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Ika Mazi

Ika smiled at his handiwork, walking down the line of quitters he'd seen from the war that he'd captured and killed and summarily crucified, or that he'd simply opted to kill. He walked down the line, the first was Atlas Ren, former VC of squad 7.. Then there was Ragar Rose, Captain of the same squad.. Then there was Sakura, Former Captain and VC of Squad 2.. Then there was Kosuke, a Vizard who'd sought Ika out one day before trying to leave.. Then there was Alistair, former VC of the Kidou Corps.. Then there was Nicole.. And Jackson.. and Ryuuichi (another Captain) and several others, all hanging on their own respective crosses.. They'd earned their fates by fleeing battle.. And they hung from their crosses now as deserved..

-End thread-

(Warning, don't quit the site at event time :^) )


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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