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#1 Nemuri no Otome on Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:09 am

Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division

Nemuri no Otome's theme.

If you don't like it, the pause button is right there.

Name: Nemuri no Otome
Alias: ======
Real Age: 60
Phys. Age: 19
Gender: Female

Personality: Due to the circumstances surrounding her death when she was human, she is quite a strange hollow. She willingly allows herself to be devoured by other hollows, and after some time, grows tired of being in a 'sleeping' state. She will wake up, and violently so, crushing the willpower of most souls that the hollow she is inside of carries. Because of this, she has been eaten many times, and has taken back control many times. Her personality is strong enough, that in most circumstances, if she chose to, she could essentially take the position of host easily.

That being said, her will to be in control most of the time is low, and sitting peacefully in the underbelly of a hollow's collective is enough for her. Something about being able to hide in plain sight while not being overrun is sentimental to her. There's an unexplainable complexity to the semi-human emotions she still retains, despite her heart having caved in long ago. She is submissive, reclusive, anxiety-laced, and unwilling to change her fate. Though perhaps there may come a day in which she feels far less than inhibited.

Her growth is only assisted by her introverted nature, and her desire to hide from all that exists. While hiding, she may sing to herself, to remind herself of her weakness, or maybe to rebel against these weaknesses. Hollows, after all, are not devoid of emotion, but rather, have been collapsed by emotion in and of itself.

When she does take control, she can be harsh, unflinching, and choose to make swift judgements. In this state of mind, she is determined to make her changes a reality, and to cement a new future. Her desire to consume, to rage, to control is firm, and her wishes are her drive.

Though as her depression did in life, so too must this cycle continue. From depravity into redefined drive, and back into nothingness again she goes, to hide from her truth. In a cycle like this, one could only hope that the cycle breaks. After all, could she really stand to live like this forever?

Nemuri is a soul that underwent the process of hollowfication shortly after death. As a suicide victim, she quickly succumbed to the thoughts that contribute to a hole existing in one's heart, and that made the process much faster.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124 pounds
Physical Traits:

Nami's appearance when she was human.
She retains this appearance internally when resisting other souls.:

General Fighting Style: Nemuri's fighting style entails the cruel and unusual punishment of simple and forgivable mistakes in combat. If a single step is out of line, she can and will capitalize on it in the most brutal fashion she can come up with. Additionally, she will try to use force and power to cripple opponents, making sure pain is at the forefront of their mind. This can range from breaking individual joints to slipping bones out of socket before painfully forcing them back in. She only uses lethal force when she is done toying with her victims, and has a gentle smile that reeks of maniacal playfulness.

Strengths: Reiryoku, Reiatsu, Speed
Weaknesses: Hakuda, Zanjutsu

Boosts: x2 boost to Speed and Reiatsu.


Sealed Appearance:

Zanpakuto Name: Shizume
Zanpakuto Call Out: "Sink into the depths. Into nothingness." (optional.)
Cero: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero, Oscuras. (includes Sonido and High Speed Regen.)

Dry Land - Nemuri is capable of 'swimming' in the air by controlling a current of reishi and reiatsu. It basically works like free movement flight.

Empty Scars - Nemuri has the ability to accelerate her natural regen by aiding it. This is done by the downgrading of wounds, removing damage that was done to her. All this really means is that regen takes one less post to fully restore most wounds, unless heavy damage is done (like she's missing half her body heavy)

Unsightly Body - Any 'organ' or 'skeletal component' does not have a physical counterpart and is instead integrated into every part of Nemuri's body. This means that damaging her does not incur any impairment aside from loss of that particular part, as well as to the extent that killing her would entail having to completely obliterate her. There is no way to 'lethally wound' her aside from complete destruction.

Abyssal Crush - Nemuri can create an area of up to a cubic meter in radius and cause it to implode at an Oscuras worth of damage. The ability can be split up to fire off multiple implosions in one go, but the damage is always overall the same. 4 post cooldown.

Living Weapon - Nemuri's skin is as sharp as her blade, and any touch can equate to a stab or slice from her Zanpakuto. This can be disabled at her will. If a direct dive is made where a full-body impact would occur, her body and spear would incur and behave like a piercing ability.

Appearance: No change.
Abilities: For starters, Nemuri's Ressurection and Segunda are one in the same. Her power level can freely fluctuate between the two.

Negative Touch Nemuri's attacks slowly wear away the target's defenses, up to a maximum of 35%. This includes the reduction of Hierro, any damage reduction, Durability, and the like.

Erasure Nemuri can remove a single layer or cubic meter's worth of material with a single swipe of her zanpakuto once per post. This cannot bypass the guard of a player, nor can it remove material belonging to a player.

Ability Name: Siren's Aura
Ability Description: For 3 posts, Nemuri can create a target area of 20 meters centered on her location. Within this circle, no one other than Nemuri can leave; if Nemuri leaves the circle, it immediately fades away. Attacks from outside the circle do not affect targets within the circle, except for Finals. Additionally, while in the circle, Nemuri's Sonido is more potent, allowing her to make two movements where anyone else would make one. This has a 3 post cooldown, beginning when the circle fades.

Sudden Emptiness - Nemuri can negate an ability with an equal cooldown to what it originally had. Regardless of cooldown, she can still negate anything below a Cero.

Boosts: x4 to Reiatsu and Speed


History: In life, her name was simply Nami. She was an honor student with her whole life ahead of her, and the center of attention, when all drew to a peak. She was preparing to graduate, was valedictorian for her class, and yet... something did not sit well with her. Nami was a teen who had built herself up to be this grand, intelligent and beautiful young girl, but it all felt so empty, like in the end, none of this would matter. That night of commencement, she took the stage, prepared to offer a speech.

"Friends of mine and those who do not know me, I stand here tonight, having made the transition from one segment of life to the next. I do not know where I will go, but I know this: It does not end here. Where we have something to chase after in our hearts, we will find a way to reach it. Where we have emptiness..."

And just like that, she froze. For several minutes, she stood there, unable to finish the thought. That was it. The emptiness within her was because she didn't know where she wanted to go. All this had been built up, but for what? A show? For them? What about her? Did they care?

"Make your own way. That is all I ask. Choose your path, and follow it with all your heart."

It was then that instead of joining what she once called her friends, that she ran offstage, shed her robes and cap, and left into the night. News reports would deem her suicide something that no one expected, and something that after such a short, yet heartfelt speech, that she would indeed be missed.
Don't bother trying to feed her that shit. Her soul, anguished by their so-called 'belief' in her, and not having any sort of direction, caved into the pain within minutes, becoming Hollow. She reached out to the person below her in her class, and called out like a siren would.
"Would you take a moment with me? I only want to congratulate you on succeeding. After all, you were the runner-up, and without me, you're the new top of the class. What does that matter to me though.
Unlike me, you had a plan, a desire, something live for. I had nothing. I have...

In the silence of that very moment, she clenched her wrist around the neck of her former friend, killing her, and taking the soul, relishing its bittersweet resonance. Though it seemed to satiate her, it wasn't for long. She soon went out to collect the lives of others, nameless folks who wouldn't have survived, or so Nemuri would say. Yes, Nemuri. As her time as a Hollow progressed, she would be known solely as Nemuri no Otome, for her habits. After dozens of souls had been eaten, she grew into despair, and walked into the deeper parts of Menos Forest. She simply sat on the ground, and waited mere minutes for a Menos Grande to consume her, and she experienced it for the first time. Though one thing was different about her when compared to the souls she'd eaten. She was alone, and yet still sentient. Her assimilation would never happen. She didn't have to wonder why. She knew.

"I was always alone. I will always be alone. That is my hell."

Eventually, she grew tired of this life alone, in her own prison, and much like she had the night before her commencement, she smashed the internal walls of the hollow's soul. The one that had eaten her. Much like her mirror, there was nothing but shrapnel and blood. It was then that she realized something odd. She could take over other hollows after being consumed. She could resist somewhat, the horrid hell that she'd been placed in. Now was the time, and she began to grow in power because she realized these things. She consumed others like her, Menos of Gillian class, and after a while, it became mundane, tedious, and her drive, her will to continue slipped into the darkness.

It was here that she found herself again, letting someone else have the reins while she sat in her own dark corner, pretending she was happy to still have a body. Yeah, great. It fucking sucked.

This process continued several times over the years, though she spent much of that time 'asleep'.

Today, Nemuri no Otome has a different story. One that continues to be wrought with grief and self-loathing.

"I am alive and awake. And yet, sleep is all that puts me at ease. Why do you think so, oh you souls who cannot seem to understand my musings?"

Side Notes: Nemuri is a soul that underwent the process of hollowfication shortly after death. As a suicide victim, she quickly succumbed to the thoughts that contribute to a hole existing in one's heart, and that made the process much faster. Because of this, she's basically a reclusive, yet powerful hollow.

Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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#2 Re: Nemuri no Otome on Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:46 pm


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