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#1 [Open] Days in soul society on Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:04 am


Yahiro wearing his stealth force dress during his training session independently. It looked like he'd been training for a while, seeing some bambo tree's torn or cut in half from his shunko. He didn't feel like he wasn't done, no he's far from finishing for the evening. As his hair tied in a pony tail during these time of events, that he didn't want his hair to get all messy not too messy.

He was throwing kicks in a fast paced movement, it was like seeing a blade swinging along the wind, in which it travel with it. After that yahiro would place both of his hands on the ground and, use his elbows to get himself off the ground. It was a good attempt to get himself high enough, about 9 feet in the air.

Yahiro managed to flip and, threw 6 shurikens at each bambo tree with good enough precision that of an archer. However only five managed to hit each bambo and, the sixth made a little scratch marking as he landed. He didn't make any fuss about it, as people tend to mess up at times and, he took the account for it. Yahiro didn't know what else to do at this point, so he decided to put back his long sleeved captain haori on and, made his way out.

He could feel the nice air on his neck. There was a lot to do in soul society, though debating who's barracks should he stop by and, who to bother. Maybe check on things with squad 2, but he wasn't sure if they still hold a minor grudge on him leaving the stealth force with out saying anything.
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