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#1 [Battle] One big misunderstanding.. on Thu May 25, 2017 6:53 am

So Aaron was just in the hotel, chillaxing like a baller, when some schmuck came outta no where and started fucking with him. Now that I'm done with my shitty Hellsing Abridged rip, you're probably wondering why Aaron is about to fight this poor idiot in front of him,and why the man currently has iron dust ready to fall all over him! Well, let me preface this with he's an asshole. I think that explains enough...

Now then, assuming everything was in order, Aaron would drop a fresh blanket of iron dust on the man, and zap him, hopefully putting him down so that Aaron could go for the killing blow..

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#2 Re: [Battle] One big misunderstanding.. on Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:28 pm

Dre was face-to-face with a formidable opponent, who looked like he was ready to fight. Raising his right hand up, touching the red stone that was attached to his necklace, he began to rub it. To which his Fullbring would activate -- as a metal armour would generate around his whole body, even covering his most of his face. A long dark blue scarf is generated around his neck, while a sword would form around his hand. Without wasting a second, Dre closed the gap between them as he used bringer light to appear behind the man, with the sword in his hand that he was already swinging through bringer light. He would aim at his ribs, while saying, "Deus Lux". Only to bringer light again to the sky aiming his sword down at his skull in a similar composition. Then bringer lightning again, he would appear towards the man's right, as he would throw two Sanguinis Globuolus (blood balls) at him at a speed equivalent to a Bala.

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#3 Re: [Battle] One big misunderstanding.. on Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:03 am

The man touched a stone for his powers to function, which tipped Aaron off that he was almost certainly a Fullbring.. Whatever, the man was quick though some might say not as quick as he thought he was.. His full body armor was neat, but not really practical... Aaron rolled his eyes, using the Iron Dust from his pouch to form spikes at Bala speed behind him in an instant, if this idiot was stupid enough to try and get in close?.. He was done for.. The spikes Parried the blade and as he appeared in the sky Aaron grinned, launching 30 spikes upwards towards the sky in order to full on impale the poor bastard.. Assuming the man had lived?.. Two blood balls would head towards Aaron's general direction, only to be blocked by cars that Aaron pulled into position with sheer magnetism. "This fight was over before it begun Fullbringer.. Time to die.."

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