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#1 Zhu Fukuhara on Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:36 am



Name: Zhu Fukuhara
Apparent Age:17
True Age: 17
Sex: Nonbinary (Male Pronouns)
Personality: As calm as the wind they can be, but can also be as loud as a super sonic jet. Zhu's attitude can be changed from a playful cat that wants attention, into someone who seems abit demanding and, arrogant even towards their superior. They really don't bow down to anyone that they maybe higher than them. Zhu doesn't really care how high a person is, they still view them as an equal vessel like anyone else.

Just one single individual different from everyone else will still be treated the same. Zhu is pretty much everywhere, they're talkative and, likes alot of action but, is too passive aggressive and, doesn't like unwanted conflicts. Despite their big talk, they don't seem to bite what they can't chew. Sometimes if they really have to prove to their opponents who's boss then they will. Zhu is a loyal, firm and, unbending in the things they believe.

When in missions or handling a task, they're always focused and, hard working. When being confronted by their enemies, any threat they pose to they won't hesitate to strike at all. Even if their comrades try to intervene they won't think twice but to cut them as well, as they dislike being interrupted.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 120lbs
Physical Traits: Zhu Fukuhara is slender built, with average height person. Zhu makes it hard for people to identify their gender, not knowing if they're a boy or a girl. They don't favor people being rude and, calling them an it or a thing, so they provided them with male pronouns to use for Zhu. Zhu has long, light purple, back length hair. They keep their hair in a twin tail style. Zhu has magenta like eyes, two strain of bangs are hanged down on both sides of their faces.

They also wear a short sleeve, white shirt with a heart on the back and, wears shorts that are thigh length. To complete this, they wear casual flip flops.

General Fighting Style: Zhu likes to zone their opponents, keeping deadlier close range opponents at a decent range with their shot out ability. He's good in close range, but doesn't like spending alot of energy hacking and, slashing.
Strengths: Speed, Strength,
Weaknesses: Durability, stamina,


Fullbring Item:Collar
Fullbring Appearance: The collar appears to be made up of one strand of a string. There is also a pink diamond tied within the string. With the command, Zhu can draw out a sword that can cut through buildings gee ain't that something. They're like on some next level shit. The hilt of their sword is white, and pink with a string tied around it.

Ability Name: Dollhouse
Description: Like their  predecessor, but has been completely modified. Zhu can create a dollhouse, as the inside will have a bigger appearance, structure wise. The dollhouse looks as if its an actual dome, and it can be used as a battle ground and, training ground. As Zhu's sword forms a heart on the flat surface of the blade, he the stabs the ground and, turns it as if its a key to the door. Once this is done, you now of a regular size looking Dollhouse, while the inside of it will have a bigger appearance.

Ability Name: Shot Out: Death Blast
Description: Shot out: Death blast is a technique in which Zhu uses a cero like blast from either using the tip of their sword to create the blast, or swipe in any direction. The blast if swinging the sword will come out like an energy wave, with pink hue. Using the tip of the sword will look exactly like a cero. They can charge this attack in 2 post to make it come out like a gran rey cero, and has a one post cool down.

Boosts: x3 speed, strength


Fullbring Appearance: Zhu's appearance changes, once their full bring is fully released. Their collar stretches about 7-8 inches. Their ears appear cat like, but attains the rest of their human appearance. Zhu's gloves also changes, and becomes pink and, has a heart implanted on the palm. They have on a white eyepiece, the eyepiece has a chain that begins on the bottom and, is connected to their collar. Both of their arms have, pink elastic like bands that intertwine with one another, coming down to their wrist.

Their clothing changes, and appears to look like a ninja outfit with pink, and white designs and, a heart placed on their back just like their regular shirt.

Ability Name: Circle shot: Death Blast
Description: Creating a ball shape of energy in the palm of their hand he then, does a circle like motion with the said hand he's using that generated the energy ball. Once the circle is made, the red glow will suddenly appear on the circle. He will then, thrust his their left palm into the circle and, creating a blast from it. Takes 1 post, and deals gran rey cero damage. Two post cool down.   

Ability Name: Plush Invade
Description: In their dollhouse they can manipulate the stuff animals, and do whatever Zhu commands them to do. They act as if they're zombies, despite how they feel and look, they pack serious punches.

Ability Name: Plush Destroy
Description: Certain Stuff animals like the smaller ones, can be set to blow up like a bomb. If they were to use the bigger ones, they'll end up destroying the whole house including anyone that's in it. Zhu can use the small ones like grenades and, deal cero damage.

Ability Name: New Look
Description: Zhu has the ability to manipulate and, reshape the structure of their dollhouse. Anything that his blade touches will change, for example: stabbing his sword into the ground will alter its look according to what zhu imagines it to be. He can use it by creating a pillar to block their opponents move or, just simply changing the whole look, making it seem they've changed locations.

Boosts: x3 durability, speed


History: Zhu was born in a struggling life, prior to their birth they were assigned female at birth, but many changes were made in the final development before he were to be fully born. Having a struggle to know what gender their own child was, their mother and, father gave him more of a masculine feel despite being feminine in appearance. As the only child of the family, he was often spoiled with cute things from his mother and, cool stuff that a guy from enjoy by his father. His father was also a business man, so he wasn't around that often. His mother wasn't always around either, as she worked at a bakery.

On nights she'd return home with sweets for Zhu to enjoy, and some nights their father aren't around either. He's either traveling overseas, or doing left over work. None of it really bothered him much, once he attended school for half of a semester. He met someone quite odd, and looked mysterious, however they grew a bond together and, that's how Zhu had gotten his collar from. He told him about what the collar has in stores for Zhu once he had unlock his powers, but before he could say anymore he was forced to leave. Though he made promise that they'll see each other again soon.

During the night when Zhu was walking back home, a loud scream that sounded like his mom came from his home. Zhu rushed as fast as he could until it was too late, all he could see was just blood, a gun and, just words written by his dead mothers corpse. The sight of it triggered him, and awakening his collar that contained the rest of his fullbring powers. This result in his home collapsing. Many years passed after the tragic event, and he still hasn't forgotten that he needs to find the killer and, kill them including his father for not being their.

Side Notes: My ass
Roleplay Sample: Boneless pizza

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#2 Re: Zhu Fukuhara on Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:49 am

Noziel AranOnline

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8th Division
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Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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#3 Re: Zhu Fukuhara on Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:20 am


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