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on Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:35 am

   Name: Shuuryou Mushami
   Alias: Violet
   Real Age: 22
   Phys. Age: 11
   Gender: Gender-fluid
   Personality: Shuuryou can best be described as chaotic good in alignment. He's a person that acts as his conscience directs him. While he understands that there are some laws which exist to protect the greater good, he also realizes that there are many regulations which were put in place by privileged, selfish ignorant bureaucrats.  When it comes to those rules he often has little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's benevolent none the less. He hates it when people try to intimidate others for their own selfish reason and will act to intervene whenever possible.

He's feminine not just in appearance, but also in the way that he acts. He's by no means flamboyant, but he does enjoy things that others may see as feminine: manicures, facials, fashion, etc.. He's not one concerned with gender roles or bias. He embraces both the masculine and feminine aspects of himself. It's clear that he embraces the feminine more than the masculine though. In fact, when he's confused for female he takes no offense to it. He doesn't even take offense to it when he's called a girl in an attempt to get a rise out of him. He finds it hard to take people who impose gender roles seriously. He finds them to be awfully simple minded. After all, why would they build themselves or their expectations of others around rules made to manipulate people based on what's between their legs?

He love, felines, and cute guys. In the case of the former, a ferocious tiger holds the same level of cuteness as a day old kitten. In the case of the latter, he has his preferences in terms of physicality. He has a thing for skinny nerdy types.

Shuuryou comes off as snobbish and conceded to those that don't know him and judge him at first glance. He seems snobbish only due to the fact that he is both attractive and stand offish. Those who assume he's conceded are wrong however. He knows that he is not the greatest and is happy about it. It gives him something to strive for. He's somewhat of a knowledge seeker. He only thinks less of those who are clearly not on his skill level but assume themselves to be better due to their abiding by tradition and or position within an institution.

When it becomes obvious that such a challenger is less skilled but they continue to push their luck, he has no problem turning his back to them in an attempt to bait them into being humiliated. When it comes to his temperament outside of battle, life has molded him into somewhat of a pessimist. He knows to expect the worst. That being said he still hopes for the best.

He is both no nonsense and sarcastic, jovial and judgmental. In truth he's like-able once one gets to know him. He has a sense of humor which he often brings to the battlefield. This is of course, only if he deems it appropriate or beneficial.

   Height: 4'6''
   Weight: 100lbs
   Physical Traits:

A sleek and slender little body, a beautiful deep brown complexion smooth as marble. He does have a burn scar on his back where a piece of burning plywood landed. However the scar is barely even noticeable to the keenest eye. It only stands out to him because of what the scar means to him. The scar is actually just as smooth and soft as the rest of his body. Full shapely lips and almond shaped eyes which are a captivating lavender in colored. The long thick eyelashes are a thing of wonder. These are a few of the things that make Mushami, Shuuryou the piece of eye candy HE is.

He has high cheek bones, a soft yet defined jawline and long elegant neck. He has smaller, 'dainty' looking hands and arms than one would expect from a warrior so skilled. They are soft despite harsh training and experiences that would cause the hands of others to become calloused and rough. His legs are also small, but shapely and smooth as the finest silks imaginable. He has the body of an androgynous preteen.

Though it may look it he doesn't wear makeup. His complexion is just that flawless. He does however frequently apply lip gloss.

Shuuryou has what some would call "big hair". People generally take note of it after the fact, due to his face looking as aesthetically pleasing as it does. His coiffure is well cared for and fragrant. It's naturally thick and full of volume. It's a light purple in color, and almost appears white in certain lighting. He typically wears it loose, allowing it to do what it does best and defy the gravity that pulls down on thinner hair types. He typically keeps either a deep dark purple flower or decorative hair pin in it.

The clothing he wears is as feminine as his face and mannerisms. He would by no means consider himself to be a 'fashionista' but onlookers would say the opposite. Some may even say he's dressed to the nines. He takes no issue with wearing pants or skirts. He has no problem wearing baggy clothes or fitted.

Shuuryou does have several kimono which belonged to his mother. He originally kept them as keepsakes, however, once he grew the right size, he began wearing them himself. These come in a variety of colors. He often pays homage to her by wearing pairing them with her elegant gold head pieces or rings.


   General Fighting Style:  
Graceful, elegant, fluid. Flashy, yet efficient, precise, yet quick. These words all describe his style. Other than that, his intricate techniques clearly define him as an experienced fighter. He's simply cut throat. He typically begins a battle without use of a released zanpakuto. This is done to get a feel for an opponent's style before using his unusually shaped shikai.

Mushami enjoys friendly spars and views them as little more than friendly, yet competitive, games of whit. He may not go all out in such a spar in terms of power expression, but his use of techniques are just as clever as they would be were he in a life or death battle.

He uses his small limber frame to his advantage to find openings and defend in ways that transcend the traditional. He's extremely crafty and is capable of seamlessly weaving between unarmed, armed and kido based fighting forms. This added with his impressive acrobatic and aerobatic skills often create many openings in an opponent's form. This isn't to say he takes advantage of such openings right away. He's overly cautious. He will gauge an opponent's skill level before giving it his all, just to be sure such openings aren't being faked. He often sets up for further defense after dodging so that he may thwart an opponent's follow-up, and land a fatal blow without interruption or interference from an opponent’s own defenses.

It is not unheard of for Mushami to purposely make it seem as though an opponent's attack was successful. For example, allowing a kick from a strong faux to launch him through the air to gain altitude for a follow up.  

Within the first second of battle alone, it becomes obvious that he excels in close range combat. The biggest mistake an enemy could make is thinking that they would gain the advantage if they distance themselves. Shuuryou also excels at mid-range combat. Further still, he will make it extremely difficult to hit him from a distance, not just from dodging, but by using sword techniques to derail projectiles.

   Strengths: Hakudo, Zanjutsu, Kido, Reflexes
   Weaknesses: Durability, Endurance, Speed
Ability Name:  Reverse Pesquisa
Ability Description: A radar for radars. Years spent in the harsh conditions of Hueco Mundo at such a young age and constantly being exposed to creatures that tracked him intent on devouring him have yielded this sensitivity. It's more of an extremely powerful intuition. This ability allows him to instantly learn the location of someone using a tracking ability. Even if it's not being used to locate him personally, if he's in the field covered by the tracking ability, he picks up on it. This ability was first his reaction to a Hollow or Arrancar's pesquisa, but it also includes things which use the same principle.

Ability Name: Utsebi (Snake)
Ability Description: Based on the same speed based, principles of the cicada or after image technique, this ability uses Shuuryou's nimble reflexes for this slight of hand trick. He changes objects he's holding and the positioning of his arm with such speed that it appears as and after image like cicada. In reality he's either switched the object out with something else or discarded it. This has the same cool down and limitations as cicada because it is the slight of hand equivalent. The cool down is three post and the maximum times it can be used in a thread is four times.

   Sealed Appearance: This looks like the standard katana. That is to say it's a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular guard above the handle. It has a long grip so that it may be gripped comfortably and firmly. It has a piece of long purple silk braided around the guard. Its handle is glossy blood red, it's sheath is the same color. He keeps it fastened horizontally at the base of his back above the buttocks. On Shuuryou’s frame it appears much larger given the proportional difference.
   Zanpakutou Name: Itsumademo Kouhi (Forever Queen) Tsuneni Kingu (Always King)
   Call Out Command: Everything comes full circle, Tsuneni Kingu. That which drives all things is perpetual, Itsumademo Kouhi. (or the reverse)


The zanpakuto transform into two large circles whose diameter is equal to Shuuryou's height. Long curved, continuous blades envelope the outer edges of each of these rings. Each also has nine dagger like protrusions in three groups of three spaced an equal distance across from each other. One ring is obsidian and gold in color while the other is obsidian in color.

Name: Forever
Effect: An ability held only by the golden circle blade.
This causes a sword cut to span on into forever. A simple cut on a surface which begins as something barely superficial will grow and deepen until the cut completely makes its way through what was in its path. For example, if the skin on an arm is cut, even after the blade is removed from that specific location the cut grows with each successful follow up strike, regardless of location. It may only break the epidermis but it will eventually cut through the dermis, the subcutis, veins, arteries, muscle, tendon, and bone before eventually cutting through those same layers in reverse, on the opposite side of the body part that was struck. This cut spans on into forever, or so long as Forever Queen is released. This is an automatic effect which only works on an active wound. So, for example, if an opponent's finger is cut, the cut on the finger will be the only thing that causes damage, even if that would ordinarily behead someone lands. This is most successful on limbs. Where the life force of a person flows the strongest (head, neck and chest) this ability is naturally resisted. In cases where  the first slash lands on one of those areas most strong with life force, the wound grows along the surface, but doesn't penetrate any deeper than the original cut.    

Name: Always
Effect: An ability held only by the obsidian circle blade.
This causes the original damage caused by this blade to recycle endlessly, or at least until the zanpakuto is sealed yet again. A blow caused by this will reapply damage over and over again. It does this by repairing what is destroyed by the first blow. When the repair occurs, it is as though the wound never occurred. All signs of damage are gone. There is no physical damage. It may seem like a useless ability in terms of battle applicability, however it's perfect for use against those with well developed healing factors. Due to the fact that the ability and the cut are dealt at the same time, it repairs damage it causes before a target's healing or repair factor has a chance to act. This happens at regular intervals. The cut is dealt in one instance, and then in the next, it is undone and all of the conditions which were in effect before the cut return to the exact state they were in before the cut happened. This ability does more to hurt the psyche than the actual body. Even if a killing blow is dealt, depending on the state of the wound when shikai is sealed, someone may walk away completely unharmed despite being slashed to ribbons during the actual battle.

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on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:06 pm

Hailing from a place referred to by many as the eighty-first district of South Rukongai, he is the son of a once very popular geisha. While she herself was born and raised in the sixtieth, her grace and beauty quickly earned herwidespread adoration after being discovered and trained by the most famed of geisha houses. She eventually became pregnant with Shuuryou. His father, a member of one Soul Society’s royal families was forbidden to marry for any reason other than political advantage. Shuuryou’s mother told him that his father decided to take his own life.

After his family learned of Mushami's birth they sought out to discredit and degrade his mother even further. Threats made against both her and her child forced both of them into a life of hiding. She found a home in the dangerous eighty-first, on the outskirts of Rukongai. Even in the face of adversity, his mother’s kindness and grace served to inspire Shuuryou. He spent the first ten  years of his life with her, in her loving embrace, before she was taken from him. 
Their home was attacked by a Hollow. Their house was burned down and Mushami would have burned down with it were it not for his mother's courageous sacrifice. Her last words to him were ones expressing her love to him. While watching the house burn down his mother screamed the name he'd never heard. He pushed it to the back of his mind and focused only on revenge. He learned that the Hollow that killed his mother had escaped to a place called Hueco Mundo before the Gotei 13 could dispatch Shinigami to cleanse it. Fueled by his anger and his mother's loving memory, he sought to claim the powers of a death god for himself.

Unfortunately, he was denied entry to Shino Academy on account of his young age. He was however, determined to acquire the skills he needed to exact vengeance. He managed to get a job cleaning at the academy and this allowed him to spy on students during fencing and demon magic training sessions. He mastered several basic kido within days. He seemed to have an innate ability for the arts taught in the institution. It was during his own secret kido training that he was discovered by one of the instructors. He mastered a kido that very few first years had ever successfully attempted. This prompted the instructor to administer a test. It was during that test that he proved his skill with fencing was even more impressive than his demon magic ability. 

Though still considered too young to attend officially, Shuuryou was used to push older students. The humiliation of being bested by one so young inspired feelings of resentment in many students. After only a year and a half he completed all requirements deemed necessary to ascend into the ranks of the Gotei 13. Still, his age kept many from even entertaining the idea of officially recognizing his accomplishments. Acknowledgment of administration wasn’t as important as revenge though.

He immediately sought out the Hollow that killed his mother. He learned forbidden kido from a high ranking instructor when that instructor failed to get his mind off of vengeance. He taught Mushami the way to get to the realm where Hollows walk freely in hopes that Mushami would die. He believed that Mushami's thirst for vengeance would get whatever team he would come to one day lead killed. 
Mushami eventually made it to Hueco Mundo and tracked the Hollow's reiatsu signature. 
He spent eleven years in the savage wasteland, slaying any Hollow he was strong enough to and barely avoiding those he could not. This is his story.

11 Years Ago

“Mushami, you must focus on both the form of the kido spell’s pronunciation and the desired outcome.” Instructor Ruki said calmly as the two sat, legs folded, in a meditative posture. Yet another day of private kido trainingwas underway. What Shuuryou was learning was illegal due to the level of danger presented if failure should occur. It was because of this that the two sat in a secret place, scarcely lit beneath the grounds of Shino Academy. As if that wasn’t enough, Instructor Ruki had also created multilayered barriers which shielded the outside from what the two of them were doing. Shuuryou sat, free of distraction, mind focused only on the final form of his kido and the location he wished for it to deliver him. The brilliant sapphire glow of Keikaigi shot from his hand upwards before stopping several feet above his head. “My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds.” Shuuryou said, slowly, calmly. As he spoke the light above his head dimmed. The beginnings of what he desired had begun to form. The space of what was referred to as ‘The Black Cavity’ would soon be his to roam. “My left hand is the blade that binds reality. The black haired shepherd is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis!” 
Upon finishing the last syllable the divide between dimensions completely opened. Wild winds burst from it. Not even they were able to pull Shuuryou from his meditative state. The kido was complete, but its stability depended on his own.

“Mushami, Shuuryou.” Instructor Ruki said, standing. He made his way over to his student and rest his hand upon his shoulder. “You have sufficient understanding of this kido.” He said. Was all Shuuryou needed to hear. He opened his eyes, and in doing so closed the black cavity overhead. With a snap of his fingers Instructor Ruki disbursed the barriers he’d created. A wave of fresh, damp air flooded the area. “You are ready for your journey to land of Hollow-kind.” He finished, turning his back to Shuuryou, leaving the young man to his own thoughts. 

Shuuryou had indeed learned all what he needed, or at least all that Instructor Ruki wanted to teach him. It was clear to Shuuryou that the man just wanted to get rid of him. He didn’t once inquire about how close he was to achieving shikai, or other kidou which would be useful in fighting off Hollows. Nor did he make certain that his student could perform what he was taught under less than desirable circumstances. He only gave Shuuryou the bare minimum needed to survive in the unfamiliar dangerous landscape. There was something else that his instructor said to him after a training exercise involving a real Hollow. “You will eventually become a leader, a leader who poses a bigger threat to his own than any Hollow ever could.” What had he meant? Was this the reason he didn’t teach Shuuryou everything that he wanted? 

The young man would however make due with what Instructor Ruki had given him. He would adapt in Hueco Mundo. He had to. For the sake of vengeance, he would conquer any obstacles that the deadly land had to throw at him. Nothing would stop him from avenging his mother’s death by finding the Hollow that had escaped there.

Present Day-Exams Portion 1, Written

Gotei 13 protocol, rules, and regulations. As Shuuryou sat and answered questions regarding the facets of Gotei 13 life, he wondered just how many or these protocols would serve in a setting like Hueco Mundo. That purely savage land, free of all rules but one; the strong will survive. Would such rules and regulations really give structure? Or would they instead act as a hindrance?

Question No. 67
True or False
“Third seats may only give emergency orders in place of the second seat in the event that the second seat has died and didn’t leave orders which were to be carried out after the death of the second seat.”

This was true, on paper. However, what if the lieutenant was killed and gave orders prior to their death which would lead to even more sacrifice? These rules would absolutely act as a hindrance. However, his passing of this particular test was dependant on giving official academy lectures.  

Question No. 93
“Gotei 13 protocols dealing with Hollow eradication are  based on  the idea that it’s best to slay a Hollow first, and ask questions later. Why?”
The answer they want to see written revolved around necessary precaution being some Hollows have unusual powers and abilities which are often unknown and that all Hollows are dangerous. This was only partially true. Shuuryou knew otherwise. As he wrote the official answer on the lines provided, he thought back to his arrival in the alibaster wasteland that was Hueco Mundo.

11 Years Ago

Shuuryou was captivated by the dark and mysterious allure of the white desert. Its pristine sands sparkled in complete contrast to the matte black sky when met by moonlight. It were almost as if he were walking through a charcoal drawing of an arid landscape. The black cavity he’d created closed behind him. The brief up-flow of air created from the resulting change in atmospheric pressure pulled him from his state of wonder. In that moment the landscape lost its aesthetic appeal. The eight year old boy focused on what it was he came to this place to do.  Avenge his mother.

A loud squeal drew his attention. “Was that a Hollow?” He thought, drawing his zanpakuto. He’d never heard one make such a sound. It sounded like something a small injured animal would produce. He followed it. The coarse sand slipped into his wooden sandals making the walk towards the origin of the sound awkwards and uncomfortable. The sound originated from just over the sand dune nearest his location. He hid just behind its peak so that he could learn just what was making the noise without giving away his position. 

“…” A squealing voice said. He thought his eyes were lying to him. There was no way the creature that lay before him could exist in a world as dangerous as Hueco Mundo was said to be. It was an injured Hollow. It’s appearance was that of a small bear cub. It had to have been some kind of illusion, one made by a much more fearsome Hollow, one designed to make it easier for that Hollow to catch their prey off guard. “Please, ma, where are you, please help!” It cried while laying in a shallow puddle of blood, it’s own blood. One of its hind legs was missing. 

Shuuryou couldn’t sense any other presence. He waited for what may have very well been hours. All appearances suggested that it was alone. Shuuryou stood, and approached the small creature. The moment the Hollow cub laid eyes on Shuuryou it opened its little jaws. A familiar red light grew from his mouth. It was preparing for a cero. Shuuryou instantly drew his zanpakuto. To the surprise of both hollow and would-be shinigami, the ruby colored light faded. The little Hollow was far too weak to mount an attack. “!” The cub pleaded. Shuuryou stood complacent. Was this truly a Hollow? How did such a creature even come into being here, in this place? “MA, HELP!” The fur covered creature continued. As it called out to its mother, frightened and afraid, Shuuryou was brought back to memories of his own mother and her death at the hands of a Hollow. He shut his eyes as he feelings of both sadness and rage overwhelemed him. Strangely he saw himself in the little defenseless creature. He was weak back then, and unable to save the only person he’d ever loved and ever felt safe with. It was a state of being he never wished to go back to.  He felt sick.

Upon opening his eyes, he found himself standing in complete silence. The desert was quiet. The young boy found his zanpakuto deeply lodged within the mask of the frightened Hollow. “Ma…” It muttered. Its mask and flesh surrounding the stab wound went up in a cloud of dense black smoke. The cloud of ash danced around the weapon that summoned ash from wound being before vanishing. The cub's entire body discintegrated like this before Shuuryou’s zanpakuto fell to the ground.

Present Day- Exams Portion Two, Oral (Strategy)

The written examination was finished well within time limits. Here, now, Shuuryou sat, in preparation for his oral examination. The proctors didn’t keep him waiting for long. After the sliding doors opened, Instructor Ruki was the first to enter. He was followed by two more men who Shuuryou didn’t recognize. Their demeanor showed them to be instructors as well. Both of the men who proceeded Instructor Ruki turned their noses up at him. Who was this soul, this boy, to dare go against tradition and trample over their tradition? Did he really believe that he could do in a year what generally required seven?

They sat down at the single table in the room and began organizing the papers they carried with them. The two whispered to one another. “This child is no prodigy.” One said to the other. “I agree. I’ve seen two in my day and he doesn’t favor either.” Their chatter was cut short when Instructor Ruki began to clear his throat. He gestured for Shuuryou to join them and sit on the opposite side of the table. As Shuuryou approached, his former instructor’s cold hard gaze remained fixed on the violet eyes approaching him. It was obvious that the man wasn’t happy to see Shuuryou return. He’d really hoped that the boy died in Hueco Mundo. Or atleast, that’s what it seemed like. The boy politely bowed before sitting. 

“Often in the field of battle...” Instructor Ruki said, eyes still fixed on Shuuryou’s own. The other proctors looked down at their papers and followed along with their eyes. “...a person or group may find themselves faced with an opponent whose power dwarfs their own. Other than running away, how can one respond?”

“Other than running away.” Shuuryou thought to himself. The Gotei 13 apparently held such rigid beliefs when it came to combat. Did they really believe that it was or shoud be above Shinigami to run away? He knew better. Survival was key. Living to fight another day, in a stronger state than you were before is the real key to victory in some cases. However, as he did in the written portion of the exams, he replied in the way they were looking for.

“I turn to history for the answer.” Shuuryou responded, without the slightest bit of hesitation. He was hardly intimidated by his proctor’s gaze. He’d seen much worse after all. “During the Quincy feud Shinigami were often outnumbered and faced superior strength. Shikai wasn’t as common as it is now and all but a few had achieved bankai. Quincy on the other hand came into their abilities much easier and in greater number. During the legendary battle between Death God Matsumo and Quincy General Hikaru Michiki this all stood true.” His timely and eloquent response clearly impressed his two critiques as their eyes darted up from their papers with a surprising new interest in mauve haired teen.

“Death God Matsumo had less fighters, intelligence on them somehow found its way into the hands of his enemies, and he was one of only three shikai users.” Shuuryou inhaled. He breathed deeply and gathered his thoughts. He couldn’t afford to let any of his actual beliefs spill into this room. He would surely be failed and declared unworthy despite surviving in the savage Hollow land for a longer time than most experienced veterans could manage. He continued.

“Death God Matsumo was attacked by a wave of Quincy, but it wasn’t unexpected. After all, they had intelligence on his forces and would mark an easy victory for Quincy General Hikaru Michiki. She wasted no time in sending her troops. In doing so she ignored important details gathered by their informants. The most important was that there were a few Shinigami that were said to be among the group they encountered which possessed shikai and several more who were proficient with kido. Her troops didn’t check to make sure that those mentioned were among those attacked. While Quincy frontlines were busy with the most inexperienced of Death Gods, the truly dangerous among them snuck into the Quincy General’s camp. She was destroyed in mere minutes. The empowered Shinigami then moved in and attacked the front lines from behind. The Quincy General’s front lines were caught in a pincer formation. Death gods who weren’t so powerful yet willing to lay down their lives for a cause on one side, and masters of both shikai and kido on the other. If strength isn’t on your side, strategy may be used to compensate.” 

Instructor Ruki was the only one who was not obviously impressed. He knew well that this exam was a joke based entirely on formality. Formalities would not stop someone who fought through what Shuuryou did and lived to tell about it. Still there was the slightest bit of hope within his former teacher. The hope that he would tell of his own experiences. Though he didn’t hear them all, he knew the dangers that lay in wait for the weak in Hueco Mundo. Shuuryou was weak when he first traveled there, and had to have faced at least one Hollow whose power was too great to be overcome with strategy alone. He must have faced at least one Hollow that he was forced to run and hide from like a cowardice rat.

11 Years Ago

What remained of the little Hollow cub’s body disbursed. A dark insect with silken black and purple wings came into being in its place. It wasn’t until it had flown off and out of sight that Shuuryou had begun to pay the consequence for what he’d done. After sheathing his zanpakuto he was immediately frozen, unable to move. What had come over him? Though he didn’t change his location, he now, somehow found himself standing in the presence of a tremendous and insidious reiatsu. He turned to find yet another Hollow standing in the distance watching him. A massive wave of sand washed over him and sent him hurling through the air. He originally thought that newcomer held power over earth and sand. The proceeding roar let him know otherwise. The creature hadn’t attacked him, that was simply a roar which emanated from it and displaced the very sands between them.

He regained his footing midair by molding a layer of reiatsu beneath his feat and then shielding himself from the shockwave with a barrier. “Bakudo number 73, Tozansho!”. He stood feet planted firmly in the stable air inside of his pyramid shaped barrier. Still, the power of its roar could be faintly felt. He’d read of the powerful highly evolved Hollows which were encountered in Hueco Mundo in ancient times. Some were called Ajuchas and others Vasto Lordes. Was this one of those? The powerful being stood where the cub had been slain, sniffing, digging, searching for any of its remains. “Disgusting...” Shuuryou thought. “It’s hoping to devour what was left over.” 

“Baba?” The creature growled. The young warrior was wrong. It clearly knew the Hollow cub. “Baba where are you?” It growled again. “Baba, Baba, Baba?” Each time it spoke the name, its power flared. The spiritual pressure it produced sent cracks throughout Shuuryou’s protective barrier. The reishi which composed the wall visibly shook.

“No way…” Shuuryou thought, after noticing cracks beginning to form in his barrier. This was the second most powerful kido barrier he had at his disposal, and the first would take far too much time to create. This creature could likely kill him with little effort at all.  He thought back to the many battle simulations in which he fought strong foes and they each included the use of barriers that a creature such as this could easily overcome. There was nothing he could do. All of his training and preparations would be for naught if he died here and now. There was nothing he could do at this point; almost nothing. He sat on the artificial floor that he molded and began to chant.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” The creature roared. A shockwave similar to the first shot up from it and tore through Shuuryou’s pyramid. “Sentan Hakuja!” The boy said. Sections of his robe sprung to life and danced around his young frame. “WHERE IS SHE!” It roared.  His spell was almost complete. “GIVE HER BACK TO ME!” It said, leaping into the air, claws angrily outreached. It shred through the cloth at unbelievable speed. Luckily for Shuuryou, he was no longer there.

Present Day- Exams Portion 3, Kido Proficiency

There were hundreds of kido and only a few kido corps members were likely to know them all. This portion of the exam didn’t test the number of kido he knew, but rather his proficiency with those he did know. The strength and effectiveness of kido performed without a chant versus those performed with a completed chant. The success of kido performed in ideal conditions, versus the success of kido performed during more stressful conditions was the most important part of this portion. His time in the land of Hollow-kind more than prepared him for this test.

In fact, compared to what he’d gone through, this test as laughable. The current trial at hand involved him simply making his way from one side of a bamboo field to the other before time ran out. The tall grasses were meant to conceal straw filled dummies and traps. He’d been launched into the air by a simple spring and board trap, however this was done purposely. He needed to know just how far he was from the finish line. As he soared above the bamboo tops, barely brushing them more traps were launched. Balls of twigs, and large dirt filled leather bags were launched by catapult. They clearly wanted him to make his way through the course on foot. “Hadou Number 1” He said, as the first projectile came within range. The force summoned hurled the dirt bag into the one which preceded it. The attack was enough to get him back on the ground, but he’d already gauged how much further he had to go and also where the exam proctors were. 

He’d been keeping track of time in his head, and with only a few minutes left, he had more than enough time to make it. Still, to shave off time, he raised his hands and pointed them palms open, towards the finish line. He began chanting. He moved his hands in a circular fashion before finally saying “Way of destruction number 58, Orchid of Destruction!” 

A powerful tunnel of whirlwind burst from his hand and shot forward. All grasses, all bamboo, all traps and dummies in its path were ripped up from the ground and tossed about before landing on either side of a newly formed dirt path. He wanted to smile to himself at the relative ease of this portion of the final examination, but didn’t. Instead, he calmly walked along the kido formed dirt path.

10 Years Ago

This marked his eightieth battle. A number much lower than expected, given he’d been searching Hueco Mundo for nearly a whole year. Still, the number wasn’t completely surprising considering the great lengths he’d gone through to avoid detection by the majority of Hollows. While this wasn’t the first time he’d faced multiple Hollows, this group relied on the most troublesome combinations. A cobra Hollow which attacked him while on the ground and a hawk Hollow which attacked him when he tried to escape into the sky. It was the hawk Hollows sight which made hiding from this pair particularly difficult. It had the ability to see through his invisibility kido. 

It was the winged creature that would guide its scaly ally to Shuuryou’s general location where it’s serpent based tracking ability would do the rest of the work. Both Hollows were powerful and nimble. A year ago he’d have never stood a chance against a pair such as this, especially after not having eaten for days. Their combined power reminded him a great deal of the Hollow he was forced to run away from mid-battle almost a year ago; Mama was it? This pair was likely a pair of Adjucha.

Shuuryou couldn’t fight them both at once for much longer. The white sands at his feet were worked up into a flurry caused by the hawk overhead. It would create cover for the serpent to strike from below. This snake was definitely the more dangerous of the two. Cobra’s were after all venomous animals. The moment he heard the hissing close by, Shuuryou took to the air with zanpakuto drawn. A flash step later and Shuuryou found himself above his feathered attacker. He brought his blade edge down at its back with all of the physical strength he had in him. All he managed to do was split feathers and draw a bit of blood. 

“Not good enough worm!” It screeched, gaining even more altitude. It worked itself into a spiral in an attempt to throw Shuuryou from its back. The young boy dropped his zanpakuto trying to grab hold of what he could. The bird continued its dizzying flight pattern. Had Shuuryou eaten earlier in the day, he’d have vomited at this point. The force from the momentum nearly caused him to lose grip. He found a renewed interest in the slash wound he’d created before. Plunging his hand into it he began chanting. “Way of destruction number 4, Byakurai!” A bright blue light shined from the wound before a similarly colored bolt of lightning shot from the bird’s mouth. The hawk began its descent, but not of its own choosing. Its wings no longer flapped. They had actually gone completely limp. 

The two crashed into the colorless sands. The impact of the bird’s giant body sent a massive wave of the sand in all directions. It let out one final breath before the  light in its eyes faded. This one was done fighting. What of the other?

Shuuryou stood, not once letting his guard down. The cobra could strike at any moment. The young boy could hear what sounded like a scuffle. Had the serpent found something else to attack? No. When the dust had finally settled, Shuuryou could see the cobra clearly. His zanpakuto, which he dropped just moments before hand had found home in one of the serpentine spirit’s eyes. Perhaps it was also done fighting. Shuuryou pointed a finger at the beast. A blue glow, just like before, shined from his fingertip. This didn’t go unnoticed by the wounded Hollow who noticed both its former prey and ally. “No...what have you done brat?!” It said, quickly burrowing beneath the sands, blade still deeply embedded within its eye socket. Shuuryou’s lightning kido just barely missed its target.

The fight had taken a lot out of him. He didn't have the strength to give chase and reclaim his zanpakuto. He was both tired and low on reiatsu. Not to mention the hunger he felt was a sign of something far more threatening; starvation. He’d made a few trips from Hueco Mundo to Soul Society to stockpile food and water over the past year. However, each time that he did he was nearly captured by members of the Gotei 13’s research and development team. He also found himself in a new location than the one he left upon return. This would make searching Hueco Mundo difficult. So he decided to go longer periods of time without making trips in hopes that he could search a greater portion of an area before arriving someplace else he’d never been. Had he waited too long and tried to do too much? He was too hungry, and too tired to make the trip back again. 

He turned his attention back to the hawk Hollow carcass. Was eating Hollow flesh anything like eating the flesh of a normal animal? Why hadn’t the body disintegrated? Was it because it was killed with kido instead of the purifying tool of the Shinigami?  

Present Day- Exams Portion 4, Unarmed Combat 

The man who was once his most adamant teacher, the man that hoped he’d died, sat with the other exam proctors atop mats lining the far end of the dojo wall. He looked in Shuuryou’s direction, however, rather than gazing at him, the old man seemed to gaze through him. Had he created a self fulfilling prophecy? He sent Shuuryou off to die in the savage land of Hueco Mundo in hopes that he would never have a chance to rise up Shinigami ranks and endanger the lives of his subordinates. Would the time he put into assure that he would endanger his peers? Mushami could see it now; Instructor Ruki was indeed looking through him. He was in fact attempting to look into the boy’s past. Surely there was something he acquired that he could use against him, some type of weakness.

“Mushami, Shuuryou.” His former teacher said, emptily. “You’ve come to the Unarmed Combat portion of your examination. Armed combat will follow. You opponents will be seniors that will be graduating next semester.” He gestured towards the men and women lining the adjacent walls. There displeased and angry faces spoke volumes. “Needless to say, they aren’t too keen on a first year student, who was at first rejected by the academy...” He paused and allowed the latter part of his statement sink in. “... surpassing them. They’ve nominated representatives that you will have to defeat if you hope to meet and pass guidelines required for this special final exam.” Heavy footsteps approached from behind and grew ever closer. The first fighter they nominated was huge by the sound of it. 

It wasn’t until Shuuryou turned to perform a mutual bow that he saw just how big he was. He outweighed the young boy by a minimum of one-hundred pounds and the difference wasn’t fat or water weight. His opponent was solid. His scarred callused hands and feet said all that needed to be said about him. He worked hard to become a master of his craft. Further still his mastery was more than just physical. This man developed a proper fighting mind to match his physical ability. He looked into Shuuryou’s eyes without judgment or overconfidence, having enough experience to know that either of which could lead to his immediate defeat. 

There wasn’t an ounce of fear to be found in Shuuryou’s small frame despite the difference. It wasn’t a matter of having faced several Hollow without use of a weapon while too low on reiatsu to properly use kido. Something primal, perhaps an unexplainable sense picked up from Hueco Mundo, was deep inside of his being. This institution was unnatural and it sheltered those it trained from what it sought to train them to destroy. In the real world, where Hollows roam without fear or even knowledge of what a Shinigami is, it’s survival of the fittest and Shuuryou proved himself to be just that.

“Begin!” Instructor Ruki said loudly. Little time passed between the last syllable and the first attack against Shuuryou. A quick punch blew past Shuuryou’s face. The rough skin of his opponent’s hand harmlessly brushed his cheek after the young boy adjusted the angle of his head to avoid the intended impact. That wasn’t the only adjustment made. The moment his opponent realized his fist would miss its target he opened his hand and allowed Shuuryou’s purple coiffer to become tangled in it. He gripped what hair he could tightly and pulled down on it. This time he intended for Shuuryou’s head to meet his knee. 

In an unexpected display of speed the young boy brought his hands down on the ascending knee. This wasn’t done to stop the blow, but instead to use his opponent’s own leg as leverage. Sure enough, when his knee was at the highest point Shuuryou was able to bring his own legs upwards and wrap them around his opponent’s neck. It only took a little pressure to cause the giant to release his hold on his little opponent’s curley purple hair. He instead reached for the legs which now restricted the flow of blood to the head. 

Seconds passed before the large fighter fell to a single knee. After a few seconds more Shuuryou was able to use his leg hold on him to force the giant on his side. The fight was over the moment his muscle bound foe passed from consciousness.

Perhaps Instructor Ruki was right. This was actually the first time Shuuryou had beaten a Shino student of this skill level. His skill in unarmed combat was gained in a land where fighting is a way of life. Those who didn’t excel simply perished. Shuuryou didn’t die there, he certainly wouldn’t fall here now.

9 Years Ago

A final burst of fluorescent light lit up the landscape after he used hyapporankan to crack open a hollow’s mask. The Hollow collapsed as the red light in its eyes dimmed. The bony structure collapsed in on itself as Shuuryou pulled back the condensed energy rod and spun it in hand. A bolt of electricity arched from the freshly cracked mask toward the rod. Only then did he turn to throw it at his next attacker. The already trunk-less mammoth collapsed after hyapporankan split into two separate rods each embedding themselves within a front leg. He had used two kido casts at different times to change the effect of a single kido, not only turning it from one that restrained to one that destroyed, but also using the restraining element to increase the destructive property of the second kido. 

Repurposing kido such as this was just one of the ways he managed to survive in this endless night without his zanpakuto. He learned long ago that unarmed fighting was near useless against those with natural armor, claws, or a size so great that simple punches had little effect. As he walked towards the floored mammoth he began chanting. He stopped soon after spotting a brief glimmer within his immediate vicinity. A lustrous object caught the moonlight on its surface at just the right moment, but what was it? His subconscious thoughts led him to believe it was metal, but he hadn’t seen metal since arriving in this land. After taking but a few paces towards the object, he found himself reunited with the zanpakuto he lost more than a year ago. “No way?” He said, plucking it from the sand. The last he saw it, it was embedded within the eye of a serpent like Hollow who escaped. Did it manage to shake it loose? “No. It’s more likely that the serpent was defeated and eaten. The Hollow the beat it didn’t know what to do with this so it-” It was then that Shuuryou noted a distinct reiatsu signature he’d only sensed once before. It belonged to the powerful creature that attacked him when he first arrived, the one that forced him to retreat. He could sense what remained of the Hollow’s reiatsu fixed to his zanpakuto. 

“It must have held my sword for quite some time for it to leave such a lasting effect. Is it tracking me?” He asked, placing the sword in the sheath which he’d kept despite it being useless for the most part. He knelt, placing both palms on the ground in preparations to track the creature he thought of. “This uneasy feeling I’ve had for so long. I thought that it was just from my being in this wretched place, but what if it’s not? What if it was because this creature has been stalking me?” Before he could even begin chanting the ground began to tremble. The mammoth had broken free and begun to charge at him. In a flash, Shuuryou leaped from the ground and propelled himself towards the beast. He both unsheathed and sheathed his blade in one fluid movement, cutting through his attacker in between. The move wouldn’t have been possible for him just two years ago. His time spent without his zanpakuto had made him strong and more aware of his own ability. 

The furry elephantine body began to dissipate. It’s flesh transformed into a dense black smoke he hadn’t seen since last slaying a Hollow with it more than a year ago. A familiar black insect with wings of dark silk formed within the smoke before beating its wings and beginning its ascent into the skies. The moment the last bits of his foe’s body went up he found himself standing in the center of an ocean of spiritual pressure. He held his breath out of necessity. If he were to attempt to breath the air would surely have been forced from his lungs. He had found the answer to his question. The creature had indeed been following him. 

“So then...” The creature said, stepping from the shadows and revealing itself in all of its monstrous beauty. Shuuryou hadn’t gotten a good look at it when it attacked him before, but now that he could see it, he could see that it was human in shape with bear like claws and fur covered body. The dark raven fur gave the creature a statuesque appearance when met with moonlight. Did it always look like this? Though clad in darkness during their first meeting, Shuuryou could tell that something relating to its appearance was different. 

“It looks to be true.” It continued. “You are a god of death and you send Hollows away when you kill them with your sword.” It bent over and looked Shuuryou in the eyes. It had a standard red light in its eyes which cast a soft glow on the young boy’s face. “I noticed that there’s a difference between when you kill us with your magic spell versus when you kill us with that.” It reached for his neck. Its fur covered claws began to transform themselves. They grew dull at first and then grew muscle and skin. When the transformation was complete, it had human hands. 

“Stand up would you, I’m trying to talk to you.” It grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and stood up with him. The second it let go he collapsed once again. “Oh, right. I almost forgot. I learned this trick trying to follow you around.” The ocean of spiritual pressure suddenly vanished. Shuuryou could once again stand if he wished to. He questioned whether or not it was even worth it. A creature with such an insane power could easily end him. 

“Where do you send the ones you strike down with your fancy sword?” It asked. “Is it true you send them to heaven? Is that where you sent my baby?” It finished, leaving Shuuryou to think. “This is why it’s been tracking me? It wants to know what I did with the smaller Hollow I slayed before…” He thought looking up at the creature. 

“You should be able to stand now so why aren’t you? You thinking I’m gonna kill you aren’t you?” It said looking down at him. “Well I won’t, not depending on your answers. Now tell me what you did to my baby!” It was obvious now. It wanted to know about the whereabouts of its ally. If he could convince it that it was in a better place, then maybe it would let him live. “You're good at this. That’s right Shuryou, that’s what it wants. But is that all?” Another voice said. This one was softer, and even feminine in nature. Where was it coming from though? Was he hearing things? It hardly mattered now, not given his current predicament. 

“I sent your baby to heaven.” He said rising. “This is a zanpakuto which purifies Hollows and sends them to parad-” He stopped after making eye contact. Though nothing more than glowing red lights, they shined with a concerned look. He’d begun to think of his own mother whenever she grew concerned about his where abouts and questioned him about his own wellbeing. Was this Hollow truly just a concerned mother? Perhaps in an unexpected moment of weakness, Shuuryou was honest with her. 

“I sent him to Soul Society.” He continued. “Soul Society is heaven compared to this place...this place where instinct and brute strength rules. Depending on what family you are born into it may be heaven, or it may be hell.” Shuuryou began telling the motherly beast of Soul Society’s social structures. He told it about the nobles and the poor. He even began telling the creature of the hell he experienced when his mother was killed by the Hollow that he had come to Hueco Mundo to hunt. 

Its glowing red eyes now held a look that said it would cry if it could. “Baba...Baba went to a place like that all by his little self?!” It screamed. “No, I can’t have that.” It continued, falling to its knees. “Please, please send me there! It’s the only way that I can protect him. I can’t mess up again.” The little warrior hesitated for a moment. His hand trembled against the hilt of his sword, but couldn’t bring himself to draw it. 

“That Hollow that killed your Mama…” it said, I know where it is but I’ll only tell you if-” Shuuryou instantly drew his blade, and plunged it into the creature’s abdomen.

“Well that was easy enough wasn’t it?” It said, whilst coughing small clouds of ash. “Menos Forest is one hell of a place boy.  Neither the Hollow you’re looking for or the company he keeps are pushovers. Best of luck.” It said, pointing to the horizon. Dark smoke began pouring from the freshly made wound. Its last words were genuine. It did wish Shuuryou the best knowing the obstacles he would face with this particular foe. The creature collapsed as Shuuryou began his long journey. A black cloud of ash trailed briefly behind him as the familiar feint sound of a butterfly’s wings beat the air.

Present Day- Exams portion 5, Armed Combat 

Though kido was permitted during this portion of the exam, it was simply referred to as the Armed Combat portion; rarely did a combatant have time to perform kido while attacking or defending blows from a wooden sword. Shuuryou now faced the highest ranking student. It’s said that he’d never lost a battle. Though not at large as the combatant which fell moments earlier, this one was still bigger than Shuuryou.

They stood facing one another, wooden swords at the ready. His opponent’s stance and hold on his weapon was noticeably different than what is taught in kendo. His stance was wider and he held his blade with single handed grip. Both of these led Shuuryou to believe that this specialized stance was made for wider, more diverse range of motion. The boy couldn’t help but wonder how his style of swordplay would fare against someone Shuuryou’s size? 

Even after Instructor Ruki gave the order to begin, neither fighter moved. They stood in perfect stillness for several seconds. The slightest bend in his opponent’s knees prompted Shuuryou to attack. He found himself swinging at air as his opponent jumped overhead, twisting in the process. The proceeding sword strikes came in rapid succession, each flowed into the next with the same fluidity of two rivers merging into one, they were all linked by a single elegant movement. Shuuryou dodged or parried all strikes before his opponent descended  with the grace of a feline. 

His opponent’s image blurred the moment both feet were on the ground. His flashstep was impressive, perhaps even more developed than Shuuryou’s own. He once again launched a series of sword swings at Shuuryou, twisting mid step. Regardless of his efforts, Shuuryou had seen this sword technique and successfully defended against it, it couldn’t beat him, but the purple haired boy also found it difficult to mount a proper counter attack either. 

Suddenly something changed, a wooden sword brushed through the young boy’s hair. “That shouldn’t have happened.” Shuuryou thought. “There’s absolutely no way he’s fast enough to draw back and launch an attack that fast.” Shuuryou was partially correct. The second time the change came, he could see it clearly. His opponent was a dual sword user. His one handed grip was a front to distract from the fact that he carefully held two swords in one hand. Once after several swings he used both swords to deliver two strikes in quick succession. Even a trained eye could miss something like this if they weren’t looking for it.

Shuuryou was at an obvious disadvantage, his opponent came closer and closer to landing a blow across his head. However, because Shuuryou knew where his opponent was aiming, he could compensate. When next his opponent attempted to strike him with his secret technique, he countered with a technique of his own. “Hadou 1, Sho!” He said quickly, pointing at the incoming blow. His opponent’s secret weapon flew from his grip to the farthest wall, cracking it. A synchronous gasp came from those viewing. Was it Shuuryou’s use of kido in this situation that inspired it, or the fact that in the instant that kido landed, Shuuryou found himself disarmed. 

His own wooden sword fell to the floor before being kicked away by his opponent. He quickly flash stepped towards it only to find his opponent was already there, waiting to strike. He no longer questioned whose shunpo was better. His opponent was years ahead of him in terms of this particular skill. Shuuryou barely dodged the broad sword swing waiting for him. 

Again, Shuuryou flash stepped, not attempting to place distance between them, his opponent was faster and likely wouldn’t let him. He instead used the opportunity to cast yet another kido spell. “Bakudo number 8, Seki!” He said, exiting his flashstep. As expected his opponent was there waiting for him ready to strike. Only when he did strike, his blade connected with a tiny compressed ball of blue energy. Both the attacker and his weapon were thrown violently against the wall nearest. “Horin.” Shuuryou said, pointing towards the man he just sent flying. The spiraling tendril of warmly colored energy jumped from his finger in an attempt to ensnare its target. 

The fighter rose his sword and swatted at the tendril causing the practice weapon to be entangled instead of his own body. Shuuryou tugged at the wooden instrument, instantly snatching it from his opponent's grasp. Disarmed, his foe made his own attempt at a kido. He pointed his hands at Shuuryou. “Ye lord, mask..." He clearly knew his way around a hadou or two because the condensed orb of red energy had begun to form much earlier than would be expected considering he'd only just began to chant. 

With a delicate flick of his wrist Shuuryou quickly whipped the wooden sword ensared in his horin spell across his opponent's head. The shear force with which the sword met his opponent's temple caused it to shatter. The fighter on the receiving end of the blow flew through the air before falling into the laps of several of his classmates. He was out cold. This fight was over. It took a few seconds before the majority could piece together what had just happened. 

"Hmph." Grunted Instructor Ruki, only partially surprised by his former student's offensive use of a kido only meant to restrain. He expected that as a result of the boy surviving Hueco Mundo he’d return with more developed skill, but this level of creativity was the result of him not only surviving in the land of Hollows, but thriving. Under what circumstances did he discover that the spell could be used this way? Was this something more than happenstance? Did he understand the theory behind kido creation as well? Such creativity and proficiency with kido would likely catch the eye of recruiters for the kido corp.

The glowing tendril flickered before dissipating. What was left of the wooden sword it held fell to the ground. Victorious, Shuuryou respectfully bowed to his defeated opponent and the exam proctors.

1 Year Ago

Menos Forest, home of thousands of Menos Grande and other Hollow that would eventually transform into the skyscraper like beasts. Were it not for his ability to mask his presence with kido he’d have fallen victim to their attacks years ago. He spent years searching for Menos Forest and nearly died while foolishly attempting to force his way past the horde of Menos Grande seemingly awaiting his arrival. He defeated three of them before being overwhelmed and forced back for others which were attracted by the destruction. 

He learned fairly quickly that the creatures weren’t capable of detecting his presence when masked. Even as he walked through the giant black crowds, brushing a few every so often, they were incapable of noticing him. This made travel through the forest easy enough. The most difficult part of life within the forest was finding shelter to perform tracking kido. He’d find a cave every so often and seek shelter within it. His careful planning allowed him to slowly gain ground on the hollow he was hunting. 

The hollow’s reiatsu wrung fresh in his mind despite only seeing it once all those years ago. This allowed him to use his kido to keep tabs on where the monster traveled  when in range. The hollow who first told him of the existence of menos forest was right about the monster he was hunting. It was no push over. Each member of the forces it traveled with contained a spiritual pressure which either matched or dwarfed Shuuryou’s own. Of course that was months ago, in the beginning. Shuuryou had grown from a beautiful and skilled young boy to a young man still beaming with potential despite realizing a good portion of it. He was so close to achieving what he first arrived to do and the spiritual pressure he now held matched that of the bear-like hollow that sent him to the petrified forest.

One by one he picked off the hollows that allied themselves with his main target. Each one slain increased his strength, pushed his powers to new heights, and gave him insight into just who it was he was hunting. His target was known to all as Feer. As the name suggested, many believed it to be fear incarnate. It produced a fire that was attracted to the fear of targets. The special power it possessed lead some to say that it was a demon posing as a hollow. Regardless, Shuuryou had just recently slain the last of its party. Soon, he would end the one who killed his mother. 

He finally tracked it into a clearing which was free of the landscape’s crystallized botany and Menos Grande. It stood still within the center of this clearing, eyes fixed on the moon directly overhead. Though its form was unfamiliar, the creature’s reiatsu was definitely the same as the one present when his mother was killed. Though it was far more massive due to the passage of time, the fear that Shuuryou felt was the exact same fear he felt on that accursed night. He wasn’t intimidated by the spiritual pressure he sensed coming from the beast. Yet he could feel all of the anger he felt and accumulated over the years being buried by underneath fear. 

“This fear, it isn’t my own.” He thought as he approached the creature, concealed within his kido camouflage. His sword hand trembled as reached to unsheath his blade. “Is this another ability of this bastard?” He continued. “I haven’t been afraid of anything since that day. Even thinking about that night, when I first stood in this monster’s presence, it was never fear. It was anger and rage.” He finally drew his blade. “I can not…” He stood at Feer’s back. It stood at an impressive eight or nine feet tall. Its broad form was draped in what appeared to be black cloth. “I can NOT let go of this rage...because without it all I have is…”

“Fear...” Its cloth seemed to come to life. “I smell fear.” It turned to face Shuuryou. Its voice could only be described as terrible. It was as though it was made up of dozens of voices, all terrified. Its cloth stretched outward like the wings of a angel revealing a body clad in thorns like bones. Its form was that of a spike covered suit of armor. Two great horns were found atop its head. It inhaled deeply. Its massive nose, more beak like in appearance revealed its attacker’s location.

“No use in hiding.” It snarled as great flames poured from its nose. Shuuryou jumped backwards. Suddenly the fear he felt intensified. His confidence was shaken enough to undo the kido that was hiding his presence. His prey could now see him. 

“A shinigami?” It snarled. More flames came from its nose. These flames screamed as if they were alive and in pain. They jumped at Shuuryou. They were exactly as they were described by his fallen allies. 

“Danku!” Shuuryou shouted, erecting a large rectangular kido to block the incoming fire. It was an incomplete kido. Though it blocked the initial wave of fire it began to crack soon after. It wasn’t an issue of whether or not the barrier would hold up because the flames began to crawl up and around the barrier to reach him. “No…” Shuuryou said leaping backwards yet again towards the edge of the large clearing. 

He was so consumed with fear that he’d lost track of his prey. Feer however, did not lose track of him. Shuuryou found himself the target of a ball of sinister spiritual energy; Feer had launched a cero. “Hadou 4, Byakurai!” He said, pointing towards the quickly approaching attack. It had come too close for Shuuryou to avoid being affected altogether. An explosion of blue lightning and red energy lit up the grounds. Though the damage was dampened Shuuryou was thrown into the air. 

His fear was steadily growing, as was the intensity of the flames Feer had produced. They spiraled up towards Shuuryou who was separated from his zanpkuto from the blast. He’d already gone an extended amount of time without it in this land and barely survived, he would not survive this fight now without it. In that moment he cared more about getting it than he did protecting his own body. Fear had caused him to act unwittingly. Rather than creating another barrier, he reached for his zanpakuto off in the distance. 

“Bakudo 9, Horin!” He shouted. A spiraling line of energy shot forth from his finger and attached itself to his zanpakuto. He pulled it towards him after regaining his footing midair. The flames had reached him. He swatted at them, as if that would help. They began crawling up his back. As they did, he retreated back to that night when these very flames had first touched his skin. 

His mother’s love for him caused her to face down these same flames to save him. “Mother…you were so strong.” He cried out. Not in anguish, but in admiration. In that instant the fear he felt subsided. He threw his zanpakuto down at his target, kido tendril still attached. As predicted Feer had dodged the initial attack, however, with a flick of his wrist Shuuryou launched his blade yet again. This time, Feer was struck. The flames instantly died. 

“Impressive.” Feer said, blood streaming down his arm. “I’ve seen that only a few times before. However the absence of fear is only temporary.” 

“Then I guess I will have to kill you before it returns.” Shuuryou responded, tugging at the tendril. It vanished after his zanpakuto was once again in hand. 

“Is that so Shinigami?” Feer laughed. “What have I done to cause you to throw away your life?” 

“You killed my mother.” Shuuryou said. “You attacked Seireitei and killed my mother.” As he spoke he could feel his fear slowly building once more. He began chanting before releasing his zanpakuto. It began to spin of its own accord, or rather due to the kido Shuuryou had begun creating. “Hadou 58, Ten…”

“Ah, I remember being brought to Soul Society by Shinigami a short time ago…” He interrupted. His response caused Shuuryou to stop what he was doing. His zanpakuto continued to spin, though the speed of its rotations had begun to slowly decrease. “I was captured by the Gotei 13  and given to a house of nobles. Let me guess.” The Hollow laughed “They sent a mere child to do the job this time?”

Shuuryou was shocked. The creature had no need to lie if it was so confident in its victory. Why on earth would the Gotei 13 capture this monster only to hand it over to a noble house? His subconscious had instantly linked the incident with his fathers noble house and their disdain for his mother. His conscious would never make such a ridiculous connection. However, it was then that he heard a voice. Its tone sent a chill up his spine. “Everything comes full circle Shuuryou.” The voice said. And with that, time seemed to slow and then stop completely. 

“You will come to realize that this isn’t the end you thought it would be young one. This is only the beginning. In truth, there is no end.” His zanpakuto pulsated with a dim light. “Your subconscious and conscious circulate ideas Shuuryou.” It was his zanpaktou that was talking. “The feminine voice from before, was that also you?” He thought. “See, look at that, you’re doing it.” The feminine voice from years  earlier responded. “You are making progress.”

“Come now…” The masculine voice said. “Use your conscious and subconscious to uncover the key to making this endless journey.” A large man appeared next to Feer. He stood covered in the finest silk cloth and precious metal accessories. The staff he held in hand was a sight to behold. A black ring twisted and spiraled at its head, completely autonomous of the staff itself. 

“Everything comes full circle, Tsuneni Kingu.” Shuuryou said, as time began to flow normally. His zanpakuto began to resonate and augment with an intense blackness. It spun and twisted until finally its form had settled. A large black ring with several blades lining its edge fell to the ground and embedded itself within the surface. “This is you Tsuneni Kingu?” He thought. “You’ll obviously deliver massive damage given your size alone, but you except me to be able to land an accurate hit with you given your shape?”

“A shikai?” Feer said, stepping backwards. “The one who capture me used a shikai...were you hiding your true strength all this time.”

Shuuryou hadn’t bothered to answer. He had no time to. His fear was still returning. “Bakudo 21, Sekeinton.” A red cloud of smoke exploded from Shuuryou’s location, hiding him. He began chanting. A rod of condensed glowing energy formed in his hand. He threw it into the air. It drew Feer’s attention before Shuuryou jumped from the cloud of smoke and swung his ring blade at Feer. As expected, the hollow dodged the attack. Before the monster could counter, the heavenly stepping rail Shuuryou had launched earlier descended en masse down upon the battlefield. 

Several impaled his unsuspecting opponent. Unable to move, Shuuryou slashed at Feer once again, this time making contact. A broad horizontal slash made its way across his the hollow’s face not only blinding Feer, but partially decapitating the beast. Blood and reiatsu exploded from the horrid mask that comprised its face as chips of bone fell from it. Feer let out screams of pain before the bony chips that fell earlier jumped from the ground and fixed themselves back in place. Feer’s pain had stopped. 

“What? I thought ...what’s happen-” Feer’s mask once again exploded in wave of blood, bone, and reiatsu. “What’s happening?!” The hollow screamed, falling backwards grabbing at its head. Again, the wound reverted back its original state. Seconds later, the explosive damage returned. “NO! Stop, stop this madness!” Feer shouted. 

Shuuryou watched on in amazement before finally gathering himself. He’d accomplished what he’d come to do, but there was more to the story of his mother’s death than he knew. This hollow would help him shed light on what had remained hidden for so long. “I will make this pain stop. All that you need to do it tell me how you came to attack Seiteitei.”

Feer replied cooperatively. He told Shuuryou of the time it roamed the human world in its arrogance before being attacked by Shinigami. It told Shuuryou of how the research and science division sought to experiment on its powers instead of killing it. It then told Shuuryou of a noble family using its connections to the gotei 13 to arrange for it to attack a specific district. Feer escaped while its handlers confirmed that the person it was meant to attack had been killed. The hollow didn’t know who his target was, but after killing dozens, the one they wanted killed was among them. 

Was this person Shuuryou’s mother? Was this creature lying? He lost himself in thought before being overcome with a rage that not even Feer’s ability could conquer. Shuuryou lifted his zanpakuto and shoved it into his prey’s wound once it reopened. “Hadou 11, Tsuzuri Raiden.” He muttered. Arcs of electricity raced around his zanpakuto and surged through Feer’s body. What were mere seconds likely felt like hours to the monster being fried alive. Smoke rolled from his body as it turned to dust. An anti climactic battle to symbolize that though this was the end of one quest, it was only the beginning of another. Shuuryou then sat, legs folded. He began to recover his energies. He would need them to cast the necessary kido and make his way back to Soul Society.

Present Day

Shuuryou had no doubt that he passed his Shino academy exams with flying colors. As he lay his head down to rest after the long day he thought back to the final portion of his exam. The release phrase of his zanpakuto seemed to foreshadow a change in Shuuryou that Instructor Ruki could never have predicted. He would eventually come to have faith in his former student. 

“To understand a concept that goes beyond vengeance, that is what it will take to master a zanpakuto the likes of what you have.” -Instructor Ruki

   Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]

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on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:09 pm

   Roleplay Sample: "Your task is to do whatever it takes to seize the following artifact and eliminate its keeper." The words of Buku 2's handler seemed to replay on their own with each second he spent observing his apparent target. "Our intelligence tells us that your own combat skills may be dwarfed when compared to those of your target. You are to assume that you are outmatched in terms of speed, strength, and perhaps even intelligence." Buku 2 had spent several hours following the white haired humanoid. The beings movements were not in agreeance with information Buku 2 had been given. The way the target moved was not the least bit reminiscent of someone skilled in shinobi style arts. His movements did however mimic those of a warrior trained in the way of the samurai. Each step, each move made by the white haired humanoid figure imitated those of warriors who would serve under a shogunate.

Though his thoughts were many, Buku 2 never allowed them to interfere with his own movements. He continued to trail his target from overhead, placing each hand and foot in a carefully orchestrated pattern taking brief records of each rusted hole that riddled the ancient metal pipeline.

It wasn't until reaching the end of that pipeline that the rusted bolts supporting it were ripped from the ceiling. Before the first bolt fell to the ground below Buku 2 launched himself to the opposite side of the room. The moment he landed he hid behind a metal box while keeping his eyes on his target. The entire time that Buku 2 spent watching him the white haired man had been searching for something among the wreckage of the Ancient Factory.

Once the first bolt hit the ground his attention was drawn to the ceiling. He gazed upwards towards the ceiling, dimly lit by what few shattered windows lined the room. He gripped the hilt of his sword but didn't draw it. Almost a minute had passed before he broke his gaze and took his hand from the hilt.

A tickling feeling brushed Buku 2's knuckles. He took his eyes off of his target for a split second to get a look at what brushed against his hand. It was a rat. With a flick of his wrist he swatted at the rat. Upon contact the rat let out the smallest screech before running away.

His target noticed. This time his gaze was fixed on Buku 2's location. He didn't stare for as long as he had stared up at the ceiling before turning his back. He hadn't simply ignored the noise; after turning his back he drew his sword. He quickly turned back towards Buku 2 and with a single swing he unleashed an untamed winter fury.

A wave of frozen air swept across the metal floor and collided with the metal box, breaking it to bits. Buku 2 had watched the collision from the ceiling with a small amount of confusion. His target's attack had left him plenty of time to escape to another pipeline on the ceiling, but once again his target's action didn't match up with information given by his handler.

His target was supposed to be a master of shinobi style arts and strange blades. Still, he had carried out missions with inaccurate information before; only in the past, the information had never been off to such a degree. Any peace of the box that was still visible was completely blanketed in a layer of ice. The way that he swung his blade confirmed Buku 2's original theory, he was trained in the art of the samurai.

Buku 2 had yet to face a swordsman that could instantly create ice, however the same tactics used to fight other strange opponents could be employed here.
His eyes, hidden behind black shades, went blank as he activated his sublime empathic abilities. The calm and placid field that was once his target's mind slowly began to change as Buku 2 planted the seeds of fear. He watched for a response. Each passing second showed that his current target was no normal fighter.

Where most would begin to show all of the physical signs of someone being affected by fear: dilated pupils, tightened muscles, shortened breathing, and increased sweating, his target simply stood there sword in hand. It took nearly twice as much time for his target to show any signs that his emotions were being manipulated. His eyes began to shift from side to side. He was without a doubt nervous, but he wasn't showing as much fear as Buku 2 would have expected.

It was enough for the next phase of his plan to be carried out though. After bending his palm towards his wrist his claw blades silently sprung forth. He jammed them into the rusted ceiling and quickly launched himself to another area of the factory. The target responded as Buku 2 had predicted, once again he launched a wave of frozen air at the source of the noise. The factory walls shook violently as an enormous chunk of the ceiling crashed into the floor. When the dust settled the target stood frozen in fear.

The moment that Buku 2 had been waiting for had finally come to fruition. His target was at the edge of a breakdown. Just as he had done on the ceiling he jabbed his claws into the surface of the ancient factory, and moved on to the next area. His target once again fired a wave of frozen air. His attack did not end with a single move; Over the coarse of several seconds he had launched dozens of frozen attacks throughout the room, many of which just barely missed Buku 2.

The noise, dust, and large amount of metal fragments in the air provided perfect cover for Buku 2 to end his target's struggle, however his opponent's attacks were as strong as they were in the beginning, though he had used the powerful ability more than a dozen times. His target's technique was without flaw even though he was consumed by fear, and his stamina seemed to be unwavering.

A final attack sent a powerful shockwave to every corner of the room. The remainder of the ceiling collapsed along with each wall. Both fighters managed to dodge the falling rubble; Buku 2 naturally finding evasion of the falling metal to be a minimal challenge. When the last of the metal scrappage hit the floor Buku 2 stood atop the large pile. It took several minutes for the dust to settle, but once it did it was Buku 2 that stood with an apparent victory. He gazed upon his target, seemingly unconscious, half covered in metal scraps. He quickly reached his opponent and knelt down beside him.

"Lieutenant Muso, surrender the precious artifact in your possession and you will be allowed to go on without sustaining further damage. If you refuse to comply..." After reaching down and checking his target for a pulse a final and vital piece of information, given to him by his handler, echoed through his subconscious mind. "Your target is a member of the immortal race." This was not his target, if it had been he would still retain a pulse. He glanced down at his gauntlet after failing to retract his claw blades. Several pieces of ice were jamming the opening. His attention was drawn back to his opponent after hearing the sound of ice crystals forming.

Not only was his opponent conscious, but he was inhaling deeply. After puckering his lips he exhaled, releasing a chilly, and powerful, wind. Buku 2 was instantly lifted from his feet and thrown backwards at break-neck speeds. He nearly lost consciousness after hitting a pile of rusted metal.

The moment he tried to stand his body was pinned by the same wind that threw him the long distance. Not only had his opponent recovered, but he was now on the offensive. Nearly a minute had passed before he was standing over Buku 2, the cold air slowly beginning to burn his exposed skin. Buku 2 had never been pinned by his opponent. Would this be the end? No. Once his shades cracked his opponent ceased his attack. That moment would be all that he needed to launch a counterattack, however the freezing winds had left him defenseless. Thick layers of ice had covered his hands and abdomen, Buku 2 was going nowhere.

"So then, I take it that you are searching for Muso also? If you are fighting for the gods, then we are on the same side." His voice was anything but normal. Though his words were clear and well pronounced, Buku 2 could hear an undertone of what could be best described as sounds of a winter storm. "I am Yuki, avatar to the Goddess of Winter." Buku 2 had no idea who he was working for, only that his agency had been commissioned to eliminate Muso and claim the artifact he was protecting. "Yes, I was sent to eliminate Muso. You'll have to forgive my actions, I was told that I would find him here. I had assumed that you were him being that you were the only other..." Yuki rose his blade and pressed the very tip against Buku 2's neck.

A small stream of blood poured from the cut. "Sorry, just making sure." He removed his blade from Buku 2's neck and sheathed it. "If You're bleeding then you're no immortal." He turned his back to the defenseless Buku 2 and began to walk off. "You should be more careful with who you attack. Friendly fire may cause us to lose the war. Don't worry about the ice. In a few minutes you should be able to break free." Once Yuki was out of view Buku 2 unleashed the claw blades hidden in his boots. In an extraordinary display of flexibility he began kicking at the ice at his arms, carefully hacking away at it. Once his arms were free he broke away the ice covering his abdomen. After standing he turned on the com piece in his ear. "Handler. Buku 2 has made contact with the supposed target. Information was false, an avatar was the only being at this location. He is also searching for Lieutenant Muso." A few seconds passed before he received a response."Handler to Buku 2, follow him. If he allows you to work with him in capturing Muso do so. If he shows any signs of interfering with your own mission you are to kill him. Handler out."

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11 years old and gender-fluid seems conceptually stupid given I refuse to believe anyone who hasn't hit puberty would have any concept in regards to the complexity of gender and the spectrum therein. I'd prefer he was at least bumped to 15 on account of this, but it's not deniable. An 11 year old experienced fighter>nope. nope. nope. Done with the I'm not even old enough to hit puberty and am gr8 at everything characters. Akane wasn't an Ika decision, it was a one time thing and will not be replicated <_<.. Also, if you have good reflexes and are still slow as shit you'll need to explain why your battle style seems to involve speed. Just throwing that out there.

Ability Name:  Reverse Pesquisa
Yes the 11 years there granted him the ability to learn Pequissa with reverse in front of it. Yeah no.

In regards to the effect of Forever, first off it'd have to be limited strictly to limbs not the head or abdomen, lest it become an autokill type deal. Plus a strike is confusing wording. Do you mean every time blades clash or every time you make a nick in the other person? This is a rather big difference.

Other than that I'd approve but you're limiting your tier severely with the age and character build in regards to tier. I wouldn't do above 2-4 with someone so young. Sorry.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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on Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:46 am

Discussed changes/additions added.

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Approved 2-3


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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This should be Archived for obvious reasons.


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