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#21 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:38 am

Miyu sighed with his left hand placed on the left side of his head and, shook it. Guess it seemed that sakota misheard what he said, he didn't care about the 'dragons' he just wanted to know what this committee is all about. "Tch" after hearing some of the stuff about others reacting to someone with an active reishi bow, in the middle of new york or whatever. "That's unfortunate I suppose" miyu says, as he kneels down on the tree branch in which he was on and, his right hand resting on the branch.

"Guess we're going to have to speed up the process, besides its two days and, right now I'm actually on my second to last day of my training. Not five, two" he corrected him, showing a number two sign with his right hand, once he had jumped down from the tree branch. "What a waste, authorities, blah blah blah" miyu seemed agitated if you think about it. Miyu decided to take a shot at a bench, right across from where they're initially are.

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#22 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:37 am

Sakota stood there choosing not to correct the young quincies correction, Miyu seemed agitated enough as it was the last thing Sakota wanted to do was piss him off any further. He agreed with Miyu's general thoughts about the whole ordeal, but he understood why the authorities in New York were the way they were, what with not liking people carrying weapons around freaking out the normal citizens. "Well it is kind of impossible to pick up the pace on this particular training, you know with it being based over a period of time. The best we could do is make it seem like it isn't taking quite as long. Though that would be up to you, while you decide I am gonna go sit in the shade and relax a bit."

Sakota walked over to one of he tree's sitting down against it in the shade his back leaned up against the trunk closing his eyes he stretched out his senses leaving his mind to wander while Miyu finished with the glove training.

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