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Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division

(I know some people do not like background music, but I find it fitting in this case. Please allow me to set the mood.)

Though it was often viewed as a place that was dark and full of despair, there was an Arrancar that visited this place as a token of fondness. Though there was once a time where the hunter known as Heiko lived among the shadows of this forest, since becoming an Arrancar, this would have been Lamb and Wolf's sixth time staying. As well known as they were before, and as powerful as they had become, the other Menos wouldn't dare come near them.

It was this particular visit however that left a bitter taste in the mouth of the Lamb, and sour taste in the pallet of the hungry Wolf. They both knew somehow, that they may never get a chance to visit this place after today. And though the tales were many, only one played the chords of remembrance.

"And what of tomorrow, dear Wolf? What tale will we weave then?"
"Forget tomorrow, I crave the tales of the past. Tell me of a story from the times we hunted this place. Tell me of the targets we marked for death, then ate. Tell me a tale of fate and its many threads."

Though Lamb would shudder a little at the growl of the Wolf, and seemingly retract from it, he knew the reason. There would be no amount of storytelling that would fix what was to come. They were both gravely aware of that. However, Wolf had done the Lamb a kindness. Distractions were powerful by nature. Lamb knew this too, and so she began to weave a tale for her lifelong friend.

"In time, we knew that as we hunted, there would be a time for our parting. Before that, however, we found our targets the same way as most beasts did." quoth the Lamb.
"And in what way did we mark our prey? Did they run? Did they scream?" the feral Wolf did say.
"We marked them by way of arrow, and by claw. They knew when their time came, as we appeared. Those who embraced their time of passing were met by me. They died peacefully. However... those who ran...."
"They belonged to me! I chased them until their legs gave way, and gnashed their bodies! Their death was painful, and I savored it!"

And as time passed, the story would go along just like this, passing from Lamb, to Wolf, and back again. Though the Lamb was physically there, the Wolf could only rest against a tree in spirit. Still it was enough for them. Though it would seem the one thing they could not foresee was the arrival of a guest.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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After a thousand years of studying the lifeforms of Hueuco Mundo, Nadroj had long ago arrived at the conclusion that studying them in the vastness of the natural habitat was far more interesting than the alternative. The alternative was studying subjects within the confines of his laboratory where the at best, he could only simulate the stresses they may experience in the open plain of the eerily white desert. Currently, his private research brought him to Menos Forest. This place was filled with the gargantuan simpletons. Only, Nadroj learned that they aren't as simple as one may think.

Their potential for growth of a select few was unlimited. The genetic secrets of the giants opened new worlds of research. Each world as unique as a fingerprint, each world an untapped, chaotic maelstrom of competing minds.

He walked the petrified forest alone, with the signature of his spiritual presence just low enough to keep from attracting the attention of the giants. Ironically, the first being he came across wasn't a Menos Grande, as common as they were in this area. It was another Arrancar. This one appeared to be female of body. For some reason that escaped Nadroj, they were quite rare.

Why was it in this place? Was it visiting, or did it reside here? Did it believe that choosing an existence down here, in this place, would increase its chances for survival?

He stood watching for a while, paying witness to the conversation it appeared to be having with itself. The unmistakable, earth shaking movement of a Menos Grande emanated from just behind Nadroj. He always found it interesting that such a colossal creature could sneak up on even the most aware of lifeforms. It was a useful instinct. Nadroj realized that while it passed him, apparently without notice, the incident would have made the Arrancar he was spying on aware of his presence. After all, he only stood next to a fossilized tree as he listened in.

The movement of the Menos Grande shook the tree tops, breaking several branches. Consequently, a shower of sand fell around Nadroj, and with the sand no longer blocking the moonlight from the forest floor, it shown on El Cirujano. It illuminated the entirety of his form. His deep umber skin and the copper colored specks that were his Hollow markings all beamed with a heavenly radiance. His eyes shined like golden embers of a newly made flame. The white kosode he wore flowed, as if it were made of the moonlight that now shined on it.

El Cirujano said nothing. He just stared at the Arrancar before him, expressionless.

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Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division
As the visitor had arrived, there was nothing left to say, simply that of a greeting. There would only be the occurence of silly things,
that which normally happened, and were beneath the levels of this land. Still, as Menos do, they crave their food. It was a shame that this one chose too large of a target. After watching for a moment, the Lamb rose up, ignoring the naivety of those beneath her.
Directing her attention to the Arrancar that introduced himself as 'El Cirujano', she spoke.

"It would seem we have company, my dear Wolf. Though there may have been chances for us to meet, they have not happened until now. What say you to that? Still, it is good to see that you are not so devolved that you are devoid of manners. Formally, I am called 'Heiko', but there are two of us here. I am Lamb, and the one that you may not be able to see is Wolf."

Though it would be one of the rare times that they did not have to deal with the concept of marking someone for death, there was a matter of even more imminent gravity that would likely come up as part of the man's interests, which seemed to be partially distorted.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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