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on Sun May 28, 2017 9:49 am



Name: Trevor Rengouki
Dark Name: Balthazar the Violent One
Apparent Age: 1,100 Years Old
True Age: 31 Years Old
Sex: Male
Personality: He has both calm yet violent demeanor when it comes fighting enemies the important thing is not to lose his cool in battle. For the most, Trevor's human memories being fragmented the man considers violence, destruction and death leading to a dark way of life. With everything gone, Nothing else matters to him now maybe something if it should benefit him or change his mind enough. The thought of improving his power is always something to think about just another day someone could be better than him and that worries his dark mind. To improve his dark nature to grind his enemies into the dust making sure there no longer a threat to him. If defeated, He thinks revenge is always the answer the chance of paying back that with interest is so much sweeter to him.

Because of his past, Trevor does believe in keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer still people do surprise him. Almost aspire him to become better than or close to perfect finding deadly ways into increasing either his power or his fighting skill. Seeing either his friends or enemies fighting just another optional choice to fight alongside on betray them. It really a flip of a coin to the violent warrior...Good with benefits or Evil Incarnate to his allies.

His anger is immense to due to his past thinking upon key moments of pain and suffering just really nourishing his rage. Drowning out the fears from his mind and fighting more like a ruthless monster without any restriction. In this state, Trevor thinking is that of a hell-seeking tyrant craving destruction even violence everywhere even if he dies in the process. To make his vengeance a reality which the people that he hates the most that they aren't safe at all from his wrath.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 289.lbs(pounds)

Physical Traits: Due to his complete change from human into sinner the man's body is that to what people called a powerhouse. His body is really bulk up looking perfectly muscular from head to toe but his skin changed from light brown to pure blood red. The veins are popping on different parts of his body due to his hard trainings and fighting monsters trying to help his strength get strong. Having much more of a demonic appearance even though having a lot of night berserker tattoos almost like a tribal demonic looking style. These tattoos are covering all parts well completely most of his body about ninety one percent of it and of a pitch black color. The sinner has completely lost his hair except his facial hair going bald but having some small shaped horns really crown shaped circle. His circular shaped ears are gone taking a pointed elf shaped ears and having shaped horn near of top of each ear.

Trevor's eyes are changed due to the dark corruption taking on a red-yellow color like other berserkers. The facial hair is full grown beard which is well trimmed having pitch black color red hair linings at the chin.

His clothing the dark one wears is a unique attire for the most part. He does remember wearing something of an urban style. His new clothing consists of that former fashion but that of a warrior. He seemingly has on black sleeveless yet hooded robe cut down to his knees so he doesn't trip on it. Wearing a brass/sliver plated belt with a skull like buckle to hold his robe and also his pants as well. For pants, Kinda baggy but of a pitch black color but close to a pair of jeans. For socks, Trevor is seen wear cloth bands hiding his burns and wearing and restitched/repaired black boots. But something else too, He wears a pair of demon wrath beads almost stating that he's a demon from hell.
Weapons: Double Bladed Spike Weapon: A double blade mace like weapon that looks like a combination of three weapons fused together (mace, chainsaw and sword). One of the first weapons that Trevor created for himself to survive within the depths of hell. Strong enough to handle other weapons such as swords even zanpakutos and quincy weapons but the weapon can be broken as well.

Brass Knuckles: A pair of brass knuckles that are much more thicker and heavier than most knuckles weighing 7.5 ounces, which is almost half a pound! These two weapons are of medium size, and the four ring sizes are approximately 12.5, 12.5, 10.5, 8.5(index, middle, ring finger, pinky). Having dark scriptures written upon the brass knuckles helping with his striking punches and his bala punches.

General Fighting Style: His fighting is nothing more than ferocious really attacking at the ready. Fighting at his full potential without a care in the world having much of an offensive berserk style fighting with weapon and pure strength. The man loves using weapons the one that aid him in battle and the ones that can cripple and completely injure his opponents. His items of choice: Double Bladed Spiked Mace for handling zanpakutos and other weapons fighting one or groups of people at a time his first weapon of choice handling his enemies. Brass Knuckles are something for punching the living crap outta a person's face the man considers them a problem solver for hand to hand combat. Or teaching a damn lesson to someone.

Fighting with a berserker fury wondering how much blood will be drawn from him or his opponent. Seeing blood gives him a certain focus meaning the battle is becoming serious this is where the man becomes more of a deadly skilled fighter. Focusing upon more of enemy's weaknesses, ways of countering them and how hard to hurt them the most.
Strengths: Spiritual Power, Spiritual Control Strength, Defense,
Weaknesses: Spiritual Energy, Durability, Agility, Sensing, Reitsu,
Boosts:  Strength x 4, Defense x 4, Spiritual Power x 3

Ability Name: Satsui No Hado
Description: This something of a enhancement  booster to some sinners as the intense rage of violence. A purely dark power rooted upon the darker aspects of human instinct the desire of bloodshed, violence and ultimately survival. He'll start growling and then he'll be completely empower with red energy wanting more violence. This enhancement booster of chaos red darkness that temporary increases his power and strength. [Satsui Empowerment boosts (Strength x 5, Reiatsu x 4) for only 3 Posts. Needing a cooldown of about 8 Posts to completely recharge the power.]

Ability Name: Tyrant Blast
Description: A technique almost the same to the arrancar cero's technique. Where Trevor started charging energy either his hand or his mouth like a cero then releases in the form a ball. This energy blast moves at the speed and explodes like the cero technique but it leave small and noticeable lava burns upon the ground too. [Cooldown of One Post]

Ability Name: Tyrant Genocide
Description: Augmented form of the Tyrant Blast getting into fighting stance for the attack. Empowering the Tyrant Blast with more energy. The when burning stance completed, Trevor started charging up at attack from and massive surging ball of energy. Then fires it traveling at a sonido or an shunpo speed which can cause massive explosion even a city explosion if not careful. An sizeable Grand Rey Cero's strength but only having a blast radius of about of 25 feet. Just enough to destroy a small building with it's power. [Cooldown of Four Posts]

Ability Name: Ranzig
Description: What demons used which is the exact same high speed movement of a soul reaper's shunpo ability which the demon had to work extremely hard to learn it. Over the years, Balthazar made into something completely different. Where his Ranzig leaves a black burn marks upon the ground when using the speed movement technique. Yet, He only uses during in times of desperation or changing tactics otherwise the sinner won't use the technique at all unless it's an emergency.

Ability Name: Omega Beams
Description: From his eyes, Trevor can generate small reserves which his eyes will start glowing pitch black. Shooting precise black laser-like beams shot from both eyes. The eye lasers can be used for various attack procedures like nullify weak attacks and small projectiles. Having a range of 110 feet. The Omega Beams have the exact strength to an arrancar's bala technique but if strengthen it can be at a higher cero's strength.
The damage from eye beams are strong which can really hurt weaker enemies and 50% hurt stronger ones. It can block with attacks or defenses easily. But by using the Satsui No Hado the technique it can be made a little stronger for hurting enemies only 90% Stronger.
[Can be used instantly/One Post to Satsui Charge to make it stronger. Having a cooldown of 2 posts.; 4 Posts if Satsui strengthen.]

Ability Name: Teleportation
Description: A demonic version of an arrancar's garganta and also the gift given to him to escape hell whenever he wants. By channeling his sinner energies, Trevor can create an dimensional pathway. The sinner can travel anywhere he wants. It's almost the same to the garganta because it takes little reishi to help him teleport and travel to places. This really helps whenever the sinner wants to get the upperhand on a target, travelling, rob a high level bank, getting revenge or retreat.
[This is an OOC power]

Ability Name: Magic Materialization
Description: It took many years to learn this completely, Trevor had to do jobs to obtain this. A high based magic of where the sinner can create things out of thin air. This takes both willpower and focus to use the sinner's power and breaking it down into manipulation process. Then focusing upon and item, object, clothing or weapon of choice. Thinking about and trying to materialize it from the sinner's power. From this power, Trevor can create clothing, weapons or even food for himself this really depends on how powerful he is to do it too.
[Clothing: He can create instantly with a mere thought.]
[Items & Objects: Mere thought but the sinner must be focus on what he wants which might take a post.]
[Weapons: One Post to create one, Two posts to create two weapons. With a cooldown for four posts for one and cooldown for seven posts for two weapons.]

History: His past is unclear even to him but his childhood was turning point of where his abusive father. Always wanted him to go down the evil path showing the young boy the path of violence which started him upon him on a very dark path. Starting crimes at a young age stealing from the rich and giving to himself which brought in a lot of money starting a criminal empire in the process. This led to some deadly business deals where innocent people got caught in the crossfire and dying in the process. Nothing was safe from his greed of money but little did he know his father had other plans for his son. Trevor was growing into power too quickly and few friends were paid off to befriend the youngster which was working. The plan was at a certain point to execute Trevor but fate something else in store after the child managed to graduate from high school with the highest scores.

After some drug deals and gang shootouts, Trevor wanted out of the criminal empire that he helped his father create. Enough was enough too much blood and death upon his hands really this wasn't a decision for him to make but someone made it for him. Someone had sent a few thugs to attack his home and his kill his pet dog as a sign of sending a message to him. As a sign of revenge, Trevor hunted down two people that we're made men that sent red flags and turmoil to the vast empire. The big bosses finally decided Trevor has had enough of violence and bloodshed leaving the group with a sizeable amount of money of a billionaire range. But, He still needed to keep a low profile even thought finally the man was going to live a peaceful life leaving the criminal life behind. No more guns and no more hits just living on his own and normal yet typical life for the guy but something was missing.

Trevor did some major job work after finding an unique house for himself but things started getting difficult. People were asking questions about his money wondering why the man ha so much his low profile wasn't working. But maybe something else might work going to college which might keeping people on his back for a long while making friends wasn't difficult either. Having good grades and studying to further his knowledge helps bring friend element when it is least expected. But bullies were known to be here in the college as well the higher ups just bullying people as long they didn't bother him. Hoping his criminal methods won't be used. But something was happened a group of people after years of being bullied came up with a deadly plan.

Some friends managed to take him to a party a bunch of people were having a good time no one knew the fruit punch was spiked. Then everybody was chained to the ground by a leg handcuff something was wrong here. Some people in costumes started making their intentions known revenge for years being bullied suffering a fate worse than death itself. One of them said "Consider this the Final......And tell yourself what did I do to get here?" Trevor was shocked the way these people got revenge on the bullies pulling them through so much pain and agony they went though. After a few deaths, Trevor was next wondering what the hell did he do to them but one of them stops thinking this guy didn't do anything to them. The leader Dane didn't care this one was going to example to bullies and the years of harassment. Trevor swore he would come back from hell and make their families and their ancestors pay. Dane and his outcasts were laughing thinking he couldn't do shit and in a fit of rage.....Dane stabs Trevor in the head thinking this fool was a joke.

At that moment.....Trevor descended downward into hell with his skin burning and landing upon a burning rocks. Wondering what part of hell was this getting up was a problem because the moment he entered the man felt his soul being devoured. When it was devoured the human felt every injustice and evil crime that he ever committed the man and it was maddening. Then hearing a voice "I have a bargain for you......Serve me well and you get a new body and soul for your vengeance". Trevor didn't care at that moment the man would take anything to make relentless pain and torment stop at any cost. He agreed to the Horned Demon's terms as a hole opened and Trevor fell into a tree growing inside the tree being reborn again. A huge sap fell upon the ground and Trevor started clawing out from it as he was breathing and his heart was beating the former human was reborn into something else. He got his body back that was great but getting his new soul was another issue so the sinner trained and worked hard for his new masters. In time, Trevor started earning a reputation for his new violent nature killing demons and kept working to increase his body and strength gaining the name Balthazar the Violent. He started learning new abilities from other sinners from the depths of hell and started making himself powerful in the process. After enough things, jobs, missions and achievements.....Trevor was granted a new soul for himself. With a new soul into his body the sinner was able to return back to the world of the living with one thing on his mind. Killing Dane and his outcasts.....To his horror, He found out 1,100 years had past it felt like an eternity down there but his revenge was denied.

Something caught his attention....Dane was a quincy a honorable one receiving an award his outcasts can suffer later. This was most important a bunch of groups were there soul reapers, humans, quincies and maybe a few bounts. Everybody was dressed for the occasion for the event. Dane was there with his new family getting ready for event then going to the men's bathroom revenge was in his grasp secretly going into the bathroom as well. Dane finished using the toilet and started washing his hands as Balthazar locked the door as the quincy stops looking at the guy. Saying the exact words "Consider this The Final.......Ask yourself what did I do to get here?" Dane pissed his pants shocked as Balthazar used the Raging Demon technique killing him leaving blood and guts everywhere. Revenge was so sweet at that moment still this new sinner has a purpose seeking blood and violent upon leaving out the window.

A path of vengeance with the prize of bloodshed being his reward a new life for himself edge for violence.
Side Notes: Trevor's death was a scene taken from "The Final" 2010 movie. Not actually what happened in the movie but something made up.
Roleplay Sample: Coming back here was a trip because everything has changed then before when he could get away with stuff. Things have changed with these new laws and rules for the city meaning a demon sinner would have to be careful. After working so hard to reclaim what he lot it going to be so fucking hard to get that all back it not like before. When he could ask his father for help anymore the man knew that guy is good and gone meaning to make a name for himself again. Trevor could let his enemies and those outcast bastards know he was alive killing Dane was a demonic blessing just sending a message to the outcast fan base. He was back with a vengeance who knows if any of them knew that he has returned from death itself but the berserker was going to bide his time waiting for the right moment. Then when they think their safe when nothing can bother them in a instance then their new lives and free from pain and suffering. He'll strike putting the fear of death back into their hearts everyday would be evil moment to fear something. Basically to give them something to be scared of but really thinking about they maybe in their personal hells already without him lifting a finger.  He had a new body which was good let them call him a freak still his revenge was met with pure bloody vengeance but that was just one. So many more to go before this demon can rest maybe munch on something called popcorn and enjoy the show.

But who should start on next after stealing Dane's belongings finding something called a cell-phone looking the fool's friends. This was going to fun after all think of the possibilities of what he could do to that bastard's friends no killing them would be way too easy. Destroying the image of their friend and ending their relationships that would be most satisfying to him. Now which one of them to pick they were a female would promising but who.....Tyra sounds interesting ...ohhhh his girlfriend this was going to be good.

"Trevor????" Someone said and everything stop at that moment who the hell but sinners could know who he was. "Someone saw me returning back from hell unless it a soul reaper or a quincy that caught me" He thought.

He was still under his hood and slowly turns around looking who the hell this person was but it was someone he is this possible.

"Abigail........" He thought.

Things were bad of how they broke up but she was able to sense him this was impossible unless she's a whole different being. But what the hell did she want from him anyway she cheated on him and he had to move on with his life just a memory in the back of his head. Then again she looks different in some weird black clothing that could be trouble for him if she figures it out. He couldn't let her know it was him maybe tricking her into thinking it was someone else should do the trick. Here he goes: "Um, I sorry ma'am you must be mistaken. My name is Kyle Reese. Not Trevor.....He sounds like a nice guy too. But sorry...wrong guy." He thought that worked as the shinigami looked sadly as she was about to walk off and then she grabbed him arm. "Don't you dare lie to me. Your name was mentioned during a massive investigation on Dane Ishida for how your disappearance wasn't an accident at all. I'm going to take a guess...He killed you after he gained Immortality. Then after 3,000 years you found a way to come back and kill him......Please let the others go, Let the Soul Society handle this....or I swear to God I'll stop you" She said. Trevor saw her crying and he hated it someone caring you where the hell was this 3,000 years ago it was way too late but still someone gave a damn. It was something after all....

"What about the others???" He said.

She stopped crying as she couldn't believe it three thousand had passed and her ex boyfriend is talking to her again. But things have she was soul reaper and him a sinner back from hell and completely changed. She didn't know what say but was shocked from his question.

"What do you mean??" She said.

"I'm talking about the people that bastard and outcast friends killed even though it was long ago. They killed some people after years of being bullied, tormented they got glimpses and sneak previews of hell's truth. What about me they took my life....I NEVER EVEN BULLIED THEM AT ALL AND HE TAKES MY LIFE. Even though my life was beyond darkness itself.....Dane and his friends took away what I cared about the family and friends." He said.

"I understand.....But please let the Soul Society handle this....Please....for me" She said.

The thing was he couldn't say no who knows if someone got her back as well but she was being honest not even the sense of lie on her. She wanted to be his friend again still those temptations were riding high to trust her again that was something to reconsider.

"Very well, I give your Society a chance. Don't think this changes anything your forgiveness means nothing to me now. That has to be earned then given. A piece of me I thought gone from this world." He said.

"Thank you" She said.

He thought some things never really change....

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on Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:49 pm


I hope everything is done for him

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on Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:43 pm


8th Division
8th Division
Well, let's get started.

Strengths: Spiritual Power, Spiritual Control, Weapon Mastery, Strength, Durability, Stamina, Speed
Weaknesses: Some Bankai Powers, Hado Kidou, Ice Based Attacks, Holy Water, Blessed Bullets, Cero

None of these weaknesses are actual weaknesses. If you still want your character to essentially be vulnerable to any sort of energy attack and all these other things, that's fine, but the weakness section of your app is specifically designated for what your character is NOT good at doing. That on top of having 7 strengths. If you can find 6-7 actual weaknesses to balance that out, go for it.

Ability Name: Satsui No Hado
Description: This something of a enhancement booster to some sinners as the intense rage of violence. A purely dark power rooted upon the darker aspects of human instinct the desire of bloodshed, violence and ultimately survival. He'll start growling and then he'll be completely empower with red energy wanting more violence. This enhancement booster of chaos red darkness that temporary increases his power and strength by 30% percent.

I believe our 'temporary stat boost' caps off at around x5 or x6, not an additional 30%. So for example, say you were at x8 total? (x2 from strength and x4 from sinner boosts.) 30% of that is an additional 2-3 levels, and we can only extend them so far without applying repercussions. Maximum boost without penalty is x5, if you want x6, then you're going to have to tax yourself in soe notable way.

Ability Name: Tyrant Blast
Ability Name: Tyrant Genocide

Just be aware that all abilities need a cooldown. This includes Cero and Gran Rey Cero clones..

Ability Name: Sonido
Description: An arrancar technique of where they could move at a high speed movement almost producing a certain sound to it. Which is known to be the same to an soul reaper's shunpo or an quincy's hirenkyaku. A technique belonging to arrancar; Trevor had to take years to master it completely. Learning it from arrancar that he killed.
Ability Name: Bala
Description: Bala is an Arrancar alternative to Cero. The technique hardens the user's Spiritual Pressure and fires it like a bullet. Although it is weaker than a normal Cero, it moves about twenty times faster and can be fired at a much higher rate, but the damage is much the same. Stronger Arrancar can also fire a more powerful Bala, while retaining its twenty-fold speed.

Okay, I know you can do better than this. We literally cannot allow you to have the 'exact' racial abilities just because you saw someone use them. You can however, get away with making clone-type abilities like you did for tyrants.

Ability Name: Magic Materialization

As Written, it's fine. Just don't do something stupid with it like oh say.... drop a 20 ton weight on someone's head.
The staff will be looking out for stuff like that.

Ability Name: Last Hell Rites

Okay, so sounds cool and all, but really? You can't have anything that outright causes paralysis. Causing intense amounts of pain without the actual damage is fine, but no damage shenanigans on top of it. i.e., we are not letting you have nukefists.

Ability Name: Raging Demon
Description: Known to some masters as the Instant Hell Murder or Flash Prison Killer. Because after the technique is done most people are dead from the technique being done to them. The technique itself can start off with stance of Trevor will appear in a ghost like state traveling at both a sonido speed. Saying the Ancient chant "Metsu" and then grabs the opponent when pieces of cero starts breaking off and start attacking the opponent in a fast series of bala style punches. It doesn't stop until the opponent is beaten to death or dead leaving 670 bala punches being hit. What it does? This technique violently attacks the spiritual pressure, bone structure and flesh beaten it death. After the final punch, Trevor turns around and energy kanji as his victim fallen to the ground. This is 10 times as deadly then Hado #90 because it can almost suck away a person's very life force.

I'm having a hard time actually figuring out what's going on here. It sounds like this used to be an Arrancar sheet,
and you decided to make him a sinner. I don't really care much about the aesthetics behind it, but you are NOT getting an ability that does 10 times what a Hadou 90 does. The damage cap for ANY ability is 2 forbiddens, or 2 times what a Hadou 90 can do. That in and of itself WILL put your character out of commission for the remainder of the thread.

Lastly, our rules for 'age' and characters is that your history's word count should be greater than your age.
You are 3100 years old with 837 words of history.

You must make the necessary changes before they are approvable. It is open for discussion if you contact any of us via Discord, but do not expect us to let things slide just because you want this character to be 'just so'.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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on Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:42 am



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on Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:48 am


Ability Name: Last Hell Rites
Description: A descent to Hell which is a powerful technique which consist of two parts. If the first part hit then Trevor can move onto the second one. Trevor raised one hand gathering his energy and reishi particles are absorbed at well something like a burning red super bala fist. Then his skin with turn completely black and his eyes turned red. He begins to punch the opponent hard causing a massive energy pillar exploding. Leading into the second either the opponent hit gets badly or sent flying upward. This lead to Trevor started flying upward after the enemy saying an ancient chant "Shishi seisei, koko ni kiwamaru". Upon the word being said ancient wrath power begin empowering his bala fist transforming it into a burning inferno fist. His appearance at that moment is like a ravage beast getting ready for final blow. Once this hits it could lead to about a giant bomb exploding but the strangest thing is. The enemy feels an unholy yet immense burning sensation throughout their body making it feel like the descending into hell was complete.
[The Burning Fists need a one post charge time each to use them correctly and having a striking power on par with Cero Oscarus attack.]

We've been over this. This isn't how you want this to work, and I can't approve it this way.

Ability Name: Omega Beams
Description: From his eyes, Trevor can generate small reserves which his eyes will start glowing pitch black. Shooting precise black laser-like beams shot from both eyes. The eye lasers can be used for various attack procedures like nullify weak attacks and small projectiles. The damage from eye beams are strong which can really hurt weaker enemies and 50% hurt stronger ones. It can block with attacks or defenses easily. But by using the Satsui No Hado the technique it can be made a little stronger for hurting enemies only 90% Stronger.

Needs to be quantified, how strong is it? Hadou or Cero Equivalents will do and it'll need a CD to match the equivalency.. Also needs a range.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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on Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:51 am



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on Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:54 am


Approved 2-3


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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