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#1 Youmu the Soul-Bearing Bounto? on Wed May 17, 2017 9:27 am

Before I go into too much detail, I do say this much. I reserve the right to claim this as a concept at any given time, so long as someone else hasn't claimed it before I have room to make it. On top of this I also say this much. If anyone claims any of my concepts to use for their own use, they can change any of the details they wish to in the app. Just because I have something written "just so" does not make it a "must be" in the actual character.


Backstory/Thread Theme

Battle Theme


Name: Youmu Konpaku
Alias: Half-Dead, Half-Alive.
Real Age: 311
Phys. Age: 14
Gender: Female.
Personality: As she has a straightforward diligent personality, she is often manipulated by those around her. For this reason, she often fails at her tasks, but that does not mean that she has no real power, and she particularly excels at instantaneous force and concentration power. It's especially funny when people try to play pranks on her, as she may simply take them too seriously. She is pretty gullible, and if something is assumed of her, especially in ways of habit, she may actually start believing and acting as though she is such a way. If someone were to think she were lazy, and call her lazy enough, she would eventually become lazy.

She is extra-sensitive in all aspects, and it's almost comical how strong her sensitivity actually is. Due to her experiences, the appearance of the moon drives her nuts and can actually cause her humanity to slide away. Ironically enough, even though her doll appears ghostly, she is afraid of ghost stories, dares, and darkness. Youmu is ambidextrous, as evident by the way she wields her sword(s) in combat. Her cuts are precise, elegant, delicate, and insanely brutal for being made by someone who literally could get boxed in by words.

Oh, and if you ask what sound her doll makes when sealed? It just says 'Myon' a lot.


Height: "Fairly Short"
Weight: Average, for being "Fairly Short"
Physical Traits:

To be fair, Youmu is rather scary looking when she wants to be. She's also however, short. And short people can only be taken so seriously. Despite this, she can cast a wide variety of expressions, and all of them are genuine. This is largely due to the fact that she's essentially what she needs to be or what someone else wants her to be at any given time. Her dress tends to be varying shades of green, depending on the sunlight. It can take on an emerald green hue in bright light, a lush forest green in normal light, a bluish green during moonlight, and sometimes? even a lightly greenish blue. It should be noted that she always carries at least two swords, and can probably summon more. She might just like swords too much.

Has anyone else noticed her eyes? Yeah that confused me too. Apparently they change based on her mood. Or might be based on the reflection of the light in the world. Or moon shenanigans. She's weird like that.

For some reason, there's always this blob attached to her leg, what the heck is that thing?


General Fighting Style:  Youmu's preference for combat primarily revolve around meeting blades with an opponent. While she does have some range, most of her abilities revolve around either her doll's familiarty or her katanas. While she can handle close combat and ranged combat with ease, her strengths lie in how she handles terrain, her opponent's strikes and positioning, as well as her ability to perceive and react. While she doesn't have much in the way of advanced sensing, and heavily lacks spiritual sense, she can use some of her power to attempt to make up for that.

Her main prerogative to strike fast, make deep cuts, and bombard her opponent, overwhelming them with varying types of light damage.

Strengths: Speed, Zanjutsu, Reiryoku, Spiritual Control (pun intended)
Weaknesses: Hakuda, Durability, Reiatsu, Sensing

Boosts: x2 Strength and Speed

Ability Name: Slash and Dash
Ability Description: Youmu can execute up to two dashes per post, making a clean cut through anything within a 1 to 5 meter line at Shunpo speeds.

Ability Name: Stardust Trail
Ability Description: Youmu's movements exude energy that disperses behind her and focuses on nearby targets. On slow movements, her energy trail is much like glowing dust, and does little in the way of anything. Quick movements, such as running and slashing, exude shards of green energy that reform into five half-bala strength projectiles per action. Dashes unleash about 30 bala-strength shards that are evenly disperse along the length of the dash. In any case where the shards are strong enough to be damaging, they follow the last person to be marked with Youmu's sword(s).
Stardust, unless particle size, travels at bala speeds.

Ability Name: Falling Star
Ability Description: Fires a half meter wide projectile equivalent to a Cero, which applies Stardust by way of the projectile leaving energy behind it. This means that the further the shot travels, the weaker it becomes. A bala-equivalent shard of energy is released for every quarter meter it travels. This travels at Cero speeds.


Doll Name: Myon
Doll Appearance:

It literally looks like a bluish-white blob of spirit attached to Youmu's left ankle when sealed. It can take any blobby shape otherwise, even sometimes making faces. When unsealed, Myon appears like the picture, with slight differences to what Youmu appears as.

Doll Personality: Myon acts even ditzier than Youmu, to the point where she literally can't stop smiling, no matter what form she's in. By the way, she can't actually speak. If she says anything, well. It's pretty much "Kyyyyuuuuu" or "Myoooonnn" or something. Don't expect a lot of intelligence out of her. Despite the fact that she has next to no brains, she's still a threat in combat, if not even scarier than Youmu herself with her swordsmanship.

=Doll Abilities=
Ability Retention applies to Doll and Fusion. All abilities are shared between Youmu and Myon.

Mirror Image - Toggle
At any point in time, Myon can choose to mimic actions, abilities, and attacks done by Youmu, making a mirror image effect of those actions. The rules for this are either to do so on the same target, or to remain 3-6 meters from the target and copy the effects via opposing image. Likewise, Myon can also move independently of Youmu.

Human Era Sword "Approaching Disillusion"
Youmu and Myon can each carry up to 2 katana a piece, and summon up to 4 more total. Four of their katana can be used to create a closed off area in which to limit movement. The shape and size varies based on where the katana are planted into the ground. Regardless of the shape and size, the barrier extends 'infinitely' upwards. Basically 20 meters or higher, high enough that most people wouldn't care enough to try and leap over it. The inner area's floor turns white, and Stardust particles flow up from the ground. They can be condensed into bigger shards much like a Quincy condenses Reishi into an arrow.
Duration: 4 posts, once per thread. (Not counting this as a use of the Fusion version)

Boosts: x3 Speed + Strength


Fused Appearance:

=Fused Abilities=

Stardust Pursuit
In this stage, all stardust shards relentlessly pursue the target for up to two posts before following the path of least resistance or simply breaking away.

Brute Sword "Karmic Punishment of the Idle and Unfocused"
With Myon's fused abilities now a part of Youmu, something really cool happens. Youmu can now copy her own actions up to four times. The rules for this are the same as before, Equal Distance effects from a radius of 3-6 meters from the target, no closer. So long as Youmu is outside the range of a 3 meter radius from her target, she can use this ability once every two posts. This is a replacement for Mirror Image, which can no longer happen with a separate body. Copies from 2-4 are evenly dispersed at points of equal distribution.

In addition to this, she gains the ability to dash four times instead of two, but with the drawback of not being able to use Reflection during the post she dashes more than two times.

Deva God Sword "Components of Konpaku"
Oddly enough, Youmu's energy shards turn from green in color to magenta. She can also trace shapes out of this energy with the tips of her new longswords, which have twice the length and girth of the previous katanas. Depending on how the shape is drawn, it may follow the guidelines of Stardust, and it may not. If the shape isn't closed, and does not intersect itself, then it will. If it forms a shape, it behaves similarly to Falling Star, but if there are sections that intersect or overlap, then the symbol drawn will wait for a command from Youmu. The commands can range from Bakudo-like effects, to variants of Shinigami's Kidou, but cannot exceed 60 on either side of those scales.

Six Realms Sword "Ageless Obsession"
Youmu can summon up to 8 extra katana and seal in her opponent along with herself, following the same rules as Human Era Sword. White ashes flow up from the ground in the form of Reishi, and from each katana stream green shards equivalent to bala. These shards follow the same rules as Stardust.
Duration: 4 posts, once per thread.

Boosts: x4 Speed + Strength

Background Details

History: Youmu Konpaku grew up with a twin sister by the name of Myon, and both were subjects in one of the later chain of experiments to revive the waves of spiritually aware humans and Bounts. However, in the process of these experiments, around what would have been Youmu's and Myon's shared 16th birthday, a tragedy occured. Whereas Youmu would be a success and become a spiritually powerful human, and not age so long as she fed on souls, her sister, Myon was not so fortunate. It was always a complicated process with Myon. Her first trial resulted in her muscles atrophying away as her body tried to use her own life force to power the Bount reaction, then again on the second attempt. The Third attempt seemed promising for a week or so, but it seems as though her brain became unresponsive, save for the life-giving functions. The Fourth time, it looked as though her soul was leaking out of her body for a few hours, but it eventually rejoined and she lived again.

The Fifth Clinical trial of Bount experiements was what caused the last straw. Though Youmu always received the modifications well enough, the last attempt killed off her sister, and with her newfound power, she reached for the nearest weapon and killed off the scientists responsible for her death. She would look through their manuscripts and diagrams and see that indeed, there was a way to bring her sister back... sort of. There was a booklet that contained the methods and rituals for creating a Bounto doll. She used this to devise the form of her sister, though the personality she'd half-forgotten. Soon, her sister Myon was standing in front of her, a spiritually charged doll with no soul, but Myon nonetheless. At least... It looked like her. Had even less brains than the one that made it, but that was fine. Finalizing the contract with the doll, she took it by name and bound it to her left ankle. The doll's sealed form exists as the blobby 'soul' appearance that Youmu remembered seeing once. It would seem however that this contract messed with Youmu's eyes. Sometimes they appear a glassy grey, other times, a deep green, sometimes a hazel like her sister once had, sometimes purple, blue, or even red.

To this day, she fights side by side the girl doll who Youmu has forcefully convinced herself, is indeed her sister, Myon Konpaku.

Side Notes: Disclaimer: Soul Doll does not actually contain a soul :s

FC: Youmu Konpaku, orignating from Perfect Cherry Blossom and existing in other varying Touhou games.

Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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