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#1 [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:49 pm

Brown eyes looked out from an alleyway into the busy streets of some.. place. She had never been here before, wherever this was, but it looked really fun with all the people around. Her small frame would appear from behind the wall only to make its way down the sidewalk following a rather small looking child, much like herself. However, its mother would soon see Misaka and pull her child away with a disgusted glare, which would only prompt the child to smile and wave. They must have been busy. Along her way around a corner, Misaka would see something that would brighten her whole day within a matter of moments.

The small child would press her face to the glass forcing her nose to flatten upon it and her finger to form prints. Her breathing would fog the glass for seconds at a time each time she breathed. What was she so obsessed with? Just the most amazing, softest, fluffiest, cutest, pinkest, stuffed dragon she had ever seen. What she could do with a toy like that. She had never had a toy before. She had never had anything colored before. The child would look down to see the shredded, grey dress she had been wearing upon her skin. Well, at least they were nice enough to give her clothes and food.

Without a moment's notice, a man would exit the shop only to begin yelling at Misaka for dirtying up his window. The child would back up with tears in her eyes, "Misaka is very sorry," her vpice would say in a timid, small voice. However, the man would only start shooing her away before she would begin to run into another alleyway. "Misaka didn't know. Misaka is very sorry," she would say with tear filled eyes. He must have had a bad day was all.

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#2 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:48 am

Accelerator noticed that a little girl had been very desperately wanting a dragon, and frankly? The guy keeping her from it was a bit of a dick. Accelerator rolled his eyes, detaching the cameras in the area within an instant, before pulling the dragon from the window, and dropping it in the little girls hands. He watched from a distance, Reitsu flooding out of his being at an unnatural though somewhat limited rate..He waited to see that the girl would go home happy, before he'd walk on home. This was his good deed for the day. No need to press matters any further than that..

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#3 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:04 pm

As the child stood there being yelled at, she would notice a man step in front of her and pull the pink dragon from the window of the shop. The brown eyed child would stare at him, as the toy was dropped into his hands. She had never seen anything like it and never heard a man stammer so much before going back inside. How did he do that? Misaka would poke the window and notice very clearly that there was a barrier. She would then hold the pink dragon to her face and smile.

Her eyes would then dart back to the one who had helped her. He hadn't spoken yet, but Misaka figured he was probably just shy or didn't know how to. She would smile at him before speaking happily, "Misaka thanks you mr.. magic man! Misaka loves soft fluffy toys! "Except, Misaka has never had any before..." her voice would fall to a whisper before she would tap her chin. "Hmmm.... Misaka is very far from the orphan place and Misaka doesn't even know where it is. Hmmm... that's ok," her voice would be soft, but loud enough for at least Accelerator to hear.

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#4 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:49 am

The little girl held the pink dragon to her face and smiled, causing Accelerator to smirk slightly before he began to try and walk off, then he noticed something rather peculiar..

She was right beside him. What the fuck?..

She smiled at him, and spoke in the 3rd person for some reason, was this child dropped on her head as a child..? She mentioned she loved soft fluffy toys, and then said that she had never had any.. Accelerator grimaced.. Why the fuck did he care?.. She was an orphan?... WHY DID HE CARE.. He sighed, and looked at her, trying to frame a response.. Frankly, Accelerator himself had no idea what word vomit would ensue, but he was surprised when it finally left his mouth.. "Well, if you've no where else to stay.. get in that buggy and come with me.. Oh, and point out any toys you want along the way.." He watched and waited for her to get in the buggy, bemused as to how this might go.. Maybe he needed a little humanity..

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#5 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:24 am

As the two walked along, Misaka would notice the man had stopped, so she would smile while she came to a stop just after he did. He seemed confused or something to Misaka. What was he thinking about? The child would tilt her head as her large brown eyes peered at him with pure innocence and wonder. Then, they would grow much brighter when he spoke to her telling her what to do. The small girl would pull herself up onto the cart that the white haired man had brought to her attention. Then, she would throw her new and only toy into it before struggling her way over the edge and flopping into the cart.

After she had made her way into the cart, Misaka would sit up and smile while hugging the toy. However, she would tap her finger to her chin and take a deep breath, "Buuuuut... Misaka doesn't need anymore toys. This one is perfect for Misaka. Misaka could never ask for any more."

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#6 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:59 am

Accelerator's face briefly formed a smirk before returning to it's base expressionless form when she plopped into the cart. Why did he find that to be so cute..? As she hugged the toy Accelerator looked away, and made a "tsk" sound ever so slightly before walking forwards, slightly annoyed by the fact that he was so enchanted by this small child. As he asked if she wanted more toys and she said no he smiled, unable to hide it this time. "Okay.. you said Misaka is your name?.. I'm glad you're happy with your toy.." He walked ahead of the buggy which trailed closely behind him, smiling lightly as he did so. People screamed as toys magically floated into the buggy with the small child. Accelerator didn't care, first was a blue dolphin, then a brown puppy stuffed animal. Accelerator for whatever reason, liked making this little girl happy..

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#7 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:37 am

The small girl would look up from her toy as the man looked away from her with what seemed like an annoyed sound. Maybe he was grumpy? Did Misaka do something? She wasn't quite sure, but she didn't dwell too much on it considering he smiled quickly after. Misaka wasn't sure who he was, but this man was going to be her bestest friend ever. He was so nice to her already and she felt like she never had before. She felt likw it was the very first time she would ever have a family, except the kids at the orphanage were supposed to be her family right? She didn't know, and she certainly didn't want to go back. As Misaka played with her toy, she would look back to look for the man, but become confused when she saw him in front of the cart.

The small brunette would stand up only to look over the edge of the basket. Were there tiny goblins pushing it? No. Was there something invisisble? Misaka would reach out to the back of the cart, but feel nothing. The small girl would turn to look at the man to answer her questions, except her eyes began to sparkle with other interests. Toys of all kinds were flying through the air and into the basket as if they were chosing her. A small squeal would be heard coming from her mouth as she sat back down to snuggle them all. They were so soft, cute, new, and fluffy! Her heart raced with excitement. However, she would catch sight of something out of the corner of her eye and throw herself at the edge of the cart, "Wait, wait, wait!" The small girl would sound highly alarmed as she screamed at the man or the cart or whatever was dragging her along almost tipping it completely over. She would hope that they would retrace their steps to the last window.

In the window would he dresses galore, mainly the same polka dot dress in different colors. Pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, and more colors were available inside the store, however the blue one would catch her eye the most. She had never had a dress other than the gey one she was wearing in this moment and of course, it was torn and tattered. "Misaka will never ask for anything else ever, if Misaka can have that dress," she would point with her eyes sparkling as if her life was complete. "Misaka has never had a dress like that and Misaka would just love it forever! Misaka would wear it every day and Misaka would show it off all the time! Plus, Misaka would look very cute in it, too," she would look to the man with big brown eyes as she nodded her head to approve her statements.

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#8 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:47 am

Accelerator watched as the little girl played with her toys happily, and he didn't really know how to feel about it.. She looked at him perplexed as to how the cart was moving and he smirked, "It's magic dear, don't try to figure it out.. Not till you're older anyway.." and it was about this time that she apparently caught a glimpse of a dress she really liked... Because she screamed about it at the top of her fucking lungs... As she pointed to the dresses Accelerator shook his head lightly, "You want it?.. It's yours.." And like that all of the dresses she was once staring at, flew into the cart with her and over-top of her. He smirked, "Come here, let's get you somewhere you can try it on.."

As he said this he continued marching on, heading towards the abandoned lot outside of town.. He built a ramshackle wall around the cart in an instant, leaving one side open at the top, but it wasn't low enough for anyone to peek in.. "Change and let me know when you're done, and I'll see how it looks okay Misaka?.."

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#9 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:47 am

As her eyes glinted with oinging at the dresses, they seemed to gravitate towards her causing her heart to cease beating within the moment. Her small lungs sucked in a large breath of air causing a gasping sound, however nothing would be released from her tiny body, except the thick feeling of her utter excitement building up inside her morsel. As the beautiful fabrics flew over her and piled upon her, Misaka would giggle flailing with complete joy at the thought of the many treasures this man was bestowing onto her. Then, the time would come wgere the words would be spoken and the child would be too excited for her own good as she chose her favorite dress of the many.

Misaka held the dress she loved most within her grasp, as if she were afraid it would disappear at any moment and it would all be stripped away. Misaka would look around the bustling city turned into a small, paved lot with plants exploding through cracks they forced to open on the once smooth surface. The small child would then be conaumed by walls with no way to see out and no way to see in, which was confuseing until Accelerator spoke of her trying it on. The small girl would squeal as she ripped off her grey cloths and attempted to throw them over the wall and as far away as possible. Then, she would open up the bottom of the dress attempting to wiggle her way through squirming to properly fix it to fit over and covering her small vessel. After a few small grunts, the young girl would look about her body at the many pretty spots, the twirlable skirt, and the bright blue that seemed to shout happiness. "Misaka thinks this dress is sooooo pretty! Misaka loves it so much! Mister.. uh.. mister... hmmm..
Misaka has the dress on! Does.. mister.. want to see Misaka twirl?! Misaka thinks it is very twirly,"
small brown eyes would shine with pure fulfillment at the thoughy of having real clothes.

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#10 Re: [Private] A Little Bit of Glue (Ika) on Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:42 am

The girl seemed to be very excited as she tried on the dress, jovial, excited, happy, all adjectives that could describe her general demeanor, as they should for a girl her age.. As she finished she walked out and seemed to be very happy with how she looked, though Accelerator only looked and smiled. As she asked to do a twirl, his grin grew wider, "Sure.. Do a twirl.. then let's go okay?.." He watched as she did it and when she was done, she would find herself scooped up into the cart with all of her new stuffed critters, and they would be heading for home.. "Hope you don't mind travel dear.. We'll be doing a lot of that."

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