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#21 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:47 pm

Once the fear has started to fade Shojo moved towards Shana "I won't Miss Shana I'm sorry for my actions." he said holding his hands together tightly as she began to tell him what worked and what didn't work during the battle 'I don't get you Shojo we could have killed her given some more time.' Shiro added as she told why they should use some kidou or bakoudo. This was a question that made them think back to their time at the Academy where they learned first hand that without some spells to back you in a fight you will lose faster than they did "We can't really use any kidou like most people in the Gotie...So we just focused on our close quarter's training." Oddly enough Shojo blushed while he told her their reason as if it was a big secret or something to that effect. That was embarrassing I hope she doesn't think it's weird. he told Shiro, 'Let's just move on with this would ya.' he replied as they waited to hear what Shana had to say.

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#22 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:42 am

"I see, well, your little ability with the freezing flame probably works on a similar principle to using Kido. You pretty much just focus your reiryoku picturing it take on a fire like state and then let it loose. Right?." Shana would begin, not waiting for Shojo to respond, there was a chance that he was doing just that without even thinking about it so he didn't fully understand how it worked, but that was neither here nor there. "Kido is pretty much the same thing, you picture the form you want your reiryoku to take, through the use of a chant or even just the name to make the recall easier and let it loose. The clearer the picture, and better the control you use is the more effective the spell, the incantation assists with your focus but isn't necessary. For example the Shakkoho you used earlier you tried to pump too much power into it causing it to backfire. Bakudo works similar, but it relies on your Reiatsu as well as your Reiryoku to keep them bound."

Shana would then stand up taking a few steps back she would continue her instructions, "Here try to use Sai, picture in your mind your reiryoku forming handcuffs that are binding my arms behind my back, these gestures also might help." As Shana finished her instructions she would point at Shojo with the index and middle finger of her right hand and swipe to her right.

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#23 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:25 pm

As he listened to Shana talk about how they could use their weak point and build on them or something to that effect, Shojo didn't fear for his life as much before they had their first round To think today was suppose to be a normal day for me but now we're training without Azure this sucks. he thought as they reached their new location yet again 'She can sure talk a lot for such a flattie. Man if we had Azure this whole thing would be much easier on me.' Shiro add on as the two honestly didn't know what to do for the first move which was new for them. "Umm well, I guess we could try and pull her hair or something," Shojo muttered to Shiro allowed putting his fist up in a mix of offensive yet defensive position. "Shana Senpai could I get a weapon or something I really don't think I can take you on without one?" he asked looking a bit annoyed by it himself. If he managed to learn something from this other than to bring his Zan with him no matter the trip She's gonna hit me I just know it. Then again maybe not she did seem less enraged now. he gave Shana slight eye contact.

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#24 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:21 am

Shana looked at the young man before her with a look of skepticism he did not just ask for a weapon, what part of use Sai did he not understand... Shana was beyond irritated, he didn't bother even acknowledging what she said, and continued on like she wasn't trying to help him. God no wonder Ika is always irritated with people, you try to help them, teach them something good and useful and they don't care. "Um... Did you not just hear what I said, what part of that involved a weapon or even fighting, Hell I am damn sure that even with your zanpakuto you wouldn't be able to take me on if there was two of you. Especially Seeing as, Bakudo #20 Ashikubi Shibari"

Shana angrily thrust her hand out in front of her casting her spell once again tying the young squad 2 member's hands and feet together behind his back. "I can easily disable you and kill you, without my zanpakuto, with it... well lets just say clean up would be easier."

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#25 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:13 am

Shojo didn't know what to make of the situation as it was something that he had never encountered before until now "Umm Miss Shana I just thought that if I had something this would go alot fat-..." before the line was even finished they found themselves back in the same bind as before but this time a lot stronger, I don't get it why is she so mad at me? Is it cuz I asked for a weapon or something? the situation was something that had just flew over his head as they felt the binds getting tighter the more they tried to break free of them. 'Hey, shit for brains why not try that spell and see if you can break this one or something!' Shiro's anger started to piling up the more time Shojo spent thinking about what he did wrong. "Okay, Shiro I'll give it a try...#31 Shakkaho..." Shojo did his best to focus while using the spell combined with their flames to make fit their way of fighting. The spell would blow up behind them while the flames ignited the ground directly under her feet. The plane its self-was way beyond anything that they would have done normally.

Powers Used:

Ability Name: Flaming surfaces.
Description: He thinks it. and once per post, he can light the surface of something on fire but usually the floor. This can include walls, tables, plates, windows, a flat rock he picked up and tossed Freezeing them and the object.

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#26 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:41 am

Shana watched as the foolish shinigami struggled against the bindings that she had laid upon him while he was trying to explain his request. He doesn't seem to get, what she is trying to teach him doesn't involve a weapon at all. Then the stupid brat tried to use Shakkaho again, like seriously what the hell. Does he not listen, or is he really this stupid. As the fireball blew up behind him again catching him in an explosion of his own energy, blue flames formed under her feet, jumping upwards and standing on a platform of solidified air Shana lost her cool again. Snapping at the still trapped Shojo, "HONESTLY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING. Do you not understand I am trying to help you. Fuck I don't understand how anyone like you made it to a ranked position in any of the court guards, never mind in Squad 2. I fucking thought they still had standards, but it looks like I was wrong." Releasing her spell from him she continued, "I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU ONE LAST CHANCE, NOW LISTING VERY FUCKING CAREFULLY. OTHERWISE, Well lets just say that I will need a dustpan to send you back to your captain."

Landing on the ground about six feet away from the pyre he had made under her feet she breathed deeply calming herself before speaking again, this time her voice completely and utterly in control, "Now I am going to explain this one more time, and I am going to want you to listen carefully as I do. Picture in your mind your reiryoku forming handcuffs that are binding my arms behind my back, pointing at me with your dominant hand and swiping to the side like you are pulling on a rope might help with your focus. That is the principle behind casting Bakudo #1 Sai. Now before you say something stupid, like asking for a weapon, so long as you pay attention to what I am telling you and do as I ask you will not need it. Now I want you to try to perform Sai on me."

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#27 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:11 am

I don't have time to be playing her stupid mind games! he thought as she removed the binding on him allowing him to stand once more, the ground under him started to burn under him 'Fuck her and this bullshit training!' Shiro added on. The two have never seemed to share certain emotions in the past but could it mean for them as they both pour everything they have into their rage "I will not stand here and be made to look the fool! I've worked my ass off to get here!" they yelled as the flames around them started to burn his shirts ruffles. Once Shana finished telling him what to do he raised his left hand and tried to do it but nothing happened Okay Sho lets not get too carried away... the flames went out the more that he let the anger go and focus.

Once that was done he tried it once more with all his focus "Okay here I go I guess...Bakudo #1 Sai." he kept his eyes closed as the spell bound Shana. After using the spell Shojo passed out on the ground for a minute then woke up "What happen? My body feels so much lighter now for some reason?" using up so much energy in such a short time span really has negative effects on a person "Miss Shana how I do?" he asked getting up and dusting himself off "Anything else you like to teach me?" the question was random at best but if she wanted to take one more shot with him she could.

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#28 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:10 am

Shana smirked as Izanami-kun did just what he was saying he wasn't going to, and that is stand there and look like a fool, as his own flames started to singe his clothes. Then the flames extinguished themselves as it seemed that the young man managed to get his emotions under control before attempting to use the spell. For a change his attempt to mold a Kido didn't back fire in his face, that was a good start there was also a sudden pressure trying to pull her arms behind her back. Though it felt like a kitten trying to cuff Herculese, the spell was there but not strong enough nor properly formed. But it was a start. Much better than the Shakkaho's he fired earlier.

Unfortunately, with all of the exertions he had that day he lost consciousness and the spell wavered. Sitting still watching over the foolish boy who couldn't even use the most basic of spells and dared to risk the world of the living without a part of his soul. When he came to he just started up a round of questions. Shana started answering them one at a time, "Uh you passed out, your reserves are depleted so your aren't feeling any reiatsu right now. As for how you did, well it is a nice start, you have some work to do well when you get some energy back that is. As for other things to teach you, the only other thing that can prove useful to you on hand right now would be Sho, the most basic of hado's basically a punch of pure reiatsu that you fire from your fingers. Can be used to deflect attacks, cause opponents to maneuver into traps. or To literally trip someone up."

"But for now, how about we go back and get some food?" Shana said with a smile, she knew the young man was probably ravenous, hell exertion to the point of blacking out tended to make her hungry too, so she couldn't exactly blame him.

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