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#11 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:34 am

Miyu nodded some, as the young Quincy explained things in detail. He was smart, but not a lot can process in his mind. "I thought it was the sole purpose to wipe out the hollows, not purify them. They're dirty creatures that shouldn't exist." he placed his thumb, and index on his index finger, and a lot of thoughts started to whirl around in his mind.

Maybe the way of the Quincy had change over the years, and most called it just dusty textbook talk that didn't really matter to the Quincy's that truly knows. Maybe people before they became a hollow, never really wanted the life they chosed and, wish to start anew. It was hard to process. "And yeah I'm quite aware of what power, and danger the letz stil possess, as my father taught me about it. I'm willing to take whatever risk, in order to be stronger." Miyu looked quite fitted for such danger that will occur during his training, though he doesn't have that many ways to go.

The thought about his powers burning away was something he can't afford to do, and gaining them back seem like a tough task. But if it means to access to more power, and achieve greater heights then it's just something to be excited for. "I have no doubts, I'm ready for whatever. If it means to be the best then so be it. I can't be a useless Quincy that most people see me as." he said with a smile, and his thumb up.

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#12 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:11 am

"Be that as it may, our destroying too many of them could possibly destroy the world, plus there is a chance that by purifying them instead we end up saving the souls they had consumed and absorbed into their beings." Sakota said responding to Miyu''s comment about hollows being filthy creatures that should be destroyed. There was alot of politics and beliefs in there that the gray haired quincy did not want to get involved in, at least not at this point and time. Nodding to Miyu before speaking again, "Very well then, how far along have you gotten in the process of mastering the Sanrei Glove? Have you maintained your bow firing off arrows as often as you can for the week yet? If not the most I could do is stand guard so no one bothers you while you finish it, but that would be the only help I could give you."

Sakota was not sure what to do about Miyu's craving for power, he himself was in no place to reprimand the young quincy for desiring power, he himself was very much the same way after the loss of his parents. Though his desire sprung from the wish of never wanting to lose anyone close to him again where as Miyu's is springing from his own desire to prove himself, which means when he received the power he was seeking it might end up corrupting him. Which put a stronger burden on the gray-haired quincy who had promised his help, to keep Miyu on the right path and not to turn evil. And should he fail at that to put the green-haired man before him down before he causes too much damage. Shaking such dark thoughts out of his head Sakota smiled at Miyu, there was no point in fretting over maybe's at least not yet,

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#13 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:08 am

"I have about two days tops before mastering the glove" he answered. He already could feel the hard work paying off from using it, each shoot, each powerful shot manages to give him a sting on his wrist. It didn't feel good, but it has to be done in order to advance further on.

"My bow firing as been decent I could say at the least, before the training I wasn't so good at it, but now I feel like I got it good" showing sakota, as he held his bow, and the arrow that appeared on the string made up of reishi energy. Aiming almost 4 inches away from sakotas ear, and firing at the tree right by him.

"How's that? And also you don't need to look like a guard dog while I shoot arrows all day. By the way, I'd be more interested in seeing the soul society" he says, feeling a bit of curiosity on what it looks like. He assumes that all of the shinigamis, including the strong ones that make the thing would be there. So a little visit shouldn't hurt.

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#14 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:37 am

Sakota read the trajectory on the arrow, leaning his head slightly just in case he had misread as the arrow flung by his head and into the tree behind him, it was a decent shot but reckless. If the Green-eyed quincy had been any less battle hardened, or even the slightest bit twitchy he could have turned that miss into a possibly lethal shot. Glaring at Miyu for being so reckless he waited for the young quincy to finish speaking before he spoke. "Glad to hear about your progress, nice shot by the way, though you should be more careful about that. If you show off like that to the wrong person they might get hurt, if they jump or move the wrong way, well... lets just say it is a bloody mess. As for me being a guard dog, well lets just say I will stay on alert while you finish, though I will try not to look it. Don't want the signal flares you send up each time you fire to draw more attention than you will be able to handle"

While he wanted the be mad at Miyu for his small display of recklessness he found that he couldn't, in fact he ended up chuckling slightly at the end of his comment, he knew the excitement Miyu must be feeling for his training to be paying off and if it came with a touch of arrogance on his part so be it. "Well I can't tell you much about the place, I was kind of rushed through it, as Quincies tend to draw some unwanted attention when brought there, especially when escorted by a captain. What I saw though was some amazing architecture like right out of the portrayal's of Feudal Japan, though all of the walls were made of this brilliant white stone and the tiled roofs looked to be baked terracotta. Who knows, if you join up with the committee you might get a chance to go there as an Envoy or something. Who knows?"

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#15 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:45 am

Miyu rubbed underneath his nose, and blushed with little embarrassment, but let out a giggle afterwards. "I try my best when it comes to good accuracy" he says once his bow had disappeared. "Well if that were the case then it'd be smart not to let that happen to them" Miyu suggest, as he placed both of his hands on his hips. It did look like he needed more practice on his aiming and, practice makes perfect am I right? That's what Miyu Thought about.

Miyu's over confidence is getting to himself, so he has to watch out for that or it'll cost him for sure. He heard sakota mention the soul society's architecture, though this didn't really interest him much however, he still would want to check it out and, also this committee he brought up. "Why would you bother having a committee under the shinigami, if they're all not fondness with the Quincy's yet." he'd feel the same way towards shinigami's if they ever made their presences on their turf.

"Instead of having shinigami's breathing on your neck all the time, why not going somewhere that you have your own place called home?"

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#16 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:44 am

Sakota returned Miyu's giggle with a genuine smile of his own, he couldn't help it he was really liking this guy. Granted some of that might be that Miyu was still the first quincy outside of his family that he has met. Miyu's question about the committee made Sakota realize that even though the young man was a member of the spiritual community, and human to boot, well a quincy but that was close enough, he had never heard of the Committee. I guess that goes to show just how sheltered he was, or lucky I suppose Sakota thought thinking briefly back to his own first encounter with them, and the tragedy that brought that about. "The Committee is not under the shinigami, They are an organization made by empowered humans for empowered humans. Their primary job is to curtail the abuse of power by beings such as Bounts, Fullbringers, and yes even Quincies such as ourselves. They also get into regular tussles with hollows. They are a sort of supernatural police for the human world, and for the most part the Shinigami don't mind Quincies, so long as we aren't throwing the world out of balance which this cross fixes. Oh and the Committee, is such a place for beings like us, the shinigami aren't involved except as an ally in the protection of humanity from beings that mean us harm."

Sakota realized his explanation might have seemed kind of fan boyish, but it was the truth, and Miyu desperately needed to be enlightened. There was another benefit the gray-haired quincy figured he should share as well, with a stray thought four blue objects flew out from under his coat to fly in the air around him. On closer inspection of the three foot by five inch weapons Miyu would be able to see a hole in the narrow end that looked quite like the barrel of a gun. "They also have some of the greatest minds in the world, whose sole job is to create nifty toys like this. Well I call it a toy, it is actually a telepathically controlled mobile assault weapon, complete with a pulse laser and a blade that functions kind of like a light saber."

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#17 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:47 am

Miyu scratched the side of his face a little, he then tilted his head to the left and, sighed. Sakota sounded more like a fan than a member of this 'committee' he was explaining to Miyu. Miyu looked a little bored, just hearing about it, but the expression wasn't there for sakota to spot it. Miyu felt like the committee sounded too complicated, he then mentions about the bounts & fullbringers. He didn't recall fullbringers to oppose much of a threat and, seem more of an ally worth than an enemy. He would still prefer a fullbringer over a shinigami any day at the least, but if it ment protecting people along side them then he'll have to get used to it.

After the explanations sakota showed Miyu these 'toys' he was referring to which are tools that aids Quincy's in battle. Miyu rub the back of his neck and, got ready to say some words. "Yeah my father showed them to me, I'll be getting one of those shortly. Also how long are we going to chat? Instead of explaining things, how about you show me." he said with a smirk creeping on his lips. He surely was ready to do something besides chatting all day. He can get impatient.

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#18 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:43 am

"Oh you have seen these before, that is interesting as Alexander had told me he had just finished them, and I was the first one aside from himself that had them." Sakota said in response to Miyu's comment about the Dragoon's. It was quite interesting that he would say such a thing, granted it was not entirely unheard of for people to purchase items such as these from the committee, and who knows Miyu's father's powers might have manifested themselves in a similar way to Sakota's where weapons such as the Dragoons were just icing on the cake, but that was something for another time. "Well if you would rather be shown what they can do than told, I am sure I can arrange that. And they would make some good target practice for you too. Though warning, they will shoot back."

Lowering the damage on the blasts with a thought to something maybe the strength of the weakest of Shinigami spells, and dulling the beam Sakota had the drones fly out around the clearing weaving randomly while circling the green haired man, their barrels fixed on him. Sakota also pulled the hilt of a seele schneider from his belt, ready to activate it should Miyu choose to shoot at him instead. Ready to begin he fired off a warning shot at right between the feet of the young man before really getting started. He had the drones aim for Miyu's legs and the arm without the bow primarily, he felt bad because he knew one missed shot, or too much pain and the young man's training might be for naught as his bow vanishes leaving him to have to start the glove training again.

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#19 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:17 pm

Miyu wasn't so certain on who this Alexander individual was, however he didn't have the space to mind that much. He started to watch sakota as he took out his "instruments" and, discharged close miyu, as some kind of caution shot. Miyu had essentially evade with his bow still in his left hand. Miyu didn't know whether sakota comprehended what miyu ment by indicating Something. "I don't think I implied by demonstrating those things off" he says, as he withdrew towards the trees.

Subsequent to pointing his bolt alongside sakota's foot, as though holding a marksman and, peered inside the extension. "I implied the council, not your show and tell." miyu says in a thoughtless tone, pulling the blue vitality string from his bow and, on goes the bolt. The bolt dashed through lower than the speed of a bala, and weaker than a normal kidou spell. It wasn't sufficiently solid to hold any kind of cero harm, as once expressed he's still in training.

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#20 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:27 am

Miyu dodged the few shots that the dragoon's had fired his way ducking into the trees as soon as he was able before shouting out his complaint about this not being what he had in mind. Upon hearing that Sakota called off the Dragoon's attack bringing the blue drones to an idle position floating around him like they were when he first called them out of their sheath behind his back. "Oops" Was all he could say, when Miyu had asked for Sakota to stop explaining and start showing he had just finished explaining about the Dragoon's so that is what he thought the green-haired quincy had been asking for. From the safety of his tree's Miyu explained that he had been talking about Sakota showing the Committee to him not the weapon's, which the gray-haired quincy had no qualms against but there was only one problem with that. The Committee had issues with people bringing active weapon's into the compound, well it wasn't so much that the organization had a problem with it as the New York City police, and the company that was the front for the committee as well was not completely staffed by people in the know of the spiritual world.

As Miyu fired off his arrow, Sakota just quickly activated his seele schneider blocking the arrow that was flying to land right between his feet, the Reishi that made of the arrow destabilized as it contacted the vibrating blade of Sakota's favorite tool before being absorbed into the it. "Sorry about that, and sure I can bring you to them, and let you see what they are about. Though that will have to wait until the end of your Sanrei training, unless you would rather let the last five days go completely to waste. You see, they are based in New York, and even with the relationship that the Committee has with the Cops walking around with a weapon out firing off arrows randomly would not be good."

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