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#1 [Solo] Unbound on Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:25 am

Graven Fel


©2013 lexie
Graven groaned as he lay on the floor of the Parisian penthouse in pain. Any of those who were spiritually aware in the slightest were staying away from the hotel in question, and any residents made excuses to leave as soon as possible, from business appointments to randomized visits to relatives in Brazil. The reason was simple. Reiatsu.

The Cero Espada's raw reiatsu was lashing outwards and crushing everyone within half a mile of him. It had been doing so for the last four hours since he had arrived via Garganta. It seemed that his pitched battle with Rena Lisola had indeed broken something within him, and now it was as if a dam was running over.

Around the six hour mark, however, it calmed and became an ominous presence over the city, his form having stabilized itself finally, blessedly. Standing up, Graven grit his teeth and looked in the bathroom mirror, shocked at what he saw. His estigma and hair had changed slightly, becoming more akin to his visage in Segunda Etapa, yet with shoulder-length hair instead of the normal flowing mane. His Zanpakuto was nowhere to be found, despite his returning to what he originally thought was his sealed state. The remains of his Hollow mask were gone, leaving his face bared to the world, and there was no longer a hole in his throat. Reaching to touch the smooth skin at the hollow of his throat, he noticed something odd. He had no heartbeat.

Reaching to his chest and extending his control over blood to run a simple diagnostic, Graven found that while his blood was flowing normally, there was no actual organ pumping it through his body, instead relying on a set of odd muscles that ran around the area where his heart would have been. Chuckling, the Arrancar realized that he was now truly heartless. Noting that he couldn't sense anything or anyone spiritually was odd, even when one considered that he had trouble with it before, but he could tell that his own reiatsu and reserves had increased drastically, to the point where they eclipsed even his Segunda Etapa.

Shaking his head and deciding to test a few theories later, he stepped into the shower and got himself dressed in a white suit, forgoing his normal uniform for something more akin to what humans would wear so as not to draw suspicion. Double-checking to make sure that the gothic "0" was still on his right pectoral, just in case someone wished to challenge him, he did the last few buttons up on the black shirt and put on a silver tie. Grabbing his coat, IPhone, and wallet, the Cero Espada headed out to where he had determined his next meeting would be. After all, Graven needed to see the damage for himself.

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