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#1 Winderlin Young on Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:13 am


Name: Winderlin Young
Alias: Winter, Winnie
Real Age: 17
Phys. Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality:  Once people find out I’m gay they assume that I am the typical gay guy. I’m here to tell you that it is so not true. Well in my head it is not. But yes I love shopping and dressing myself and boys and being extra but that describes me in a nutshell. I flirt with every sexy boy I see. Once I find out the sexuality of the boy I go down two different routes, if straight I just either be friends or leave. If the person is gay or bi I’m going to try really hard for them to catch feelings for me. I do not know what it is but flirting is just a fun thing for me to do. But then it again it could be I believe in true love and that one soul mate you are destined to be with. Yes I know I’m a sappy lover but what can I say that is me. All the romance novels I read are just amazing you wish they were really but they are not. But the one thing that has never added up about me is me always being an introvert. The gay guy is very closed about his feelings. Ironic I know but that’s how I am.  Since I’m an Introvert most people don’t think I’m confident but trust and believe me when I say I love myself. Me, myself, and I have always been in tune with each other and will never fall apart. I know I take some serious pride in how I look but that’s all it is… Just pride. But speaking on my fashion is where I get to show my creative side instead of always having to show it in a book I write. My outfits show a part of me and how creative I can be. Each piece of clothing has a purpose and reason to be put the way it is. Sometimes my outfits say fuck the rules just like me. I tend to do what my heart and my soul tells me what is right. I refuse to sit by and let things happen that I do not agree with. But I’m very forgiving and merciful. I try not to get overwhelmed with emotion and let them take over me. I try to see something in everyone’s point of view and is one of the reasons why I tend not to be so mean and violet. I always see that things can be pushed aside for so long. Which also shows during my optimistic moments. I always try to see the positive side of the situation instead of thinking of the bad outcomes. I mean someone has to believe the world is peaches and cream and tastes like strawberries during the bad times, why not be me. I care about the people I love and the those who need help which is why I’m so overprotective all the time. I trust people but I always have my eyes on their moves and questioning their next sentence, next move, next anything. The only reason why I can do that is because of me being very observant and having good analytical skills. I mean being top of the class can pay off when you love the study. Reading people is not that hard to do when you are good at all psychology but that’s irrelevant. But what is relevant is the fact that no one is able to pull a fast one on me at all. I always try to think in clever ways and seven steps ahead of anyone I’m talking to. But what fists perfectly with all of this my photographic memory. I’m not sure where I get it from but it is amazing. Recalling number and what I saw or heard is like the greatest thing I can possibly do. But the one fun side thing I can do with my photographic memory is acting. No one taught me how to act, it just came naturally. Since I remember what every script says and what each director says I always get lead roles which is fun. People say I let that fame get to my head because I’m very outspoken but the truth is I just say what’s on my mind if it is the truth. I’m not going to lie to anyone over stupid stuff even though my acting skills help me be a good liar I’m still not going to do that. One thing people don’t know about me is that I have OCD. Not the clean freak type of OCD but the kind where stuff has to be even or it drives me crazy. But sshhh it’s a secret.

  • Merciful - I normally try to not fight people and try to solve the issue with words before any objects or fist are being thrown. I try to avoid fights as much as possible but if I do have to fight I try to spare a person’s life as much as possible. A demonstration of my mercifulness when I fight I focus on tactics instead of dealing damage. I’m not the type of person who must kill you for anything unless you ruin my outfit.
  • Over protective - I care and go over board for the ones I care about. No will can come close to hurting anyone who is near me. I’m over protective with everyone even if I don’t know you. I will always protect people who need it.
  • Gay - This is pretty much self explanatory… But yes I like boys. This is something that I live with and cherish because this is a major part of who I am. If you have a problem with it then you can go fuck yourself because I couldn’t gives a rat’s ass.
  • Outspoken - I say what’s on my mind to who ever and whenever like 95.5% of the time. Don’t really care if I hurt someone's feelings until after the fact but I mean I still going to say what’s on my mind.
  • Romantic - I am what you call a movie or book romantic. I believe in the true love. I am the sappy love kid that wants to be married and have kids with a prince. I want to be able to be myself around that one person and never have to worry about being judged or cheated on… But if someone tries me they aren’t going to like the end result.
  • Optimistic - I always try to see the good in all situations no matter how bad it may seem. I may share this trait with many other people but I tend try to solve the issue with my optimism instead of just speaking words of it's ok.  
  • Idealistic - I tend to say fuck the rules when it comes to the ones I care about. I follow my heart and what I believe in to make the everyday sacrifices. The price of love, am I right.
  • Photographic memory - I have always had a photographic memory about everything. One of the many reasons why I have been in the top of my class for years. Now I know this sounds crazy but just hear me out… Everything and anything
  • Creative - Now I not an artist by no mean but when it comes to fashion I have that in the bag ( literally). I take pride in all of my clothes and try to make millions of outfit out of 5 pieces of clothing.  
  • Flirtatious - If I see a boy that is packing the whole nine years… best to believe I’m trying every angle and shape to get with this boy. I also compliment girls on their hair and clothes and get them hyped but it's nothing compared to what I do for boys...Wink…  but I swear let me find a sexy ass boy, he will be mine.
  • Introvert - I don’t like to show my emotions. I’m very closed up until I blow up about something to someone. I don’t like to get there but I also don’t like being this sad and need to talk to someone person as well.   
  • Confident - I mean with my body why wouldn’t be confident. I may try to look good all the time but It’s I like to look cute nothing else. I’m not conceited with my looks or cocky… I just love me.
  • Clever - I mean not many people can pull a fast one on me. I am very hard to persuade into doing things but shockingly I’m not that good at persuading people unless you are like really naïve.
  • OCD - I’m not a clean freak but everything has a place of where it needs to be and everything ,must be even or I will go insane. When it comes to papers or work everything must be planned out and fashioned in a way where it’s least work for me to do afterwards.
  • Acting - not trying to brag or anything but number actor in the game standing right here. My dream is to become a huge star and be someone that everyone knows. I never had training or was taught but it just came naturally. So pretending to be someone isn’t that hard.
  • Forgiveness - I tend to have a soft spot and try to always see the good outcome of things. I try to work things out and hope for the best and give second and maybe even third chances but I promise you that’s all you get.
  • Observant - Since I always had what people call mom senses I pay attention to everything. Nothing really slips past me without me noticing. Not really sure where I get this from since I’m not a mom nor do I have kids but it's a fun trait to have nun the less. It’s just another technique I can use to protect my loved ones.  
  • Analytical - Someone like me, who has been trained well enough to profile people on the spot. My psychological skills naturally kick in no matter who I’m around it’s just a natural part of me.
  • Extra - This is apart of me that I am stuck with. I always over do everything which I feel like isn’t true but everyone says it is. So do not be surprise when I’m talking about something do doing a lot of extra stuff or over doing the story.


  • Boys - I’m gay… soooo, I like boys, like cute, sexy, and adorable. I love all boys just not ugly. There isn’t much to say beyond that.
  • Clothing - I taking clothing as an art. It becomes apart of your lifestyle. You must take pride in how you look and I feel disgusted looking at people who just don’t care. Clothing is everything to me I just i have to look sicking (look amazing if you didn’t know what sicking meant) or presentable at all time.
  • Shopping - I mean how else would I get my clothes. When I shop I really just grab what I like and don’t really care about the price unless I have to pay for it.
  • Meeting people - I’m just a friendly person and love to hold conversations. Just don’t ask me to choose a topic. But normally i just walk up to people and talk. Unless it’s a cute boy, I get scared to talk to them.
  • Parties - I mean twerking, singing, dancing, and drinks are like just amazing. I’m normally the life of the party I mean come on now blacks are just always lit…. Is that races…  sorry..
  • Writing - I like writing books in my spare time… it’s fun. Most of my books are written in first person are always a teen fiction gay love story with different topics. But this is not sponsored
  • Singing - Let’s just blame my idols. I have always have a knack for it doing deep voice and hitting with whistle tones. It's honestly something I can’t live without. Everyone says I have an amazing voice but I never believe anyone when it comes to my singing.  
  • Dancing - Its also a secret fun hobby I have. I can pick up dances real easy and like making up my new thing. But most of dances are sexual but then again it also depends on the song that is playing. Once again people tell me I’m really good at dancing but it's something I question is true.
  • Reading - I have a little nerd in me… I mean straight A student who likes to party still has to have his nerdy side. A lot of my favorite books are gay or about magic and fantasy. You normally can find me reading a book on my phone or a hard copy.
  • Research - It just fun. Simple as that. Don’t know why I love it but I do. Ask me anything and I probably know the answer or can give it to you in a like 5 seconds.
  • Elements - I love laying in water and letting the nice cool breeze rush past me Water and air are just so peacefully and calm. But they also have their rough side like thunderstorms. Feeling the breeze and hearing the rain pattern outside is just amazing. I have always wanted to become one with water and air, to flow like the water and fly like the air.  


  • Ugly boy - I mean not to sound like a bitch but I mean I wouldn’t want to date someone who I’m not attracted to. Like that sort of defeats the purpose of dating and love.
  • Narcissistic People - I can’t stand people who think they are greater than everybody. It makes my blood boiled and my weave itch (figuratively speaking). Before anyone says anything I’m not conceited, just tell the truth a lot.
  • Bad clothing - I hate clothing that is bad. What I mean is that I hate when a outfit doesn’t fit someone or just looks out of place. Like did even try to dress yourself like ughug I take pride in how I look.
  • Disrespectful people - This makes me furious really quick. I never understood why people can act so disrespectful to people they never met or to friends for no reason like please go get a new life.
  • Ignorance - This makes my blood boil the quickest. I hate it when people act ignorant to one races or sexuality or special appearance. Like it makes me want to hurt their fucking face. I also hate when people are ignorant towards a topic but act like they know what they are talking about.
  • Materialistic - Like I said I care about my clothing and I hate if anyone dares to mess it up. That is the quickest way to an ass beating is throwing off my outfit. It’s just I care how I look simple as that.


  • Clowns - Ever since I was little clowns have always scared me with their red noses and balloon animals. I know it sounds stupid but just they creep me the fuck out. My question is who the fuck invent the idea of clowns because that person needs to be killed...
  • Spiders - Spiders are my biggest enemy. I don't care if it's the size of nickel, if I see it I’m gone. It’s a wrap. I just can handle spiders at all especially when they get, the bigger they are the more screaming I’m doing and the faster I run.
  • Vaginas - I believe every gay man has a fear of vaginas. The same way a straight guy don’t like dick (even though they have one) us gays hate vaginas. I know it may sound weird but hey that’s just a theory.. A Game Theory… Wait is that copyright
  • Disappointment - I hate to be a failure to my family and friends. I must be strong and always over achieve anyone's goals or it will tear me down on the inside. I refuse to let anyone down and that’s a fact.  
  • Socially awkward - I don’t like not talking to people. Being social is a huge part of me. I use my hands and body when I talk I mean me not being social is like a ice cream parlor selling salads.
  • Trouble - Funny enough I get scared around authority. Not really sure why I do but they scare the living hell out of me and it’s just like I try to not to do anything bad in front of them unless I really really have to.


  • Have a husband and kids - I mean come on now. Everyone wants to settle down and live a happy life with someone and have kids so why can’t I have that dream.
  • Star - I always want to be a star. It’s funny giving people something to see whether it's dancing singing or acting, as long as I see I put a smile on their faces makes me feel good.
  • I want to protect - I want to save everyone from danger and protect people from all danger. I want to be the catcher in the rye, always being there for someone.
  • Make changes - I want to change the world for the better. I want it to be where we all love each other and live in peace. I want to know I left this world making a difference and I meant something to someone.

Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 170lb
Physical Traits: Well the first thing about my how I look is my ears. I have to hide them most of the time but they are there and are a nice shade of blue that matches my hair color. I also have a tail that is pretty long with a blue nice color to it as well. My skin tone is a nice white tan look with abs. My eyes are a royal dark blue and my grin is very good looking. Both of my ears are pierced which are surprisingly symmetrical. I have dimples in both my cheeks but my right cheek shows more than the left.

All Time Wear - Yellow gold necklace with two names that can’t be read. White gold bracelet with an inscription on it.
Formal - Black suit with a white button down shirt. Black bow tie and black 2 carat diamond earrings
Casual - Tight ripped jeans with a button down shirt open with no shirt underneath.

General Fighting Style: While I'm not one to usually fight, when the situation requires me to do so, my style is very defensive with small outbreaks offensive. I’m very creative with my tactics, keeping my opponent on their toes. My style may seem random to most but it's an overall compilation of deceiving interactions to stall, block or confuse my opponent. When I believe the right opportunity has come for a strike, I give a powerful blow in a spot and style that would utilize my opponents most observably weakest point. If at all possible I will not go too offensive, I restrain myself to only deal damage necessary to protect myself and those I maybe be fighting for. Has the ability to control water and air.
At all times my air abilities are limited to areas i can see and the abilities that i use can exhaust me dependent on how much force is required for me to use them in the necessary situations.
While i primary stage, i am limited to needing to have contact with the water i control. As a result i use a tactic of keeping an arsenal of water around my body whether in whole or in parts. This lets me utilize my abilities without needing to return to the source.
While in second stage my limit is water that is within arms reach of range. Also in this stage i am not limited to contact but till still utilize an arsenal of my abilities i may create a ring of water around the perimeter of my range of water. The ring is about a five foot radius that surrounds me. I may also make more things but as a personal tactic i tend to make one.
While in hyper mode i have a max limit of about two arm's length, measuring about 5 feet of a radius around me. While in this stage i keep an increased arsenal of two more rings both diagonal and around me making a water gimbal.
These tactics help me utilize my abilities to their fullest extent while keeping within limits of my capabilities.

Strengths: Spiritual Control, speed, Sensing, Reflexes
Weaknesses: hakudo, durability, Strength  


Ability Name: Aqua Firmati Inter - Water Object Forming
Description: I can morph the water from my water to various objects and weapons by condensing the liquid as i control it. These objects can remain as condensed water as long as they stay in contact with the area of my control. When they leave the range of my control then they will fall with gravity and from that moment not under my control

Ability Name: Mutantur Aqua - Phase Change
Description: I can change the state of water as long as it is in my range of control. Be it gas, liquid, or water.

Ability Name: Aquae de Heilling - Water Healing
Description: I can take the water from my arms or any other source to heal superficial wounds, but I must have contact with the injury has my hand is covered with the water. One post for cuts and laceration, two post for deep wounds, and three post for broken bones.

Ability Name: Imperium aqua - Water Manipulation
Description: Water Manipulation allows me to control and other water based elements as I see fit. This allows me to form and do attacks, defensive stands, or even walk on water. I can manipulate the water or ice at a faster rate with the movement and flow of my body. I’m able to control water or ice that is in a five hundred feet range of me.

Ability Name: Imperium caeli - Wind Manipulation
Description: The name is pretty much an explanation in itself. I am able to control the wind around that is 100 feet around me. I can use these winds to enhance my movements or even fly if I please. I can also concentrated gust of wind equal to about a Hadou #20 in any direction I choose but can also form other attacks as well with this ability.
Ability Name: Aeris Punch/Calcitrant - Air Punch/Kick
Description: With this I can add a boost of speed and force to my body. This creates a temporary enhancement for things such as kicking, punching, running, or anything else I may do with my body. The damage will have a dramatic increase from a regular punch and kick to a more of sledgehammer being thrown at you. This ability will take one post and have a two post cooldown.

Boosts: x2 Reflexs and Spiritual Cnntrol.


Ability Name: Fluvius Aqua - Water Jet/Stream
Description: Water jet is what seems like a water gun attack. I can shoot a very powerful force of water from that which is in my range. This jet can cut through rocks and steel, equivalent to a cero. I may use this ability once a post.

Ability Name: Murus/Spera de Aqua - Water Wall/Sphere
Description: I can create a surface of water and shape this surface into my own image. Be it a wall or sphere around me. This ability has a strong current with the speed of a Bala that is able to block non-physical attacks. I can use phase change with this ability to add ice layers with it that has the capability to block physical attacks. If I shaped this ability into a sphere the water is spinning as well as the ice. This ability can block up to a Hado 80 without shattering. The surface I make can last to a max of two posts. When the time is up the surface will fall to the ground and splash. I cannot use this ability for another three post.

Ability Name: Aeris SIB Logo - Air Blast
Description: I can create a powerful gust of air that I may direct in any direction I choose, however, I must use my hands and/or feet to execute this ability. This ability is able to forceful push all objects away from me no matter the size. This ability is can stop up to a #80 Hadou. This requires a two post cooldown.

Ability Name: Aeris VULNUS - Air Slash
Description: I can compress and focus air, controlling it to a direct target. This can leave superficial wounds. These wounds can range from scars to laceration but cannot break bones. This ability is the equivalent to #30.

Boosts: x3 Spiritual Control and Agility


Ability Name: Aqua PUPUS -Water Projections
Description: I can create water clones of myself.  This is limited to a max of two clones. These clones have a line of water from the back of their head to my hands. I can control them this way and in an overall view, you would think that my hands are useless, but you would be mistaken. I can still use my water abilities as long as the clones remain in water contact with me. When that connection is lost, the clones will fall and splash. This lasts as long as they remain connected, but cannot be used again for another three posts.

Ability Name: Aeris Laminae - Air Blades
Description: I can concentrate and compress enough air to make blades of air that shoot in my direction of choosing. These blades can cut off limbs or even break hierro. This ability is equivalent to a a #80 Handou. This ability has a three post cooldown.

Ability Name: Clade - Weather Disaster Making
Description: This ability allows me to control or even make natural disasters like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Storms, etc. During certain weathers it can enhance my water ability in a sense that I have an infinity amount of water in Hyper Mood. The rain is passive but any disastrous forecast can last up to a maximum of four post. This ability will completely drain my Reiryoku.

Boosts: x4 Spiritual Control, Reiatsu, and Reiryoku


   My life has always been this crazy rollercoaster. Most kids don’t get magical powers and  have to lie to their parents about saving the world, but I do. Well I don’t know where to begin but from the beginning. I was born October 25, 2000. It was in Georgia but moved to New York City when I was two. My mother and father were pretty wealthy who kind of had that money to do so. I lived a typical life for a bit. I did what a normal child would do. I collected Pokémon cards, watched anime, and ate food and slept. I’m mean life was great. I was head of my class normally in the top ten percentile. I was going far.

   When I was about ten my mom and dad let me take Kendo and Mix Martial Arts. I took the classes for fun and I also just wanted to be fit also. I became a black belt in both classes really quick and was really good at everything. But then one day something I wasn’t prepared for happened. My grandmother and grandfather on my dad's side died. It was something we weren’t ready for. We went on trips all the time and had fun and the death had hit me hard. My mom’s mom had moved in because we didn’t want to lose any hours or days with her. I did get three things from their deaths though. I got a Necklace with their names, a bracelet, and earrings. I also found a note but it never made sense to me so I just kept it a secret.

   After their deaths life went on like it normally did until I was about thirteen. I began to notice some weird things happening to me that I couldn’t quite explain. I saw strange figures and hearing voices. On top of that I notice that Water and wind started to act funny with me. I mean yes I love those two elements but it was weird. And on top of it all I kept getting this weird feeling about something that I kept missing. I never figured it out so I just ignored it and left it alone.  

   But things kept getting weirder. I mean school life was normal. So was my kendo and arts and family sides were fine but it's like stuff wasn’t right. A bit before I turned fifteen I notice how was able to somewhat control Water and wind. now before you call me crazy hear me out. It was weird at first. I was in the shower once doing my usual thing blasting Beyoncé. But then the water wasn’t hitting me but was still going from the shower head. I looked to see that the water was floating. I was amazed by it I reach out to touch but the water jumped forward. I pulled my hand back and the water followed. This was the greatest thing ever. I finished my shower and stepped out. The steam was everywhere and I sighed and throw my hands out. A gust of wind followed. Now I went from like this is cool to what the fuck is happening to me. I didn’t tell anyone about this since I scared of what might happen.

   A few months went by and I was in high school. My what I called “power” were getting more stronger and it was something new for me. I still kept everything a secret but it was still weird. I turned fifteen and got a letter from my dead grandparents as a gift. It was another note letter thing that I didn’t understand but kept it with the others. I started to see more and more things. Black figures walking around and speaking well “speaking”.  During band I would get in trouble because I would pay attention to them instead of the teacher or they would throw me off during drama club. But the weirdest thing was one day I was laying in bed on my laptop doing some wattpad because why the fuck not. Then my nightstand drawer threw open. I jumped really high scaring my dog in the process. Now I know I’m black but I felt like I had to see what it was.

   I looked to see that the notes were there in the drawer. I grabbed them and read both of them. They didn’t make sense still but something was sticking out. I kept looking over the words and notice that some of them weren’t suppose to be there from both letters. Once I figured out the correct words the letter told of my family history. It told me that I should of discovered my powers by now. There were these things called souls and hollows and a lot of other stuff. It was so weird for me but I mean it wasn’t the strangest. I kept that stuff in the back of my head. I also started to notice a lot more of stuff. I started to sense these strange feelings off of people. I kept them in the back of my head. I finished my freshmen year at the top of my class and had a fun summer beside one incident.

    Walking home from somewhere I heard some strange noises. Now I know it’s not typical for a black person to follow the noise but I did. What I saw was something I didn’t think I would see. It was a hollow. I froze for a minute not sure what to do. It was something I didn’t know how to handle. But soon my body kicked in and I started to move on my own. The hollow had it’s back towards me and thankfully next to a fountain. I had controlled the water and splashed it on the hollow and then turned him into ice. I thought that it was over, but it wasn’t. The ice started to cracked and slowly stepped backed. After maybe five steps the ice broke and the black thing was coming for me. I quickly used my wind and jumped in the air. Once I landed I made a water whip and grabbed the thing swinging it to the ground. I then made a water sword and froze it and stabbed the thing. I panted for a bit since that completely took me off guard but something that took me more off guard was when my family and nearly the whole damn world found out I was gay. Everyone was happy with it and it was a shocker to say the least. Life started to feel normal again and to tell you the truth something amazing happen a bit after that. My sweet sixteen.

   My family was happy to throw me a sweet sixteen and I was so pumped about it. They stayed at a hotel down the street because this was my special night. I had a dj playing all of my favorite artists like Beyoncé, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Demi, Glee and thousands of others. I had a bunch of people there and I was happy. I was having a good time. Even though I had one soul in my refrigerator. I whispered yelled at it asking it did it pay my food bill, my fridge bill, my sitting in the fridge bill, my light bill, the soul bill. The soul was so lost and confused and I just rolled my eyes and left it. I went back to dancing, I was doing some dirty moves with these girl trying to get this guy’s attention and it was working. I left for a minute to make an ice figure of myself with my water abilities and phase change. I made sure no saw me and showed everyone. I told them that I made it myself. The music got louder and we started to go back dancing. This really cute boy who was named Kennedy walked up to me and asked to dance with. I said yes and we started of with just moving around, but soon I showed him what I could do. My ass started to do things that he wasn’t prepared for but he tried to keep up. But then he ruined it. He asked to have sex and I stopped and looked at him. I told him no mayo, no turkey, no ham, no pickles, no lettuce, no pepper, because I’m not featuring that and walked off. The rest of the night went well.

     That’s basically the meh of the story. now I’m seventeen and have a boyfriend named Todd well I say boyfriend more like a guy I talk to named Todd who I’m suppose to meet today. Yeah I know the greatest way to end a great story but that’s just me.

Side Notes: I just want to give a big shout out to everyone that had put up with my questions and helped me with my application. I seriously couldn't be here today if it wasn't for all you guys. I really do appreciate it. Thank you.  

Roleplay Sample:

   I rolled my eyes seeing three hollows. Like these damn creatures only want to harass me when I have plans. I ran from my car into the streets with the damn things chasing me. “Uguhugh this is so not fucking fun when you have a date.” I yelled using my wind manipulation ability to quickly run faster until I found a good alley. But of course in New York City every alley has a hobo in it. I started to get annoyed with the damn things and said fuck it. I took the first right I could find and ran into the alley. “What a fucking miracle no hobos.”

   I ran to the dead end part of the alley and started at the three hollows. They had their evil smirks that I mentally imagined in my head and moved closer to me very creepy like. I just stood there waiting, for them to charge, waiting for the correct timing, and when they did I jumped and with my wind I enhanced it and flew to the top of the building. I was hoping that it would be over that three hollows would give up, but no, of course not.

   I knew I couldn’t beat them with my wind powers alone and thankfully it was a cloudy day. I threw my hands up and brought them down covering my arms into  water. Oh it's own. I quickly ran after one hollow and jumped up shoving my foot in it’s face as I water whipped both of them. I did a flip and perfectly landed making water swords in my hand. I used my Phase change ability to make the swords ice. I then turned around facing the three hollows. They all charged at me and I quickly dodged one and stabbed the other two with my blades. They quickly vanished into the air and I was left with on hollow. It just started at me. I said boo and it flew away. i gave it a few before I made an ice dagger and threw at the hollow hitting it directly on it’s back. It did the same as it’s pals and I was happy.

    I floated back down from the building and saw a hobo staring at me. I dusted myself off and walked away as he just stared at me. I laughed a bit and walked back to my car. I got in and drove to IHOP. The car ride was not fun. Driving behind slow drivers rushing my way to IHOP passing every car and nearly blowing two red lights. I finally pulled into IHOP which was coward as usually. After a minute or two I found a parking spot and parked. I got out and made sure I looked nice before walking in. I finally found Todd sitting alone.

    “I’m so sorry I’m late. I got held up with some stuff.”
I said giving him a smile. Hopeful he doesn’t ask what I was doing because I can’t.

   “It’s fine. May I ask what held you up?” He asked. Well fuck. I started to think rapidly in my head that sounded like a good excuse to why I. Bingo.

   “Well you know me I like to look good and getting ready took longer then I thought.” I said smiling at me being clever enough to think about that. I guess he bought the lie since we changed the topic. Everything was going good, there was laughter, and smiling, and talking, but something didn’t seem right. Something was off about… well something but I couldn’t figure it out. I looked behind Todd and over everyone’s head to see a hollow outside the restaurant. FUCK. Can I seriously not catch a break with these things. Trying to get out of this to fight that thing is going to be hard.

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#2 Re: Winderlin Young on Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:15 pm

Approved at 1-3.

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#3 Re: Winderlin Young on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:17 am

Gonna knock this down to 2-1, cause it's his first charry. Still very good!!

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#4 Re: Winderlin Young on Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:21 pm

Changes, APPROVED!!!

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