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#1 Kirou Ryuuzaki on Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:46 am


Name: Kirou Ryuuzaki
Alias: The Silver Wolf of Zaraki
Real Age: 160
Phys. Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Arrogant, Cocky, Braggart, These are the words that best describe the silver-haired ninja known as Kirou Ryuuzaki. Though Kirou's arrogance is not entirely unfounded and in fact one of his favorite past times is to prove that to everyone he can. Unfortunately there is a reason that pride is a deadly sin, he has on more than one occasion over looked something because of his pride and it came back to bite him in his ass. And while he may be extremely prideful and cocky there are times in which his confidence proves to be quite fragile, shattering like glass. When this happens he tries to not let it show keeping up an arrogant facade to taunt and unnerve his opponent though while he is like this a nervous habit of his becomes quite apparent as he tends to reach for the pendant around his neck for luck.

While Kirou may be arrogant he is not an asshole, in fact he is quite the opposite choosing to be respectful and courteous to those he know are his superiors, and even treating those he has deemed inferior to him with patience and kindess much like you would a child you are trying to set a good example for. Of course as soon as he enters a fight with the latter option his gentle demeanor will melt away like ice as he starts to taunt them. But so long as he has not labeled someone an enemy he will treat them with patience.

He also has a soft spot for innocent people being dragged into dangerous situations. If you really want to break his arrogant facade do that. But keep in mind you do so at your own risk, especially if the innocent is hurt because of it. When innocent people are dragged into danger around him he slips into a cold murderous rage aimed almost soley at the person stupid enough to hit upon his one pet peeve.


Height: 5'10" (180 cm)
Weight: 136lbs (62 kg)
Physical Traits: Kirou has slivery white hair that comes down to his neck which he constantly uses three bobby pins to hold the left side of out of his face when not in full Punishment Force garb. His pitch black eyes almost always look serious, and his tan complexion rounds out the colors of his body without clothes. His build is muscular, not an inch of fat on him, his limbs well toned yet not bulging with muscle, he has an arrogant smirk that practically screams 'yeah I am better than you what are you gonna do about it'.

For clothing Kirou normally wears the punishment force outfit even after being transferred to working directly as a member of the second squad of the Gotei 13, keeping his face covered from the nose down with a mask that has a hood that he occasionally pulls up over his hair leaving just his eyes visible (think stereotypical Ninja mask), with his Zanpakuto strapped across his back. He also wears a single piece of jewelry a Black pendant on a chain around his neck. Normally tucked into his uniform it is seen occasionally whenever he is fidgeting or worrying over something.

When he don's his Gigai in the human world he has been seen wearing baggy pants, a white button-up shirt, a black button up sweater with white trim, chains attached to his pants.

Kirou in his Gigai:


General Fighting Style:
Kirou prefers to fight up close and personal using his fists and feet to settle the score while avoiding what he can of his opponents moves. Through out the fight he will taunt his opponent to try and anger or disrupt their flow. When he does have to rely on his Zanpakuto he more uses the trickery aspects of it to get close to the opponent where he can shine using Hakuda. Aside from his fists his weapon of choice would be the Kunai that his zanpakuto becomes, using it both as a blade for melee attacks and as thrown weapon.

Hoho Master - As a member of the punishment force, and training under both Sakura and Kaede Melk, Kirou has achieved mastery of all forms of Hoho and can use Shunpo almost as easily as it is for him to breath.
Hakuda Master - Kirou had shown great promise during his tenure in the punishment force and had caught Sakura's eye while she was captain. She had taken him under her wing and instructed him when she stepped down however he had not even obtained Shikai so he wasn't a candidate for the captain slot that Kaede took. Upon her return from the sinner excursion she continued to teach him, including the forbidden technique Shunko.
Agility - Training with some of the fastest members of the Gotei has taught Kirou not only to have lightning quick reflexes but to have the ability to match their speed offensively as well.
Stamina - Kirou started with a high stamina pool to begin with, however his training to master Hoho, and Shunko has increased this even further.
Strength - While Kirou is extremely fast he is kind of like an SMG in that he can deliver a lot of blows in a short amount of time, but each one on its own does not pack a heavy punch
Durability - The downside of avoiding being hit as much as Kirou does is that he doesn't have a lot of experience in taking a hit.
Reiryoku - While Kirou's Stamina levels are astronomical his spiritual power reserves are kind of lacking.

Ability Name: Kemuri no Bakudan [Smoke Bomb]
Ability Description: Kirou can create a smoke screen while releasing his reiatsu. This works similarly to Bakudo #21 Sekienton though the smoke is a dark gray rather than red, and Kirou doesn't have to make any additional movements to perform it. Another feature that Kemuri no Bakudan has over Sekienton is that the smoke is laced with his reiatsu making it nearly impossible to pick out his location through sensing. [Duration: 2posts, Cd: 3 posts from releasing (after ends)]. Kirou can also pseudo-fire this ability whenever he shunpo's allowing him create a poof of smoke before stepping (more for ninja-shenanigan rp purposes at that point, and clears up almost immediately)

Ability Name: Kanzen'na inpei (Complete Concealment)
Ability Description: Kirou can suppress his Reiatsu to the point where even the most adept at sensing will not be able to notice him. This came from years of practice in the punishment force, hunting down rogue shinigami and troublesome hollows. The biggest downside to this technique is that Kirou can not use anything more elaborate than Shunpo and Basic Hakuda while using it. Duration: Indefinite, Cooldown: X+1 where X = posts active.

Ability Description: An advanced battle technique which combines the physical techniques of Hakuda and the spell-based techniques of Kidou, Shunkou is the peak of Hakuda and Hohou techniques. Shunkou comes in natural elements such as lightning or wind, based on the user's personality and reiatsu. When active, the technique rips apart the fabric on the user's back and arms as they're flooded with Kidou. Kirou's active element can be changed once every post, but is always activated in Darkness-Element.
    [YAMI] - Darkness
    x2 Speed, +Draining touch (see drain chart below) - Kirou's own unique element, while this element is active Shunko is pitch black and Kirou's skin takes on a darker hue (Think like Anti-sora)

    [HUTON] - Water
    x2 Speed, +Regeneration - While this is active, Shunko has a feint blue color.

    [DOTON] - Earth
    x4 Stamina/Endurance - While this is active, Shunko has a feint orange color.

    [RAITON] - Lightning
    x4 Speed - While this is active, Shunko has a feint yellow color.

    [FUUTON] - Wind
    x3 Speed, x3 Strength - While this is active, Shunko has a feint green color.

[完璧瞬閧]Perfect Shunkou
Ability Description: A perfected version of Shunkou which brings Kirou to the peak ability of his tier. This cannot be activated in the same post as Shunkou itself, and is activated in the same element as Shunkou currently is. Kirou can change his active element once per post.
    [YAMI] - Darkness
    Kirou is coated in shadows that he can manipulate freely changeng its length, stretching it up to one foot away from his body, and increasing its density equal to that of Zan-steel, though the shadows directly in contact with his body are more like a fabric, preventing him from being cut though blunt force and elemental attacks will still hurt him. He also retains the Draining touch from Shunkou

    [HUTON] - Water
    Kirou is coated in Water, and has High-Speed Regeneration. While this is active, Shunkou has a feint blue color.

    [DOTON] - Earth
    Kirou is coated in Earth, and takes 33% less damage from all sources. While this is active, Shunko has a feint orange color.

    [RAITON] - Lightning
    Kirou is coated in Lightning, and moves 50% faster than before. While this is active, Shunko has a feint yellow color.

    [FUUTON] - Wind
    Kirou is coated in Wind, and his attacks are 100% faster due to lack of air resistance. While this is active, Shunko has a feint green color.

Drain Chart:
Touch - like a rank 2 kido, though the longer the touch is held the stronger the drain becomes over time the hado number drain doubles up to a maximum of a rank 64 hado. (1st post: Rank 2, 2nd post: rank 4, 3rd post: Rank 8, 4th: rank 16, etc) The maximum amount of Reiryoku and Stamina that can be drained in one contact would be a forbidden Kidous worth. Breaking Contact will reset this.
Basic Punch - Drains a rank 10 Hado's worth of Reiryoku+Stamina
Basic Kick - Drains a Rank 20 Kidous worth of Reiryoku+Stamina
Hakuda Techniques - Drains Reiryoku+Stamina equal to 1/4 damage dealt (IE Hakuda technique that hits for a cero drain's 1/4 a cero's worth of Reiryoku+Stamina)


Sealed Appearance: Nobu is a simple Ninjato nothing fancy to look at. It's nineteen inch length is perfectly straight aside from the square tsuba that is its guard. Nobu's sheath and hilt are pure black, and his blade is a smokey steel. Nobu is normally worn horizontally across Kirou's back allowing him the ability to draw it in a reverse grip with his right hand with ease.
Zanpakutou Name: Nobu
Call Out Command: Melt into the Shadows, Nobu!


Appearance: Nobu changes from a Ninjato to a Kunai it's length shrinking to just over a foot from ring to point. The edges of the blade are razer sharp allowing for Nobu to be used for cutting as well as stabbing in this form though by it's nature it is a weapon for throwing.

Nobu's sheath also changes from the ninjato one across Kirou's back to a simple holster of sorts on his right leg.


Ability Name: Kage no sōsa (Shadow Manipulation)
Ability Description: Kirou can control any shadows in a twenty foot radius, so long as it does not belong to a player character (aside from himself). This is more than causing shadows to stretch and shrink, Kirou can actually cause shadows to solidify and and attack taking on the forms of fists, feet, spears. One of his favorite uses for this is solidifying shadows around Nobu turning the Kunai into a full length sword that looks kind of like a black lightsaber.

Ability Name: Shadoudagā (Shadow Daggers)
Ability Description: Nobu's only true 'Direct' offensive ability. Kirou throws his Zanpakuto at his opponent which then multiplies so that there are now twenty Kunai flying at bala speeds towards his opponent (think shuriken shadow clone technique from naruto) upon contact the daggers will explode for a hado 20 each in a one foot radius around them. (Nobu included though Kirou can use this to set up a Shadōrokku instead.) Cooldown: 1post

Ability Name: Shadōrokku (Shadow Lock)
Ability Description: This is quite probably Kirou's favorite technique. He throws Nobu at his targets shadow where if it sticks it will paralyze his target in a similar manner to Bakudo #9 Geki. Though it's effectiveness is closer to a Bakudo #70. Cooldown: 3 posts

Ability Name: Shadougēto (Shadow Gate)
Ability Description: Kirou+Nobu's alignment with darkness and shadows allow them to use shadows as portals to redirect his projectile attacks. The limitations on this ability is that first they can not come out of the same shadow that the attacks entered (shadow is considered the same if it is attached to the same object even if the two parts of the shadow are connected, second the shadow can not belong to a player character (other than Kirou), and third should nobu be inside of a shadow and Kirou is not, Kirou can not use Modori to get Nobu back. Beyond that Kirou pretty much picks one shadow for the attacks to enter, and another for them to exit. The attacks will phase out and Nobu will return to his hand if left in limbo for longer than one post. Cooldown: Equal to the attack redirected.

Ability Name: Kage merurō (Shadow Meld)
Ability Description: Similar to Shadougēto though where Shadougēto does not allow living matter to be transferred into the gates this technique allows Kirou himself to literally enter the 'Shadow World' by melting into shadows. He can then melt out of any shadow he chooses so long as it doesn't belong to a player character. He can only stay in the shadow world for a full post, and its cooldown doesn't begin till he has exited the shadow world. Cooldown: 4 posts

Ability Name: Modori (Return)
Ability Description: Because Nobu's primary purpose is to be thrown, it is only common sense that it there was some way for Kirou to collect Nobu without having to find where the silly dagger got knocked away to, that is where Modori comes it. After being thrown Kirou can literally will his Zanpakuto back to his hand ready to use again.

Boosts: 2x Agility, 2x Reiryoku






Wait what?:
Kirou was born into a clan of Ninja who much like the quincy had the ability to see and interact with the world of spirits. The Ninjutsu that they had practiced was less smoke and mirrors and more spiritual based magic that they could use to fulfil their contracts. Though their clan was small enough and their interactions with beings like hollows were infrequent enough that they stayed off of the radar of the Gotei 13.

From the time that he could walk Kirou was trained in the use of weapons, hand to hand, and in how to use his spiritual powers. In all of these activities Kirou seemed to be a natural, mastering them at least to the levels of his teachers by the time he was eight years old, earning the right to start taking on contracts with the men of the clan before his ninth birthday. Though shortly after his tenth one of the feudal lords who had been one of their more frequent customers had feared that Kirou's family would eventually get bought out and turn on him so he spread rumors of the clan's intent to other feudal lords, coordinating a strike against the Ryuuzaki clan to wipe them clean off the face of the earth.

The Ryuuzaki clan put up one hell of a fight decimating more than 90% of the combined forces that were mustered against them with their special abilities, but in the end the more than twenty to one odds proved too much for them and they were killed to the very last including Kirou who had taken more than his fair share with him. And as if his luck could get any worse when he awoke in the soul society he had found himself practically in hell, well as close to hell as one could get without opening up the gates. The poor soul had awoken in Zaraki, the roughest place in all of the rukongai.

Just Great:
Unfortunately for Kirou the fact that he was a a child made him appear to be an easy target for the assorted bandits, ruffians, and other ne'er-do-wells. Though luckily for Kirou, he still had his years of training and was stronger and faster than those who came after him because he had the ability to manipulate his Reiryoku. The combination of training and spiritual power allowed him to easily handle four or five people at once even when they were armed and he was not, should he have a weapon entire groups became no problem for him.

After just a few months of being targeted by just about any and every person who thought he would make easy prey he had managed to earn a reputation that bought respect and peace from all of the residents in Zaraki. Although people from other districts might show up to pick a fight with him, his life became rather peaceful. His reputation eventually grew enough to make it all the way back to the Seireitei. Curious about this potential recruit a member of the punishment force was sent out to investigate.

The Onmitsukido member entered Zaraki, dressed as a common hooligan, thrashed some locals and then challenged Kirou. The fight was one of the hardest that the silver-haired young man could remember having since entering the soul society, in fact while he had managed to put up a fight he was quite thoroughly trounced in the end, and knocked unconscious.

Now What?:
When Kirou woke up again he found himself in a plush bed, the onmitsukidou member back in his normal uniform watching over him. Kin the person who fought him explained what was going on, how he was going to take Kirou in and as soon as the silver-haired boy was ready he would be enrolled in the Shinigami academy.

The next few years passed in a blur Kin training Kirou in everything from Kidou, to Hakuda, and Zanjutsu. Well they called it training, the physical parts was more sparring back and forth as the Ryuuzaki styles seemed to closely resemble how the Shinigami were taught how to fight. Kin even taught Kirou how to use Shunpo.

As Kin had told him, upon reaching the age of eligability he entered the academy where thanks to Kin's time training him he rapidly climbed to the top of the advanced class. And while he could have easily tested his way out of the academy almost immediately after entering he decided to stay with the classes, at the top of them throughout the full stay.

Upon graduating he was immediately recruited to be a member of the onmitsukido, where his training back in the human world combined with his time training under Kin caused him to shine yet again. Climbing through the ranks without so much as learning his zanpakuto's name he earned an impeccable record for hunting rogues and troublesome hollows.

New Sensei:
After years upon years of impeccable results he had earned the notice of the captain of Squad two at the time, one interesting woman named Sakura who took him under her wing. Training him personally whenever her schedule allowed for it. It was during these training sessions that Kirou mastered all techniques currently available under the Hoho tree from the most basic of shunpo, to after-image clones. When Sakura was looking to step down Kirou was sure that he was going to be her primary suggestion for a replacement but it instead went to Kaede, a member of the main squad who had jumped around alot. Though Kirou could not blame her for that in the least, he atleast had his shikai and bankai, though the silver-haired ninja never got a chance to see him with a sword.

His experience with Sakura allowed him to take up a role similar to assistant instructor to the rest of the squad, and as Sakura was no longer bogged down with captain duties she was able to dedicate some more of her time helping him learn how to communicate with his zanpakuto, which while he had done before. The shadowy being that was his spirit was rather stubborn about the whole giving up the name thing, especially seeing as Kirou never seemed to have to rely on his sword ever, especially after Sakura started to teach him how to use Shunko.

And then there was Sin:
During his training with Sakura on learning how to use Shunko the both of them found out that his reiryoku did not have a normal element, in fact it was quite unique, shadowy and unlike Sakura's seemed to drain the life out of those struck with it. Unfortunately for Kirou they really didn't get much chance to perfect his Shunko together as shortly after learning it the Sinners invaded and Sakura vanished.

During her absense he managed to convince his Zanpakuto spirit to give him a test that should he pass he would finally learn the name of his blade and gain access to his Shikai. Of course since the test was a trial by combat Kirou passed with flying colors and learned Nobu's name, though before he could submit his application for candidacy for the new vice captain of Squad two it was already filled by someone else, an annoying twerp who seemed a bit beyond bi-polar whose idea of a good first impression was slicing the captain's door in half.

Sensei's Return
Thankfully for both Kirou and Kaede the captain Shiro's tenure as VC did not last long as Sakura returned, different but she was back. Kirou was not sure how to approach the woman who had taught him so much including how he could compete with others while not being able to call upon his zanpakuto for help. Though he didn't have to because as soon as she was back in charge of the classes she had called him out to help her. After training the rest of the squad they went to their secret training area where she taught him how to master his Shunkou, and even how to change its element. Imparting the secrets that she had learned during her Dangai training in it, including its new perfected form.

Though Kirou's happiness was short lived as the Mei the captain of squad 4 was found dead with her daughter's body both of which damaged beyond recognition and Rena the captain commander at the time called a Death March on Hueco Mundo. Kirou was part of the squad assigned to protecting the gate. And Sakura, well she went into Hueco Mundo, just to not be seen again along with plenty of other Shinigami who entered, and are now assumed to be dead. All in all the day was a loss as their fighting force was greatly hindered, especially with the loss of Rena.

Transfering To Main Squad:
This time however Sakura had left a note behind detailing that Kirou should be considered an option as her replacement should something happen to her.

Side Notes: Sakura's prize pupil.
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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Jeff you are a retard.

Shana you need to reduce Zan Durability on Perfect Yami. I don't care if it's Tempered Construction Steel or w/e but having your body coated in it would prevent you from being harmed by damn near anything. I cannot allow this to be approved as is.

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Fixed the perfect shunko problem so that even though it still works like an unbreakable armor, it now specifies blunt force and elemental blows still effect him, just blades not so much.

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