minute or two longer before announcing his presence. "Huh so I am not the only one who was looking for a place to train his abilities." Sakota's gray green eyes locked onto the face of the young man, who knows he might already be a committee member, or if not a possible recruit, with his ability to control water he was definitely had the potential to being a powerful ally, though should his intentions be more sinister in nature the young quincy knew it was his job to stop him one way or another.

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Being completely focused on my training I didn't notice the boy walking up on me. I quickly stopped moving but kept my water around my arm not sure what his next move was. We stared at each other for a moment and I really couldn't tell what his intention was with his statement. I mean he sounded kind but his stare said something different. On top of it all his clothing gave me a whole different definition of him but at least he could dress. So many questions went through my head, could he be bad, good, or just what. I started to feel a little worried now because if he did come looking for a fight he already knows I can control water. I breathed in and out deeply as a gust of wind blow behind me.

"Yeah I started to come during the morning since people are using the trails more often. So you have powers as well. How did I not sense you coming, but I guess I was to focus on my training to pay attention to anything else. So what now?" I asked not breaking eye contact with the grey hair boy. I moved my arms closer to me just as a safety measure since he was giving me vibes that I wasn't really sure how to interpret yet.

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Sakota watched the young human, water still swirling around him as a gust of wind blew through the clearing, the young man's arms moved closer too him almost as if he was worried about something, which Sakota could understand relatively well, as his gray-green eyes scanned Winnie from head to toe looking for signs of what kind of powered person he was, there was no obvious item like a Fullbringer could have, and no bow like a quincy. Though that didn't mean anything, as full bringers had access to some of their abilities without activating their full bring. Though Sakota's deduction's were cut short by the young man speaking, explaining why he was here and posing a question as to why he couldn't sense the gray-haired quincy approach. "Make's sense, seeing as moving water around like that would turn some heads. As for why you didn't sense me, well I tend to keep my Reiatsu... uh spiritual pressure, or presence kind of subdued when not in combat so I don't cause trouble to sensitive's. As for what now, well introduction's tend to be a good start. The name is Sakota Ryudo, I am a quincy, and you are?"

Sakota would wait for Winnie to respond, his first impression of the young man was that he wasn't evil, but who know's his personality might be as fluid as the water he control's allowing him to seem innocent up until he went to slit your throat.

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I stood there listening to the information that was given to me by the white hair boy name Sakota. More questions ran through me head once more. What would a Quincy being doing in New York City. My grandparents' letters talked a little bit about them but not in great detail. My phone had changed the song which completely brought me back to the situation. I grabbed my phone pausing my music that was still playing.

"Well.. Hi Sakota, I'm Winderlin but most just call me Winnie. I'm nothing special. I'm just a typical human that have the ability to control water annnn, That's it." I said realizing that I couldn't tell him about my wind powers yet. I still haven't figured out what his purpose was so let's just keep the stuff he doesn't know just like that. Using my skills of psychology I felt like he wasn't a bad guy. He had a purpose here but it's wasn't bad. I snapped my fingers and my water dropped from my arms and down to the floor splashing over feet. I still kept my distance from him but I tried to look a little bit more friendly in the mix and not so like I was causing trouble.

"I'm not here to start any trouble so don't worry about that. My second question though is where are you from. I didn't think a Quincy would just be sitting in New York without a purpose. So may I ask what are you training you powers for?" I asked now feeling like I had more of the upper hand on the boy. Holy fuck yeah I'm keeping my cool. I felt good since I had some of my control back in this conversation which I still didn't know where it was leading to.

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"A pleasure to meet you Winnie," Sakota said, a gentle smile on his face, he got the feeling that there was more to Winnie than he was saying though the gray-haired quincy knew better than to pry, at least not now he had to build up trust first. Meeting new people, especially empowered ones like Winnie and himself was much like encountering a wild animal because as a whole they have to keep their powers secret for one reason or another. Either to prevent persecution like during the witch trials and inquisition, or to prevent being used. All in all it tended to leave a bad taste in one's mouth especially when you get found out. "Well that is cool, Though I wouldn't call Hydrokinesis typical, just saying. Though I am one to talk I can create a bow and arrows out of thin air."

"Well it looks that way anyways, I am actually controlling reishi particles, basically spiritual dust with my own power to do this," Sakota continued while demonstrating said technique, manifesting his sleek black bow in his right hand that he kept passively at his side weapon pointed downwards in an nonthreatening manner. Basically doing the 'I saw yours here is mine' thing to hopefully allow Winnie to be more comfortable with him. Dispelling his bow after a moment he just stood there with his hands in his pockets, as far as Winnie knew the young quincy was quite helpless like that, at least for as long as it would take him to pull his hands out of his pocket anyways.

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I still stood there once again and the boy who had put his hands in his pocket. I assumed this was a sign of him showing me that he was not here to start trouble. I let go of the breath I didn't even know I was holding. So this Sakota kid is harmless from the looks and I wave my hand in a come over here motion. I moved closer to the lake and took off my shoes and socks and put my feet in the water. I stared at the water as I counties to talk to him.

"So you are an archer in human terms. I see. But I find weird that you would come into the woods for training. Like what are you training for? Are you some special superhero, are you apart if an organization, or..?" I asked still confused on the boy's answer to my question in the first place. Maybe he doesn't want to answer or maybe he can't answer. Fuck now I seem like an ass. "I mean you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I mean it's fine if you can't understand it's just weird. I mean I wouldn't tell all my business either like I can control wind and water, but not everyone needs to know that, and I should shut up now. Sorry I ramble a lot." I said some more throwing my hand around as I spoke since well that's what I do during everything. God I need help like badly.

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As Winnie signaled for Sakota to approach he did just that, though the motion of the young man taking off his shoes and socks to soak his feet at the edge of the pond, potentially strengthening his control over his water. "A spirit archer, but yeah. I am human I just happen to belong to a specific clan of human's who are more in tuned with the spiritual world, and whose powers seem to have developed along the path of Archery." Sakota would explain, realizing that he had missed the young man's question when he posed it the first time, he had been so worried about putting him at ease and preventing a fight from breaking out that he had completely missed it. "As for why I am training my powers, mainly it is for protection from creatures called hollows. They were once human like us but when they died they were unable to move on, then negative emotion's consumed them eating away their hearts turning them into monsters that like to attack those of us who have a strong connection to the spiritual world.

"It isn't that weird, I just like being outside and away from people when I train, also I wouldn't call myself a super hero, and yes I am a part of an organization, it is called The Committee. I know not very original but in a way are kind of like the X-Men. A bunch of people like us who have powers, and use them to protect the rest of the world from beings like Hollows, or other empowered beings who wish to do us harm." Sakota would continue to explain, his smile still sincere as he chuckled slightly rambling was the least of this person's problems, especially if he just blabs about his own abilities to that extent. Though Sakota was proud he was right about him holding back earlier. "If you would like to join us, I am sure I can arrange that, though before I do I would have to test you to make sure that you can handle yourself in a fight. Due to the nature of the Committee, every member is considered to be a soldier ready to be called upon on a moment's notice"

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I sighed again. Fuck I have to fight this child. I mean it wouldn't be that hard since he has a bow and I have water and air but still it is just a bit of a drag to be honest. But I've always wanted to use my powers for good and change the world and this person is offering that right now. I sighed for a final time.

"Hollows are the big black scary things right. I have fought so many of those already. Actually they ruined my date a while back but tht's another story. Back to this Committee, you guys all have powers of some sort and are here to save the world from bad things like Hollows?" I said swinging my feet in the water which honestly felt so good. I missed doing this. I laid back holding my body up with my arms and closed my eyes.

"I mean I'm not a huge fighter but when it comes to protecting and saving the lives of the helpless then count me in. I guess my last question is when and where do I sign up and start?" I asked feeling overly joyed. I looked at the boy again who I think seemed a bit token back on my response to this whoe thing. I mena I haven't seen anyone else with powers before but I mean fuck it's cool to know I'm not alone anymmre and I get to actually save lives.

"Wait would this affect my school and work life?" I asked sighing and laughing at the same time.

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"Yeah that tends to be a common description of them, though they come in all shapes and sizes, and pretty much. Though a lot of our resources goes into tracking down others like us and from there it depends on the situation, We help people learn to control and master their powers, or detain them if they are abusing their powers." Sakota explained as Winnie reclined, the young man did not seem in any rush at all, just enjoying the sun and water. Which the young quincy couldn't exactly blame him for it was a beautiful morning, far enough away from the rancor of the city life that would be starting up in earnest shortly. "I can help with that much, though as I mentioned earlier there is a 'test' of sorts that we can take care of right here. This is to help us decide where to place you within the organization, as well as to arrange help with strengthening your powers, and don't worry about not being big on fighting, there are places for people who prefer peace over violence. It is just mandatory that you know how to, ya'know just in case"

Sakota leaned his head back keeping breathing deeply, it looked like he was going to have some help in his workout this morning which was all good for him, well so long as he kept that part of him suppressed. "We work around school schedules, in fact I am here on my summer vacation as well. I am a high school student in Japan. As for work, well the committee pays you well enough, plus can and will provide housing and other necessities if you need them, so you shouldn't need another Job. Though I guess I kind of made us sound like a charity case thing earlier, Though I can openly admit that I was not joking about us being Real Life X-Men."

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