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on Mon May 29, 2017 7:56 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Yukari had created a small throne of ice to sit on from the safety of her perch on top of one of the pillars surrounding Las Noches. She was intentionally keeping her reiatsu minuscule, maybe sub-menos level as to not draw attention to herself as the battle raged below. She knew she should probably go join the fray so that should the higher ups survive the assault they wouldn't try to kill her for staying out of it while they were under attack.

Unfortunately for her however her hiding spot had been discovered by a pair of over zealous shinigami. They wore not badges or special coats, and were wielding what looked like normal Katana so they might not have even been released yet not that it mattered to Yukari one bit as they charged at her saying something about Squad 11 not that the black haired girl cared one Iota, especially as their zanpakuto shattered against her throat. Her Hierro proving to be far to strong for the poor fools. Quickly creating a pair of icicles she threw them causing them to fly like a bullet from a gun through their Shihakkusho and torso. With a wave of her hand their falling bodies were encapsulated with ice that slid of its own accord off of her pillar. I wonder how many more fools like that will find me. Heck if enough come even Graven himself will not be able to complain.

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on Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:24 am

Hagane had received word from some of his soldiers that an Arrancar had placed itself upon one of the pillars of 'Las Noches', leaving Hagane to wonder which one it was. He swept through masses of Hollow with ease, drenching himself with blood and smiling with glee as he did so. He was accompanied by two of his soldiers as he did so, essentially clearing them a path towards the structure of Las Noches. They could've just air-walked over, but hey, what fun would that be? As Hagane and his two men swept their way towards one pillar, all that could be noticed was one shattered corpse and another frozen solid. The Hollow didn't seem to be as collected here as they were elsewhere among the battlefield. Either they were scared of Hagane or were simply avoiding this area intentionally. Well that's what Hagane was thinking.

"You two check up top, tell me if we've got any surprises?" Hagane said gesturing towards his soldiers to do so immediately. Hagane waited a moment, for them to get half way up before he would enter Shikai. As hagane was about to do something he noticed the two fall back down, and they'd just gotten up. One was turned into swiss cheese and the other frozen. Looks like that cleared up questions he had.

Hagane Immediately took a heavy stance, slowly levering his massive hammer behind him. In one massive thrust he struck the pillar, taking a massive chunk out of it. The entire bottom of the pillar had been smashed out, leaving the remaining structure to fall. However it was still balancing. This reminded Hagane of the cartoons. One man would be on really tall stilts and another would slowly chop him down, levering him down to face level, Before giving him one to the face. Hagane laughed as he thought about this, not only cause it was funny but because he was doing the same thing.

Hagane would keep hitting the pillar with mighty blows, pieces of rock blasting from around it. Slowly but surely he would be met face to face with his opponent.
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on Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:33 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Yukari's peace and quiet had gotten interrupted yet again as another two fools decided to climb her tower. Deciding not to give them a chance to make the first move this time she snapped her fingers causing ice to form underneath the pair grabbing their feet sealing them in place with a small flex of her power she grew spikes out of the ice that impaled one of the duo turning him into a bloody mess, quite literally. As his partner stared on in shock, so gripped in fear he couldn't even make a noise as the ice creeped up his body slowly and steadily encasing him first on the outside then freezing all of the fluids in his body.

With another wave of her hand she cleared her platform once more rolling her chocolate brown eyes. "Well that makes four of them, lets see how many more are going to be foolish enough to ... What the fuck was that!?!" Her little celebratory comment was cut short by a loud crash followed by a sudden drop in altitude, throne and all, almost as if the tower shrunk. But buildings don't just randomly shrink. After the second such shrinking of the tower Yukari decided to levitate her throne above the top of the tower letting it shrink out from underneath her.

As the tower was finally smashed away Yukari looked down to find the cause of the towers destruction, a massive man carrying a giant hammer. lowering her throne down to where she was about ten feet above the ground she would speak out to the man, her voice quite literally cold as ice, as her eyes narrowed on the man's rather impressive frame. "You know that wasn't very nice, why is everyone being so rude today. First pair decided to try and take my head without so much as introducing themselves. Next pair made similar moves though I didn't give them a chance. Then you go and destroy my home."

The fifth espada had sized up her opponent, and frankly the man was more than twice her size in her current form, though that wasn't quite a good enough reason for her to transform, not yet anyways. Who knows he might not want to go through with this bloodshed either, though that was unlikely with the amount of blood he had all over him already, the poor fools who must have gotten in his way without sizing him up first.

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