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#1 Miyu Narita on Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:37 am



Name: Miyu Narita
Alias: [Does your character have nicknames?]
Real Age: 19
Phys. Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Miyu is someone's personal favorite. He's always kind and, generous towards others not something that you see in a quincy everyday. He's quite simple to comply with and, not that technical, despite not liking technical things. Miyu is somewhat of a peace keeper, he  prefers to not have alot of useless complications that leads to confusion and, conflict. He starts of as a shy person, with little confidence in his abilities as a quincy. He has little bouts suffering from arthritis since he was a kid. It usually occurs more in shoulders, and rarely anywhere else. Miyu thrives become better with less problems to handle as a quincy.

Backing down isn't going to come up in his mind, moreover defeats the purpose as a quincy and, a warrior in general. It takes time for miyu to become motivated to things, and be better at the stuff he wants to achieve in. He wants to master his archery, and become like his predecessors, and become more of a successor. He's quite focused in combat, and never let anything distract him from his task. He doesn't favor losing, yeah call him a sore loser if you wish. Losing is an unsettling feeling. Miyu is quite cautious and, has second thoughts in his decisions. Not really knowing until it all gets fleshed out. He can be quite stubborn, also has trouble letting things go.

He does old grudges against people, and doesn't like ending fights with a cliffhanger. Miyu can get carried away and, will consider in doing more violent actions until someone stops him at least. Miyu gets minor blackout episodes, as he gets it from his cruel and, uncontrollably violent behavior expressing a form of disgust. Miyu can get from a lighthearted  person to a psychopath in a short period of time. These black outs leads to large gaps in his memory, after these blackouts he claims to have no memory about the situations.


Height: 5'7
Physical Traits: Miyu is a slim, bronze-skinned young adult with dark green hair. He has green eyes, he wore a medical eye patch to cover his left eye, though this reason is unknown  but started to wear a leather one after his father gave it to him. Sometimes Miyu wears formal clothing, but overall he always has on his Quincy attire when fighting hallows. Unlike most Quincy's Miyu has his own design, which was made by his uncle.

His white tunic has an asymmetrical cut out on the top, his sleeve at the end has two buttons, as they have a pair of white elastic straps that connects to his senrei glove on his right hand. His tunic is sleeveless, and the bottom of his tunic reaches past his waist. He condoned white pants, with silver lines on the side. When he wants to feel more comfortable, he wears a backless sleeveless shirt, with black armbands and, black sweatpants.

As a preteen, he wore his hair in a long and fashionable haircut. His eyes appear to have been darker in color, in contrast to how they are shown as an adult. Shortly after the hallows invaded his town, he started to wear white clothing more often and, wore ou his hair longer.

General Fighting Style: Miyu likes to mix things up im fights, and keep his end rather balanced. Usually a more of a keep away person, and doesn't let his opponents that only focus on close combat to get up too close. Once his opponent thinks he is playing for long range, and defensively. He can switch things up by meeting them halfway. He doesn't start off strong, as a quincy it can deplete his stamina if you go hard and, strong in the beginning when the real battle will end up beginning soon. He does know many prairie moves that can counter close combat fighters. Miyu's second guesses becomes more of a problem when faced against more powerful opponents.

Strengths: Speed, accuracy, durability, defense
Weaknesses: Strength, Stamina, lack experience

Boosts: x2 accuracy

Ability Name: [Quincies are allowed 1-2 personal abilities per stage.]
Ability Description: [These can be combat oriented or roleplay oriented.]


Quincy Bow: Just a black, and silver bow.
Quincy Powers: Hirenkyaku
Quincy Items: Senrei Glove, Hallow Bait


New Quincy Powers: [What new quincy powers do you gain? You can add more than just one here, but be careful, as quincy have possibly the most number of abilities normally than any other race.]

Boosts: [In this release, you get a 3x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


New Quincy Powers: [What new quincy powers do you gain? You can add more than just one here.]

Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History: As a kid, he grew up in an independent family that are quite strick with rules, and expect them to be abide to. Miyu's mother was a scientists, and a part time health teacher in the school that miyu attends to at karakura town where much hallow activity goes on of course. His father was a doctor, and oftenly has to help patients day in and, day out. He doesn't get much days off due to hallow attacks, and hurting the victims. Miyu didn't know much about anything related to hallows, and their behaviour in such. He was like a normal student starting out his freshmen year at karakura high. Miyu didn't have the right motivation at the time, and his father suggested him not to bother with any Quincy related stuff as he wasn't ready. Even at the age he was in, his father doubted miyu's capabilities that his uncle and, mother thought other wise.

His uncle on the other hand wanted Miyu to train with him, and continue on the Quincy blood line as a proud individual. He did try to motivate him, and thought up what'll happen if a hallow came to attack his family and, he or anyone else wasn't there to save one of them. That gave him the proper chance to want to become a good, protective Quincy for his family. Miyu, and his uncle started their training once the first semester was over with and, his grades where far. Being a full fledgling Quincy also didn't quite seem to be something Miyu could do, moreover he'll have doubts as well and, remember the things his father say about him. Maybe he was right, maybe being a great Quincy was all just a child dream. While on the second week of  Miyu training, he had sensed multiple spiritual pressures a couple miles away from the training ground. He couldn't put a good idea into who they were, or unless multiple hallows appeard all at once, which didn't make sense. When Miyu, and his uncle decided to go check out the problem, they were stopped by a crying boy. Miyu wanted to go find out why was he crying, he told him them that one of the hallows took his mother away. Miyu wondering where the shinigami are in times like these, but his uncle told him not to worry about it and do whatever he can to stop them. As they got back into the city, they saw the hallow that abducted the boys mother. It was a struggle for Miyu, but his uncle took care of it up until he was attack midway of his victory pose, as he was bitten on the shoulder . Causing sever damage.

Miyu had no choice, and had to use his courage to save him. Luckily he did, fending off the hallow as they now disappeared from the scene. It was still odd however, not seeing any shinigamis around. They are usually the one that take out them first. His father also didn't want to participate in the scene, as nothing was heard of from his end hoping no hallows where at his location either. The kids mother return to her son, and thank the two for rescuing her, but had also rushed Miyu uncle to the hospital to which Miyu father was working at the time

Side Notes:I want a boyfriend. All the powers n stuff will be filled once necessary training, and other stuff in the rp is compete.

Roleplay Sample:
When school finally let out, and Miyu feeling relief that it's the weekend and, little to no homework had to be done. It was like he was already done with high school, but he still had a few years on his belt before he can even throw the towels for the remainder. As he was carrying his books he saw a face that wasn't hard to identify. Of course it was his uncle, and wondering why was he here.

Miyu's uncle looked as if he was running away from something, but he wasn't. Like the child type he is, he without a doubt leaped and, attempted to pounce on Miyu. Why? Who knows. Miyu wasn't prepared for what was coming to him so all he could do was embrace the impact, and hope for the best. Miyu showed no sign of moving out of the way, just a sudden surpised and, pinch of yelp as his uncle made a success.

"Oww..Takashi, what was that for? A hug would have been more appropriate." He whined, as he sees his books just helplessly dead on the ground, as he was pinned by his uncle. "Aw don't be a dead beat downer like your father Miyu, pretty sure you're better than that." he teased, as he helped Miyu and, picked up the books for him.

"You know we start training today right? You'll be a great Quincy once we finish, just you wait." His uncle was proud of himself training Miyu, someone that Miyu father wasn't obligated to that idea but let it slide, because he does at least want to see his son achieve something. Failure isn't really an option in the family, and Miyu wasn't going to let down the quincies or his family name.

"Yeah I know. I have nothing better to do, so might as well." He says. Once the two made it to there training ground. Miyu set his stuff to the side and, got ready. His first week of intense training had finally began, his uncle handed him a small silver case. Miyu took the case, and opened it. It appeared to be a white glove, he assumed it would help him through his training.

"This is a senrei glove, you need to keep this on and, never take it off unless desperate time will come. Alright now begin. Miyu nodded and, began to put on the glove. Miyu positioned himself, and faced forward taking deep breathes. Holding his bow in his left hand, as reiatsu was being gathered while his right hand placed on the string of the bow. Once done, the reiatsu began to form in a shape of an arrow. He shot his first shot with precision, and enough concentration as if he was shooting a dear with no sway or interuption. Just relax breathing.

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#2 Re: Miyu Narita on Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:31 am

Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division
Approved at 2-5. If and when you add powers to your app, let one of us know and we'll help you and regrade. Until then, happy RPing~


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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#3 Re: Miyu Narita on Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:37 am


Kk will do

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