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#1 [Private] A talk with my VC(Alastair) on Wed May 17, 2017 10:06 am

Kawa Kensai

Eto laid on her desk not in her usual garb She was in a t-shirt and only the lower part of her body wrapped in bondage's, she looked rather tired and yawned. She must have slept in her office, again. She hated her bed it was to soft, which annoyed her. " I should just move into my office" She grabbed some candy's from the bowl on her desk.  then would go  open the door and stop the nearest passerby "  Need you to do me a huge favor  get m some pancakes, oh and my Vice commander before i forget, oh and make sure the pancakes have strawberry syrup " she says before closing her door and going to lay on top her desk awaiting her pancakes and her VC " god i'm hungery"
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