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#1 Bunbun on Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:56 am

Not autoplaying that for the sanity of those that read this.

Name: Bunbun!
Alias: Bunto. Bunnyto. Rabbit. Spawn of Saio. That Adorable Bunny Child.
Real Age: ??? Who the hell knows? This makes no sense. She just started existing....
Phys. Age: 6
Gender: Female
Personality: Just like her mother, is basically a walking shenanigan. While less hostile and twisted than Saio, Is still just as loose-minded. She will spend plenty of time being carefree, blowing everything out of proportion, but most of all, being goddamn adorable. Oh and bunnies. Don't forget the bunnies. She can and will snowpile people with bunnies just because it's fun. I mean, she's a child, there's not much to explain.

Fun > Everything. NO EXCEPTIONS.

(Just wanna reinforce this. Even when she is fused with her doll, she still thinks like she's 6.)

Height: 3'3"
Weight: 42 pounds
Physical Traits:

I mean. She's 6, technically, so put her as short and flat. No 6 year old has a chest like that. LOLOLOLOL #PokemonLies #MayWas18

General Fighting Style: What is fighting? This is a child's game where carrots are rockets, bunnies can multiply and divide, and the only limit to her shenanigans are the imagination of a 6 year old. Do we really need to go into this?

Strengths: Reiryoku, Durability, Reiatsu
Weaknesses: Endurance, Stamina, Hakuda

Boosts: x2 to Reiryoku and Reiatsu

Ability Name: Cartoon Physics
Ability Description: Just like her mother, Bunbun is a walking cartoon. Damage is applied loosely, and her body follows the same rules that cartoon logic does. Bullet to the hand? Hole in the hand, but no bleeding. Hand crushed? It's flattened but can be re-inflated. Just be silly about it.

Ability Name: I N C R E D I B L E H E A R I N G
Ability Description: Her hearing is so intensely acute that she could hear a pin drop in the sands of Hueco Mundo, or a raindrop in the Soul Society. She also knows what you did last night. (So basically, she has OOC knowledge too.)

Ability Name: Bunbun Magic!
Ability Description: Bunbun can see when she opens her eyes, can teleport to the exact spot she is standing in as many times as she wants, is invisible unless someone sees her, is silent unless she makes noise, and has the super magical ability to move at the speed of time. On top of this, she has the extra special benefit of closing her eyes, and feeling better when she wakes up. She also goes boing like a rabbit does when she jumps and can bound really easily when she bounces and leaps. Since she is part rabbit, she can also magically increase the size of her little tail to stop the force of an impact safely :3

Ability Name: Shenanigans Manipulation
Ability Description: Insert thing that happens for funs here. If you have to ask what this does, you don't know who Saio is. Fix that right now. (This may also include the ability to spawn anything that a small child would imagine up. Nothing stupid like a Kidou, just like.... a giant marshmellow bear. Or something.)

Doll Name: Fluffy
Doll Appearance:


(This doll defaults at 4'0" in standard height, which stands taller than )

Doll Personality: Fluffy basically behaves like an autonomous minion of bunny-like determination. Nothing special, follows orders pretty well.

Doll Abilities

Ability Name: Multiplying Rabbits
Ability Description: When released, Fluffy can split into two bunnies, size being reduced by 25%. This can be done endlessly until the bunnies are only three inches high. (2.6 inches if you wanna be a stickler) This produces a maximum of exactly 100 bunnies. *This ability also works on herself.*

Ability Name: Kunai Carrots!
Ability Description: Every active bunny can throw a rocket powered carrot. Depending on the size, each bunny can throw one or two per post, and damage scales with size. The carrots fly at Bala speeds.

Ability Name: Easter Egg Surprised
Ability Description: Bunbun can tell Fluffy to summon plastic eggs of various sizes, or just half of one of any size. These can be use to catch things, hide, or to trap someone. The durability can vary as well, but can't resist anything more than a Cero.

Ability Name: Acme Portable Holes
Ability Description: Bunbun can now drop little black circles anywhere she chooses. They are all connected, and what goes into one can come out of any of them.

Boosts: x3 Reiryoku and Reiatsu

Fused Appearance:

Bunbun becomes older (and yes is still named Bunbun) and stands at about 5'4"

Fused Abilities:
-Can throw rocket carrot kunai just like her doll(s)
-Can summon plastic eggs just like her dolls
-Cannot split into more Bunbun. Bunbun is sad.
-Does not have the Power of Imagination when fused.

Carrot Heaven: Basically, bala spam, but with Carrots. They can be fired from her fingertips or just spawned in large swarms.

Acme Swiss Maker: Bunbun can toss a bunch of portable holes out at once and generate any of her previous abilities from them, including the summoning of her smaller bunnies from the earlier doll stage.

Boosts: x4 Reiryoku and Reiatsu

Background Details
History: Saio had a dream one night something really screwy at that. The day doesn't matter, nor does the year, and ya know, I don't think that it even matters at this point. She sees me. Yes, me the person. Not Noziel, the person who created Noziel and plays as him. She wakes up. This child is sitting on her lap. That's it. That's the child's history.

Thank you for letting me waste your time with the joke offspring of a joke character.

Side Notes: Source Material/Idea/Why the hell I'm doing this/Theme music is where the gif would normally be. i.e, it's the video.

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#2 Re: Bunbun on Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:46 am

Why is she a Bounto.. Moving on..
Throw in a gimmick weakness like sensing or Hakuda.

Then I'll approve at 3-1

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#3 Re: Bunbun on Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:16 am

Approved, 2-5 actually.

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