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#1 Ishtar Inanna on Thu May 11, 2017 4:51 pm


Name: Ishtar Inanna.
Alias: N/A.
Real Age: Unknown.
Phys. Age: Teenager.
Gender: Female.

» Inexperienced but Over-Confident: A rather contradictory set of traits but sure enough Ishtar seems to possess them both. Despite living many different lives this new life has caused her to be rather inexperienced when it comes to the ways of the Iramasha yet at the same time through her memories she is over-confident and believes she can do it all. This causes her to have a bold attitude towards things and even though she might not be able to do something she will still persist in the ignorant idea that she can do it.

Her over-confidence can be a problem not only for her but people around as well, since she might mislead someone unintentionally about her capabilities or try to show off her "mad skills". Ishtar can be quite the problem to handle and it takes a lot of effort and persistence to teach or get through to her and make her understand that she is not capable of doing something and she is not all-powerful and invulnerable.

Such beliefs is similar to that of a child, which she technically is in terms of biological age (in reality her age is more akin to a baby's), but in many cases she could be compared to a child. She acts like she knows better than those around her, she comes off as disrespectful and lacks disciple and is reckless. All of these traits are what make her immature and hard to be around and she requires a strong influence to change because of her stubbornness.

» Deviant: Ishtar has a deviant personality, she is easily distracted by lust and lets it get in the way of her thoughts. Being open with her preferences and her young, reckless attitude makes her a recipe for looking for a lot of short and casual relationships with people. She is not a person who cares much for nudity and finds the standard social view towards nudity irritating and constricting for her thus she is often known for complaining about the fact she has to wear clothes.

Mentioned before were her short relationships, she doesn't hold them very long and that is for multiple reasons, one of them is because of her nature as a brat which makes it hard on the people around her but the real reason is that she is shy towards anything that is serious and so if she feels that something is developing into something serious then she will often do something stupid to break it out of fear.

Her shyness towards a strong and meaningful relationship can be hard since that is exactly what is required for her to change for the better and become a better person.

» Casual: Formality is lost on Ishtar, she doesn't care much for honourifics and the like, nor does she care much about respect which is she pisses a lot of people off with her behaviour. She is rude and quick to interrupt people in an attempt to speak her own mind. She disregards people's rank, whether or not that they earned it and despite who they might be. She doesn't have a very good filter either, she isn't politically correct when she speaks either.

» Short-tempered: It is easy to get on her nerves, like a kid she is easily annoyed when she doesn't get her own way or something pisses her off. She has a relatively short-fuse and doesn't like it when things don't work out in her favour, this leads her to being quick to annoyance and she is especially prone to explosive behaviour when people get on her nerves. This is especially the case when people don't show her respect,

» Egocentric: Ishtar often puts herself before others, she is arrogant and has a big ego. She is self-obsessed and doesn't think of others that often, she regards others as lesser and thinks of herself as one who is more important than other people.


Height: 5 feet 10 inches.
Weight: 59 kg.
Physical Traits: Beauty is a word that Ishtar's body takes seriously, there is no doubt about it that this girl is attractive with her slim athletic frame that she works very hard to maintain with a lot of exercise and conditioning on her behalf. Her skin is an unblemished pale colour, appearing to be untouched by the sun and wounds from battle. That would be because Ishtar has had very little conflict in her life and as such she has not received much visible damage to her form if any.

Ishtar's hair contrasts with her pale skin with its black colour. One might expect that as the Angel of the Sun, she'd have golden blonde hair but this is not the case. Her hair is fairly long as it reaches the small of her back. She takes care of her hair just like the rest of her appearance. In terms of eyes Ishtar has alluring red eyes which have a playful mischief to them.

When it comes down to her dress style Ishtar's style comes from early Middle Eastern style with her revealing attire which reveals almost all of her body. The cloth that covers her is only for modesty really and covers her chest and groin, Ishtar's attire is primarily white with blue trim and gold jewellery which is emblazoned with gemstones to give off a bright and eye attracting appearance. The only parts of her body that is not covered for modesty's sake is her left arm and right leg, both of which are covered by a long black wrap.


General Fighting Style: Ishtar is surprisingly skilled in combat, she has a movement based style in which she doesn't involve a lot of heavy hitting. The other method of fighting is with magic and kido, or her zanpakuto's kido-based abilities. Due to her high-speed and mobility she employs a free-movement style which allows her fast-paced and hard to hit style although since she is rather fragile she can easily be wounded or hurt from attacks.

  • Spiritual Control
  • Speed


  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Zanjutsu

Ability Name: Corona Sphere
Ability Description: In terms of appearance Corona Sphere is not actually able to be seen by the naked eye, and takes its namesake literally. The corona is the furthest part of a sun's atmosphere and therefore it is impossible to see unless specific instruments are used to see it. To continue with its appearance it is actually an incredibly dense area of gas that is incredibly hot, hotter than even the sun itself and Ishtar modelled her weapon to be her own "corona", she is capable of disengaging her corona or activating it at will.

The primary trait of her corona is to conduct energy from sources that come into contact with the corona which she can convert 20% of the energy that comes into contact and then use in the production and manipulation of energy, the corona allows her to create a dense area around her which absorbs half the impact power of projectiles and gives her a kind of spiritual defence although this doesn't affect close-quarters since a person can bypass her field and strike at her body that doesn't benefit from this barrier.

In her sphere it is quite hot although nothing that can cause damage to a person. Corona Sphere can only remain active for 3 posts before it has to have a 4 post cool down following its deactivation.


Sealed Appearance: Ishtar's sealed appearance doesn't have a physical appearance, it is metaphysical weapon that acts as a sphere. It's sealed state is a corona that surrounds her at her call. Therefore when it is active, it is only visible in dim lighting or with visual enhancements.

[NOTE: Ishtar's sealed appearance is linked to a personal ability. See Corona Sphere.]
Zanpakutou Name: Hikari
Call Out Command: Dispel the Darkness, Hikari.




Enhanced Corona: Ishtar's corona sphere has it's capabilities enhanced, although the only change is that she can raise the temperature up to 1000 degrees celcius making it much harder for those that don't have high-endurance to engage in close quarters combat with her.

Photon Flash: Converting her reiryoku into metaphysical light Ishtar can fire off projectiles at high-velocity and incredible heat. It is equivalent to a cero in nature.

Photosynthesis: Ishtar is able to generate light infused with her energy that has the nature of Kaido, she can use this to heal injuries and replenish stamina. It takes her a post to heal light injuries, two posts to heal medium-level injuries and three posts to heal severe injuries.

Boosts: x2 Speed and x2 Spiritual Energy.


History: Ishtar was born in the Soul Society around 1500-2000 years ago. She was raised by her wealthy parents and as such she was a bit snobby as she grew up. She had people to tend to her whenever she wanted and could basically get away with anything she wanted while growing up.

As she grew up she was immature for her age, becoming a shinigami more for the benefits than for this idea of justice and good intentions. She cared more about her own gain than protecting others despite this though she did participate in overthrowing the Arrancar Rule over Soul Society.

Ishtar was later shown to be present in the Quincy Wars, although in terms of development she didn't achieve much. Ishtar was lazy, stagnant and didn't care about becoming stronger or achieving a higher rank. She never had a role-model. in fact she didn't even care about the war. It seemed stupid to her to get all butt-hurt over this captain commander dying and start a war over it and so for the most part she did the bare minimal cause well... she didn't want to die for this pointless cause.

Her learning of Shikai was more of an accident that a cause, having happened following her brutal defeat at the hands of a Quincy. Reaching out to her for what must've been the thousandth time her zanpakuto forced her to accept its help by taking advantage of her desire to live and thus she was able to gain her release state although after this event she has not talked to her zanpakuto since and so her growth has also been stagnant in this area.

The only area that improved was her kido, her magical abilities became stronger and more developed and with her speed allowed her to be a mobile striker in combat. Right now she exists in the Gotei Thirteen without much purpose or direction towards her career.
Side Notes: N/A
Roleplay Sample:

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#2 Re: Ishtar Inanna on Thu May 11, 2017 8:45 pm

First off, thinking this is a thing you forgot to add in, but the fighting style mentions high Hakuda skill, and doesn't list it as a strength. There's also the indication of 3 strengths and 2 weaknesses. I point this out for your benefit.

The primary trait of her corona is to conduct energy from sources that come into contact with the corona which she can convert 1/3 of the energy that comes into contact and then use in the production and manipulation of energy, the corona allows her to create a dense area around her which absorbs half the impact power of projectiles and gives her a kind of spiritual defence although this doesn't affect close-quarters since a person can bypass her field and strike at her body that doesn't benefit from this barrier.

Our ruling on energy drain is no more than 20% of your maximum energy. I don't mind the concept of it being a damage mitigation, on top of minor energy restoration, but it needs to be re-balanced before we can accept it. If it's a barrier, it needs a cooldown, it if reduces damage of projectiles, it might not. It might not need much tweaking, but if nothing else, clarity and limits need to be placed on it.

Enhanced Corona: Needs a slight tweak, description should refer to Endurance as the context deals with pain tolerance, not ability to block.

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#3 Re: Ishtar Inanna on Fri May 12, 2017 7:24 am

Got all this fixed... I told you in the Discord last night but you might've missed it. Anyway just to be sure.

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#4 Re: Ishtar Inanna on Fri May 12, 2017 10:54 am

Approved at 2-3.

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