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#1 [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:56 am

Shojo had just received a letter from his brother asking him to check on their sisters whom he hadn't gone to check up on after being sent to the Nest 'Shojo don't even think about it.' Shiro told his other half "I have to check on them...Just cuz you don't like them doesn't matter." Shojo replied rushing out the nest at top speed. I have to make sure that I don't spend any more time than I need to be with them. he told himself as he waited the gate to open he tapped his left foot as he didn't even need them to open it fully. Once the gate was open just enough fro him to get through he rushed through and just to be expected he was smack dap in the Dongia world and lucky for him he just missed the sweeper.

It didn't take him too long to get out and when he did he was in central park New York City, It didn't take Shojo too long to find his sister as she was with her kids. He made sure that he took had his old phone with him as he went to watched over them "Shojo it's time to go." his sister yelled as small little boy looked at her as he played with his toys.

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#2 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:39 am

Shana had found herself back in New York, though this time she was not hunting pralines but delicious, hot, fresh gooey doughnuts. In fact the red headed female had one of these treats in her hand and she was savoring bite after delicious glazed bite while she sat on a bench in Central park. As she licked the sweet glaze from her fingers her scarlet eyes fell upon a wierd looking individual, well the guy himself was not too weird in appearance, though his shirt was kind of gaudy. Which on its own Shana would have probably ignored, though the young man seemed to be stalking a woman and her kids, staring at them from a distance, seeming to take pictures of them from his phone.

Worried about the safety of the children, Shana took action. Quickly glancing around her to make sure that no one was looking at her directly she activated Bakudo #26 before shunpo'ing to behind the young man, confirming her suspicions that he was infact looking at the mother and her children. Dropping the spell so that she was perfectly visible in her black clad glory she spoke, "Okay freak, You are coming with me."

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#3 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:52 am

Shojo turned around with tears in his eyes to see a young girl standing behind him "I'm sorry what's going on do you want something?" he asked wiping his face of the tears that ran down his face 'Shojo are you kidding me, man up and grow a pair!' Shiro said with a rather disappointed tone in his voice within Shojos head. Look we can talk about that later Shiro I just need a sec. Shojo replied to Shiro still making sure that he was hidden from his sister and her child when he realized that he looked really creepy doing thing that "Wait I can kinda explain what I was doing! I'm soo creep promise." the tone of his voice was filled with slight fear and sincerity as he looked back at the girl 'Wait this girl is not normal I'm getting a really bad vibe from her.' Shiro commented as Shojo ignored him.

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#4 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:42 am

"Oh really, prove it Mister." Shana said her scarlet eyes locked on the young man in front of her. Reaching out with her senses she could tell that he had some kind of spiritual power, and he felt vaguely shinigami. Though the outfit he was wearing was definitely not the standard shihakkusho, or the stealth force uniform. It also didn't have the right feel to have been Kidou Corps, not that the red-haired young woman had much experience with them. Releasing a bit of pressure to emphasize her point the air around the two of them got noticeably warmer. "And if I don't like what you have to say, then lets just say you will find out that I am beyond too hot to handle."

While Shana's stance would seem relaxed underneath her loose fit clothes her muscles were taut ready to spring into action should the need arise, her eyes taking in every detail she could about the person before her. There wasn't any way he was going to get the drop on her. Though who knows his answer might appease her suspicions, but she doubted it.

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#5 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:41 am

This girl is bad news I have to be careful what I say. Shojo thought to himself as he backed up a little with a smile on his face "You see that's my sister and I've been...gone for a while so I thought why not see her." he held back his tears from falling once more as he continued to explain to the small lady "I didn't know that she had a child...wait a how can you see me!?" he jumped back about five meters away from her. 'Are you done with your bitch fest? Cuz I was telling you that she was trouble.' Shiro asked very sarcastically. The two honestly didn't know what to expect from this weird little girl but they knew that they could not take her lightly what so ever with just the small amount of pressure that she released.

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#6 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:45 am

"Uh huh," was all that Shana said to the wierdo's explanation, giving the young woman he was staring at a quick glance and looking back at the boy in front of her she could see a resemblance. It was hard to pick up the extent of it because of the apparent age difference between the two, but it was easily close enough to be cousins so why not siblings. His reaction when he remembered that a normal person should not be able to see him, nevermind interact with him was so hilarious that Shana had to laugh. It was a nice clear laugh one free of anger and worry. One that truly belonged to a young woman whose age matched what she appeared. In response to his question Shana pulled her long black coat to the side just enough to reveal the hilt of her Zanpakuto.

If the boy before her wasn't as stupid as he appeared he should be able to recognize the blade for what it was, from there it would only take a quick sense of the reiatsu that she was releasing to detect the hint of hollow within her. Though then again he might be some kind of idiot taking the reveal to be a threat which it wasn't intended as, but that was up to him to decide.

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#7 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:31 am

"Soo you're a Shinigami that's weird I thought I was the youngest member...Oh well your reiatsu is weird but that's fine." as he looked at the girl he smiled and felt slightly more at peace with what was going on 'Got your the dumbest person to share a body with she's one of those half and half's they told us about during a meeting.' Shiro commented as they turned around "Oh really that's weird but she's really nice creepy but nice. If anything we could learn something from her maybe." Shojo replied aloud.

Shojo took one last look at his sister before turning back to the girl "Oh my name's Shojo Izanami nice to meet you. If you could train me I would really like that." he told her with a bow that you would give your master of your dojo. 'You can not be for real right now.' Shiro said with a rather dissected tone I have to get stronger if I want to be able to take back my Vice Captain post. Shojo replied as he stood up from the bow.

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#8 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:49 am

"I was..." Shana said, trailing off it wasn't something she was in the mood to talk about right now, of course then the small shinigami apparently didn't realize he was speaking outloud to a conversation he was having internally with someone that Shana could only assume was his zanpakuto spirit. And while most of what he said was actually kind of sweet the fact that he had called her creepy was not missed, the word coming from someone who was easily mistaken for a stalker was enough to cause a rather cartoonish vein to appear pulsing over her left eye as her reiatsu was released a little more raising the temperature even further causing the leaves and grass to brown as the water was being forcibly evaporated out of them by the sheer amount of heat the little red-head was kicking off. Then Shojo bowed to her asking her to train him, which if he hadn't insulted her just a few seconds ago she probably would have agreed to in an instant, but right now the only things keeping her from planting his face into the side walk like he was some kind of ugly plant was a combination of possible collateral damage and the fact that she did not want to piss off the gotei.

"Sure, as you sure you want to learn from someone you find creepy" Shana said in response to his request her voice held so much bite that it practically had venom dripping Fangs of its own. Oh she would train him all right, cause like they said whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. "Though I would suggest a change of scenery before we start, too many people around if you catch my drift"

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#9 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:44 am

Shojo smiled as she said yes and felt really bad for not realizing that he was talking aloud "Sorry about that not really used to talking to umm never mind." he said looking at the ground "What will you be teaching me Ms....wait what do I call you actually, teacher. Ms., or Redhead?" he asked her looking rather embarrassed that he would allow his emotions to show so easily but the reaction was called for. What exactly did this young m lady have up her sleeve when they started training hopefully it would be some food and a name, 'Hey was it slightly hotter back at the park?' Shiro asked as they moved to their new location Now that you mention it I think it was but I'm normally cold so it didn't matter. Shojo responded as his eyes changed from brown to purple. 'Hey what the heck Shiro I wanted to fight her!' Shojo complained as Shiro ignored him completely.

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#10 Re: [Battle] Shojo vs Shana on Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:02 am

"Shana" is all the red-head said as she lead the way in a north-westerly direction, She had taken to the sky using her air walking skill and a slower shunpo than her norm so that the young man could keep up easily. She was leading the way away from the large city where her powers, and quite possibly this Shojo characters ones would cause harm to innocents. Not to mention set off every bell, whistle, and alarm in the building of the Committee's building calling down a small army on the pair of them. Granted with her trump card Shana thought it might be fun to let the twerp get stuck in a position to be caught by them while she just poofed into a pile of ash to be blown away on the wind till she was ready to reform. Though the risk to the public that her reiatsu posed prevented her from doing just that.

Leading Shojo to a relatively large and empty piece of land that looked to be farm land being allowed to go wild this year Shana touched down on the ground. Turning toward the young man, she noticed a that his eyes were vibrant purple, Huh I thought they were brown earlier, oh well shrugging the thought away she spoke again for the first time since they started their trip. "I am sorry for the trip, but the city was far too populated for us to use our powers to any extent they have available to them. Plus there is also an organization who is dedicated to the protection of humanity there with what equates to a private army that lives there, and I would rather not have to deal with them. Out here though, we could pretty much go full out, and who knows. If you survive you might just learn something."

As Shana spoke she stretched her arms out gesturing to the large flat plot of land, free of trees, covered with grass that only comes up to Shana's ankles meaning the land was probably plowed under within the last month or so. "If you are ready for this, you may begin. Come at me however you see fit."

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