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#1 Spike, The Living Flashback on Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:48 am

Name: Spike
Apparent Age: 19
True Age: 19
Sex: Male
Personality: fairly unique, in that he wishes he was born in the 1980's. Or, rather, grew up in the 80's. While most might not be able to tell from the way he talks, he'll occasionally throw in a shameless movie reference, and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is when you can tell.

All in all, he isn't a bad kid, he's just...odd. Seriously, his personality is made up of just about every cliche you can think of, and some that you wish you hadn't thought of. He even breaks the fourth wall on occasion, and will look straight through your computer screen like he's in The Office or something. Freaky...

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Spike relies upon his unique abilities to distract and defeat his opponents, along with an odd series of fighting styles that he has picked up. It's...actually rather disturbing.
Strengths: Reiryoku
Weaknesses: Spiritual Sensing


Ability Name: There Can Be Only One!
Description: Spike can survive any attack, so long as his head isn't removed from his body and he still has reiryoku.

Ability Name: Zenkai
Description: Like any true Saiyan, Spike powers up throughout the fight. For every injury he receives, he gains x1 to put in one stat of his choosing, up until the limitations of his Stage, IE x2 for Primary, x3 for Secondary, x4 for Hyper.

Ability Name: Lazarus
Description: Just like his hero, David Bowie, Spike will never truly die. Lazarus, the last song recorded and released before Bowie's untimely passing, describes perfectly what happens to Spike. He gains selective high-speed regeneration, and the moment his body detects that it is truly in danger, such as having his head nearly removed or running low on reiryoku, it places him into a coma and lifts him into the heavens, only for him to find himself at home, in his bed, covered in bandages.

Ability Name: Montage!
Description: When Spike activates this ability, it allows him training worth months of hard work within a short span of time. Eye Of The Tiger invariably begins playing in the background, and his outfit changes instantly to classic training gear for three posts, after which he gains x1 to one stat for the rest of the thread. This may only be used once.

Boosts: x2 Reiryoku


Ability Name: The Quickening
Description: Whenever Spike finishes a fight against a new enemy, he is able to learn from their experiences in a burst of lightning, allowing him to copy one of their abilities or techniques of his choosing to use in the future. These will be listed in the spoiler below as they are learned.
Copied Techniques:

Ability Name: And Don't Call Me Shirley!
Description: The perfect counter. When an enemy uses an attack up to Hado #65 in strength, Spike is capable of completely no-selling it once per every two posts.

Ability Name: Mask of Jareth
Description: Donning tight clothing and awesome makeup, Spike becomes the ultimate mindfuck. He gains five glass balls, each capable of one of three effects. This state is usable until all five orbs have been used, then requires a five post cool-down.

Effect 1: By releasing the ball, blowing on it lightly, it becomes a bubble that floats after his enemy, exploding on command with the force of Hado #55. This effect has a one post cooldown period.

Effect 2: By tossing a ball in the air, Spike can create a peach that he can then eat, restoring 5% of his reiryoku. Only two orbs may be used for this effect at any given time.

Effect 3: By crushing one of the orbs, Spike becomes able to walk upon any surface, including ceilings, seemingly defying gravity while merely shifting his own perception of it.

Ability Name: Flashdance
Description: Flashdance is Spike's ultimate, final ability. He becomes an absolute maniac on the dance floor, a beast in the sheets, and everyone's wet dream. Disco and strobe lights pour from his body as he appears in a tight white suit with bell-bottom pants, his hair flattening into a mullet as he dances to his heart's content without a care in the world. Anyone within 50 meters indiscriminately takes two Forbidden Kidou's worth of damage from the intensity of the lights and the urge to dance along, and may have minor mental scarring. Just saying.

Boosts: x3 Reiryoku


History: Well, considering his age I guess you could just go look at any graduating class of high school students and find plenty like him. Then again, not many of them have the ability to use powers derived from the 80's movies they became addicted to as a kid.

He had a girlfriend once. They were both complete geeks, but when his powers manifested she really didn't want to stick around. It was probably the most painful thing to ever happen to him, if he's honest with himself. They were in it together, and when something like that happened she looked at him like he was a freak, just like everyone else did when he accidentally started whistling Queen in the hallways. If he's honest with himself, he hates his powers for it, but they're all he has going good for him.

Side Notes: This is a joke character, meant to be Lieutenant(ish). Completely rad, right?!
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#2 Re: Spike, The Living Flashback on Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:50 am

Approved at 2-3, though the peach consumption gimmick is getting nerfed. I'm afraid of the 80s now.

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