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on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:01 pm


8th Division
8th Division
As Mei fell apart, I heard a cry from within her heart. It was all so different now, but I could 'see' her pain wrap around her now. I understood. All I would do as she sunk her head into my chest was embrace my wife. "It is okay, my love. Nothing is unworthy of forgiveness. My eyes have gone because I drove headfirst to settle a score that was not mine to settle. I did so of my own volition. Good people did indeed die... though that is the price of war. Rena too... Now that I blame myself for as well, though I don't think I could do anything about. I was out cold at the time she arrived and was killed. I barely remember now... That doesn't matter now. What has been done and lost is long gone. The point is... We all must move on, despite this torture we place on ourselves. And I do not intend to ask you to move on while leaving you alone, my love. Mei. Let us keep growing older, but together. Let us make a better life than that of our mistakes, and then others will lift us up too."

There was no need for anything else to be said. I simply held her and ran my fingers through her hair, it was soft even though it was muddied with tears and a bit of a mess from her having been stressing out so much. My belief was simply that love is a power that is strong enough to overcome the worst that the world has to give us. It cannot undo the damage done, but it can replace the emptiness of loss with a fuller feeling, something that makes us want to try harder the next time. I know I do not hold the hand of fate, but fate has touched me even so. Some things happen, and they do for a reason.


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