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#1 Uscul Toronuc WIP on Thu May 11, 2017 12:49 pm

Kawa Kensai


Name: Uscul Toronuc
Apparent Age: 50 to 60 years old
True Age: 4696
Sex: Male (for now)
Personality: Uscul carries himself with an air of nobility. He is also extremely calm, and is noticeably quiet, rarely speaking unless to make his intentions known or make a point. He is noted at being extremely patient and not given to rash actions and disdains it as a flaw in others. He believes that power must be respected.  

Uscul strongly believes in order over chaos, and that chaos even if that is a hollows nature can be controlled and organized. He is a very perceptive man and is fully aware of the limits of his abilities and can see the skill or potential in others, when he find someone with that potential he offers them to join his armies, a offer you rarely get to refuse.

 Uscul is some what of a scientist, but i compare him more to Frankenstein the man not the monster. He is extremely interested in adding to his armies and when he finds vessels with  extraordinary or unusual ability's or mutations, he becomes all to eager to study and take them apart. His own body is no exception tuning his body into his own Frankenstein monster, replacing old and weak parts with new stronger ones, even removing his own soul to cheat death.

Uscul will also experiment with his own fraccion making them powerful undead creatures that act as guardians of his phylactery, If someone was to invade Necropolis These fraccion would be the ones to capture or kill the intruders as they see fit.

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 187lbs
Physical Traits:
Uscul is an elderly man. He has slate grey eyes. He has long ash white hair, a mustache and short beard. His face has long wrinkles under his eyes and across his forehead. There are many scars on his torso and head, the most visible is a long scar across his right eye, an another long scar down the left side of his body. His old body is frail and scrawny, and he has a pale skin tone.

Uscul has black line that runs across His face. Like all Arrancar, he has a large hole signifying his previous time as a Hollow, his is located in the center of his chest.What remains of his Hollow mask is the jawbone resting on his chin. If h he is a Espada the number is located on his back, the large number covers most of his back.

Uscul attire consists of a white hakama, a black sash and a ragged white long sleeved jacket with an black fur collar. The inner lining of his jacket is purple and Uscul leaves it open to expose his chest. His Zanpakutō sheathed on his left side along the black sash. He also wears golden rings on all his fingers. Oddly for an arrancer Uscul wears a shinigami's captain coat that belong a dead captain of  the 12th division.

General Fighting Style: Uscul tends to let his followers and minions fight for him over powering his opponents with massive force or numbers. Uscul typically sits back to observe the fight closely to learn his opponents strengths and weaknesses, as well as  tiring them out before he finishes them off. When Uscul fights directly his his very laid back and relax keeping his body loose so he can move and react quickly too attack to him. But he also keeps his guard up ready to steal himself or throw his defensed up to protect himself.
Strengths: Hierro, Sonido,High-speed Regeneration, Swordmanship,  
Weaknesses: Pesquisa, Physical strength,Stamina

Boosts: 2x to High-speed regeneration, Hierro, Sonido
Ability Name: Lich Phylactery
Ability Description:
Uscul has a phylactery which holds his soul and life; as long as this phylactery is in one piece, Uscul cannot truly die. The phylactery is hidden in Hueco Mundo, protected by his servants and followers. If Uscul dies, his body dematerializes for the rest of that thread, he is considered dead. However, his body will rematerialize at the phylactery location.

Location: The location of Uscul Phylactery is a place called Necropolis the domain controlled by Uscul a place with in the White Desert These place is a ruined city and now a city of the undead where Uscul keeps all his undead soldier and servants. It is said that even the some souls are prisoners there being tormented by Uscul. If one goes there expect to fight legions of undead souls and possessed body.

Ability Name: Summoning Undead
Ability Description: Uscul can summon a variety of undead creatures that very in strength and power. Uscul can only have one summon out at a time, and Uscul cant summon well one is on cool down either

Crumbling Skeletons- Uscul summons 4 skeletons armed with rusty curved swords. these creatures are very nimble and quick but not very strong. the skeletons are 2 tiers lower of Uscul tier, the Skeletons have a cool down of 3 post.
Putrid Zombie- Uscul summons 4 rotting putrid zombies, maybe made Uscul power or the corpse of someone who's died. The zombies are slow and clumsy but harder to kill then the skeletons. the zombies are 2 tiers lower of Uscul tier and have a cool down of 3
Starving Ghoul- Uscul summons 4 tall lumbering ghouls that are very powerful. The ghouls are slow but very strong, they are a 2 tier lower of Uscul tier and has a cool down of 3    

Sealed Appearance:
Zanpakuto Name: Rey Licor
Zanpakuto Call Out: Rule over them
Cero: Ceros, Balas, the Gran Rey Cero, and Cero Oscuras.

Appearance: Uscul is engulfed in a dark purple energy that burns away all of his skin,reducing his entire body to little more than a skeleton, with his head becoming a skull and his hands and arms being reduced to bone leaving his jewelry intact. Uscul body becomes draped in a long white cloak with a purple tattered fur collar around his neck area and the fringes of his cloak. His scars on his face now appear as cracks in his skull. I His resurrection form  Uscul wield a long trident named La Caida

Aura of terror: Every one in a 30 ft radius of Uscul feels a massive sense of terror and dread. the air feels thick and colder the closer you are as if death over head. the Aura appears as a dark purple fog along the ground.

Death blade: La Caida is coated in a poison when Uscul strikes someone with La Caida they body feels agonizing pain when they move and their body slows down for 5 post. 2 post cooldown.

Tortured spirits: From the three pongs of his trident come 3 purple  ghostly figures that chase the target at bala speed for 1 post and when they connect they explode for  Cero-level damage. cool down of 1 post
Reapers specter: a specter of a cloaked figure with a scythe appears behind Uscul and mimics Uscul attacks with his scythe . the Reaper attacks seconds after Uscul attack. the specter last 2 post and has a 2 post cooldown.  

Boosts: 3x to High-speed regeneration, Hierro, Sonido

Appearance: Engulfed in another wave of purple energy that soon shapes and forms around Uscul appears wearing full platted jet-black Armour with purple and golden markings. Along with it, he also have on a tattered red cape. Still wielding La Ciada
Abilities: Uscul retains all previous abilitys of his Resurrection.

Grim specter: The Grim is a cloaked figure with a long sword appears in front of Uscul and mimics Uscul attacks with his sword. The Grim attacks seconds before Uscul attack. the specter last 2 post and has a 2 post cooldown.

Soul shield: Creates a tower shield of energy that last for 3 post and can block up to a Gran Rey Cero level of damage. any more and it shatters. has a 3 post cool down.

Dead wave: Swinging his weapon or waving his hand anything with in a ten feet wide and five feet tall area is covered in a swirling purple cloud that cuts anything with in it. This ability travels the entire length in a 1 post, and has a 4 post cooldown.

Choas bolts: Fires six bolts of purple energy at bala speeds at an opponent that explodes on contact. these ability has a 3 post cooldown.
Boosts: 4x  High-speed regeneration, Hierro, Sonido

Uscul was born in Tower Ward, London.His father Roland was a mercer and gentleman courtier. Though Uscul was always more interested in the sciences. While still in his early twenties Uscul was a refined alchemist, mathematician, and astronomer. One of the most learned men of his age, Uscul knowledge and intellect had captured the eyes of kings and queens around the globe.

Uscul straddled the worlds of science and magic just as they were becoming distinguishable.He immersed himself in the worlds of Souls, trying to understand them. You see Uscul was spiritual aware and could she souls very clearly. He devoted much time and effort, in understanding the world of Souls, but his true goal was to cheat these world and gain the ultimate power of immortality.

During his studies and experiments into how to extend his life Uscul amassed one of the largest libraries.  That same year,he was arrested and charged with the use of witchcraft.Uscul exonerated himself, but was turned over to the Church for examination. His strong and lifelong penchant for secrecy perhaps worsening matters, No matter those who barked and throw stones Uscul was cleared of the charges .

Uscul growing dissatisfied with his progress in learning the secrets of immortality, he began a more energetic turn towards the supernatural as a means to acquire knowledge. Specifically, necromancy. Though to do these he had to leave his home in London and be far away from the church. Uscul found himself in Japan living alone as a hermit of sorts.

Uscul's first attempts, were not the greatest  many turned feral mindless, simple undead, but not immortal.  After many years Uscul returned to his library in London, that nigh uscul made another attempt. Uscul had don the ritual mad the preparations and on that night he dug a dagger into his chest so he my seal hi soul away in a phylactery. Uscul remembers his vision going black and thinking her failed,but in a way he had succeeded.

Hunger, hunger, hunger Uscul had been a trapped with in his phylactery, his soul living on with in it, but with no body to take as a vessel hi Soul chain begin to eat away at itself slowly he become a hollow . Once a hollow he begun to  devouring those he once called friends or family. He fed and and fed until humans did nothing for the hunger that drove him.

Uscul soon realized he could devour other hallows and that satisfied the hunger a little more .Uscul never stopped devouring until soon he become something else, something with other voice with echos that screamed to know who he was. He was Uscul the man that cheated death he was the Necromancer Uscul Toronuc, and he was immortal.  Then the vioces stoped the echoes stoped but that hunger that need for power it reminded. Wondering the deserts of Hueco Mundo  still somehow with him was the phylactery, Uscul was an Adjuchas.

Uscul felt his new powers but still need more need to be stronger to protect his Phylactery. He wondered the desert devouring so many so many strong beings like him as he looked for a place to rest his soul to keep it safe and protected from those who would devour him. Unable to find a place, Uscul decide to create a place, a place that the Necromancer could raise his army and start practicing his old magics once more.  

While he devoured and built it happened, a new power formed inside him. Uscul doesn't recall the moment o how he become a Adjuchas, but he remembers these these evolution was painful, every inch of his undieing body screamed for death. He knew what was coming he had seen few other , a handful of hallows called Vasto Lorde. As Uscul evolved into one of these legendary creatures he new he had the power now to finish creating the place he would store his phylactery , and these place was called Necropolis.

As the years went by, Uscul watched a a couple of Vasto Lorde started conquest in the north, he was impressed that they could biuld such peace in a place like these , but it didn't last. Uscul watched a the Conflict slowly raised between two forces, and even though Necropolis was attacked a few times it was never anything Uscul had to worry about.  

Uscul learn a with a few thousands years of studying he learned here was a form beyond Vasto Lorde, and when he learned these the hunger returned the hunger for power. Before he could obtain such a power he meet Captain of the 13 court guard squads named Goruo Haruka. These Captain for whatever reason he was in Hueco Mundo but there was with a small group of shinigami. Normally Uscul wouldn't care but they ere far to close to his library in Necropolis, so Uscul had no chose to kill them. The captain proved harder to kill then Uscul firs though and in the process of there fight the captain cracked Uscul mask.

As Uscul did devour the captain and took his captains coat as a prize , he noticed the creak in his mask worsening, soon fallowed by pain, unbearable pain. Though the pain as his body was overflowing with power his mask crumpled away, and Uscul took on a new more human for similar to the shinigami he just devoured. Uscul lay in the sand of Hueco Mundo grinning in like a mad man, Uscul slowly rose to his feet and threw on the captains coat, now an Arrancer.    

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