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#1 [Open] A peaceful summer on Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:26 am

Panting some, trying to catch his breathing as he felt too out of shape to deliver another set of arrows at a dummy. Miyu looked like jello, as it was time to hang up the towels and, calm it a day. The atmosphere was quite moist, summer break already started and, he decided to catch up on some training. Summer was actually the perfect time to train, and get strong since he was finally free from school and, all the other work finished for now.

Miyu had both of his legs crossed, sitting on the soft grassy plain. Feeling the breeze once the wind started to pick up a tad bit. It felt good for once, he was a bit hot from the training he did a moment ago. Miyu had noticed that he didn't bring any water with him. Miyu threw a little fit of frustration, forgetting the littlest thing and, fell backwards. He relaxed some, looking at the clouds moving in perfect motion.

It looked calm and, peaceful just staring at it and also without his uncle bothering him or anything troublesome. Just him and, nature. Miyu began to lay on his side, as his bronze like cheeks touched the grass. His bow was on the other side of him. Miyu let out a sigh, and just watched stuff moving by in different directions. He never noticed how peaceful, and nice nature could be like when there's just one entity. Nothing bothering you. Not even troublesome shinigamis could disrupt his peace.

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#2 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:55 am

The gray-haired quincy known only as Sakota was back home in Karakura town. He was now a full fledged member of the Committee, he had finally fulfilled all of the goals he had set for himself. Including one that he thought would have gotten himself killed, even if the Shinigami had agreed to help him. Walking through the forest enjoying the shade on the warm humid day Sakota felt something that he didn't get to feel very often, at least away from his family, and that was the presence of another quincy. Intrigued the gray-haired young man wound his way through the forest to where he last felt the sensation.

Upon reaching a small clearing he found a young man with Dark Green hair and bronze skin lying on the ground, Well that isn't a normal look for a quincy. At least I don't think it is, Was Sakota's thought as he silently approached, keeping his hands visible and peacefully at his side, his cross and glove visible on his right hand even with the long sleeves of his hoodie should Miyu see him coming he would not feel threatened into shooting first and asking questions later. Once Sakota was about ten feet or so away he spoke. "Hello, can't say I see many like us around here, though I suppose it is as good of a place to train as any."

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#3 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:21 am

Still laying at the same spot, feeling the thick grass resting on his bronze cheeks. He looked dead if you were to be standing a few feet away from him, though his intentions weren't to playing dead. Any smart person would know that he's resting. Miyu began to feel a small presence in his vicinity.

He immediately stood up straight, and retrieved his bow and, pulled on the string that made his bow. Once he did that, energy was being picked  up and, soon made his arrow. With some rest to build up his stamina he was ready for someone to try something stupid. Though thinking twice on their decisions would be something anyone would do.

Once the energy source got more noticable, he saw a odd looking guy with grey hair. He looked like he was the same exact age as Miyu was, another quincy? Strange. He hasn't seen any other Quincy's outside of his family, he also doesn't recall having any siblings either.

Us? he does indeed look like an actual , not some weird looking cosplayer. He has seen some of those hanging around where his father works at. Miyu placed his bow down, and trust his instinct hoping he's actually friendly.

"Yeah it is a nice place to train outside of karakura, one of the perfect spots to train at the least. By the way what's your name? I never really get a chance to see actual Quincy's, because of how strict my father is and how he Isn't into it." He said.

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#4 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:00 am

Sakota tensed slightly as Miyu drew his bow, so long as the green-haired quincy didn't fire Sakota wasn't going to do anything, well anything aggressive, he did kind of come up on him without announcing himself. This might play out badly. Though once Miyu seemed to realize that Sakota meant no threat he lowered his bow causing the gray-haired young man to exhale an audible sigh of relief, he still wasn't quite over the last time he drew his bow. Responding to the Miyu's question Sakota kept his voice gentle and calm, looking forward to finally meeting another quincy, and maybe even befriending him. At least he was going to leave one of the special crosses he carried with the young man, so long as he decided to use it his arrows would purify instead of destroy allowing him to be taken off of the Gotei's radar. "Sakota Ryudo, and I can understand not meeting many other quincies we are kind of a dying breed, and you are?"

Sakota raised his right arm, manifesting his sleek black bow around his wrist as if to prove that he was exactly what he said he was, his little display over with he let the bow vanish again. Granted due to the young quincies ambidextrous he could have easily done the same around his left, or to really throw the green-haired quincy for a loop created a bow that flew around without being attached to him. But that might end up revealing too many secrets about himself at least to someone he still didn't know the name of.

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#5 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:53 am

His bow was now right next to his left side, as his right hand was on his hips. Miyu can't remember when the last time he ever saw another Quincy besides one apart of his family. It seems that they're like close to extinction of some sort, not really any sign of them. Miyu's eyes gazed upon the boy that calls himself sakoto.

He started to examine him more once he decided to do some fancy trick shot with his arrow. "Yeah I'm aware of what a Quincy can do since i have a family of them" once he finish his examination, he sighed with a relief. It's actually a quincy that he got a chance to see. His eyes began to sparkle with amazement and, soon turned back to normal.

Miyu walked towards the boy, and held out his empty right hand. "My name is Miyu Narita" he says with a warm hearted smile on his face. He seem friendly and, trusting so he'll give sakoto a chance to gain Miyu's trust.

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#6 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:08 am

"A Pleasure" was all Sakota said as he accepted the green-haired man's hand giving him a nice firm handshake while returning his smile. Not only was he meeting another quincy but one about his age too that was quite good, hopefully they could become friends after this. "You mentioned something about your father, is he not fond of you trying to be a quincy? Does he worry you will bring the wrath of the Shinigami down upon you or somehting? I am sorry, I probably shouldn't pry."

Sakota realized he might have overstepped the slight amount of trust that he had earned just by being another quincy, he just wasn't sure how to approach Miyu, especially if his family didn't want him to be a quincy. Sakota's raised and trained him, teaching him that so long as the powers were used to protect himself he should be able to fly under the radar of the Gotei 13. It was that knowledge combined with his desire to be able to be useful to the people who had saved him as a child that made him take the risk he had just a few months prior to contact the Gotei and ask for their help in changing his powers.

The experiment had been a success, his arrows could now purify hollows, and from that change the Head of the R+D Department had managed to make a bunch of crosses that will allow other quincies to have purifying arrows as well. Sakota had left the majority of them with the Committee, who accepted him even after maiming the head, In fact they had welcomed him with open arms after that, viewing it as a sort of an accomplishment. But he had kept a few crosses on his person to give to any quincy he might encounter.

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#7 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:48 am

The handshake was quite too firm. Miyu didn't favor grip or formal handshakes, due to his fragile build. But he didnt show any kind of let down and, just took it. Giving back his hand, once he showed a sign of letting go. Miyu was ready to answer sakoto's question that he made a soft giggle.

"He doesn't care for shinigami kind, and he just doesn't want to see me be a let down. I was pretty useless back when he tried to train me, but ended up not having any motivation at all" sounds kinda like Miyu. "I remember him bringing up the blood war that happened prior to him becoming a doctor, seeing that he doesn't want any of his close ones die" Miyu had a small grip on the bottom of his shirt, feeling a bit down on himself, but soon ended up brightening up.

He was known to have small mood changes, well only people that knows of him. "It doesn't matter, because I know I'll be strong enough to take down high level shinigamis and, probably bigger hallows than these small fries" he says in a proud tone, adding a little laughter. Miyu is very prideful, and doesn't want to let his father down. Hoping to see how proud his father will be once he shows progression and, take off this glove he has to wear.

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#8 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:17 am

Sakota cringed slightly at Miyu's comment, while he couldn't remember ever not caring about the training enough to be considered a let down, he had some idea how the feeling of disappointing someone might be on a person. The mention of the 'Blood War' piqued Sakota's interest if for nothing else than he had never heard of it before, and 'wars' even amongst secret spiritual beings was not something that was easily kept hidden. Sakota's observant eyes noticed the grip that Miyu had on his shirt, a gesture that spoke of some combination of fear, though not just for himself but those around him, though the gesture passed quickly and Miyu brightened up again.

Miyu's next comment was full of pride, as he spoke of his future self with such assurance that Sakota wanted to do all that was in his power to help him reach there. Though hopefully if the green-haired male accepts his offer to help with his training Sakota would be able to curb his apparent hatred of shinigami, while he might have to fight some eventually Sakota did not wish for all of his work to start bridging the gap to get lost by one poor soul with a grudge. "Well I might be able to help you out there in more ways than one, I am a rather accomplished quincy if I do say so myself. Plus I have came across a tool that should you and your family use you won't ever have to worry about the Shinigami coming after you for doing what comes natural to you."

As if to prove his point about being a powerful quincy he released all of his pressure though only briefly enough to show off a bit knowing that he himself was at an average shinigami captain's level, not the strongest he has met, not by a long shot especially having met the captain commander of the Gotei 13 herself.

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#9 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:21 pm

Miyu was quite amazed by the power that the display that the young quincy had made. It did feel and, looked like he's experienced. Assuming he'd already achieve the vollstandig, but would it really be enough to fight a captain level shinigami. Not to doubt him or anything, but these things has been fighting for hundreds of years.

Miyu started to clap, and applauds him for the unique display. "That's pretty amazing" looking at the glove. He hoped to be able to at least achieve letzt stil in a short time, that's the type of confidence he has. "I want to be able to achieve letzt stil, if you can help me do that I'll definitely pledge my loyalty to you" he says with eyes filled with determination.

He wants to be the perfect asset for the Quincy's, and be the best in this generation. Miyu placed his right index finger on his soft cheek. "Why would I be worried about the shinigami, surely the only ones to worry about are the those extra powerful ones, it would be a blast to fight one of them. The bigger they're, the hard they fall." If anything Miyu was ready for whatever comes his way, as long as it will be enough entertainment.

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#10 Re: [Open] A peaceful summer on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:06 am

"As for why you should worry about the Shinigami, it is simple they claim our powers upset the balance of the world, and while you might be confident in your ability to handle the regular members, in fact you might be quite right in that aspect. They out number the remaining quincy at lest a hundred to one, maybe by even more. I couldn't exactly get an accurate count while I was in the Seireitei." Sakota said deciding to answer the green-haired quincies question, holding out a silver celtic cross that he could easily attach to the chain that his own cross hung from, before moving on to his request with helping him learn how to use Letz Stil. He would do as the young quincy asked if he was absolutely sure that is what he wanted, but before that he wanted to make sure that Miyu fully understood what was required, and the dangers it poses. "This tool will make your powers purify souls instead of destroy them, kind of like a Shinigami Zanpakuto which will keep you off of their radar for upsetting the balance. Now I assume you know Letz Stil is extremely dangerous, not just to your enemies. In case you are unaware in order to obtain it first you must master the Sanrei Glove, which can only be done by maintaining your bow and firing it continuously for a week straight while wearing said glove. After that if you are able to fully utilize your powers you will be ready for the next step, and this step I would heavily suggest not performing if your life is not on the line as while it will give you a sudden burst of power it will burn your powers away. And frankly just by mastering the glove you will be a more powerful quincy than you were before."

"While I might be able to help you restore your powers, the procedure is dangerous as it will require you to exhaust yourself than for me to hit you perfectly with one of my arrows. If I am off by even a fraction of a millimeter, the restoration will fail, your powers will be permanently lost, and that is if it doesn't kill you." Sakota continued after drawing in a deep breath, while he was aware of the process and was relatively confident in hitting point exactly 19mm to the right of Miyu's heart if he was stationary, if the young quincy so much as flinched it could prove lethal. "If you are absolutely sure about this I will help you, but if you have doubts I would say master the glove for now, and should you need to remove it and survive the encounter, contact me and I will do everything in my power to restore yours"

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