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#1 Aiden Suido...Modified on Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:26 am


Name: Aiden Suido
Apparent Age: 14
True Age: 17
Sex: Male
  I am typically a fun friendly upbeat person, but I'm also very impulsive. I have An intelligent mind, but it doesn't always do its job when it comes to the process of a situation. I will tell jokes, laugh and just talk all the time, even in battles. Teasing and joking with my opponent even when the situation would call for a serious attitude. This is my way of mellowing out my emotions. An example for me could be if I'm in the midst of battle and my opponent may say, I'm gonna kill you. I would make a joke of some sort to lighten my mood up. When my mood is up I'm free thinking and impulsive. Unfortunately this is how I always act, because when I comprehend a serious situation, like lives on the line or just a daily agenda. If a battle were to have loved one’s lives on the line I would in fact have a more jump in and end it now sort of style in my head, and that can get even me killed.
  Also, I am a philosophical thinker. Very creative and knowledge craved. I strive to understand as much as I can. I use the knowledge that I have obtained over my history to better improve my jokes and tactics. I use my knowledge and persistence to egg on and work my way of thought and ideas into someone, and usually my upbeat attitude, having its observably trustworthy sense, to essentially sometimes try to get my way, but it doesn't always work so at some point I stopped doing it always, but sometimes.
  I fight for my beliefs. Occasionally taking restraints for the rules, but overall idealistic in thinking. I'm an honest and mentally innocent person. I wouldn't lie unless it was to sustain someone's feelings and integrity, and only with white lies or technical loopholes of an idea. I am kind and caring, seeing some sort of good in everyone, though I do understand the concept that if I don't kill some things then they will kill me so in a situation with such factors, I am to save my ass of course.

Impulsive - When shit hits the fan I jump in. I jump into that shit and roll around in it. Not really. But when a situation gets bad I'm usually the one to go in blind. I don't think much on consequences or what my actions may cause. I'm just there in the moment. Doing what I do. Sometime, most times, I will need a type of guide to point my actions into the right direction. Keep me from making the wrong choices. Although sometimes I may have my golden moments when I actually do make a decently productive choice. Those moments are rare. Medium rare.
Introvert - I can’t quite release myself as I should. When I'm sad or angry I tend to hold it in. Though an exception to this could be to my twin brother, but sometimes I even hold it from him. I just don't like to have my feelings influence other people's choices and such. If I am sad, angry, or even concerned, I will cover it with my upbeat joyful personality.
Optimistic - I am very open to possibilities, when I'm not rolling in shit. I won't panic about anything, not even death. I'll look on the bright side, like atleast I dont gotta worry about waking up in the morning. My optimism isn't ALWAYS helpful, but it helps me and that's usually all that matters, for the most part. Why worry when shit is always gonna happen. It just depends on how you interpret the situation. Why should I worry about this bad shit, that ain't gonna make it better, so let's make the best out of it.
Free Spirited - Creative, funny, love filled, almost never serious, this is all my free souled childish attitude. I don't see the good in being all mature and serious, it's not fun. It's not supposed to be fun really, but this is fun so I stick with it and hold it dear. Though in some circumstances one cannot help but to go all serious mode. Only sometime tho.  
Humorous - Comedy is gold for me. What better way is there to lighten the mood. To keep a situation from feeling too serious. In a battle or fight I can be seen making random useless observations or funny but pointless jokes. Maybe even taunting my opponent. This keeps me feeling mellow while I fight and keeps it interesting for me. Because I get bored easy.
Persuasive - With the persistence that I put into when trying to sway another, it would be hard not to either go along with me or slap the shit out of me. I wouldn't say that I'm manipulative, but I put in a lot of effort to change your mind. Or at least try. It really would depend on if u are a playful easy going person. Who doesn't hate fun.
Unforgiving - If I’m fight say a hollow who attacked me first, im. Go black coco crazy on his ass. If I'm in the street and some dude is acting like a dick to someone, I'm going to fuck with him to teach him a lesson and stuff. It really depends on the situation and what kind of stuff was put on the line, what kind of stuff was at jeopardy when it initiated.
Philosophical - I love poetry, life, love. I just want to understand everything there is to know about everything. Why someone does what they do responding to what I did to make them do that.. It is mostly a jealousy strive to the amazing psychological abilities my brother has, but nevertheless, I strive at it too. I can sit for hours asking someone questions just so that I can really understand who they are as a, well whatever they may be and I would ask them so many questions about what they do to understand that as well. It all basically draws down to my thrive of curiosity, and the jealousy thing.
Honest - I believe there is a slight difference in telling a small white lie and being a hard all the time deceiving liar. I can tell a white lie every now and then to preserve someone's feelings and integrity but usually I just put the truth bluntly and a lot of the times, actually all the times, not looking at the consequences until after the fact.
Idealistic - I understand the importance of rules, for real, but when the rules intervene with me wanting to help a friend or even a stranger and stuff that I would believe in with my personal morals I just gotta go with my gut and my heart. This is also another situation where I get impulsive and don't pay much attention to the outcomes. My mind is set on my action of what I am trying to accomplish and I don't acknowledge the possible consequences.
Confident - This is the cause of my impulsive behavior when rolling in the shit. Over self confidence. I'm not up there to the point where I'm like snobby and shit, but I have like too much belief that I can handle any situation thrown at me. And when I believe in myself too much I think that I can get through it unscaved, through the during and the after, literal and figuratively speaking.
Eavesdropping - It happens naturally like without me intending and I get every detail. My hearing isn't always that good but when one or more other people are talking I just have that sense to listen even while I'm doing what I'm doing.
Persistent - I don't give up. Not willingly. I feel the need to complete what I started on most of my occasions. And I implement this persistence into communicating with others and getting them to tell me things I never knew.  
Shy - I’m not exactly a completely shy person. This is just an effect of my fear of the unknown. Not knowing what's going to happen next, after approaching a new person. Though after getting to know someone and getting close to them, I get more comfortable around them.
Persistent - I do not give up easy. I thrive to try and complete things in my life and persuade people to think, or at least consider, the way I think in my beliefs. I will go to nearly no end, but after so long I am likely to lose interest, but usually try to get back to it another time.
Stalker - I have an odd enjoyment of following people around, to see what kind of lives they live. I wish to understand what kinds of different lives there are and see how they use those lives. I may often follow someone for hours, either ending with a satisfying conclusion of what kind of life they may live, or ending it through boredom. Not all lives are interesting enough to follow upon.

Knowledge - I love obtaining information , sharing knowledge, conversing about it and about getting knowledge. To tie it down to I’m a curious person. I want to understand everything and for that I need the knowledge. I do a lot to get the knowledge and i'm very persistent at getting too. I thrive for the knowledge. I thirst for it.
Singing - I like singing things. I'm not good at it. But I have fun with it. I don't like sing in a concert type environment,but if there's a small group of mutual peeps and I would kinda do in a more bad than it really is as a joke kinda thing.
Outdoors - It smells. Ice it looks nice, it feels nice. The fresh air and beautiful sceneries. It's just amazing overall. It's all big and open with enough room to fuck around with people and have a good time.
Penguins - They so adorable. Like oh my fucking god they small and they waddle everywhere and slide on their bellies and the way they take care of their eggs by keeping it under them it's just all so adorable.
Dragons - They seem so powerful and unique. They are massive beasts who are intellectual and defensive and protective of themselves and their young. AND THEIR GOOOOLD
Water - I love drinking it, being in it. Pools, showers, rain. JUST standing in the rain or even just watching the rain is so soothing and relaxing. Drinking water is so refreshing. Just feeling it slowly go down my throat as I feel the coldness chill myself from the inside.
Poetry - I enjoy the flow of the words and secret meanings in the words, especially when I write my own, which I love doing so much. When I write however, I don't feel confident in it usually, but when I do, I cherish it.

Conceited people - Snobby people piss me off. Why do you have to be that way. Nobody cares how much money you have or what kind of shit you have, nobody cares. Or atleast, I dont care. The things you have should make you act like a cocky bitch. If u are as such, byebye.
Obligation - a type of physical or mental labor that is of no productiveness to me but necessary for me to accomplish, then why am I doing it. If it doesn't improve me, I shouldn't have to do it. It's just as simple as that.
Being in bodies of water  - What's in the water. What's on the floor of the's kinda petty, but still, a dislike. I can't walk on the floor of a body of water without freaking out about the pointy rocks and slimy shit everywhere. And that kind of water is typically not the cleanest. Salty, mud field, fish piss, other people's body shit. I can't tolerate it easily but if I really have to I will jump in, but I will NOT like it.

Unknown - I dear that with I do not know. The future. The things I can't predict. Like if i'm standing in the pitch black darkness. I'm not afraid of the dark i'm afraid of what may be in the dark. Cus I dont know whats there necessarily. It's just, that which I cannot interpret, predict 100%, or not already know. An example to this that also is the cause of one of my traits, is that I can approach someone, not knowing what is gonna happen next. Most times I can overcome this is block it out with laughter jokes and such, but this is still the cause of my limited shyness.
Disappointment - destroying the honor of my self or being inadequate in the eyes of someone meaningful. Liek if I disappointed my brother, I would be heartbroken. My soul would feel broken. Everything would end for me for a short time until I got over it. Or until he forgave me. I want to keep my image and reputation clean.
Being alone - not necessarily being in a place alone, but if I were to lose every meaningful person in my life, i'd be broken.

Being able to always protect the ones I care about. - I want to always be there. To be the first person they call to help them when they really need it. I want to be that person.
Being able to understand all things - I want the mastery of all knowledge. To understand the world.


Height: 5’3”
Weight: 105lb
Physical Traits:
I stand five foot three inches, rather short for my age, and not really made up for in my attitude. I only weigh a hundred and ten pounds, further concluding that I do not have features of any average seventeen year old. I have naturally light brown skin, being that I had a black father and white mother. Due to almost always being in jeans and a hoodie when i would go outside, I never really gave myself the chance to darken. Even though my skin seemed light, people could still tell i was part black. This was mostly due to my african american nose and hair texture. Though, my hair still had some caucasian features in it. It will not get nappy if not brushed. My eyes were also light brown, but with a yellowish tint, opposed to my skin tone. My eyes appeared with innocence and seemed soft and gentle. Though from a glance or a distance they appeared kind and gentle, if analyzed up close, one could interpret a deep pain of loss being forced into the depths of what I appear as a whole. My hair is short, seeming like a buzz cut that had a couples weeks to grow. If it were to be much longer, it would begin to curl up, but it is currently only just below that point, and I try to keep it as such. I have an oddly muscular build, even though I do appear rather young. If ever visible, one could see the well shaped muscles of my arms, legs, and torso. My muscles shaping out a firm six pack of abs right below my toned pecks. Ive obtained this tone through daily walks, regular exercising, and weekly mixed martial arts training.

All time wear: glasses with no frame on the bottom of the lense, a gold ring that used to be my grandfather's wedding ring, before his wife died, and a black glove that has a unique design on the back of the hand.

Casual - My normal daily style, of course not wearing the same clothes everyday. I wear different styled dark blue jeans with a tshirt of a single plain color and a gray hoodie. Plain and simple. Sometimes My shirt may have some funny short statement, but normally just a plain colored shirt.

Formal - dress shoes, dress pants, long sleeve button up shirt, black tie, sometimes a black suit jacket or vest

Uniform - I currently work at a local grocery store in New York. My work uniform consists of khaki pants and a blue polo shirt, along with a little name tag that has my name on it.


General Fighting Style: I am an impulsive thinker. Usually jumping into things with the idea that I can figure things out as I go along. I am typically fond of hand to hand, since that is what i've trained for in mixed martial arts, however I am still capable of holding my own with a variety of weapons, simply by using them and figuring it out through a sense of trial and error. Once i figure out a particular weapon I don't exactly strive to get better at it until a time may come that I am bested by the same weapon. I stay in mid to close range as a fighter who needs to be close enough to figure out a person and a plan to engage said person as well as figure out a next move after engaging. However, I may move to a more distant range if it may give me a strategic advantage, or if I am in need of a short retreat to rethink things. As an instinct of little control, I am most likely to give it my all in any fight, however I am even more capable of ending a fight when I think it is time for ssuch

Strength, reiatsu, hakudo, reiryoku
spiritual control, sensing, durability


Fullbring Item: right hand glove
Fullbring Appearance: a black glove with a design on the black
Glove design but no color, just really a reference for idea image:

Ability Name: Electrical Manipulation
Ability Name: I can manipulate and control electrical waves, electrical fields, and electrical currents.

Ability Name: Denki terepashī Electric Telepathy
Description: While sensing the electric waves someone's mind can give off, I can implant myself inside their head via electric waves and make them hear my voice inside of their head. I cannot hear what they think because of how weak their waves are, but with this ability I may use it to irritate or bother an opponent. Or just to tell somebody something without anyone else hearing. Will not overuse.

Ability Name: Electrical Regeneration
Description: To regenerate, I must have a source of electricity to use in healing myself. This may begin instantaneous upon being injured to to being first nature in my instincts of survival. I can regenerate superficial wounds as well as internal wounds, however, I may not regenerate internal organs or my brain. I may not be able to regrow or reconnect removed appendages. Bruises, burns, minor cuts, and small fractures may heal nearly instantaneous. Deep cuts, internal bleeding, and broken bones may take 1 post to regenerate. If an electrical source is given, I may also regenerate myself even while unconscious, as long as my mind is still active and alive.

Ability Name: Electroreception
Description: Though my natural senses are not best, I am able to sense most all electrical currents, electric fields, and other electric things within a range of 100 yards from myself. I can acknowledge the disturbances in the fields and by doing so, make out a map in my head of my environment around me, whether I can see or not. While my range may reach out to 100 yards, to fully comprehend the electricity further out in my range I must have a strong focus, which I am capable of doing while multitasking in combat, but may become more difficult if my mind would become clouded with immense emotions. For use in combat, I may be able to sense attacks or other forms of movements that may be out of my peripheral vision.

Ability Name: Technology Manipulation
Description: I am able to use my electrical manipulation to see i side of electrically powered devices. I can control those devices through my own thoughts. I am able to read data on any electrical devices, control applications and software within the devices, as well as its hardware connected to it. My limit with this is that i must be within 30 feet of the device. I may also put power through a device to charge, power up, or short circuit the device, however i must have a source electricity available to put into it. Me acting as a sort of wire from the electric source to the device. Note that electric source is needed to put power through a device not required for me to see inside the device.

Boosts: x2, reiatsu


Fullbring Appearance: When my fullbring is released, any clothing I am wearing from the torso up is disintegrated. The black glove extends itself up my arm.The material moves upward and across, extending into a design different, but similar in pattern with what the original glove appeared to have. The black material will then have stretched across my shoulder blades from shoulder to shoulder and have stretched its way across my left arm, showing it to mirror my right arm in perfect symmetry. The fingertips of my gloves then appear as dragon claws. As well as the sharp claws at the end of each finger tip, i also have small but manageable sharp metal pieces on the knuckles. A hit from my gloves alone give the same effects as an electrical construct.

Ability Name: Electrical Generation
Description: While in my released form, I may only generate electricity with parts of my body that is covered with the material of my fullbring, however, I am still capable of manipulating the generated electricity with the entirety of my body and mind.

Ability Name:  Seidenki no jūden  Electrostatic Charge
Description: While I am not using any of my electrical based abilities, i can build up power within myself.
1 post = 1.25 x attack power increase for 1 attack
2 posts = Reiatsu boost to 4 x
3 posts = 1.5 x attack power increase for 1 attack
4 posts = Reiatsu boost to 5x
5 posts = 2.0 x attack power increase for 1 attack
6 posts = Reiatsu boost to 6x
7 posts = I may choose equivalence of 5 or 6 posts.

Ability Name: Denki-teki kōsei Electrical Constructs
Description: With this ability, I am able to construct and form objects out of condense electricity. To do so, I simply draw the basic shape and size of the item with my glove and make it solidified and whole. I can only have two items at a time with this ability, and with the max of two items, I may only have one item created per hand at a time. Sideeffects of any item I make are that if they were to strike a certain part of the body, it will hinder nerve function up to 50% and numb the limb, as well as deal the equivalency to a #30 Hadou. The side effects last two posts.

Ability Name: Electric Blast
Description: Using my fullbring, I am capable of generating a blast of electricity from my fingertips or palms. If a blast from this ability were to hit, it would deal 2nd degree burns on the area of contact as well as hinder the nerve functions up to 50% and numb the limb which it hit. When a blast is created from a fingertip, it is equivalent to a bala but moves twice as fast. I may fire up to ten of these per turn. Since these are much smaller than the palm blasts, they may only affect small parts of the limb, limited to the spot it hit, so if it were to hit the forearm of somebody, only the forearm would be affected. If it were to hit somebody’s joint, which would be hella lucky, then it would only affect the joint and neither of the arm segments. When a blast is created from one of my palms it is equivalent to a cero but twice as fast. I may shoot up to two of these per turn. Per turn these blasts are limited to up to an equivalent of ten fingertip blasts. One palm blast being equivalent to five fingertip blasts. If equivalent of 4 or less fingertip blasts is used in a single turn, then there is no cooldown to be applied. If equivalent of 5 - 7 fingertips is used in a single turn, then a cooldown of 1 post is applied.  If equivalent of 8 - 10 fingertip blasts are used, then a cooldown of 2 posts is applied. 10 fingertip blasts on a single turn is the max for this ability. Each blast’s effect lasts two posts

Ability Name: Electric Ball
Description: Electricity is charged and condensed in the palm of my glove up to the size of a bowling ball. When this ability is charged to it's max then it may have the power and speed of a Gran Rey Cero. This ability, to put into max power, requires a one post charge and after used a 3 post cooldown will be applied. This ball of highly condensed electricity will explode on impact. The explosion will spread across a range of 15 feet from where it initially exploded. Anything within the range will get 2nd degree burns as well as all hinder the nerves up to 50% and numb their entire bodies and limbs for two posts. After the effects wear off, a cooldown of 4 posts will be applied.

Ability Name: Electrical Force Field
Description: By moving my hand(s) into the image of a circle I can create a barrier strong enough to withstand a
I can create an electric barrier around myself. This barrier is durable enough to withstand a #90 Hadou with incantation. This ability has a five post cooldown.

Boosts: x4 reiatsu,
Spiritual control


  It was the 28th of May, 8:30am. My mom's dad was driving her to the hospital. They were only three blocks from the hospital when they got stopped by a police officer. His reason was for speeding, but before he could even get out of his car, his vehicle exploded. It was like something had just smashed the engine. The explosion, being only right behind my mom, pushed their vehicle forward and flipped it. Then something approached the passenger side and ripped the door off of her father's truck. Her father was unconscious from the explosion and airbag, my mother the same, but yet somehow she was able to leave the truck, though not by herself. Something had grabbed her and ripped her out of her seat. Then suddenly her head was just decapitated. Her blood splattered every, but her head never hit the ground. It vanished behind the sound of bones being crushed. Other cars on the road stopped in a line of traffic, half of them just sitting there recording it with their phones. The other half each calling the cops about the freakish paranormal shit they were seeing. After her head had been decapitated, she seemed to have been lowered for a short second but then as she rose back upward in the air, a strong gust of wind passed by all the cars. A vague light appeared around my mother. Then she began to fall. Though she was already dead, a spirit of some kind must have cared for the baby inside of because as she came close to the ground her body slowed, and then she laid there. Many didn't know what to do, or didn't want to do anything. Filled with fear perhaps, but as the paramedics arrived to put her into the ambulance, her father had just regained consciousness and insisted on accompanying them. He was the only family that I would. They all got to the hospital and my mother rushed to the ER for an urgent c section. For an unfortunate event, the outcome was not ‘all’ bad. The doctors got me out in one piece. Afterwards I was raised by my new grandfather.
  After the death of my mother, my grandfather, decided that we would move to New York City. He believed that it could be a good place for me to grow and make something of my life. I grew up with a bit of an attention issue, but otherwise I was doing good. I mostly staying out of trouble, making good grades, all was well.
  My grandfather had just started back at his job on a boat around the same time I turned 11. He taught me everything I needed to know before he left like cleaning, making food, safety measures. I mean, my grandfather wasn’t that crazy. But one thing he did before he left was give me this glove. He said it was his father’s and it was something he was holding onto for this day. He told me that this was a way to remember my parents and him while he was gone. He further explained that as long as I wear that glove, i will always have my family by my side to support me and that I should never give up on something, for their sake. All of this was really sad but I stayed stronger for my grandfather before he left. After he left I was hurt for abit. It was like everyone had left but as long as I had my glove I was never alone in heart.
  I continued going to school, coming home eating, sleeping and repeating. Nothing unique ever happened. I saw my grandfather a few times a week, and we would talk about how our weeks had been. On school breaks and vacations I'd go with him on his boat and just chill with him while he worked. I wasn't into the ocean much, but I enjoyed the view and the company of my last relative. Everything just flowed with the progress of my life. This went on for years, only a few events occurring.
  I took mixed martial arts. My sensei was an old Asian dude who talked funny. I didn't make friends there, I was just doing it to kill free time and learn a new connection with myself, since i refused to have any connection with people.
  I got a job at a local Wal-Mart where I would be in the back unloading trucks and stocking shelves. I didn't get payed much but I spent every penny almost as soon as i got it just because I can't save money. Spending it on energy drink, gummies, games, and other some what useless stuff that I didn't really need.
  I started to take different routes when I went for a walk. This was due to me not really knowing what goes on in other places. I got curious one day and enjoyed it so about twice a week I changed my route, eavesdropping on people as I passed by and analyzing assumptions of how I think people may live their life.

Roleplay Sample:

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#2 Re: Aiden Suido...Modified on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:27 am

Ika Mazi

Ability Name: bioelectromagnetic healing
Description: I can heal my or other's superficial wounds by using electricity. Absorbing the electrons and using them to stimulate molecules, renewing damaged cells. With this ability, I can also provide energy to reduce fatigue, allowing me to stay in fit shape. One post cooldown for cuts and laceration and two post cooldown for deep wounds. This ability cannot be used to heal broken bones of others or myself.

This sounds like it grants you a LOT of Stamina recharge shenanigans which we don't allow :p.. Just note this will solely work for injuries.

While I am not using any of my electrical based abilities, i can build up power within myself. 2 or less posts of a charge builds up my power 30% more. 3 post of a charge builds up my power by 50%. 4 posts of a charge builds up my power by 60%. Anything 5 or more will result in a possibility of a discharge on release.

Power is subjective, are you referring to Reitsu/Spiritual Pressure? Reiryoku Reserves? Physical Strength? Your character as a whole? Also, percentages rarely work, and regardless of what the intended purpose is/was, they will probably be a lot lower when I approve this app.

Ability Name: Denki-teki kōsei Electrical Constructs
Description: With this ability, I am able to construct and form objects out of condense electricity. I can only have two items at a time with this ability. Sideeffects of any item I make are that if they were to strike a certain part of the body, they may numb and paralyze that part of the body as well as deal the equivalency to a #30 Hadou. The side effects last two posts and cannot be struck in the same spot for another two posts.

We don't allow paralysis, though you can certainly hinder nerve function up to 50% and numb the limb!

Ability Name: Hōden Discharge
Description: this is a result of an overcharge of 5 or more posts with electrostatic charge, and is activated when release with the use of any other ability that may utilize electricity. It gives a boost in power for that ability by 100% and also has a 75% chance of hurting me as well.

Hurting you how much? And so for a 5 post charge up it doubles the power of an ability? If so, that's fine! (just note it will NOT apply to final moves/anything exceeding a Forbidden Kidou worth of damage)

A few minor fixes and I'll approve at 2-1 :p


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#3 Re: Aiden Suido...Modified on Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:08 am

Ika Mazi

Approved! 2-1


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#4 Re: Aiden Suido...Modified on Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:57 am

Ika Mazi



Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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