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#1 Aaron Satetsu on Sat May 20, 2017 7:51 am

Name: Aaron Satetsu
Apparent Age: 22
True Age: 22
Sex: Male
Personality: Aaron fights with ferocity, and often, extreme cruelty, rarely aiming to kill until his target has been completely disabled and humiliated unless they are his equal.. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents throughout fights.Though usually a laid-back, optimistic, jovial, humble and eccentric man, Aaron shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it. He commonly uses idle conversation and outward concern to distract his opponents. Despite his care-free attitude, Aaron is at times rude and often rather sarcastic.

There are three sides to Aaron you see. And I will be describing them here.

The Savior- Aaron's personality has all the makings of a God complex. Early on in his life, he was taught to be a fighter. His father nourished this desire and it was only reinforced when the inevitable tragedies that befell him did just that... Seeing his father fight and die did not make him adverse to conflict, instead it made him realize the importance of power and the need to be able to overwhelm one's enemies. This also instilled in him a contrast between the weak and the strong. The Hollow's were strong and were able to oppress the weaker class (humanity). Being seen as weak, young Aaron was instilled with a need to be strong and his Spiritual powers allowed him to do this.

Having been so deeply impacted by the tragedies that took place in his youth, Aaron naturally seeks to understand this brutal nature. His intelligent mind allows him to study, observe, and document the nature of Spiritual conflict. However, the things he has seen and the anger he feels for what was done to his family leads him to see all Spiritual conflict as a sign that the world is flawed. This is also where the nature of power comes into play. He has power that many others don't. He is one of the most powerful beings on the planet thanks to his abilities. So while he sees the world as flawed, he views humanity as the race he must protect in mass.  This helps instill an us-vs-them mentality, one that constantly shapes and guides his action. This along with his fighter's instinct leads him to place the responsibility of confronting human conflict on himself. Thus, the God Complex is very much a core theme in Aaron's personality.

It is because of this God Complex in addition to his intelligence that he is able to become such a powerful leader for Advent Humans. He not only has the abilities to carry him through the conflict, he has the charisma to rally others to his cause. In a ways his cause is a natural response to what he experienced in the early stages of his youth. He is strongly motivated to prevent another such atrocity from happening ever again..  As someone who studied Advent Humans so thoroughly, he reasons that they are a natural evolution of man and are meant to be an improvement on the levels where mankind fell short. To him it is only a matter of time before all of humanity, is not only Spiritually Aware, but Spiritually Enhanced/Empowered..  Any effort to prevent this is only slowing down the evolutionary process and leaving the door open to more attacks from the Hollows. That is simply something Erik will not allow. At any costs.

This distance allows him to see any other life as though it were an insect, at the drop of a hat he can completely disregard life as some sacred thing, and talk himself right into ending it with a snap of his fingers.. He does not fear, nor dislike killing Hollows, Shinigami, Vizards, Humans, Quincies, Bounto's, he will kill anything that opposes him or his goals, without question, without remorse. But what separates him from your run of the mill killer is..

The Heart- Despite his exterior, Aaron does have a love for humanity on the whole. He wants them to thrive, and to succeed but he finds that their self-destructive nature at times is in need of culling. With that being said, he finds that their culling needs some controls in place that the Arrancar/Hollows just can't provide. Aaron is a hopeless idealist trapped in a world where idealism is dead, and has been stripped from every corner stone of the world. He wears his heart on his sleeve and will do whatever it takes to help those in need so long as it does not contradict his own needs and wants/go against his own objectives...

With this in mind, Aaron is willing to be a martyr at a moments notice if he needs to, and would readily sacrifice himself for the betterment/protection of humanity and his friends/family. Aaron always wanted to be a family man, but his current life-style tends to work against that for beyond obvious reasons. Aaron's willingness to do well for others translates to his more pleasant demeanor (especially when opposed to my other characters..) Which brings us to the last point..

The Joker- Eccentric, sarcastic, charismatic, ridiculous, and otherwise obtusely humorous in every aspect of the word, Aaron is a guy who really thrives on being the life in the center of any room. He's a typical Jeff character in that 4th wall breaks are frequent, and he likes to throw his nuts on the table at dinner time. You guess which nuts I'm referring to Smile.


Height: 6'4
Weight: 210 pounds.
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Relies heavily on physical prowess and manipulation skills to home in on foes and wreck the fuck out of them, but is limited by time constraints and quantity/Volume of materials. Aaron obviously is not your average human being and because of his composition can withstand damage beyond what any normal human being can.. He is essentially as difficult to kill as a normal Shinigami, and has all the physical prowess of one at his tier with his strengths..

Strengths: Strength, Reitsu Control, Reiryoku, Durability,
Weaknesses: Stamina, Speed, Sensing, Weapon Usage.


Ability Name: Electromagnetism Manipulation
Description: User can create, shape and manipulate electromagnetism to the extent of electrical telekinesis, Electromagnetic Empowerment, (Is always at a base 2 x in strength, speed, stamina, durability, and Reiryoku..) Manipulation over Magnetism, Metal bending, Electricity, and Iron Dust.. (Patented property of Aaron) (Launched objects under 1000 pounds are at Bala speed, over are Cero speed.)

Ability Name: Regeneration
Description: Regeneration, it’s pretty self explanatory.

Ability Name: Iron Sand Generation
Description: Aaron can convert any metallic structure into Iron Dust and manipulate it. He can also send out a pulsating wave that will convert any metallic structure within 100 feet of him (PC's not included) into Iron Dust (once per post).. This is pretty fuckin’ simple D:<

Ability Name: Shield of Doom
Description: Aaron forms a shield out of his own Reitsu and Iron Dust, which is as strong as a Zanpakuto and can thus parry up to a Zanpakuto+ can be used to parry 1 Cero level ability every other post. This shield can also be thrown and carried through magnetism to slice through targets (a-la Capt-Murica' but sharper)

Ability Name: The Pouch..
Description: This pouch functions similarly to the Committee's Floater Gimmick. This however stores one ton of iron for Aaron's exclusive usage.

Ability Name: Sixth Sense
Description: Senses via Electromagnetic Pulses. If you're within 100 yards of him, he knows it.

Boosts: 2 x all


Description: Pretty self explanatory, Aaron launches electricity from his finger tips causing damage to anyone zapped by the lightning, which extends up to 50 feet from the tips of his fingers. Does Cero damage+2nd degree burns. 2 post Cooldown.

Ability Name: Pzzt
Description: any Metal/Metalloid object Aaron is touching can have electricity conducted through it inflicting second degree burns and a shock equivalent to being bitchslapped by a Hadou 40.

Ability Name: Iron Dust Electric Barrier
Description: Aaron can channel a layer of Iron Dust around his body, and run electricity through it. Anyone touching this will receive 2nd degree burns and a Hadou 40 bitchslap similar to the prior ability. This can also once per post weaken any ability by up to a Cero worth of damage.

Ability Name: Kirin
Description: #Begone,WithTheThunderBitch-Slap
So Aaron forms a dragon out of Iron Dust, and tethers it together with electricity from a lightning bolt from the sky. It then charges the opponent with the relative ferocity one might expect of a priest towards an altar boy. If this hits you full on, you'll get 2nd degree burns, and a zapping all over worth a Cero Oscuras in total damage. 5 Post Cooldown, Takes a Cero Oscuras level move to destroy, and Aaron is in complete control for 2 posts.

Ability Name: Rewiring
Description: Can override the synapses and the nerves on an electrical level allowing him to not experience pain. This can also be used to give him Shinigami levels of durability, which are uniquely not Human, if you've caught on.

Ability Name: Iron Lung..erm..everything
Description:  Aaron absorbs Iron Dust around him in a reasonable quality, and it forms a sub-dermal exoskeleton of sorts. This essentially mediates damage by 20% and makes him far harder to cut through, functioning much like Advanced level Heirro.

Ability Name: Iron Defense
Description:  By infusing Reitsu into a wall and losing his shield for 3 posts, Aaron can essentially do his own version of Bakudo 81 Danku with the same constraints and cooldowns and everything.

Boosts: 3 x all


Ability Name: Charged Dust
Description: Contact with Iron Dust gives you a Zap equivalent to a Hadou 4, and a 1st-2nd degree burn.

Ability Name: ALL THE DEATH
Description: See all that Sand? See all that Metal? See that big fucking Ball? That's being thrown at you, in ball form, or being collapsed in on you. Depends on preference. What we do know is Aaron is definitely fucked for the duration of the thread, and this does 2 Forbidden Kidou worth of damage.

Ability Name: (im)Perfect being
Description: Aaron's physical prowess fluctuates between 6 x boosts and 3 x boosts. 5 posts of 6 means 5 of 3. Pretty self explanatory. This technically applies to his Secondary Stage as well, 5 x boosts WILL drop to 3 x boosts every 5 posts, for 5 posts. (All boosts except for Reiryoku and Reitsu Control, to clarify)

Ability Name: Iron Lung..erm..everything 2.0
Description:  Aaron absorbs Iron Dust around him in a reasonable quality, and it forms a sub-dermal exoskeleton of sorts. This essentially mediates damage by 25% and makes him far harder to cut through, functioning much like Strong Heirro.

Boosts: 4 x all

History: Aaron was born 22 years ago to a pair of loving parents that cared for him and nurtured him from a young boy to a full grown man, at least that would be the nice thing to say. It would be lovely if I could sit here and tell you that Aaron is a pleasant boy with a lovely past and both parents and he still visits and yada yada yada. Sadly, this is not that story, and to be frank? It might be for the best.

At the young age of 13, innocent dumbfuck Aaron Satetsu's life was flipped upside-down. He essentially walked in on his mother being eaten in the corner of his room, and not in the way where everyone cums at the end. No, the Hollow was eating her soul. Hurray. Well, dad, who was bleeding heavily on the floor with a hole in his stomach that couldn't have been comfortable for anyone, especially those who had to see it.. Rushed into action as the Hollow lunged for his son, and he stabbed it repeatedly with a knife before having his head bit off.

This was a shitty moment for Aaron sure, but holy fuck you should see the Hollow. Enraged, unsure of how to continue on, and otherwise just saddened by what he'd seen Aaron's mind went to work, and before he knew it he had somehow put a knife through that fucking creatures head with his mind.. "Well.. that's.. a thing.. The fuck?"  Was essentially all he could think or say as his house collapsed around him due to the excessive amounts of Reitsu he was releasing.. So, now he was homeless. Great...

Like a good neighbor, state-farm is there to make you pay lots of money for fuck all when the house gets fucked. See, apparently Spiritual Phenomenon wasn't covered in the contract, and the insurance company chopped the carnage up to being an "act of God."  Aaron made it a point to introduce them to God at some point in the immediate future, so they could have that discussion with him in person, but that's another story for another day, or maybe later on. I'm trying to get this fucking thing done because holy fuck this character is fun. Right, back on track.

So Aaron had now learned to put a nail from a disk through the skulls of every person working at Statefarm, while sodomizing the companies owner with a street-light. If you think this sounds like a funny 911 call, you should see the advertisement guy who was hung up with Christmas Lights and BBQ'd when the police arrived! So, Aaron isn't exactly known to be the forgiving type, and I'd be wrong to try and say that these men didn't deserve to die in the first place. I mean they work for State-Farm, fuck them, even they don't love them.

Now that Aaron had shown State-Farm what a real good neighbor looked like, and had also shown them what an act of God looked like, he couldn't help but fuck off and get through High School. He did this emancipated at the tender age of 14, and he graduated by the time he was 17, because little did people know he was actually a genius, and a hard-working one at that! Who knew! With an IQ a cunt-hair short of the 200 mark, Aaron was a super-genius capable of figuring out the most complex of algorithms, asking and at times answering the worlds greatest questions, but after the tragedy from his childhood the thing that truly interested him, is that which the brain alone could not understand..

The Spiritual Plane of existence was a mystery to humanity for quite some time. It confounded Aaron, Anne Frankly if he was Jewish he'd probably be very confused on the matters, but thankfully, he's only kind of a Magneto rip, so that's not the case. So, after conducting lots of Research in a lab in college somewhere whilst in the midst of getting his double Major, Aaron heard about this neato place/group called the Committee which housed people just like him, with objectives just like his! Fancy that fucking shit am I right?

So, Aaron found the yellow-brick road to New York, wandered into China Town, and was robbed. Well, to be fair, you can't really rob someone who can bend a light pole around your skull like Aaron did to that poor fucker. According to the officers, this was surely an "act of God" and the man had a cerebral hemorrhage from some skull fracturing.. Aaron played it coy, totally having no clue how that light pole bent itself around his head and knocked him out cold as fuck. This was not for Aaron to decide or know at this time. For now, OR FOREVA...

So back to the yellow brick road Aaron went and he waltzed right up to the Committee, knocked on their fucking door, and awkwardly realized he had found a drug-ring. This was needless to say not where he needed to be, and he now put small balls of Iron through the throats of every applicable person in the area, before fleeing on horseback. Aaron immediately walked outside, and stole one of the cars. It was a Yellow Chevy Camaro that screamed Sex Appeal and something about chosen ones.. why the fuck was the car talking?..

This was no time to ponder questions of this variety and Aaron was hopeful that this would make for a 10/10 getaway car for the time being. Then the car started fucking talking via radio again, this was of course not something he was going to get used to, but he got bored and decided to treat the fucking car like a Ouija Board. "What's your name car" said Aaron, lightly rolling his eyes. The Radio flipped a few times, until the term Bumblebee was said. "Bumblebee eh, spoiler alert, I don't have Megan Fox's tits, do you still really wanna follow me around?" It was at this point that Bumblebee opted to take the high road. "Not Really." This of course pissed off Aaron a little bit, for whatever that's worth, and he smirked shaking his head as the car drove him along to.. Where the fuck were they going?..

So apparently Bumblebees GPS systems sucked fucking ass, but the good news in all this was that he linked up with all of his Autobot partners in crime, Optimus Prime, a semi-truck with possibly the ugliest color scheme to ever exist! Ironhide who was a GMC Top-Kick Truck, some small car fuckers, some dinosaur fucker bots, and most importantly? They brought Megan Fox. Now, if Aaron didn't have metal manipulation, he may not have been able to control something as solid as his dick at this time. Thankfully for all parties involved, he was able to tame the beast... After fucking her senseless for the better part of an hour, like a real protagonist would.

Ahem, back to the main story. So, after Megan Fox broke up with Aaron he was devastated to learn that unlike the first guy, the JUST DO IT guy who was as inspiring as a box of fucking viagra, he did not receive his compensatory hot blonde to replace her as the main love interest of the protagonist. This needless to say sent Aaron into a depression he was unsure he would ever get out of, Anne Frankly he was not entirely sure he would ever truly get over his odd emotional inefficiencies.. He seemed to have constant bouts with Depression, Bipolar disorder, and these god foresaken fucking radio frequencies that never shut the fuck up in his head.. GOD DAMMIT BUMBLEBEE I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PLANET..

So apparently this meant Aaron wasn't meant for the Autobots, but that was perfectly okay, because Aaron didn't wanna join the fucking Autobots, FUCK the autobots. Aaron mentally disassembled them using mind shenanigans, before walking into the valley of death AKA Karakura Town, which was a town rife with Hollows and Hollows and Hollows and god fucking damn enough Hollows! So long-story short, Aaron killed them all with lots and lots of Iron. That's right,

He fucked them to death.

Then he arrived at the committee's doorstep, and the rest as they say, is history. Or an acid trip, depends on how much of this you bothered to read.

To expand on this, Aaron has become a focal point of the Committee's combat initiative and is overall meant to be the worlds most fucked up tank, ever.

Side Notes: Replacing Accel, 0-4 plz k thx.
Roleplay Sample:  I'm Ika.

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#2 Re: Aaron Satetsu on Sat May 20, 2017 8:18 am

Final Approval, thank goodness. (still 0-4 iirc)
Don't be an idiot XD

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#3 Re: Aaron Satetsu on Sun May 21, 2017 9:04 am

Like Don't say.. fucking viagra

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