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#1 Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World [Novel] on Fri May 19, 2017 9:44 am

Pre-release Image


Official Banner for Can't Fear Your Own World


Pre-release Summary: Translation credit to Msstormcaller (Tumbler)

Serialisation will commence every other week!! (referring to the Bleach app) Remaining mysteries will become clear…

Hisagi Shūhei, vice captain of squad 9 and editor-in-chief of the Seireitei communication, is the main character.

Rangiku: “wait a minute!! Why is Shūhei the main character!!

Shūhei: "it’s inevitable isn’t it?!! Even I would like to use Bankai!!”

An assassination attempt aimed at the four great noble clans. An unknown shinigami attacks the Quincy and the Arrancar that survived in

Hueco Mundo. A rapidly growing, mysterious religious group in the Human World…The turmoil in each of the three realms of existence
was rooted in the new head of the Tsunayashiro family, one of the four great noble clans. Apart from being a shinigami, Hisagi Shūhei approaches the case from a journalistic viewpoint. However, he does not yet know that he is trying to touch the fearful secrets of Soul Society itself…!!

Narita Ryohgo’s comment:

“Many scenes were based on directions I recieved from Mr.Kubo personally, I will do my best to be up to the task of extensively conveying the charm of Bleach even further!”

Translated Original Text (Subject to change for better translation): Credit to ANON on 4chan

- The introduction takes place just after the war ended- The Soul King's death is kept secret from Soul Society inhabitants and most of the Shinigami soldiers
- Ichibe oversees the preparations for the new lynchpin in the Throne Room
- Shunsui appears and has a talk with Ichibe
- Ichibe's original plan for the "worst case scenario" was to seal Ichigo as the new Soul King
- Ichigo being sealed is what Shunsui meant when he told Ichigo's friends he may not be able to return
- Ichibe thought Ichigo would definitely lose against Yhwach
- There was no need to use Ichigo as the Soul King because Yhwach completely absorbed its powers
- Shunsui looks at the "lynchpin" and asks Ichibe whether what he's doing is obeying to the will of the Soul King or the will of the first Heads of the Five Noble Houses
- (unsure about this part) Ichibe asks Shunsui if he has the same hostility towards the current Heads, but Shunsui replies he considers them to be his friends and comrades in the Gotei 13, and that they shouldn't hold the burden of their ancestors' sins

Grimmjow storms into the Throne Room, he's followed by Neliel and Harribel
- The Wandenreich building where Harribel was imprisoned was brought to the Soul King Palace when Yhwach remodeled it
- Nobody knows why Harribel was captured now that Yhwach is dead
- Neliel rescued Harribel
- Grimmjow confronts Ichibe because he believes the Shinigami will turn on them now
- Ichibe calmly tells him they can go back to Hueco Mundo
- Ichibe explains that purifying Hollows and the millions of souls they hold in the present condition would upset the shaky balance of the worlds
- Grimmjow still wants to settle things with Ichigo
- Harribel looks at the lynchpin preparation and says she can understand why Aizen would hate that
- Harribel wants to pay back her debt to the Shinigami (?), but Shunsui replies it's all right as long as they just lay low in Hueco Mundo
- The Hollow group leaves
- Ichibe leaves the Throne Room to wake up the other Royal Guards
- Shunsui questions what he meant by "wake up", as he thought they had been killed by the Schutzstaffel
- (really unsure about this part) Ichibe explains that the Royal Guards have had their reiatsu fused with the Soul King Palace, so as long as something remains of the Palace, they'll get revived after hearing their names
- Shunsui comments they narrowly escaped death this time, because if Yhwach had survived the battle, the last remnants of the Palace would have been replaced by Wahrwelt

Oetsu got revived by Ichibe, he is deep under his Phoenix Palace with Mera
- A special zanpakuto was sealed in the ocean Ichigo evaporated, but its seal was destroyed and the sword stolen while Oetsu was away
- The zanpakuto soldiers who were left to guard it were all defeated, they're being healed by Tokie and Nonomi (Oetsu's zanpakuto assistants)
- Oetsu is angered, but it's "different from the time he was facing Yhwach"
- The wounds on the zanpakuto guards are strange, some have burns, some have parts of their body frozen, some are paralyzed, poisoned, have holes in their body, or had their limbs crushed
- Mera suspects the enemy attacked with large numbers, but one of the guards regains consciousness and corrects her, explaining there was only one attacker
- Mera doesn't believe a single person could have so many different abilities, but Oetsu seems to have an idea who the thief could have been
- The stolen zanpakuto is named "Ikomiki Domoe" (已己巳己巴)
- Oetsu suspects the thief is from one of the Four Noble Houses

- Several days after the end of the war, the remaining Lille birds that fell from the Palace have been eliminated
- Orihime has helped the 4th division heal the Shinigami soldiers, even reviving some of them. However, bodies that have been almost completely destroyed or were outright annihilated can't be revived
- In the end, despite Orihime's efforts, the Shinigami still suffered many losses
- Shunsui talks for a bit with Aizen before sending him to Muken, Shunsui is wary because even Aizen's "words" can be part of a plan
- Aizen wished he could have talked more with Ichigo, but Urahara didn't let him
- Ichigo should've been the one to seal him, but it was too risky to give Aizen an opportunity to mess with his inner Hollow
- Ichigo is currently staying at the Shiba Shrine with Isshin and Orihime
- Shunsui sarcastically tells Aizen "Well then, I pray that you'll be an ally of Soul Society after you finish your sentence", but Aizen doubts Soul Society will still be around by then
- Aizen asks Shunsui if he saw Soul Society's original sin in the Soul King Palace
- Shunsui notices Aizen has the same expression as Harribel, but he doesn't want to answer his question because other Shinigami are present
- Aizen mocks Shunsui as he seems to not be comfortable talking about Soul Society's sins, but Hisagi appears and interrupts him
- Hisagi had been healed by Orihime, but it took a few days for him to recover his reiatsu, so he had been in a coma since Lille shot him
- Kensei still is a zombie, and is currently undergoing treatment in Mayuri's recovery pod
- Hisagi rushed to see Aizen after waking up, because he wanted to talk with the man Tosen decided to follow
- Hisagi asks Aizen how he could have manipulated Tousen into joining him, but Aizen explains Tousen was working with him since before Hisagi joined the Shinigami
- Hisagi is conflicted, he thinks back to Komamura telling him to let go of his revenge, but he can't forgive Aizen

Hisagi is angered, and tells Aizen that even though he helped out against Yhwach, he'll be his enemy for all eternity as the man who killed Tousen
- Aizen smiles and replies "Aren't you talking about eternity too lightly? After all, even Tousen's beliefs weren't eternal."
- Hisagi is furious, but Aizen says he seems to be misunderstanding something
- He didn't kill Tousen to punish him for being defeated, killing him was "his mercy"
- Neither Hisagi, Shunsui, nor the other Shinigami understand what he meant
- Hisagi asks him what that "mercy" was, and Aizen explains that if he had let Tousen leave back then, he'd have undoubtedly been healed by Orihime or Unohana. But if Tousen had survived, he'd have fallen into despair and been tormented by his own heart. As such, killing him was an act of mercy for his most loyal subordinate.
- Hisagi still doesn't really get what he means, so Aizen tells him the time will come when he will understand everything about the Soul Society and the Shinigami
- Shunsui has had enough of Aizen talking and instructs the Shinigami to take him down to Muken
- Hisagi requests to be able to ask him more questions, but Soi Fon shunpo's behind him, twists his arm and berates him for disturbing the order
- Hisagi realizes she's right, he wouldn't be able to get anything out of Aizen when he got so furious over simple words
- Hitsugaya adds that he should be holding his sword out of duty, and not out of hatred
- Aizen is taken away, his last words to the Shinigami being "If you want to see the truth, you will have to sacrifice your own blood and soul."
- Most of the Shinigami dismiss Aizen's words as nonsense, but the Captains realize he's not the kind of man to say pointless things
- Aizen's words are "like loose poison that remains in the mind". But in Hisagi's case, that poison "invited him to a fight". "It was only six months after the end of the war that he would face the reality."

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#2 Re: Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World [Novel] on Fri May 19, 2017 9:47 am

Dialogue Part if CFYOW: Credit to Scheneizel on Bleach Reddit~rreddit:

Setting: RR (Ouetsu)

Remnants of the Reiokyu (Royal Palace); the Hooden (Phoenix Palace)

"Oh, I say... I've come to, haven't I?"

The monk had barely managed to revive Nimaiya Ouetsu from the brink of death.

He was deep underground within the basement of the Phoenix Palace, where a vast ocean spread out, at the bottom of which existed a storehouse for weaponry. He held his head in an exaggerated fashion.
His bespectacled eyes fell upon the destroyed iron door, and the wreckage caused by the sliced-off rope and cloth that were used to cordon-off the area.

Originally, the place held a certain sealed Zanpakuto. However, the seal was destroyed and the zanpakuto in question was nowhere to be found, there remained no trace of its silhouette. While Ouetsu was observing the situation, one of his assistants, a little girl called Mera, stood next to him on the island and heaved a big sigh.

"Honestly, this is what happens when the happy-go-lucky master is out dealing with invaders."

The sword was originally placed deep under the ocean, but because it dried up when Kurosaki Ichigo's sword was re-forged, the vast expanse of the ocean-bed was now exposed.

"Even though it was an emergency, it resulted in one difficult situation after another, hasn't it?"

Ouetsu remarked, running his eyes over the surroundings, while adjusting his shades.
Restoration and repair-work was being carried out by Tokie and the other members of Ouetsu's sword-guards.

"The sea has dried up and so it becomes an open door, doesn't it?"

Ouetsu narrows his eyes, eyes that were filled with the colour of quiet anger, but of quite a different kind than the time he was up against Yhwach.

"Now then, I wonder which low-life within the Soul Society has entered my palace and is guilty of perpetrating this robbery."

It appeared as though the asauchi, which had taken human forms, had each suffered a series of curious injuries. Some suffered from burns and scalds, some had parts of their bodies frozen, some seemed to have suffered from convulsions as if they had received electric shocks, some were poisoned, some had holes drilled into their bodies and some had their limbs crushed by blunt instruments.

Mera makes a sound with her tongue as she looks at all the peculiar wounds and injuries.

"What in the world.....? It looks like the work of a large group of people or an army." One of the asauchi, who had regained consciousness, looked at Mera and shook his head.


"Hey, are you alright? What's wrong? What happened here?"

"One person.... raided.... this... place. It was... only one person."

Mera tilts her head questioningly. If these words are true, she muses, then it does not fit in with the variety of different kinds of wounds and injuries. Ouetsu, however, displayed a different reaction.
His eyes, behind the tinted glasses, narrowed once again. He spread out both his hands and nodded his head in assent.

"I see, I see... Well, well.. That explains everything."

"I'm not convinced. It makes me uneasy."

"Now, now, Mera-chan. We can, at present, substantially narrow down the identity of the culprit, from this information."

As he gathered up the fragments of the ruined seal and the cloth, Ouetsu's mind turned towards a specific person for a brief moment. While looking at the fabric, which had been ripped to a thousand pieces, Ouetsu muttered to himself:

"A sword that is grasped by a small fish... 'Ikomikidomoe' was originally a sword that could hold a small fish."

(I am not sure what exactly he's trying to imply here. Sword grasped by a 'small fish'?? O_O A sword holding a 'small fish'?? O_O It seems extremely strange, doesn't it? At most, the word 'small fish' could be a metaphor or a symbol for something or someone, but I'm not exactly sure)

Murmuring the name of the stolen sword, Ouetsu glowers at the empty space with a hint of sadness and anger as a swordsmith, and eyes filled with doubt.

"If this is indeed the case, then who do I intend to get hold of... Well.... Four Great Aristocratic Families?" (I'm not exactly sure if this translation is right.)

Dialogue Part with Aizen

Setting: Muken

" Captain Tosen..... are you trying to bend your words according to what suits your convictions?" (Hisagi addresses Aizen)

"That is a rather unusual and strange verbal argument that you are making, Hisagi Shuhei."

Faced with Hisagi's wrath, Aizen remained unperturbed and spoke in a calm manner.

" You were not present at the moment when Tousen Kaname changed his mind, were you? He was already my subordinate and I had already started mentoring him, long before you had even become a Shinigami."
Silence from Hisagi.

"Shuhei-kun, your anger towards that person is justifiable. However, I am sorry, but now is not the time for such conversation. Could you perhaps control yourself?" (Shunsui seems to be in rather a hurry to haul Aizen away, isn't he? I mean, let Hisagi talk, come on)

"Er.... right... Understood, Head-Captain, sir."

Thus did Kyoraku chide Hisagi. Hisagi tried to calm himself and suppressed his desire to pull out his sword. He opened his mouth.

"You may have fought alongside Kurosaki to bring down Yhwach, but I shall consider you an enemy of Captain Tousen and myself for eternity."

'Vengeance.' (not dialogue) Every time he heard Aizen's name, the word kept popping up in his mind. However, the word invoked both an affirmation as well as denial within his heart. That word turned Captain Tousen down an erroneous path and Captain Komamura, who tried to stop the misguided Tousen, had himself fallen prey to that sentiment as well. Hisagi's mind was filled with doubts and frustration, leading him to believe that his anger towards Aizen would be an insult to the memories of both captains.

Aizen, as if seeing through Hisagi's heart, gave a thin/pale smile and spoke with a touch of slight harshness. (see, he was triggered by the word 'eternity')

"Eternity, eh? You use that term rather frivolously. Even Tousen Kaname's beliefs and convictions were not eternal." (kinda puts his monologue in the final chapter in better perspective, doesn't it?)

"Why you.....!!!"

Hisagi's enraged voice burst forth.

" You seem to be misunderstanding something." Aizen spoke in a quiet voice. However, it was clear and precise to the point that it overwhelmed even Hisagi's outcry. The voice seemed to possess gravity.

" I did not consider Tousen Kaname as someone who needed to be punished for his defeat." ( I guess this confirms that it was Aizen's reiatsu that blew up Tousen)

The surrounding Shinigami stared at Aizen, utterly baffled. Aizen took a deep breath and spoke briefly.

"It was an act of compassion, of benevolence."

The onlookers froze. They were unable to grasp the immediate significance of those words. Amidst the silence, Hisagi once again opens his mouth, fists clenched tightly.

"An act of benevolence...?"

Hisagi's anger nearly reached its peak. However, his anger was not directed towards Aizen's brazen words, but rather at his own weakness.

" You....... How long are you going to keep demeaning Captain Tousen?" (Hisagi's speech pattern in this seems to be rather violent and vulgar)

Aizen continues to speak, paying no attention to Hisagi's wrathful outburst.

"If I had left things as they were, Inoue Orihime and Unohana Retsu would have undoubtedly been able to save him. Buy you probably would not have been able to fathom what that would have meant to him/ what that would have done to him."

Hisagi seemed perplexed.

"Had Tousen Kaname survived, he would eventually have faced unparalleled despair, his heart would have crumbled away. Such despair would have slowly and stealthily entwined itself around the owner of such exemplary and beautiful resolution, and would have ruined him. For this reason, I bestowed upon him this act of mercy, in tribute to his integrity and loyalty. That is all there is to the matter."

I do not know whether you can entirely comprehend what I have said. Having said that, it appears as though they think I am deceiving them all with appropriate explanations, rather, excuses. (This is Aizen's monologue)
Hisagi looks just as confused as the others.

Aizen turns towards the gathered Shinigami and stuns them with the words that follow:

"Sooner or later, the time will come when the illusions will fall from your eyes, like an angel's raiment, like the plumage of birds. You will all eventually understand all of it."

"There, there, you have spoken too much." (See, Shunsui stops him AGAIN. Why is he so desperate to stop Aizen from spilling the beans??)

Kyoraku stops Aizen. He instructs the guards to take the captive back to the Muken.

"Please wait, Head-Captain. What in the world is Aizen talking about?"

Hisagi wanted to know more but was stopped by Soi Fon, Captain of the 2nd division. She used Shunpo to instantly land behind Hisagi, and twisted one of his arms behind his back.

"Do not act so irresponsibly. Use your judgment and stop messing around. Your actions are causing mayhem and chaos among the order. We are dealing with him. Do not interfere." (Here, Soi Fon uses an extremely rude form of speech)

Hisagi was well-aware that he could not do a thing against a mighty presence such as Aizen's. What could he do when he was so upset by mere words alone? Hisagi had already come to the conclusion in the past that he could neither forgive nor could he kill by embracing hatred.

Aizen, who was about to be carried away, merely inclined his head and turned his eyes towards Hisagi.

"Swinging a sword out of hatred only leads to mindless violence. It is the responsibility of every seated officer to raise their blades without thoughts of hatred."

These words, by Hitsugaya Toshiro, captain of the 10th division, caused Hisagi to sink into silence. However, Aizen negated those vexing words and said,

"Be at peace. What you embrace is not hatred, but the sentiments left behind by the disappearing footprints of Tousen Kaname." (Aizen says this to Hisagi)

Hisagi is rendered speechless.

"You should commit to memory what it means to be a warrior who bears strong determination and embraces a simple sentiment. It is good to remember how impossible it is to kill such a soldier."

Kyoraku aborts the conversation between Aizen and Hisagi by striking his hands together.

"Yes, yes, stop startling the young 'uns with your remarks. So I guess there is no one worthy here to whom you want to leave word with, huh?" (Shunsui's new nickname : Aizen-stopper or conversation-breaker)
As Aizen turned towards the prison guards who would carry him away, they broke into cold sweat.

"After this, I shall have to spend my time in boredom. If my conjecture is correct, then in the future, Soul Society will change. I think I shall enjoy that, even if the change is rather meagre/modest."

"Dear, dear, I can't really say that I like your tastes in hobbies."

At last, the captive was taken away. Before disappearing into the darkness, Aizen speaks to the onlookers, in a quiet and serene tone, in a voice that had not changed since the beginning.

"If you wish to see the truth clearly, without any obstruction, then you must, as a matter of course, be prepared to struggle and sacrifice your own flesh, blood and soul."

And finally, he decides to add one last thing. He directs this brief comment towards Hisagi Shuhei, who had been standing, astonished, for quite a while.

"At least, Tousen Kaname was able to really comprehend, so the point is, you should be able to, as well, isn't that right?"

Thus, the man who fought Yhwach, along with Kurosaki Ichigo, disappeared into the very depths of darkness.
Most of the Shinigami gathered there shrugged off his words as those of someone who was unwilling to accept subservience.

However, some of the captains stiffened and some had their eyebrows knit together in a frown. They were well aware that this man was not someone who would spout nonsense and spin out falsehood. They tried to shove his enigmatic words to the back of their minds, to lock them up in the corner of their hearts.

Hisagi tried to sort out his emotions, but Aizen's words took root within the back of his mind, like some slow-acting poison. He could not get rid of those thoughts.

P.S. I tried to translate all of these dialogues to the best of my ability, but I think I might've messed up the context of some of them. The Japanese language is full of nuances, and if one word is misinterpreted, it changes the context of the whole thing. So please forgive me.

Dialogue: Shunsui and Ichibe

Reiokyu, Greater Palace, the Inner Sanctuary:The Royal soldiers were bustling about the place, at the centre of which was enshrined the former Soul King. In the midst of all this, the monk, Hyosube Ichibei of the Zero Division, silently strokes his beard. A cheerful whistling was heard behind him and a lively voice spoke.

"So... that is the new Soul King, monk."

The monk turned around to see a man sporting an eyepatch over his right eye. Kyoraku Shunsui was standing there.

"Oh, so you are able to move already? As expected from the Head-Captain of the 13 Court Guard Squads." The monk replies in a lighthearted manner.

"You should understand this. There is no such thing as an 'old' or 'new' Soul King. We will continue to revere whoever is enshrined here."

"Can the cage contain all of the captive's power?" With a rather complication facial expression, Kyoraku continues on.

"If the worst-case scenario had come to pass, Ichigo-kun was to be sealed in there, was he not?"
"Wouldn't it have been agreeable?"

Ichibei tells him that it was indeed a feasible solution to have Ichigo sealed up as the next Soul King. However, these words seemed to be devoid of emotion. He then laughs, displaying his teeth.

"I like that boy. Not being able to talk to him would have been rather lonely."

"At least, Ichigo-kun's friends will no longer hold a grudge against me."

"Oh yes, that's right, I gave you authority to hand over the Soul Tickets, didn't I? Let us hope that Central 46 will hold their tongues regarding this matter."

"And so...... how much did you predict, monk?"

Kurosaki Ichigo ending up as the new Soul King was not something that Kyoraku would have wanted. His mind goes back to that time when he had visited the World of the Living to give the Soul Tickets to three of Ichigo's friends.

The monk neither denied nor affirmed Kyoraku's statement, instead he laughed cheerfully, stroking his bald head.

"I am not Yhwach. I cannot see the future. I honestly did not expect Kurosaki Ichigo to emerge victorious."

"The boy was indeed fortunate. If Yhwach hadn't completely absorbed the Soul King, we wouldn't have been able to stop the collapse of the Soul Society."

Kyoraku tried a different approach.

"Hold on, is that the 'will' of the Soul King?"


"Or is it the 'will' of the Five Great Noble Families?"

"Does this mean you bear animosity towards the members of these illustrious families, like Kuchiki Byakuya and Shihoin Yoruichi?"

"I do not think of them that way. They are members of the 13 Court Guard Squads and my comrades."
Kyoraku smiles wryly as he speaks.

"They are not to be held responsible for the actions and misconduct of their ancestors. On the other hand, they should not forget the sins of their forefathers either."

"That being said, none of the founders of the five great aristocratic families are left anymore."

A dull explosion was heard in the distance. Kyoraku turned his head towards the direction of the sound; a spiritual pressure different from that of the Shinigami was felt. White smoke rose up, a section of the wall of the old Greater Palace (now the Throne room of the Wandenreich) got destroyed, and three white figures emerged from behind the wall. The alarmed Royal soldiers simultaneously raised their swords, but the monk commanded them to halt.

"There is no way you can take care of opponents like these."

But it was too late. One of the three approaching figures leapt into the room, clicking his tongue with an air of maliciousness.

"Tch.. what the hell are you trying to do?"

The white silhouette, reminiscent of a wild beast, Grimmjow Jaegarjacques, glared at the monk and Kyoraku with a piercing gaze as he landed.

"What is my reason for coming to a place where swords are being pointed at me...."

Grimmjow raises his hand to kill, but receives a tiny knock to the back of his head. ' "Hey...!"
Grimmjow turns to see an Arrancar woman with a cracked mask on her head. It was Neliel Tu Odelschvank, who had entered the Soul Society along with him.

"Damn it, Neliel!"

"Why are you initiating a brawl in this situation? Now that the Quincies have been vanquished, we are the last remaining foes of the Soul Society."

"What exactly are you doing? If it is for amusement, then go back to the Garganta."

The female Arrancar who leaned on Neliel's left shoulder, called out to Grimmjow. She possessed the same rank as Neliel, the Tres Espada, Tia Halibel.

Halibel had fought on the front-lines in Hueco Mundo, when the Wandenreich had raided it, but was weakened immensely by the overwhelming power of Yhwach. She was imprisoned as a testimony to the Hueco Mundo suppression. When the Reiokyu was remodelled, the area in which she was initially held, was brought up as well. Whether it was to use her as vanguard, the purpose of her prolonged incarceration was unclear, now that Yhwach was dead. However, she was still alive and was rescued by Neliel who had arrived there with Kurosaki Ichigo's party.

Neliel had successfully rescued Halibel, the new ruler of Hueco Mundo, but she was having second thoughts about this situation. She held a certain degree of animosity towards the Shinigami. She also realized that the three of them were standing at the very spot that Aizen had wished to reach and that they had reached the place before him. She spoke to Grimmjow.

"Do you wish to fight opponents who have already been exhausted in battle with the Quincies? Is that your idea of a satisfactory battle?"

"Don't get all sentimental. Do you honestly believe these arrogant Shinigami will allow us to remain at large? I'm sorry, but I refuse to get killed from behind on the way back."

The monk answered.
" We have no obligation to either escort you back to Hueco Mundo or to let you be at large."

Grimmjow looked murderous as he glared at the bald man.

"But if we do decide to kill you here, the already teetering balance between the three worlds would collapse."
Grimmjow was silent for a while. He probably wants to settle things with Ichigo before leaving, thought Neliel. She hoped that they would let Grimmjow go without a fuss.

Unexpectedly, Halibel whispered, as if murmuring to herself. ".....So that is what you call a 'Soul King'.."
Her gaze turned towards the enshrinement at the centre of the Palace, behind the Shinigami.

"..... Such a thing is the foundation of the Soul Society?"

"Hmm.. Miss Arrancar, I take it that you too cannot forgive such a thing?" The bald man asks while rubbing his beard. Halibel slowly shook her head.

"I am just a common defeated soldier. I am not entitled to say anything. However, I do sympathize with the point of view of the man who was our former monarch, and I understand why he hated this." Halibel lets go of Neliel's shoulder and turns her back on the Shinigami on her own.

"Sorry to bother you... I shall repay the debt I owe you."

"Oh, it's ok if you just stay quietly in Hueco Mundo. And if you wish to express gratitude then you should thank Kurosaki Ichigo instead."

The male Arrancar growled.

"Oh yes, I definitely owe that bastard Ichigo.."

But his meaning was different from Halibel's.

The woman in the sheep-skin overheard it and exclaimed,

"Are you hoping to extend that scar of yours to a full-bodied one?" Neliel had already rebuked him with the exact same argument before.

After they had left, Kyoraku turned his feet towards the monk's retreating back.

"Where are you going, monk?"

"To wake up the other members of the Zero Division."

Kyoraku seemed confused at the phrase 'waking up', but the monk answered him soon enough.

"We did not convert our own flesh and blood into the Ouken, just for show, you know. Our very reiryoku is fused with the Royal Palace. As long as the Royal Palace remains, we can be revived to some extend if our names are called out."

The Royal Palace was remodelled into the Wahrwelt by Yhwach. Had Yhwach been alive, the remnants of the Royal Palace would have eventually disappeared and hence the Zero Division would have been annihilated completely.

"The Zero Division will not fall so easily, fate has decreed that. Anyway, Ouetsu and the others will have to do better than this in the future."

He spoke in a relaxed tone. He glanced up at the sky of the Royal Realm, scratching his beard a few times.

"It seems that this conflict has affected our position/status as well as the children."

(Then there's a glorified description of the protagonist of this novel (who won't get a chance to use bankai))
After the conclusion of the War, the spiritual barrier around the Reiokyu was closed up once more. The aftermath of the war left behind its vestiges, which could be felt even in the air. However, the only thing that did not change was the power and authority of the Soul King.

After all, it contained the remains of a great catastrophe...

Or alternately, it was imbued with the 'sins' that had remained since the dawn of the Soul Society itself.
There was a certain man in the Soul Society, who looked up to the Shinigami who had once saved his life, and thus, this man vowed to become just like him.

He was a mere commoner from the Rukongai. Despite that, he reached the position of lieutenant because of his exemplary dedication at the Academy.

He was a very just and righteous man, and extremely loyal. He never once hesitated to save a life even if it meant grievously injuring himself. He was willing to do everything for the sake of the 13 Court Guard Squads and for the Soul Society. He was not one who belittled an enemy, nor did he bear ill-will towards them. However, if it was for a just cause, he was willing to tarnish his honour by striking an enemy from behind.
He bestows death unto his enemies. He purifies lost souls and provides salvation to souls who have passed on. In other words, he is a model Shinigami. He embodies the very responsibilities of a Shinigami.

The name of this man is Hisagi Shuhei, the lieutenant of the 9th Division. He is well-respected among his peers. His is well-known as an exemplary soldier. He may not have been as famous as Yamamoto Shigekuni or Kurosaki Ichigo, but to him, that was neither here nor there. That was because he had already chosen his way of life.

When exactly was it? Was it when the Shinigami saved his life? Was it when he had entered the Academy and had grasped a sword for the first time? Was it when he had lost two of his friends during a drill? Was it when he encountered a man and decided that he would dedicate himself to being his adjutant? Or was it when he had slashed that man with his own hands?

It was not clear to others at what point he accepted the 'Shinigami's way of life'. Even Hisagi Shuhei did not know it himself.

Can't Fear Your Own World: Part 1 (credit to MissStormcaller: Tumbler): Full Translation

Prologue 1

“Do not seek the aesthetics​ in waging war.

Do not seek virtue in death.

Do not think your life is your own.

If you wish to protect each of the heads of the five court nobles, then you must slaughter every foe from under the shadow of the leaves.”

— Excerpt from the old edition of the Shino Academy’s textbook, Shinigami regulations encyclopedia.

“Do not seek the aesthetics in waging war.

Do not seek virtue in death.

Do not think your life is your own.

If you wish to protect the things you ought to protect, then you must strike down the enemy by cutting them from their backs.”

— Excerpt from the latest edition of the Shino Academy’s textbook, Shinigami regulations encyclopedia.



Once, there was a battle.

A great war between those who called themselves gods who governed death and those who extinguished evil spirits.

The conflict ceased in the form of losing their respective ‘kings’ by the end of the feud which spanned a thousand years.

The relationship between the Shinigami and the Quincy hailed a new era as a result of this great loss.

It is said that it was the very same person who killed both kings, he was neither Shinigami or  Quincy, but only a small fraction of people are aware of that fact.

There was a young substitute Shinigami boy who was a guest of the Gotei 13, who defeated the ringleader of the “Wandenreich” rebel army which invaded Soul Society —- only that part of the information along with the proclamation that “the Gotei 13 successfully defended the Soul King Palace” was propagated throughout the Soul Society.

In other words, it was to be permanently concealed by those who were the very foundation of the Soul Society, that the Soul King himself was dead, for the purpose of avoiding confusion and disorder.

Even now, many inhabitants of the Soul Society including ordinary soldiers still believe they have their Soul King enshrined at the Soul King Palace.

Those who know the facts is limited to only a handful of Shinigami such as captain ranks and superior officers, or people attached to important posts in Seireitei, they also dare not expose the truth and thus the people’s peace of mind was not disturbed.

From there, the revival of the Seireitei that was left utterly devastated, began.

Whether or not the decision of the higher-ups, who did not deem it acceptable to snatch away the people’s moral support, was right as they had expected​ — well, it seems that is something to be judged by history 10, or 100 years down the line.

The series of conflicts that would subsequently be known as the “Protection of the Soul King Great War”, ushered in the conclusion to such a state of affairs.

Going back in time to the point immediately following​ the end of the war.

Soul King Palace main shrine - Greater Soul King Palace.

At the spot where the former Soul King was enshrined, the holy soldiers (shinpei) were busily moving around.

There was a member of squad zero, Hyōsube Ichibē 'Monk who calls the real name’ (aka high priest) — he stroked his deep black beard whilst silently staring at the ‘thing’ that is at the centre of the room.

From behind, he heard an easygoing tone of voice call out to him.

“Oh my…so that is the new Soul King? High priest?”

The high priest turned to look over his shoulder, there stood a man with an eyepatch over his right eye — Kyōraku Shunsui.

“Hey, you’ve become able to move already? Hmm yes, you’d be no good as a captain commander otherwise” The high priest remarked with a cheerful smile.

He answered his companion’s query by checking to see if Kyōraku’s line of sight was not on himself but at the center of the space where the holy soldiers were working.

“You already understand. The soul King is neither new or old. It is significant that what we call Soul King can continue to exist here”

“Aren’t you the guy that said… all power is carried in names?” With a complex expression still on his face, and switching to honorific speech, Kyōraku continued.

"…that is why, in the worst case scenario, it would have been Ichigo kun that is being sealed under that name”

“If that was the case, you would have accepted it right?”

The high priest had quite casually informed him of the various scenarios in which it was possible that Ichigo would be named “Soul King”. However, that word seemed as if it does not harbour a shred of emotion.

And then, he laughed displaying a toothy grin as he spoke about Kurosaki Ichigo.

“I’m also pleased for that boy. To reach a point where we would be unable to talk to him would be somewhat lonesome huh?”

“Above all. With this, I can also feel at ease not having to endure the resentment of Ichigo kun’s friends.”

“Ah, you gave them those soul tickets didn’t you? Let’s keep that quiet from some of the 46 chambers and the noble bunch.”

“…oh dear, how perceptive of you, high priest”

The position of Soul King. That is by no means a good thing, far from it in fact, Kyōraku considered that the single most, worst possible outcome as far as Kurosaki Ichigo is concerned.

Looking at the 'thing’ before his eyes, Kyōraku was reminded of that once again.

In preparation for the worst, Kyōraku handed out special spirit tools called “soul tickets” to persons who were close to Kurosaki Ichigo in the Human World.

This is a ticket that makes it possible to freely travel back and forth between the Human World and the Soul Society, improvements have been made based on the technology that was previously used to transport the humans of Karakura Town alive to Soul Society, resulting in this practical substitute.

Kyōraku calmly casts down his eyes, scenes of the time he went to inform Kurosaki Ichigo’s friends of that one possibility played out in his mind, “depending on the nature of his powers, it could mean that it will become impossible for him to return back home to this world.”

He had said it himself that he hadn’t come to joke around, the young boy, despite acting the most foolish was also filled with deep anger, “you're​ not joking, yet how are you expecting​ us to say goodbye so easily!?”

In contrast to the true anger he displayed for Ichigo’s sake, there was the black haired boy who stubbornly continued to believe in Ichigo with eyes that remained calm, and then, there was the girl who was more concerned about Ichigo’s family members rather than herself whilst harbouring deep anguish and fear for Ichigo’s well-being.

—- both Sado kun and Orihime chan, Ichigo kun is blessed with friends isn’t he?

—- well, that is surely because those kids are captivated by Ichigo kun…

Considering the young people of the Human World, Kyōraku was safely relieved for Kurosaki Ichigo, a key player who ended this war, Kyōraku lightly lifted his eyes as he addressed the high priest.

“Above all, it's​ good that Ichigo is not the one being cut down by the high priest and co.”

Kyōraku said without hesitation in a curious manner of speaking.

Without affirming nor denying that, the high priest rubbed his bald head as he laughed cheerfully.

“Seeing as how I’m not Yhwach. That means I cannot see into the future… Well, technically speaking, Kurosaki Ichigo could not have won but rather ought to have been defeated.”

“High priest…”

“So, as far as the boy is concerned, he was fortunate that Yhwach had completely obtained the power of the Soul King. It is for that reason,  even regardless of the fact that Kurosaki Ichigo had won, that the Soul Society was able to escape collapse in such a way.” As he said that, the high priest clapped his hands together.

Behind the high priest whose eyes​ closed along with the clear sound of his hands clapping together in prayer, Kyōraku tried to question him further.

“High priest, is that the will of the Soul King?”


“Or…is it the 'dying wish’ of the founders of the five great noble clans?”

In a slip of the tongue, the honorific language disappears from Kyōraku’s speech, the high priest then replies with aloofness.

“This and that, paying respects to the original dignitaries. You cannot hide your hostility. Do you also perceive Kuchiki Byakuya and Yoruichi Shihoin from that sort of viewpoint?”

“There is no place where I think of them like that. They are comrades of the Gotei 13, my precious friends.”

He smiled wryly as he shook his head, he continued speaking in a lower tone of voice.

“The actions of their ancestors have nothing to do with them but, on the other hand, it’s not like the sins of their ancestors were nonexistent. Am I right, high priest?”

“You say that but, in any case, there are no longer any founders of the five great noble clans left…”

The moment the high priest had said that, the dull sound of an explosion echoed throughout the greater palace.

“ ! ”

When Kyōraku turned to look in the direction of the noise, he could sense distinctive spiritual pressures different from that of a Shinigami’s coming from there.

Ahead of their sightlines, there was still a section that was fused with part of the “Wandenreich”, a portion of the wall was now destroyed and white smoke flowed up.

Then, a few more white figures emerged from the inner part of that wall, out of the white smoke.

The alarmed holy soldiers simultaneously drew their swords, adopting a fighting stance in order to defend the greater palace, but the high priest gained control of the them with his commanding voice.

“Ah, no need to concern yourselves. These are not opponents to defeat.”

One of the white figures had already leapt in their direction, he clicked his tongue as if drawing out a poisonous air.

“Che…what? You ain’t gonna fight?”

The white figure that was reminiscent of a wild beast — Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez glared at the high priest and Kyōraku with a sharp look in his eyes as he landed.

Grimmjow touched his hand to his Zanpakutō, but then a small Bala* (*Hollow bullet) struck the back of his head.


In response to the shock of something striking his head, Grimmjow turned around, there stood the female Arrancar who turned up at Soul Society at the same time as him, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, with her left hand was pointed towards him, she appeared to have just shot that Bala.

“Nelliel, why you…!”

“Picking fights on such an occasion? With the demise of the Quincy king, now, it is we who are the largest foreign body of Soul Society you know”

“So what? If you’re scared then you might as well take your burden and escape through Garganta at once.”

The one Grimmjow had called 'burden’ was a female Arrancar who was being carried on Nelliel’s left shoulder.

Same as Nelliel, Tier Harribel held the title of Espada 'no. 3’.

When the “Wandenreich” attacked Hueco Mundo, Harribel stood at the forefront of the battle, bearing the full brunt of it —- However she was weakened by Yhwach’s overwhelming power, consequently, she was captured as a symbol of Hueco Mundo’s oppression.

At the time he was remodelling the Soul King Palace, Yhwach incorporated a prison into his castle in which she became his prisoner.

Whether it was meant to teach the Arrancars a lesson, or even remodel her to serve as part of the Quincy vanguard, and with Yhwach now deceased, the purpose of her continued captivity had become unclear.

The one thing that was for certain is that she was alive, only now was she set free thanks to the efforts of Nelliel who had arrived along with Kurosaki Ichigo and the others.

Nelliel effectively rescued Harribel the new ruler of Hueco Mundo, but she held mixed feelings at the current state of affairs.

Whilst feeling bewildered at the fact that it was the former subordinates themselves who were standing in this place before Aizen who desired to reach the Soul King Palace to such a degree, Nelliel addressed Grimmjow who was being hostile towards the Shinigami.

“You pick fights with opponents who are exhausted from war with the Quincies? Is that your idea of a satisfying fight?”

“……Che. What a sentimental thought. Anyway, do you think these shinigami guys are really going turn a blind eye to us? Save me the trouble, the moment we leave, they’ll slash us up from behind.”

It was the bald-headed, good-natured old man with the deep black beard that then replied to this.

“Hey, don’t worry, we’ll turn a blind eye to you guys as much as you want. If you like, we can even escort you up to Hueco Mundo, it’s no problem.”

“…huh? Who do you think you are? You take us so lightly huh.”

They were not even considered a threat as they were wounded themselves.

Grimmjow took the remark as just that, he glared at the bald old man, his whole body overflowing with bloodlust.

But the man in question replied in an unfazed manner whilst easily brushing aside that thirst for blood.

“On the contrary, the opposite is true. At any rate, even if we purified or even eradicated​ numerous hollows of the area, it would strongly point to calamity as a result, eventually the equilibrium of the three realms of existence would be sure to collapse if we did such a thing so carelessly in the current state of affairs.”


For a brief moment, Grimmjow was silent, but then he clicked his tongue whilst bringing his bloodlust under control whether or not he came to terms with it himself.

It seems he would rather settle things with Kurosaki Ichigo than mess around in this place.

Nelliel guessed as such, when push comes to shove, she considered silently launching a surprise attack and dragging him back to Hueco Mundo, suddenly Harribel who was leaning on her shoulder opened her mouth to speak.

“…is that what you’re all going to be calling Soul King?”

She whispered her words as if saying it to herself.

Her eyes turned towards the thing being enshrined at the center of the palace, behind the Shinigami.

“…such a thing is at the core of soul society?”

“Hmm, lady Arrancar. Can you still tolerate something like this?” The bald man asked whilst scratching his beard, at his words, Harribel slowly shook her head.

“…right now, I am merely a defeated soldier. I am not qualified to say anything. But, I understand why the man that was once our ruler continued to detest that thing.”

Harribel separates herself from Nelliel’s shoulder, on her own feet, she then turns her back to the Shinigami.

“We have inconvenienced you…One of these days we will repay this debt to you.”

“Ah, it’s okay. As for this over here, it would be great if you can keep quiet about it in Hueco Mundo. Moreover, if you want to show your gratitude, don’t thank us, you ought to say it to Kurosaki Ichigo kun.”

As Kyōraku said that, the Arrancars showed themselves out, leaving the greater palace area.

The same kind of arguing back and forth from just a moment ago could be heard, “ah that’s right…I have to repay a debt to that Kurosaki bastard…”, the male Arrancar could be heard saying, although he was speaking of a different kind of 'debt’ to the one Harribel had mentioned earlier, in response to that the female Arrancar with the ram’s horns said “do you really wish to settle things with Ichigo with wounds all over your body?”

“Oh my, Ichigo kun is really popular isn’t he…?”

Next to the muttering Kyōraku, the high priest also turns on his feet heading outside the greater palace.

“Where are you going, high priest?”

“To wake up the zero division a little”

The zero division.

The Royal Guards are elite guardians with five members, including the high priest Ichibē, who are said to be comparable to the entire force of the Gotei 13.

Each member is a pioneer who has created things such as Zanpakutō or shihakushou, that can be described as the very foundations of the present day Shinigami, perhaps it could be said that these great men and women thoroughly refined the history of the Shinigami, from zero.

However, up until Kyōraku had arrived here, he had heard that the zero division, excluding the high priest, had died at the hands of Yhwach and his subordinates.

Kyōraku inclined his head at the words “wake up”, but the answer soon came spilling out from the high priest’s mouth.

“It’s not the case that my own flesh and flood was converted into the Ōken just for show you know? The spiritual pulse that surrounds the Zero Riden* which everyone was given, is almost fused with the individual spiritual pressures of squad zero. As long as the Zero Riden are not completely destroyed, they will be revived if I call their names”

(*TN – Reminder that the Zero Riden are the separate palaces/estates of the zero division members)

“That, would have been truly unfavorable, if Ichigo kun didn’t win isn’t that right, high priest?”

On one occasion, the Soul King Palace was reworked to “Wahrwelt” by Yhwach.

If Yhwach was alive, before long, the last vestiges of the Soul King Palace would have disappeared, with the exception of the high priest, squad zero may have been quite literally, annihilated.

“The zero division do not die so easily, I won’t let them die. Such is their fate. Well, anyway, Ōetsu and the others must work harder from now on.”

The high priest spoke in an easygoing manner that was particularly similar to that of Kyōraku in times of peace, accordingly, once he had finished speaking, he scratched his beard several times whilst looking up at the sky of the Soul King Palace.

“There seems to be a young person who has taken advantage of wartime to cause a little mischief”

One hour later - Soul King Palace - Hōōden

“…Oh. They’ve got me beat huh!”

Nimaiya Ōetsu had just managed to return from the boundary of life and death thanks to the efforts of the high priest.

He carried his head in his hands, deep in the basement of the Hōōden, there would ordinarily be a sword that existed here at the bottom of the sea which extended around his Zero Riden.

It was a destroyed iron door and the remains of the shimenawa* rope cut up into pieces that stared back at him through his eyeglasses. (*Lengths of braided rope used to cordon off sacred or consecrated areas)

There was supposed to be a certain Zanpakutō sealed there.

However, that seal was tragically destroyed, and there was not a trace of Zanpakutō in question left to be found.

The girl who was standing next to Ōetsu - Hiuchigashima Mera, one of Nimaiya’s bodyguards and Zanpakutō spirit - looked at the situation exhaling a large sigh.

“So this is the end result of master getting carried away with the excitement. Jeez.”

This sword is usually kept deep in the sea so it is a difficult place to reach, but since it dried up at the time Kurosaki Ichigo’s Zanpakutō was being forged, the floor of the sea was now widely exposed.

“Even though it’s an emergency, the unfavorable conditions have piled up.”

Saying that, Ōetsu corrected the position of his glasses as he eyed the surroundings.

All the men that were stationed there had fallen, each of them were undergoing revival by Ōetsu’s guards which included Tonokawa Tokie and Nomino Nonomi.

Those who were charged with the security of the sword were all defeated.

Ōetsu squinted his eyes. The kind of emotion in those eyes - enveloped in a quiet anger - it was different from the time of his confrontation with Yhwach and his Schutzstaffel.

“And now, above all…there is a low-life taking advantage of the emergency situation in Soul Society to commit thievery.”

Among the Zanpakutō that were transformed into a human form, and although they are all relatively skilled, there were some noticeably strange aspects to their injuries.

There are those who had suffered burns, those who had parts of their bodies frozen, those who kept on spasming like they had been electrocuted, those who appeared to have been​ harmed with poison, those who had been pierced with holes throughout their body, up to those who seemed to have had their limbs crushed with a blunt instrument.

Mera clicked her tongue as she observed the guards who were covered in numerous 'sword wounds’ that were particularly characteristic of Zanpakutō.

“Good grief, how many people did this take? If they have such military force then they should turn to war”

Then one of Zanpakutō who had regained his consciousness shook his head at Mera’s words.

“It’s not like that…”

“Hey, are you alright? 'Not like’ what?”

“They were alone…when they attacked this place…it was just one person…”


Mera further tilts her head at the other’s words.

If his words are the truth, then various types of scars were incomprehensible.

However, Ōetsu displayed a different reaction. He narrowed his eyes behind his tinted glasses in a smiling expression, and nodded furiously whilst spreading both hands apart as if he was satisfied.

“I see, I see, well well, well. That’s right! So it’s like that!”

“Don’t convince yourself, it gives me a bad feeling in many ways, master”

“So harsh Mera chan. With this chat we can simply narrow down to the main criminal now”

After thinking for a brief moment, Ōetsu picked up a piece of the seal cloth that were scattered about on the floor whilst calling to mind a specific person.

As he observed that cloth which looked as if something had bitten it off, he mumbled to himself.

“No sword should be handled by small fry…but "Ikomikidomoe” is not a sword that can be handled by small fry in the first place.“

Whilst he whispered the name of the Zanpakutō that had disappeared, Ōetsu glares at the empty space with a slight sadness and anger as a swordsmith, his eyes were enshrouded in heavy doubt.

"If that is so, I wonder who intends to wield it…four great noble clans.”

And with the conclusion of the war, the boundaries of the Soul King Palace was closed once again.

The frozen atmosphere makes one feel the remnants of war, and the influence of the “Soul King” that remains as unchanged as before.

Even more so, the several live coals of the calamity.


letting the various"crimes" that persists​ since the dawn of the Soul Society float within​ it’s pronounced Reishi.

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Prologue II

In Soul Society, there is a man.

A man who aspired to the shinigami who once saved his life, he aimed himself down the same path.

That man, despite being a commoner from Rukongai, achieved excellent results at the Shinō Academy and ascended to the position of vice captain.

Righteous, faithful to orders, willing to risk injury in order to save his comrades, even going as far as to stake his own life if it’s for the sake of Soul Society.

In addition, he is a man who can bear mercy towards hostiles, and although he prefers to play fair, if it’s for a moral cause, he is a man who can lurk in the mud and slay the enemy with a surprise attack.


He is a person who gives death to his enemy.

He is a person who purifies the deaths of the world.

And he is a person who transforms “death” of people residing in the Human World, into “salvation”.

Evidently, one might call it the 'template’ of a Shinigami in Soul Society.

He was a man who embodied a “Shinigami of the Gotei 13”, both the good and the bad.

The name of that shinigami, is Hisagi Shūhei.

The position of the 9th division’s vice captain is worthy enough to reserve his name in the Soul Society’s records, he is a strong warrior clearly drawing a line between him and the ordinary soldiers.

However, even though the names remains in Soul Society’s “records”, there are clear walls between those who remain in everyone’s “memories” such as Yamamoto Shigekuni Genryusai, Zaraki Kenpachi and Kurosaki Ichigo.

Such aspects include, 'vice captains who are worthy of the name vice captain’.

Even if that evaluation receives words of praise or even ridicule, Hisagi Shūhei himself doesn’t know.

Nevertheless, he will never change his way of life even if he did know.

Because he has already chosen his way of life.

When a shinigami saved his life?

When he enrolled at the Shinō  Academy, and the moment he grasped a Zanpakutō for the first time?

When he lost his comrades in a training exercise?

When he encountered the way of life of a man who ought to have been his example, when he devoted his life to that man as his vice captain?

Or— when he cut down that man with his own hands?

It was not clear to anyone at which point in time he accepted the way of life of a 'Shinigami’.

Perhaps even to Hisagi Shūhei himself who continues to walk down that road.

Seireitei - In front of the 1st Division Barracks.

“Well then, do you have any last words?”

The captain commander’s remark calmly echos around the criminal.

A few days after the conclusion of war with the Quincies.

The removal of the mysterious bird like creatures that rained down on Seireitei has also been completed, and although the stench of death has faded considerably from the surroundings - the threads of tension that is spreading around in front of the 1st division barracks at the present time, is as unchanged as it was during the course of the war.

Surrounding Kyōraku, the captain commander, members of the punishment force who manage “Muken” which is the lowest level of the underground prison, and the captain rank shinigami have been deployed in preparation of the emergency situation.

The man accused of high treason that was temporarily released from “Muken”, Aizen Sōsuke, is up for reincarnation.

As it stands, many shinigami have passed away after battling the Quincies, and the majority of those who had made it to safety were still in the midst of receiving medical treatment.

With the assistance of Inoue Orihime, many shinigami who were between the threshold of life and death were able to hold on to their lives, however the power of her “Sōten Kisshun” is not suited to recovery of lost spiritual pressure.

Even though wounds can be healed​, if they are completely cured up to the point of their original spiritual pressures, the lives of other patients as well as Orihime’s physical strength itself would become unstable.

Consequently, Orihime was put in charge of patients who were at the level of 'seriously ill’ and could not be handled by anyone else, the 4th division then took over in the form of further progressing the medical treatment from those who had gotten over the worst of their injuries.

Despite there being Arrancars who have had their upper bodies blown off and then later regenerated, even Orihime’s powers has its limits.

Those who have allowed too much time to pass since receiving fatal injuries, those whose souls that have been completely extinguished, and those who haven’t even left a trace of themselves in the first place are all the likes of which Sōten Kisshun is helpless against.

After the mass loss of life, there were also many amongst the disheartened shinigami who felt a sense of powerlessness - and yet, news of the eventual victory was enough to encourage the Gotei 13 as one tenacious organisation.

Although there are no words such as “all possible measures” that would make sense in front of Aizen Sōsuke, they will nevertheless deal with his reincarceration by maintaining maximum vigilance.

Be that as it may, it is only the captain commander Kyōraku who will ultimately enter inside “Muken”.

Kyōraku asked Aizen about “last words” as a formality, however he is also well aware that allowing Aizen to talk so heedlessly is dangerous. Even in his present condition where he is restrained in a chair and various parts of his body are sealed, he is still able to use Kidō and even the very words that comes out of his mouth could end up being one of his schemes.

Kyōraku thought that he would have to seal his voice immediately in case he started saying something disturbing, but as appeared to assume that, Aizen shook his head whilst expressing a daring smile.

“It’s a pity but, there is no one here that is worthy​ of bequeathing my words to. That even includes you, Kyōraku Shunsui.”

“Glad to hear that. It means that you are only worthy for yourself and misfortune for others.”

“I wanted to talk to Kurosaki Ichigo a little more. Urahara Kisuke is attentive to small details though isn’t he?”

Ichigo is currently staying at the residence of Kukaku Shiba in Rukongai with his father Kurosaki Isshin as well as Inoue Orihime and the others.

If one considers his war potential, Ichigo probably should’ve been at the scene to seal Aizen, however it was a precautionary measure taken against Aizen who could somehow influence the likes of the hollow inside Ichigo.

“Since Ichigo kun is originally an outsider huh? Besides, if you have something to tell him, he’s already finished with you, don’t you think?”

Speaking as if he was dodging the subject, Kyōraku adjusted his conical hat, he looked down at Aizen with his intact left eye.

Although​ the seals have become even more powerful than before thanks to Urahara Kisuke, he was still not going to let his guard down.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri who had just come out of his lifesaving device had tried to create new physical restraints himself but there was no time to wait around for that, “you trust the likes of Urahara Kisuke’s countermeasures right?” he said.

“Well then, shall we go? After you’ve finished your prison sentence, I pray that you are an ally of the soul society.”

“You express a sentiment that is foreign to your heart”

Whilst smiling as if he could see right through everything, Aizen crafts his words without looking at Kyōraku.

“At any rate, do you really believe the soul society will continue to exist till my prison term is over?”

“Of course. Because it’s our duty to keep it going.”

“You saw it at the Soul King Palace too didn’t you? This soul society’s original sin”


Strangely, Aizen wore the same expression as his former subordinate Harribel when he spoke.

Kyōraku understands.

He had seen it for himself inside the greater​ palace area of the Soul King Palace, the things Aizen was talking about.

However, he purposely did not respond to Aizen’s words, it remained like that as he prepare to lead the way to the entrance of Muken.

Even if he had a reply to Aizen’s question, it was that he decided it should be done after finally arriving at a place where the voices of the other captains would not reach them, and that is inside Muken.

Aizen did not anticipate a reply either, but he then spoke in a cynical manner as if he was seeing through the heart(s) of Kyōraku or the shinigami around them.

“You are a man of few words. Are you afraid that a conversation with me will evoke memories of treacherous shinigami? Like Kaname Tōsen.”

Then in the next moment, a voice filled with anger reverberated across to the front of the 1st division barracks.

“Don’t you screw around!”

It was not Kyōraku that raised his voice in anger.

It was a shinigami who was short of breath and gradually came running up to this spot.

A young shinigami characterised by the scars and tattoos on his face — it is the 9th division’s vice captain, Hisagi Shūhei.

His bandaged body was painful a look at, it appeared as if he had just slipped out of the sanatorium of the 4th division.

In fact, he is is still in a condition that can be only be described as being covered head to toe in wounds.

His body was shot at by Yhwach’s Schutzstaffel Lille Barro, he was on the verge of death with damage taken to his Saketsu* (*binding chain) and Hakusui* (*soul sleep) which can also be described as the heart of a shinigami.

Nevertheless, because the power of Lille’s “X-Axis” was too sharp, his body tissue, with the exception of where he had been pierced with a hole, was not destroyed, miraculously he had escaped death.

Hisagi who received medical treatment from Orihime, only had his physical wounds healed, but the spiritual pressure he had lost at the time his Hakusui took damage could not be recovered so easily and he was practically in a comatose​ state for several days.

In spite of the fact that he was not completely healed, he had arrived in front of Aizen who about to be resealed.

One of the reasons why he rushed to defy the odds until he fulfilled his duty as vice captain of the 9th division. Hisagi Shūhei’s superior and captain of ​squad 9 Muguruma Kensei, who had come to a state of apparent death due to his body being zombified, was​ put inside the 12th division’s special medical treatment capsule in order to return him to his original state.

That’s why, even though he had just barely managed to move himself, he tried to confront the scene with his guard up.

And another reason — this was his subconscious​ mind but, it was out of personal sentiment that he wanted to plainly see with his very own eyes, the imprisonment of the man who was the cause of ruin of his former superior Tōsen Kaname.

In actuality, he should have understood what’s in his heart.

If Aizen is imprisoned once again, everything works out peacefully.

Hisagi clenched his fist tightly and tried to restrain himself, thinking there is no way he can afford to complicate the conversation with his own personal​ grudges.

However, that resolve was broken down by Aizen’s words which he heard as soon as he hastened to him.

“Do you mean to say that captain Tōsen…bent his conviction at the likes of your words…?”

“Do not speak in such a strange manner, Hisagi Shūhei.” Aizen retorted with a calm and self-possessed attitude in front of Hisagi who had exposed his anger.

“Are you wondering at what point I bore witness to Tōsen Kaname changing his mind? By the time you had become a shinigami, Tōsen Kaname was already my subordinate.”


“Shūhei kun, your anger is legitimate. But, I’m sorry. Won’t you hold back for now?”

“……yes, I understand, captain commander” Hisagi said in response to Kyōraku’s chiding, looking like he was about to extend his arm to his Zanpakutō, Hisagi quelled his heart whilst opening his mouth to address Aizen.

“You may have put up a united front with Kurosaki to defeat Yhwach, but…no matter what you try to do, to me, you will eternally be the one who brought ruin to captain Tōsen.”


How many times is he reminded of that word whenever he hears the name 'Aizen’?

However, it was a positive and a negative, which simultaneously called to mind two meanings.

In his heart, there is certainly hatred for Aizen who guided Tōsen down the wrong path leading to his ruin.

On the other hand, the doubts and frustrations towards himself being caught up in strong negative sentiment was sweeping through him.

From the point of view of Hisagi - who  was caught up in his desire for revenge and had moved to put a stop to Tōsen’s misguided ways - for him to speak of “revenge” was nothing more than an insult to the shinigami, captain Komamura who had joined him on the battlefield, and above all, Tōsen himself.

As if he was seeing through Hisagi’s mind, Aizen donned a thin smile and stringed together his cruel words.

“Eternity, that’s not something you can speak so lightly​ of, don’t you agree? Even Tōsen Kaname’s convictions​ were not eternal.”

“……ugh! About that, you…”

An enraged Hisagi’s angry voice is pushed back by Aizen who continued his speech.

“You seem to misunderstand one thing.”

A calm voice.

And yet, it was a thick voice with a distinct “force” that managed to overwhelm the shouts of Hisagi.

“It is not that the case that I killed Tōsen Kaname with my own hands as a remnant of a defeated soldier that must be punished.”

A momentary pause.

At the bewilderment of the others around him, Aizen encapsulated his will in those brief few words.

“That is, my mercy.”

The air surrounding them freezes at those words.

Not only​ Hisagi, but also Kyōraku and the shinigami in the area were unable to immediately decipher the meaning behind the word Aizen had just uttered.

In the relative silence, Hisagi opens his mouth to speak as his tightly clenched fist shook.


After Aizen’s brazen proclamation, Hisagi boiled in anger even more.

Not towards Aizen.

But against his own weakness that allowed such a man to kill Tōsen Kaname so easily.

“If that is true…to what extent did you fool captain Tōsen you bastard.”

In contrast with Hisagi, Aizen continued to talk in an unfazed manner.

“In that situation as it stood, it is obvious that either Inoue Orihime or Unohana Retsu would eventually arrive and try to save Tōsen Kaname. But, you lot could not understand what that would mean for him.”


"If Tōsen Kaname remained alive, his whole being would eventually succumb to unparalleled despair, and his heart would rot away completely. I could not bring myself to let the owner of such beautiful readiness to be killed, entwine himself further into despair. For this reason, I granted mercy as a tribute to the subordinate that had the most amount of loyalty. That is simply all it is.”

(TN – In the space reserved for furigana, above the Kanji for “mercy” in that last passage, the kanji for “death” appears - as a side note, furigana is almost always in either Hiragana or katakana to highlight kanji readings so of course it’s strange to see kanji in a space that’s originally reserved for kana - this usage of the kanji for “death 死” in the furigana space of the kanji for “mercy 慈悲” is most likely the author’s attempt to illustrate Aizen’s use of the word “Mercy” being synonymous with the word “death”)

Shūhei could not fully comprehend what the other was saying.

Despite this, it didn’t appear likely that he was deceiving them with vague excuses.

Other than a perplexed Hisagi, Aizen continued to throw words at the shinigami around him.

“The time will come when you will all know too. This Soul Society…and how shinigami are being shaped by its dangerous illusions.”

“……shall we really go that far? You’re being awfully talkative.”

Stopping Aizen’s speech, Kyōraku issues instructions to the punishment force in an attempt to transport Aizen to the entrance of Muken.

“Please wait captain commander! What in the world is that Aizen guy……”

The captain of the 2nd division Soifon stood in Hisagi’s way.

She then twists one of Hisagi’s arms whilst rotating behind him.

“That’s enough! Do not think that you alone are the only person to have been robbed of acquaintances by that guy!”

“ *Gulp*……! But captain Soifon…!”

“If you just want to avenge someone to your own extents, then naturally we will deal with him! Your conduct is only a nuisance that’s bringing disorder to your surroundings!”


Hisagi Shūhei himself was keenly aware of that more than anyone else.

He could not do anything against Aizen’s mighty presence by himself.

What can he do with himself when he gets so upset by Aizen’s simple words?

Even though one harbours hatred it is no wish to kill, having said that, forgiving or forgetting is out of the question. Hisagi had understood such a thing from a long time ago.

Then as Aizen was being hauled away in his chair, he inclined his head slightly and directed his gaze at Hisagi.

“—"Swinging one’s blade out duty alone is a captain's​ job. Swinging one’s blade out of hatred is nothing more than filthy violence.” Hitsugaya Tōshirō once told me that.“

” *Gulp*……"

At those words, Hisagi was unable to say anything more.

He felt that it could be said that he is still far away from the rank of captain, but he thought Aizen was right as well, so instead of refuting him, Hisagi cast down his eyes, stiffly grinding his teeth out of vexation.

Nevertheless, Aizen spared Hisagi the humiliation.

“Rest assured. What you’re harbouring is not hatred. It is merely sentimentality for your lost Tōsen Kaname and the impression he left behind.”


“You should remember. No matter how solid one’s resolution is, it is impossible to slaughter a warrior with mere sentiment.”


The sound of Kyōraku clapping his hands firmly together in an attempt to break up the conversation could be heard.

“Alright alright, you’ve talked to such an extent huh? Won’t you stop intimidating these children with your spiritual pressure? There’s no one worth bequeathing your words to in this place, right?”

In response to those words, the shinigami turned their eyes towards the members of the punishment force - who were carrying the immobilised Aizen that was sealed in his chair - their whole bodies had broken out into a cold sweat.

“Those guys are merely entertainment. Since I’ll be spending my time in boredom from now on, whether or not the future of the Soul Society changes even in the slightest with my modest words let me assume that it will be enjoyable.”

“My my, I can’t say your idea of fun is a good one.”

The members of the punishment force who were finally released from the influence of his spiritual pressure, frantically caught their breath whilst starting to advance forward once again.

Whilst he gradually disappears underground, as if to trying to get at something, Aizen bombards the shinigami around him with more words in a calm voice that remained​ as unchanged as before.

“If you want to see the truth without obstruction, then struggle by sacrificing your own flesh, blood and soul”

Lastly, addressing Hisagi Shūhei, who was standing in a daze, with a few brief words that could be considered an unnecessary addition to make.

“At the very least, Tōsen Kaname was able to do so. I wonder if it's​ not your place to know?”

Thus, the form of the heinous criminal disappeared back into the depths of darkness.

Although Aizen’s speech which took on a philosophical view of the world could not possibly appear likely to be that of a prisoner’s, and although he knit his eyebrows in disapproval at the many shinigami he considered insolent losers unwilling to admit defeat —- many amongst captain ranks steel themselves up and keep it locked up in the corner of their hearts that “he is a man who plays with lies and falsehoods, but he is not a man who says meaningless things.”

Hisagi was unable to organise his emotions until the very last moment, and Aizen’s words had become a loose poison that remained in his heart.

That poison did not distort Hisagi’s heart but instead it gnawed at fate itself, and before long, it would lure him to a battle.

Or perhaps, it was always a fate he had to finally reach as long as he was a shinigami, following the path of Tōsen even if there was no poison left behind by Aizen.

Hisagi Shūhei is neither a prophet nor an omnipotent being, naturally there is no way he could know his own future.

He is not a hero that remained in people’s memories like Kurosaki Ichigo,

Neither is he an absolute powerhouse like Kenpachi Zaraki,

Nor a man of wisdom like Urahara Kisuke,

He is not an inventor like Kurotsuchi Mayuri,

He has no status like that of Kuchiki Byakuya,

He is not a prodigy like Hitsugaya Tōshirō,

He has no experience like that of Yamamoto Genryusai,

No flamboyance like that of Kyōraku Shunsui,

No vigour like that of Komamura Sajin,

No fearlessness like that of Muguruma Kensei,

In this regard, there are a few qualities he possesses, like self-mockery at a drinking party, “whether I aim for captaincy or continue to remain as vice captain, I am lacking in countless qualities.”

In other words, his pride as a Shinigami.

Hisagi Shūhei didn’t know yet.

In order to protect such commonplace things that practically all Gotei 13 troops had as their own foundations, they would fight with the fate of the world on their backs.

It was only half a year after the end of the war when he would face that reality​.

Chapter 1: May 11, 2017

Second Release Image (Courtesy of Reddit: Hypnodarkrai)


Chapter 1: Translation by  Sheneizel (reddit: credit and thanks)


"Please let me have an audience with the Central 46!"
A brawny security guard held up a steel pole to intercept the advances of a young man who kept raising his voice. This young man was blind, there was no colour in the pupils of his eyes. The blind youth takes in the current state of affairs by means of sounds only. The security guard's fierceness was felt in the surroundings close to his unseeing eyes. The gatekeeper looked at the young man with distinct contempt, as he appeared to have come from the Rukongai. The sound of the wind is heard.
However, the young man did not hesitate to reach out towards the gate. He spat and screamed out his wish for condemnation. He pleaded and cried out for the enforcement of true justice. But the gatekeeper did not lend him an ear, and raised the pole to forcibly restrain the blind young man.
The sound of rustling fabric, footfalls of the air-flow, the blind youth sensed all of it.
The door remained mercilessly shut. He understood that there would be no justice. His facial expression was one of despair and grief. But the young man would not retreat, frightened. He was willing to wager his life. He would not hesitate to oppose the resistance.
Suddenly, a violent clash resounded as the gatekeeper repelled an attack. The scabbard of a zanpakuto was reflected in the eyes of the gatekeeper. The sword was sheathed.
Instantaneously, the guard's expression stiffened.
"Do not oppose me. I am still in mourning."
"Oh, you are.."
"All of you guards, return to work immediately. Do not harass this man."
The blind youth was unable to understand what was happening at first. His attention was caught by a man's voice.
"I was desperate to visit this place. I came here seeking justice for my dearest friend with whom I spent time together when I was young."
The man turned towards the blind youth and addressed him in a gentle tone.
"I know about you. If I am not mistaken, you came to the funeral service."
"Do you know that person?"
"I was her colleague, a Shinigami. However, she died because I was unable to protect her. I ought to be disqualified from my post as a Shinigami."
The man spoke with a grave and sorrowful expression on his countenance. The blind young man held out his hand.
"Shall we go somewhere else where that obstinate guard won't bother us anymore and talk for a while? I am Tousen Kaname."
"So you are Tousen Kaname. She often mentioned your name. It was you who gave her a special ceremonial burial."
Blind young Tousen was an inhabitant of the Rukongai. He was not even a Shinigami. So it was impossible for him to freely enter and leave the courtroom as he pleased.
"I want to leave behind a last testament in advance, in your presence."
The buzzing of crickets could be heard.
The will was drawn up as follows : "When I die, I want you to bury my body at the foot of that hill, where the stars can be seen."
Yes, in the vicinity of the hill..
Within Tousen's mind, there arose a memory of himself and his dearest friend, watching the night sky, on top of that hill.
"I love the night sky. Even though everything is wrapped in darkness, there are lots of tiny lights all around, but the clouds try to conceal them. I would like to sweep away those clouds, so that the lights do not disappear, Kaname."
She had said that while looking up at the stars.
She had eventually fulfilled her dream to possess the power and position to protect all the light in this world. She became a Shinigami. To become the foundation for all souls existing in the present era, she decided to show the way and to take responsibility for the cycle this world rotates in. She was given the right to defend the light.
It was a dream come true, however, she was unable to pursue it.
"It was her husband who had killed her."
"Yes, indeed. He husband was in the same Division, and he had killed a colleague over some trivial matter. When his wife tried to stop him, he killed her too."
"Why did she.... Why was the man not prosecuted?"
Tousen clenched his fist tightly in mortification. The Shinigami answered.
"My guess would be that it was because she was a very straight-forward person. She embraced justice and peace and believed in them to the very end."
Tousen understood as well.
My dear friend, who loved peace more than anyone, who valued justice above all else.
For this reason, I am prepared to dye my hands with blood if necessary.
"I knew that this would happen someday. She represented justice and loved peace so much. She was denied both of them. If you believe in justice too fiercely, you may be denied that. She could've killed her husband of her own volition but chose not to. But I could not deliver justice for her."
"Was her desire so wrong? The man who killed her committed a great sin. I would like a charge brought against him."
"So that's why you eye the top-brass of the Central 46?"
The Shinigami gave a small sigh and hesitated for a bit, before speaking again.
"He was one of the members of the five great noble families. I do not know the specific family name, but the man who killed your friend is of the aristocratic bloodline."
He knew that she had married a Shinigami, but he was not aware that the man was from one of the noble families.
The Shinigami continued speaking to the confused Tousen.
"You must understand that they will not prosecute a man of such high birth and position."
"So she was murdered by someone from the nobility."
Tousen raised his voice unintentionally. The man who murdered his best friend would get off scot-free. From the moment he had heard this, he wanted to possess the ability to impose judgment. However, she herself had said : "I do not believe there will be any wrong-doings within the very organization that enforces justice." He wanted to oppose that very notion. He knew that the Central 46 would do nothing. So the time had come for drastic measures.
"The Gotei 13 is not an organization that maintains peace within this world."
"The Central 46 embodies the principles of this world. They guard the aristocracy and their peace. Indeed, the Central 46 is the symbol of this unfaithful world."
The Shinigami affirms this. He spoke regretfully, his countenance distorted. Tousen opened his mouth.
"I understand your pain. That the man who killed her was not executed for murder. However, that is how the Central 46 operates. They are hand-in-glove with the aristocrats.."
With a sorrowful countenance, the man spoke these words to Tousen, who clenched his fists once more. After confirming that there was no one around, a quiet voice posed a query.
"Nvertheless, I would like to ask you, her dear friend...."
Tousen's rage and resentment was slowly consuming his heart. But the man's earnest tone of voice caused him to close his mouth and to attentively listen to his words.
"If you and I possess sufficient strength, we could accomplish some good."
"But that means..."
"It was her desire. We will preserve her sanctity and face this problem together. Let us see the end result together. This is for her sake. So I ask you once again, Tousen Kaname-kun. Would you like to see it?"
Tousen could see neither the face nor the expression of his companion, but he could sense a slight blood-thirst in the Shinigami's words.
On the contrary, that caused Tousen to regain his own calmness and push his anger away, while remembering his beloved friend.
Her colleague's anger blotted out the incident and strengthened his wish to see the world the other man desired.
In desperation, he tried to answer the Shinigami's question.
".. That person does not wish to pledge himself. If that is what he wants, then I..."
However, these words were cut short.
"I also do not desire."
Words were forced out of him.
I want it to be understood that I do not wish to take advantage of another's vow. I will not dye someone else's hand with blood.
However, in the depths of the heart, questions were cut off, hope and emotions were recognized and accepted. It was agreeable to admit one's feelings.
I have nothing to do with what she desired.
I personally believe it is beneficial to build up something that is virtuous.
A torrent of black emotions burst forth from within Tousen. But he knew that if somebody else follows through with that desire, she would have to welcome death a second time. It would be like killing her own wish with her own hands. It would be like trampling all over her existence.
Tousen felt that he could not carry it out all by himself. To convert the desire to kill into compassion, he continued on with his words.
"I , too, wish to honour her desire for justice and peace."
"I see. I am certain your friend would have loved that. For that reason, I will throw away my life. I do not consider it to be her weakness."
The Shinigami's blood-thirst seemed to fade away. He continued speaking to the young Tosen in a light tone of voice.
"Her desires were not weaknesses, but rather, they were her strength. If you can prove that, then that will be how you will live your life from now on."
"Take over her desires and live accordingly. Do not allow any more blood to be spilled pointlessly in this world."
The Shinigami's words reached his heart and warmed it to the very bottom.
He is convinced that I did not mean what I just said.
Even so, Tousen is a close friend of that girl. He is a person who seems to understand a lot of things, just like I do. He also seems to have realized that staining one's heart with hatred has to be stopped. For that, he has my gratitude.
"Thank you very much."
"No, I should be the one thanking you. You have inherited her desires and will carry out her wishes from now on."
"But I do not have the necessary qualifications..."
Tears of hatred and rage were gushing forth. Tosen desperately tried to push aside his resentment in order to follow her desires. The Shinigami smiled at him gently when the other man spoke of qualifications.
"You have inherited her prayers and wishes. Is that not enough?"
It was, Tosen thought. I do not wish for something big. I just want to preserve those tiny shinning lights.
The conversaton she had shared with both him and her colleague truly gave them hope.
"Could you tell me your name please?"
And so he heard the name of the Shinigami.
"My name is Tokinada (??). Tsunayashiro Tokinada."
Tosen's thought process stopped abruptly. He started feeling uneasy.
A familiar name.
Impossible, Tosen told himself. There must have been a misunderstanding. He tried asking one more time.
"It is neither a misunderstanding nor a mistake."
"You are definitely familiar with both my name and my voice."
Two conflicting phrases rose up in his baffled mind.
"Kill him."
"Run away from him."
Hatred and fear started to intertwine.
The man spoke in a calm voice.
"Let me spell it out for you. I am the man who was your dear friend's husband. Rather, I am the man who was your dear friend's murderer.

P.S. I'm sorry, I didn't notice that a detailed summary was already out on this sub. But I had already typed all this out, so I didn't want to cancel this post. Anyway, you know the rest.

Chapter 1: Text by Anon on 4chan


MissStormcaller's Translation Link for Chapter 1


Acknowledgments and Thanks to:

Sheneizel (Reddit)
ANON on 4chan

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