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#1 Erica Hartmann WIP on Tue May 30, 2017 1:30 pm

Kawa Kensai


Name: Erica Hartmann
Apparent Age: 17
True Age: 400
Sex: Male
One of the most prominent aspects about Erica is the fact that he usually quiet and prefers to remain unseen and unheard. These can be make him appear rather shy. He is typically rather apathetic toward other, and would even let them die if it benefit him. If he must be with people he prefer a small groups of one to two people tops.

Although he may seem calm, cool,and apathetic, Erica become rather nervous and flustered around a specific individual. If these person ever acknowledges them, he becomes rather frazzled, and flustered. His words can begin to studder, as well. Erica would do anything to make these individual happy, seeing them in a good mood makes him feel happy and cheerful. But if someone was to hurt them, then Erica would be ready to protect them.

When angry Erica tends to keep it bottled up and quiet if the situation is something he cant control or take care of. Unless the thing that angers him can be killed then it usually is killed and anyone that is nearby may also be caught in the crossfire. Erica loves fighting and enjoys mocking and teasing his opponents.  
[How does your character behave in general, and what is their personality like around others? What drives them forward each day? Are they pacifist in combat, or do they enjoy the thrill of battle and bloodshed? Talk about their defining characteristics and demeanor in different situations with at least three full paragraphs. Bestow insight into both negative and positive sides of your character. We want to get a good feeling of how your character would act in an

example situation, when we read the app.]

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 106lbs
Physical Traits:

Erica has a row of three cyan blue star shaped just above his left eyebrow.The remains of his Hollow mask is around his neck appearing to be a segmented choker. His hallow hole is located in the center of his stomach. If Erica was an espada his number would be located on his right check.

Erica wears a black coat with silver buttons. Underneath his coat is a green button down shirt. He usually wears black pants and boots. His zanpakuto's is on the left side tied to his belt loop.  

During the summer when its to hot for his normal attire, he tends to lose the coat and only wear the green button down shirt with the first couple top buttons  undone. He still wears the black pants and boots.

General Fighting Style: Erica is a mastery in his use of his swords, being a someone that dual wields sword has become  ambidextrous. He prefers to use a single sword at a time well regularly switching hands. He also prefers to use one sword over both fighting with a very graceful dance like movements and fancing like swordsmanship.

Strengths: Swordsmanship, Sonido, Hierro
Weaknesses:Pesquisa, hand to hand
Boosts: 2x to Sonido, Hierro, High-speed Regeneration

Ability Name: Jinx
Ability Description: Erica brings misfortune wherever he goes, and unlucky for those around him the ability doesn't discriminate whom it affects,be it friend or foe. These ability only affects small thinks like the opponent losing his footing barely missing an attack, or an opponent attack going off in there face. Jinx only affects a single person friend or foe every 2 post

Ability Name:
Ability Description:

Sealed Appearance:

Zanpakuto Name: Cerezo
Zanpakuto Call Out: Bloom
Cero: Ceros, Balas, the Gran Rey Cero, and Cero Oscuras

Appearance:Erica Calls out his zanpakuto's name and is slowly engulfed into a tree. Then the falls away revealing his resurrection state. In her resurrection from Erica has a pair of lighting bolt branch like wings, each wing is made up of three branches, Erica left side wing is smaller then her right side. Wrapped around is a branch like belt that has two short branch/sticks protruding out.  
Tree of Life: The top most branch of each wing produces 3 fruit, for a total of six. When fully grown fall to the ground and form a clone of Erica except with a fully masked face, each clone is 2 tiers lower then. The clone from the left sides are armed with wakizashi, and the clones from the right are armed with Katana. Takes 2 post for more fruit to grow, can only have 6 clones active at a time

Kamikaze: Upon a clones death or at the command of Erica a clone will glow with a bright pink light coming from the eye sockets of the mask before exploding Dwarfing the surrounding area with damage being equivalent to a Gran Rey Cero.

Fang Branch: Erica can snap the branches of at his waist and create a sword with a blade of energy. Erica can create two of these swords.

Fruit of Life: Erica rips a fruit from  one of his branches and consumes it. After eating the fruit Erica woulds quickly heal. The downside of doing these is the sacrifice of a clone, because once Erica eats a fruit that fruit never regrows.
Boosts: 3x to Sonido, Hierro, High-speed Regeneration

Appearance: Erica appearance is very similar to his normal resurrection form but pink flowers start blooming on the branches. More branches wrap around his arms and upper chest. And small branches twisting in his hair.
Abilities: Retains all Previous Ability from her Normal resurrection form.

 Branch spears: From the Branches entwining Erica's arms generate a spear of energy, which when thrown  creates a massive explosion with damage equivalent to a #80 Hado. The spear can also be used as a melee weapon. Has a 2 post cool down

Thorn Wall: Erica creates a spiked barricade made of branches and vines. Can withstand a  Gran Rey Cero equivalent of damage.  Erica can also will the barricse to explode lunching Spiked branches in a 10 foot radius

Hungry roots: Thick tree like roots protrude from the ground. when they grab an opponent they slowly start to feed on the opponents spiritual energy. Up to 3 roots can be made at once.
Boosts: 4x to Sonido, Hierro, High-speed Regeneration

History: [History goes here.]
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]
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