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#1 [Private] Dwell In The Shadows [Ishtar] on Thu May 11, 2017 9:00 pm

Dre found himself, not for the first time, walking the streets of Karakura town. Why was he here? Well, he couldn't honestly decide, himself. There was a sort of grungy allure to the place, sordid but peaceful, loud and noisy but somehow still fascinating in the strangest of ways. He couldn't deny that he hated the way the little maggots scurried to and fro with no compulsion to look up at the sky, even for a moment- "No." He stopped that train of thought and took a deep breath, pausing on a street corner as waves of people flowed past him. "That kind of thinking is wrong. I can't fall into that trap; I'll never venture out again if I do." Strengthening himself, he moved forward again. As he walked, he took the opportunity to look closer at the people around him. As always, he found that whenever he condemned a group completely, he simply was not looking closely enough. Now, peering through the crowd, he could indeed see reasons to be hopeful. Several young girls dashed past him, laughing and giggling as they were pursued by an equally jovial set of boys. They weaved through the crowd with ease and delight as one blew kisses to another. To his right, a man and his wife were walking slowly, hand in hand, gazing radiantly at each other. Behind him Dre could hear several college-age boys discussing the recent lecture with their professor. He listened closer, enjoying the debate. "Ah, I see," the man continued, "symbolism is a rocky road. We hope to understand what an author truly meant, but can we really? Take Orwell's shooting of an elephant. Is the elephant merely that? Couldn't it be something more? But what if all he means to convey is his horror at killing such creatures" the voices moved away, turning onto a different street.

Dre walked on, peering into shop windows as he went. An ice cream store, "Cool Sunday, Bro?" Ridiculous. He looked into the next, immediately smiling at what he saw inside. "A chocolate store. How quaint." There were young people of every variety buying chocolates, some blushing, some smiling, and some eagerly perusing the shop's selection. The researcher sighed and moved on, passing a haberdashery and furniture store. Abruptly, he stopped. Walking slowly, he moved forward to the next window, and confirmed what he thought he'd seen. He thought for a moment, then looked around and decided no one important could see him. Feeling a bit embarrassed and more than a little foolish, he stepped inside. "Just browsing. I'm just looking around." He moved around the store, carefully checking each person for signs of spiritual power, but found nothing. Finally, he relaxed, ignoring the door swinging open and then shut behind him.

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#2 Re: [Private] Dwell In The Shadows [Ishtar] on Tue May 16, 2017 10:40 am

Ah life was so boring as a Shinigami, all those rules and stuff didn't give people a chance to unwind and so Ishtar was here in the World of the Living to unwind and wow was it a day for mischief! It was time to get some pranks going around and as a spiritual being she is basically invisible to most of the world and the people that do see her tend to be passed off as crazy anyway. Nevertheless the skimpily dressed young woman was standing on the rooftop of a rather tall building with her dark hair whipping around her from the high wind. Cracking a smirk she dropped down and landed gracefully while activating Kyoko, hiding her entire form from the world as she sought out a person with spiritual pressure.

This lead her to a chocolate shop, a man that she stood next to and leaned in real close to whisper.

"We should buy chocolate... listen to the voice in your head, you know we want chocolate"

Smirking under her camouflage she flipped backwards quickly and waited for his reaction, moving away so he wouldn't touch her when he went to check if someone was around him like many that fell for her prank seemed to do.

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#3 Re: [Private] Dwell In The Shadows [Ishtar] on Tue May 16, 2017 10:22 pm

Dre's eye widened as he heard someone whisper at him from nearby; and by the looks of it, the source of the voice of coming from something very close to him. Immediately turning his head backwards he looked to see who it was but there was none. Narrowing his eyes he would look towards the right, then the left to see who this mysterious entity was that whispered towards him. Obviously it wasn't his mind; Dre was a little bit mad, yes. But he was hardly insane. What made this predicament more infuriating was the fact that his lack of ability to sense and detect spiritually enhanced things, which in most cases proved very disadvantages towards him; like the one right now. Be that as it may, he wasn't here to fool around, nor let anyone or anything to make a mockery out of him.

"Who's there!?" He paused, only to contuine by saying, "Why do you linger in the shadows? Show yourself coward!" Dre shouted-out-loud not amused the slightest. There are times where he would play along with however it was that was trying to tease him. But it is not this day.

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#4 Re: [Private] Dwell In The Shadows [Ishtar] on Tue May 23, 2017 6:55 am

Seeing him react to her little game the young shinigami grinned under her veil, deciding that she might give up the act she dropped her guise and appeared in her standard attire with her hair hanging around her head messily.

"Now now, don't be talking like that... people see you and not me so you must look crazy to them"

Grinning and using her finger to trace a circle around the side of her head to symbolise madness.

"Anyway... since you're the only one who can see me wanna hang out? It's boring around here and you are a sight for bored eyes."

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