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#1 Akira on Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:02 am


Name: Akira Stigma

Apparent Age: 22

True Age: 400

Sex: Female

Personality: Akira might seem sweet, adorable, and approachable, however she doesn't really have any sort of social abilities whatsoever. Her personality is rather bland, boring, and not anything special in any sense. However, she does have a few weird pieces of her own self that she doesn't even know are genuinely a part of herself. She can be a bit clueless, heartless, and oblivious when it comes to such silly things as personality or emotions.

Being the type of arrancar she is, Akira doesn't understand anything about any sort of relationship, whether it be friends, family, lovers, etc. Her hollow hole is located directly where her heart would be, which she believes to be the cause of this phenomenon. Considering she has no heart, this brings about the belief that she can't experience emotions in any sort, whether they be love, happiness, saddness, anger, fear, hope etc. Much of the time Akira can be seen staring at whatever it is she wishes with a face of blankness and eyes of stone. Her head may have thoughts of interest, confusion, or wonder, however she never feels anything of it or any push to look deeper into it.

Although she can't feel anything, the arrancar does ever so wish to be able to understand the emotions of others as to manipulate them more easily. So when people smile, laugh, cry, or whatever they are doing, Akira will certainly take time to take note and then attempt to use those notes in a different setting as to force the understanding out of her. Her eyes are always scanning others to observe them, so she really doesn't have a personality of her own. It's almost as if she is some sort of robotic woman, considering she doesn't care to be liked by anyone at all. The only piece of her that is genuine would be how attached she is to playing music from her guitar, which is always on her person as well as marshmallows.

However, Akira does seem to have a certain attraction to the death of lesser individuals. She is attracted to the feel of popping bones, slicing flesh, the pouring of blood and organs, and the sound of screams. She had always rememebered feeling the attraction, however she never seemed to feel the emotion behind it, instead it had always been more of an instinct. One way she finds easy to perform such an act would be through emotional manipulation. Although Akira doesn't understand emotions and therefore cannot be affected by them, she does sense that they mean something to other beings making them a weapon of great value to the woman. From the many years of experience she has had using individuals, Akira has been quite victorious is pinpointing emotional weakspots and using them to disorient her enemies.

Because Akira doesn't think she has emotions means she can never feel them. When releasing into her ressurection, the woman can continue to be the same boring her as always. She doesn't even bat an eye under any circumstance. She could be yelled at, harmed, pinned on the ground, and all she would do would be to stare. Normally in this state, Akira can be seen speaking to herself as she calculates her opponent.

Once released into her Segunda, Akira becomes quite the little bomb liable to destroy anything in her path if she so can. In this state, she becomes blood thirsty and a bit lustful due to her rising attraction toward death. She is more likely to speak in this state than any other saying odd and vulgar things. In this state, it is safe to say that she is greatly unpredictable in her ways making her quite a strange arrancar. She also tends to speak to her lightning as if it were some sort of companion of hers. She also becomes more certain that she is a lightming goddess of some sort making her more confident in her skills fueling her earlier mentioned actions within this stage.

After all is said and done, Akira cannot remember any events that were partaken in during either of her releases. All she knows is that she realeased and strange things probably happened. She's never quite sure what to say or do afterwards, however she doesn't exactly have the curiosity to find out and she normally won't stick around long. After releasing, Akira may take a few days away from the world simply to play music to herself and eat marshmallows. However if she really has to, Akira will quickly attempt to recooperate and continue her work.



Height: 5'3"

Weight: 125lbs

Physical Traits: Standing at about a height of 5 feet 3 inches is a beautiful goddess almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless but also quite luminescent. Every feature seems to compliment another and every curve seems to do so in just the right places at just the right angles. Her being is truly astounding.

Akira is quite a beauty to behold. Her frame is petite, yet rather alluring. From her cute, wide hips to her larger, plump breasts, everything about her seems so beautiful, except maybe the hole that sits directly over the area her heart should be. Her arms are proportioned rather nicely to the rest of her, although they don't seem to be muscular in any sense. Her hands are small, soft, and flawless. Her legs hold a wonderfully soft and smooth feature to them with her thighs being thick looking and her calves filling out quite nicely. Her small, yet semi pointed chin creates a young, sweet, and blank look to her features.

Covering her adorable frame is skin that is so fair, yet so smooth. Although, her skin may be flawless, it seems as though Akira's veins glow from under her skin creating luminescent paths across her whole being. Nothing compliments her complexion like her long, natural, dark purple hair. It hangs at a length that is just below her shoulder but just above her breasts. The beautiful locks are normally left flowing down her back and just over both shoulders, as well. Her luscious bangs hang across the right side of her forehead and swing just over her right eye, which is surrounded by a sort of bone piece that begins just above her top eyelid and ends just below the bottom of her eye. And what wonderful eyes they are, complimenting her lovely locks with their luminescent, light purple shine. They hold a sense of care, fierceness, and confidence that could attract the masses in a matter of just moments. Although her eyes seem to work fine, the woman believes that glasses make her look more sophisticated. So, she wears a pair of red rimmed fake lensed glasses, which also cover parts of the bone piece on her eye. Just under those light purple orbs is a small, cute nose and a pair of small, soft, pink lips. 

Being the emotionless but also observant type she is, Akira seems to wear more modest clothing that covers everything it needs to plus some. Her top normally consists of a Tee or Blouse that can range in colors. Her bottoms normally consist of colored skinny jeans. No matter what she's wearing, Akira always wears the same pair of purple and white sneakers that resemble converse with no show socks of any range of color (they normally don't match). For a more formal wear, Akira can normally be seen wearing a knee length, strapless dress with sparkles and a slit from the bottom of her dress to the top of her thigh. Upon her feet she would wear a black pair of flats.


General Fighting Style: Akira's fighting style really isn't all that fantastic when it comes down to it. She has a mastery over her Sondio and her Reistu/Reiryoku, so her attacks normally consist of ranged and/or hand to hand combat attacks. Considering she is very quick, she does like to see her attacks in a sort of hit and run kind of way. She does feel a sort of desire and blood lust once someone gets her into an attacking sort of mode. She finds the feeling of blood and the scent of fear.. and blood attracting in a sort of way that she can't seem to explain. It draws her in and gives her a sort of motivation to kill.

Of course, as Akira releases her attraction to blood and her lust for such things fuels her even more. Her strikes become a bit more unpredictable and scattered. In this stage, her strikes are mainly ranged attacks that come from either herself or the surrounding areas. Of course, this is the most boring was she likes to fight, however it keeps her more protected.

Once released further, Akira is bound to destroy whatever is in front of her, even if she doesn't feel the emotion to do so. She only feels an even greater attraction to destroy whatever it is that she is looking at. Her attacks become more physical and cause more damage. Her eyes show a lust for blood and an instinct to kill that show just how savage she can be under her emotionless being.

Strengths: Akira's greatest strength is most definitely her Sonido, considering she's mastered it quite well. Her speeds are quite difficult to deal with, some say lighyning fast, and they only grow with her releases. Almost as great as her Sonido, would be her ability with Reitsu/Reiryoku considering her whole being revolves around it.

Weaknesses: Akira's largest weakness is her swordsmanship skills, considering she only uses uses weapons to get into her released states and for basic attacks. She has very little knowledge of how to wield one, but that doesn't mean she doesn't find an attachment to it as a being. Her knowledge is fairly basic. Next would be her skill with Pesquisa, considering it takes time for her to sense those with spiritual pressure. About at the same level would be her Hierro, since it is basic enough to simply hold out against a sealed zanpakuto. 

Boosts: Sonido ×2
Reitsu/Reiryoku x2

Ability Description: Bitch I do what I want with Lighting: The Ability: Yeah, so, Akira can manipulate lightning in any form.


Sealed Appearance:

When Sealed, Akira's zanpakuto is a - ft sword that resembles the shape of a lightning bolt all the way down the edge. One side is lined in a gold metal, while the other side is simoly silver and they both darken to a black tip. The handle of the sword is a gold helix with a silver lining in between spirals ending in a branching off of the helix at the top of the handle. However, the sheath is that of a normal curved sword making it quite the surprising beauty to behold once it is revealed. The zanpakuto is normally found strapped to Akira's lower back and is pulled from the right side, where the opening faces.

Zanpakuto Name: Akarui

Zanpakuto Call Out: Furasshu (Flash)

Cero: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey, and Cero Oscuras.

Personal Ability:
My Body IS the Lightning: This passive ability gives Akira the power to produce small amounts of electricity from anywhere on her body. However, they are only strong enough to produce light shocks, which sting for only a moment and can cause small, red marks on the body.

General Ability:

Lightning Balls: These are basically spammable balls of electricity that can cause a cero's worth of damage and 2nd degree burn damage. This is due to the fact that they are only slightly smaller than cero and the compacted stress causes things to get heated real quick.

The Lightning Strikes! Sideways?: This is a beam of pure electricity/lightning that is shot at bala speeds. This does a cero's worth of damage and can cause 2nd degree burns on its victim.

Shield O' Lightning! This shield is a literal lightning shield small enough to be used on the arm and can block up to a cero's worth of damage and can be used once per post.




Of course in ressurection, one is expected to change to some form, shape, or size. How much does one expect a being to change? For Akira, the changes are drastic with the most obvious being that her hair and eyes change to a beautiful, matching turquoise color. Her hair also shortens in legth quite a bit with it going from about shoulder length to just below chin length. However, her clothing style changes to a more showy one with a short skirt and strapless top. Her eyes still seem to show a more emotionless woman, however she seems more determined towards her opponent as well.

Akira's own appearance isnt the only item to change once in ressurection. Her lightning blade seems to change into a lightning katana of sorts. The blade slims down, as well as the handle, and is coated in a blue sort of electric field, which seems to assisst in inflicting 1st degree burn damage. The handle's color changes to a black one and is tje traditional style of a katana, however off the very end dangles a lightning bolt attachment of sorts. Sadly, it's only there for the appearance.


Lightning Protect Me!: Akira's electricity encases her in a lightning coating, which covers as a sort of hierro. Upon touch, it can inflict 2nd degree burns and can cause hado 30 damage.

Nah. It's not dangerous. Or is it?! With this ability, Akira can form a ball of lightning, which can then be tossed into the air. This electricity can be brought down whenever the user likes at Gran Rey speed and power. This does have a 3 post cooldown before it can be used again.

Discharge This!: Literally an electrical discharge generating from the center, Akira's body, expanding to a radius of 50 ft causing cero damage and 2nd degree burns upin impact with a cooldown of 3 posts.

My Lightning Might Strike the Same Place Twice: Item needed: Using a piece of metal, normally a needle from Akira's pocket, the woman will stab the item into her target. This will allow for her lightning to strike the target to become sort of a lightning rod attracting her electricity for only one hit.

Sonido x3
Reitsu/Reiryoku x3



When in her Segunda form, Akira becomes what she likes to believe is a Goddess. Her hair grows to about waist length and her beings becomes shrouded in electricty. The electricity seems to dance around her skin in a sprt of elegance and seems to speak to her in a way only she understands. Her clothing becomes that of a simple white dress amd no footwear making her seem more pure and elegant. Her skin seems to illuminate and be a bit transparent, although her inner structure is not not visible, making the first couple layers only transparent. Her face becomes that of a playful girl making her seem more innocent and kind, although her personality doesn't seem to change at all. Her eyes also seem to have a bright blue, piercing shine to them as they are outlined in small electrical shocks around the upper lid and undereye.

As for Akira's zanpakuto im this form, it breaks down into electricty and flows into her body becoming one with it. It causes her appearance to change and be able to strengthen her attacks with its energy more purely. It surrounds her body becoming a sprt of puppet bending to her will, but seems to act in ways that would resemble an adoring pet.

No Touchy Touchy: Seriously: Upon any sort of contact with Akira, whether it be a poke, a kick, a punch, a rub, a scratch, anyone no matter where aligned will be met with second degree burns and a cero's worth of damage to their person.

Sonido x4
Strength x4


History: Her life started with absolute neglect, no love, no care, and almost death. She would be left for hours on end to cry, scream, and waste away, however they always gave her what she needed before such a thing could happen. She lived this way her whole young life and as she grew, she begged and pleaded for them to let her die. She prayed to the lightning goddess to strike her where she stay, burning her into just black, crumbling flesh, except such a thing never happened. Why was she born to be treated this way? Why was she born to such an unloving family? Why didn't her parents let her go or let her die? As she grew older, they began to realize the potential her small body held within it and they began to use her for their own good.

Night after night, the girl would be forced to stay in weird places, stealing, cheating, lying, manipulating, and making her parents richer than they could imagine. Yet, they still felt no love for her, but they pretended as if they did. They praised her for her work, they rewarded her for her victories, they gave her warm food, they gave her a room, they gave her a bed, and they gave her increasing care. Of course being so young and naive, Akira wanted to believe them and wanted to think that thid was their way of showing love. She began to trust them and began to work much harder. She only cared for her parents love and affection. She only wanted her parents attention. She only wanted to live a decent life. However, her life would come to an end at a mere simple age of 8 years old.

That night had been spent snealing around the alleyways of such a large city, of course she didn't care where it was pr what the name was. She was shown a picture, told to follow the directions on the paper, and told to take it with no error. Of course, she was highly confident in her skills concidering she had always been successful with every mission her parents gave her. She snuck into the back enterance of a building, except she was very careless with her actions and didn't think to look for any alarms or anything. The young girl would look around in a panick noting that her parents said there weren't any alarms. Could she have.. no. No, she couldn't have. The girl would run ouy of the building completely confused before hearing screaming and seeing flashlights down the alley. There wasn't supposed to be patrol anywhere within a couple miles. No. She couldn't have. This was supposed to be the building. This was supposed to be the door. Akira would sprint away from the lights and crawl into a small open duct near the ground. However, a large hand would wrap around her tiny leg and yank hard pulling her out of the duct hanging her upside down. She would see grins, she would hear radios, she would hear the threatening voices coming from their throats, and she would thrash around with years dripping from her forehead. Finally, the girl would reach up and bite the man until his hand bled prompting him to drop her. She would esacape, but not before her parents could catch her. They screamed, they were furious, they grabbed at her, they tied her to the very bed they had gifted her with, and they tortured her. They burned her, they beat her, they twisted her until she looked almost unrecognizable. She screamed, she cried, she thrashed, and she felt every inch of pain pulsate within her body. Her eyes were blinded, her ears bled, her nose bled, her throat was bruised, and her body was paralysed with pain. She wanted to die. She wanted to die. She waited to die. Then, they slit her throatand screamed at her as she gasped and coughed blood. Her lungs burned as the filled with blood and oxygen was nowhere to be found. Before she could bleed out, a lnife was stabbed into her chest, except a circle was carved around her heart. Just moments after he death, her heart was cut from her chest as the last few tears rolled down her swelled cheeks.

It had seemes like an eternity when she finally awoke, her body didn't feel like her body, she fely light, she felt confused, amd when she closed her eyes her eyelids weren't solid. What was happening? The girl would stand only to hear clinking sounds of chains and feel a slight weight upon her chest where her heart should be. Akira would look down to see her body had some sort of transparent appearance and there was a chain hanging from her chest sending her into a panick mode. She would pull and tug, however it would only cause her agonizing pain forcing her to stop. She didn't know what to do, where to go, who to talk to, or where her parents were. She would wander the streets of this small town trying to catch the attention of someone, anyone, except they weren't listening. They acted as if they couldn't see her, they acted as if she was air, they afted as if... she were some sort of ghost. The small child would sit on the sidewalk watching and waiting as people walked through her. For months, the girl spent her time alone becoming more frightened as the chain grew smaller causing her more pain. As it grew smaller it began to peel away from her soul, Akira could only watch as it came closer and closer to falling away. When that day came, she would begin a journey to a time where she would become strong.

One day, a monster would find its way into the town destroying anything it could, but nobody seemed to notice it. The girl tried and tried to warn them to run away. She tried to force them, but she couldn't make contact with them. Why couldn't they listen?! The monster seemed almost uninterested, until it caught sight of a small girl who was still just a little human soul. She would scream for help from anyone and anything as she ran from the beast. It clawed at her, tried to snatch her up with its tongue, and growled at her. However, she was smaller and much quicker than it making for a clean get away, nonetheless it still searched for her. As she hid behind buildings and she began to feel more stressed than before, the last of her chain was quickly eaten away and a hole shown where her heart had used to be. The girl would scream and cry as unending agony filled her small body. It would be surrounded in a sort of white looking gooey weirdness before her being had changed. Her form was more physical, yet still not human. Her body had become stronger much like her power and her mindset had become one of death. She felt a hunger, she felt a lust, and knew just what to quench it with. Her instinctive being would bolt for the monsterlike figure and with just a small struggle, she would devour it noting how her power grew, if only by a little. Still, it tried to fight for control to no avail leaving it's voice the only part of its soul left for Akira to notice. Only being able to speak, it served Akira qith the utmost respect and spoke to her the knowledge it had, at least until her hunger grew larger.

The now hollow had made her way into Hueco Mundo as a means to look for only the strongest of souls she could devour. Some were a little more work than others, however in the end, she seemed to overtake them. Of course the many voices filled her head, but never did they strike a single piece of emotion leading them all to believe she had none whatsoever. For many years, the girl switched between the world of living and the desert she now was forced to call home, she devoured the souls of anything and everything that stood in her way. She felt a sense of purpose from the growing power, however she didn't exactly know what that purpose would be. She knew that gaining power meant gaining a special place somewhere else, but where would that be. After the many years of eating and gaining power, a new threat was forced upon her.

It had seemed that with Akira's rising power grew a more watchful eye upon her and a challenge that almost had its victory over her. Many small name shinigami attemtped to take her down, to no avail leaving more powerful ones to come upon her. Of course, she struggled and normally returbed victorious, however she never expected them to get even stronger. She had never known their power, nor did she know their society. She simply believed they were weak little souls tryibg to act with some sort of strength. So, underestimation led her to a pickle dhe didn't believe she could get out of. The shinigami seemed far too strong for her, but what was she supposed to do? The voices inside her screamed many things, however the one she would accept was the one telling her to remove the mask. Certainly it took all she had and it was very painful, nonetheless she forced it off. With much time passed, the monster had finally turned into a human looking figure and her power was much greater than it had been. With a swift movement and a flash, the shinigami had fallen to the ground dead. On this day she had gained a weapon far greater than herself.

For many years after this, Akira roamed the lands of Hueco Mundo looking for places to stay and things to kill, before hearing about a place for being much like herself. She would go there. She would make her power known. She would become one of the strongest this land had to offer. She would stop at nothing. She would not be defeated.

Side Notes:

Roleplay Sample: Mei is RP Goddess.

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#2 Re: Akira on Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:51 am

The Lightning Strikes! Sideways?: This is a beam of pure electricity/lightning that is shot at bala speeds. This does a cero's worth of damage and can cause 2nd degree burns on its victim.

1 post CD

Other than that? Approved :p

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#3 Re: Akira on Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:02 am

Now approved, 0-5, 4th Espada. Go apply Smile

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