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#1 Maki Kesshou (Let's remodel her again) on Fri May 05, 2017 1:47 am

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division

Maki, the Crystal Fullbringer

Name: Maki Kesshō
Age: 26
True Age: 26
Sex: Female
Former/Possibly still current Personality:

Maki is a curious, yet mad doctor. She prides herself in her intelligence, and ability to gather new information. When meeting someone new, her first priority is to pick them apart and learn as much as she can about them, including any potential information that they have. Since her second priority is to get them on her side, she will not try and eliminate anyone she sees potential ally material in. Thirdly, if she cannot extract information, nor recruit them as an ally, she may try to hint at combat, even while still acting civilized, curious, and respectable. Should all of these fail, she'll suggest they leave her be, or they will then be subjected to combat. Her personality then makes a heavy shift, towards that of someone who wants to beat her opponent's face into the ground by any means necessary. However, somewhere among all that lust for carnage, Maki is still analyzing battle patterns as per her main perogative. Should for any reason Maki get upset in combat, her personality dips into the edge madness, wanting to annihilate her foes with sheer power.

When in combat, Maki excels as a former weapon master, having learned nearly every weapon used in every nation, in every war, how to use it properly, and how to deal with its weight in the most appropriate fashion. After she discovered her powers, she used them to create a near-perfect staff that does not flex or bend, and uses attachments that she creates on a whim to use whatever weapon-type is the most applicable for the situation. Her decision making, calculation, and other brain-reliant abilities are even more useful in combat. She is capable of detecting projectile velocity, potential point of impact, potential combat decisions made by other combatants, and will calculate up to one million possible outcomes in the blink of an eye to project the best course of action. Her combination of multi-weapon mastery and her supercomputer mind make her a deadly threat on and off the battlefield. Aside from her thought process and sheer skill, only one trait truly encompasses her fighting style, and that is that she holds absolutely nothing back. She fights with everything she has at all times, and takes pride in her drive to win. Additionally, since her newfound strength has developed, she will go above and beyond to win, even leaning into madness and scare tactics to mess with her opponents. This trait has given her fewer limits, allowing her to reach her peak of power. Though she still has two fighting styles, she'll use what's best as long as she's still sane.

On the rare occasion that you see her dressed up and in the mood to lighten up a bit, she does indeed behave a bit more loosely. However, it'd be best not to anger her or try and take advantage of this time, as she will immediately make you regret such insolence. Still, if you treat her nicely, nothing will go wrong. She does enjoy being a little bit more comfortable in a relaxed setting and as such, will converse more freely, even making jokes and dancing as is customary. Should anything happen while relaxed, and her services be needed, she can drop it almost immediately and fight in an improvised fashion. Enjoy this part of her while it lasts, you'll be lucky to see it in the first place, and luckier still to see it again, should you miss your first chance. (No Accelerator, you can't get her drunk. Deal with it.)

(I have been wanting to use this for a while as a personality trait, but I didn’t have a reason to. Well… Now I do.)

Maki Kesshou will be played as I play her. There are no exceptions to this rule. I reserve the right to ignore any comments or complaints about how I play my character, I might forget personality traits, I might forget stats, I might even forget that you are not the super special awesome entrant to the Committee you think you’re going to be. If you do not like how your character is dealt with/ treated by Maki, then oh well.


All past frustrations aside, Maki represents my personal standing as a leader. I do not fully understand how to lead yet, and even then, I'm learning as I run the Committee. If you choose to respect Maki and listen to her, then all will likely be peaceful and civil. Order is a priority, and without it, all will fall apart.

Maki does not expect you to be as a dog, coming at the call. Maki simply chooses to make sure that her subordinates and assets are loyal. A good leader simply deserves to have loyal people backing them.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'11”
Weight: 190 lbs

Physical Traits: Her gaze is the coldest that you may ever see. Her eyes in their bright magenta may seem full of love at first, but her disapproving gaze says otherwise. Her skin is a rather pale white, only barely showing normal human colors. Her stark white hair goes all the way down to her waist when it’s let down, but she is often seen with it tied up into a bun, when in combat. Her frame is rather well built, especially for a woman, and her tall body strikes intimidation into most people when paired with her stable and resilient posture. Her body is as not as muscular and sturdy as it once was due to her shift in power, and she is capable of bearing a load of nearly a ton, even without using her abilities. Her chest is roughly a C, but if you ask her, she will beat the tar out of you. Overall, if you met her, you wouldn’t feel so apt to strike up a conversation with her. Or at least if you do, you better not waste her time.

She may be dressed in one of three ways. There’s her combat uniform, which is a one-piece sort of jumpsuit made with a type of silicone/leather combination. It’s mostly black with white ornaments, and a slightly brassy trim. Were it not for the fact that her powers were used in combat, the outfit would not appear glossy as it does when she uses her liquid tension armor. Her weapon shrinks to fit at her waist, seeing as she has specially designed it to be compactable.

Her second uniform is what she wears in casual occurrences, when she is not planning for combat (which isn’t often). In this case, she generally sticks to a similar outfit to what her combat outfit, but instead a three-piece. The undershirt is strictly black, she won’t wear a shirt of any other color it seems. Over her top, she wears a jacket of black leather, with white trim and only a badge of silver, inlaid with a purple gem. The badge reads, “Tidal Silver” which appears to be what she calls her crystal ability.

Let's face it, she probably won't dress up. You'd be lucky to even get her out enough for her to care, but sure, what the hell. She's likely not gonna ever go out and party or have a good time unless it's with her gear but if she does, she prefers to go out in a black yukata with a silver floral design. Her waistband is purple, wrapped tightly around her waist and pushing her bust up slightly. She has also been known to carry a matching parasol when she wears such an outfit. Her sandals are the traditional type, with white socks to go with them. Her hair is tied up more formally than usual, being looped in such a way that her hairline does not touch her shoulders. The set of loops are set together with a silver ornament that she made herself, a set of crashing waves. It's also to be noted that she smiles more often when dressed like this, instead of her normal cold expression.

Post -insert thing here- Maki Kesshou

Post thing Maki with combat suit.

Post thing formal dress Maki.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Her fighting style is actually heavily variant. Being a weapons master, she can use what little spiritual power she has left to change her Zanpakuto Durability weapon into any weapon that is tactically useful for the situation, even going as far as to swapping between two-handed weapons, dual wield weapons, or a shield and sword. Technically, due to her strength, she could indeed wield a two handed weapon in one hand. Her main focus during combat is keeping tabs on her opponent’s movements. While she isn’t fast, she can manipulate kinetic force to compensate for that, and stay in combat long enough to beat most opponents into submission.

Her physical strength, coupled with weapon mastery, top-tier defenses, and long-running stamina will ensure that you do not get away from her. If the situation calls for it, she can tag you with little needles that she can see from as far as 30 meters, even through walls. While she can’t do anything with it, she can use that to track you for extreme distances and lengths of time. She can use the same substance these crystal needles are made from to create a Hierro-like armor that is entirely liquid. Her body chemistry makes her difficult to take down as her blood will act naturally to prevent lethal wounds from being as lethal.

Her spiritual sensing is not that great, her other senses are average, but her sight is extremely potent. Be wary of that.

Strengths: Reiryoku, Strength, Durability, Stamina
Weaknesses: Hakuda, Reiatsu, Sensing

I would like to make this note extra clear. Maki's limbs are metal. They can be broken and fixed, just like metal. The only way to wound Maki is via the torso, neck, and head.

Primary Stage

Personal Ability: Force Redux
Description:Similar to her previous inertia reflection, she can use this to bound off of any surface, doubling the force imparted for a lovely boing across the world. She can also use this during combat to increase the impact force of her staff. In addition to storing and duplicating the force of impact to bound off surfaces, she can also use this ability to start the chain by boosting off a surface without an impact required. This can also be used in combat, absorbing the impact of a physical strike, then doubling its impact on top of what Maki can normally do.

Ability Name: Metallurgy
Description: One of the abilities Maki has retained is the ability to liquefy metals and combine them freely. Normally this will be used out of combat, but she can use this mid-combat to make walls, shapes, etc. At a default, one can assume metal objects can take anything less than a Cero before it is damaged. Even in combat, she can adjust the shape of her staff, other nearby metals, the sharpness, density level, and other varying properties. This ability extends only to 1 meter of radius. This can also be used with her staff to manipulate its shape and density into the form of any weapon imaginable.

Ability Name: Polyvision
Description: Maki’s eyes have a wonderful ability to sense both things from a far off distance, with telescopic and macro/microscopic vision in one. At any distance, or proximity (at max 100 meters out, and as close as 20 nanometers, Maki can see everything, be it at atomic levels, or in full detail.) The only other limit to this is that Maki cannot see well enough to break through illusions.

Ability Name: Silver Blood
Description: Maki's blood is made of the same material as her liquid 'Tidal Silver' It appears as though it is water in its default state. In her sealed state, it can only be in liquid state, and can only be held back to plug up wounds. Otherwise, it functions the same way as blood normally does, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells. Disclaimer: Her other bodily fluids are normal, unlike some variants of this ability type. No crystal sweat, urine or other stuff like that.

Personal Ability: Weapon Mastery
Description: Maki has loads of experience with weapons and various martial arts due to her training, and as such, can manipulate her staff to essentially be any weapon she chooses. Because of this, she can easily cause a wound that is purely blunt force, puncture through armor, cleave, slash and cause any other feasible form of physical damage by way of weapon form

Personal Ability: Self Preservation
Description: In addition to her blood, her skeleton is also made of the same substance as her Tidal Silver. This means that it is more durable, and can be repaired. The other side effect of this means that she can essentially endure longer due to the fact that she can manipulate her skeleton, even to the point of having modified it to protect her heart, lungs, and brain better.

Boosts: x3 to Strength and Durability.


Weapon/Item Affinity Her staff that she made out of her own alloy of metals is Zanpakuto durability and now her Fullbringer item. She also has a natural affinity to metals.

Her staff is a custom-made weapon of her own design, made of an alloy only she knows what. It is made to collapse via density alteration technology, and can be made to extend anywhere from one foot long to eight feet at max. It is designed never to flex, bend, break, or waver, even when a weight of a full ton is attached at either end. Because of her powers, she can sever the staff at any point and use it to dual wield. In single wield, she’s capable of altering the shape and structure of one or both ends of the staff, turning it into a partisan weapon, glaive, greatsword, axe, etc., and in in dual wield, such applications as twin shortswords, shield/weapon combo, etc. Overall, due to the way the density of the weapon is structured, it can be as small as relay baton, or as large as a warhammer.

Appearance: In basic appearance, it is a simple white staff, made to be completely unbreakable by any means except her own. See below Surprised

Personal Ability: Seismic Resonance
Description: Maki can manipulate earth at a fine level of detail, with an area of control of 75 meters. She can control anything that is stone, sand, or dirt, cleave it, break it down, reforge it, etc. There's no need for her to be able to produce it because guess what? Earth is everywhere.

Ability Name: Tidal Silver
Description: Maki can release a crystalline substance that is more durable than steel, and can take up to a Gran Rey of damage before it’s overpowered and destroyed completely. Damage below a Gran Rey will slowly wear the material away. She can only make solid and liquid states of this material, and damage dealt by it is equivalent to getting hit by glass or a stone of a similar size, depending on the sharpness of it. Every piece of this material, when solid, has an energy signature that she can identify regardless of the situation. She can and will use this effect to mark and track targets up to a distance of 75 meters. She can also in a pinch, use this as a substitute for the mechanisms in her limbs. It can also be used to deflect zanpakuto to an extent, but may break if the opposing person is strong enough.

Going to remind everyone that this includes the ability to make barriers, structures, and the like too. Size of crystal particles or chunks in solid form have no size cap.

Ability Name: Quick Deflect
Description: Maki can deflect any energy based attack so long as it is a projectile (i.e., no deflecting a Hadou 90/99), and deflects it in the direction of her choice. She can reduce the damage output of that projectile to as little as 10% of its original power. This ability is equal in cooldown to the ability that is deflected.

Ability Name: Technical Parameters
Description: Yes, my arms and legs count as an ability, get over it. Due to Metallurgy and Tidal Silver being a thing, Maki’s limbs can be repaired if damaged. Though anything can damage her limbs to an extent, a Cero will break them. She can however, as mentioned repair them quickly with either metals or crystal replacement parts. She can do this for as long as she has stamina to fight, and if a leg is the limb that breaks, she has enough strength to hold herself upright for the time it takes to fix the limb.

Ability Name: Freezing Silver
Description: When wounded, as per her sealed state, her Tidal Silver is now her blood. When in Fullbring state, and only if so, her blood can take either solid or liquid states. Her blood does not behave like the rest of the Tidal Silver she creates, and when leaking out of her body faster than it can be replaced, will begin to solidify to seal wounds shut, as well as form a small protective shell around the area. The blood will withstand at minimum, a Gran Rey Cero before it begins to vaporize. Maki cannot substitute her blood with the Tidal Silver she generates. She can however restore minimal amounts over time.

Ability Name: Shattering Strikes
Description: Charging both ends of her staff with physical power (or in varying circumstances, two points on any part of her staff), Maki empowers her next two strikes that make contact. These blows are the result of her developing her willpower, and are designed to be the epitome of her  expertise. Each blow contains enough power to bypass armor, hierro, and other damage reducing effects by up to 50%, and can shatter bones and/or cause heavy internal damage. Does not break through or interrupt barriers and shields.

Personal Ability: Stasis Shell
Description: If any of Maki's vital organs are damaged to dangerous levels, her body will freeze, and be encased in Tidal Silver for two posts to fix the damage. The resulting outward surge of solid crystal is uncontrollable and will engulf others within 10 meters (if everyone participating is caught within it, then the duration is skipped)

Personal Ability: Ebbing Tides
Description: Any amount of Maki's Tidal Silver can be spread out quickly, traveling at blinding speeds and taking shape under Maki's will.

Personal Ability: Sinking Shards
Description: If a shard of crystal of any size embeds itself into a target, it will find a way to slowly become irremovable. Over a duration of 3 posts, it attaches itself into the flesh of a target, while not damaging or causing more than noticable pain and discomfort. This ensures Maki will be able to track her target.

Boosts:x4 to Strength and Durability.

Back Drop

Background: As a young child, Maki grew up in the home of a noble family in the Hokkaido Prefecture. She was born into privileges, status, money, and all other things that come with the status of nobility. Some children that are raised this way tend to act rather like a princess, but Maki did not. She wanted to strive to deserve her noble title no matter what that meant. She played chess, shogi, go, and other complex strategy games frequently, showing shocking prowess with such games as young as age 5. She often stayed in her father's library, reading his books on mathematics, including trigonometry, statistics, advanced mechanical physics, and engineering. She also took an interest in his other books, whether it was psychology, metabiology, metallurgy, alchemy, chemistry, and more. You name a textbook? She's read it. On her 9th birthday, she asked her father to train her in martial arts and to teach her everything she knew. He hesitated and originally told her no, but agreed later on when he found Maki training on her own, practicing using techniques she'd watched him use previously. After seeing her determination, he agreed to train her. At first, he taught her mostly hand to hand techniques, including grappling, palm and fist strikes, and various forms of punches, kicks, and sliding moves. She became quite strong for a small child, extremely agile, and moderately fast with her training.

After her 11th birthday, her father handed her a wooden shortsword out of curiosity, wondering if she'd pick it up and fight with it as easily as she'd learned hand to hand combat. Sure enough she did. She was introduced to swordplay as well as her dad could teach her including some advanced techniques. Her father died on his 43rd birthday, when she was 16, and as a result of this, her mother took what money was left to her and abandoned Maki entirely. This upset Maki heavily, setting her into tears, as she did indeed love her father. She enjoyed every moment training under him. Both out of anguish towards her mother, and in memory of her father, she looked in her father's library, which had been left untouched by her mother, and took out every book she could find relating to sparring techniques, various weapons, and the like. She studied them intensely, then immediately began to train with every weapon available that was left by her father, at the time only a staff, shortsword, and shield. She spent the next five years collecting an assortment of varying weapon types until she mastered them all. One evening she stumbled across a diary her mother kept, left behind like most of the other things in the house. This is how she learned that her mother had a hand in her father's death, poisoning him so he would die in his sleep. Maki could believe this, knowing that her mother was cold, and had no reaction to her father's death. Angered by this, she swore if she ever saw her mother, Maki would kill her with her own two hands.

The night she turned 18, Maki heard a mysterious, yet familiar voice echoing through her head, "You look so much younger now, my wife. I have but one question. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL ME? I TRUSTED YOU." When the voice screamed, she panicked in response, looking for the source. She'd never experienced such a thing, and why did it call Maki its wife? She wasn't married. She looked around before seeing a figure emerge from the darkness. A hollow. "What in the hell are you?" She asked it, slightly more resolved now that she knew she wasn't crazy. "I am the one that used to live here, so long ago, and you were the one I loved." She took a step back in shock, then thought about it for a moment. She knew it was the hollow of her father, clearly upset at being poisoned. As for her appearance, she looked like the spitting image of her mother when she was younger. She understood now. "You're my father, aren't you. You have me confused for my mother it would seem. But... you're not quite him. You're so much emptier now." The hollow did not seem to take lightly to being called a liar, and as evidence of this, reached out to grab Maki. She bounded away knowing what she had to do. She grabbed a quarterstaff from the corner of the room and immediately took to beating the hollow with it, though hardly making a dent. Even during her swings she increased the force until the quarterstaff snapped in half. Eventually, she grew fatigued, even in her physical form, and got grabbed by her father's hollow. Her quarterstaff dropped to the floor and clattered, a sure sign of her defeat. She looked at what used to be her father with a glazed eye, almost ready to let him devour her soul. Except one thing. Her father once told her never to give up in a fight, even if you were sure you were going to lose. Then something cracked somewhere. Maki wasn't sure where she was, but she knew one thing, she was sure as hell not going to die. Her body erupted in a faded white crystal substance that was translucent, ripping through hollow flesh, crushing what was in front of her with sheer force. It screamed for a few minutes until it was shredded and crushed beyond identification, then Maki felt her body drop to the floor. She woke up several hours later, still partially encased in a monstrosity of a crystal formation. She couldn't move too well, freaking out a bit while trying, but eventually, she realized she had made the crystal. As if trying to communicate with it, she concentrated, only opening her eyes to see it dissolve and melt to the floor. She got up and grabbed her quarterstaff. Curious, she attempted to control it again, and she found she could. She willed the crystal to flow over top of the quarterstaff, encasing and repairing it, and affixing a blade to the end. A glaive, sharper than she could imagine. She had stepped into a world beyond all she thought possible.

Maki spent the next 6 years getting used to her powers, learning to control them to extreme degrees, as well as discovering new ones, and even gaining the ability to summon her reiatsu outside of her body, though in limited amounts. When she played with her powers' limits, she did so in secret, as she was not fully aware of what common knowledge of these things were. As soon as she figured out all of their potential, she decided to try something new. She dismantled an old computer from the house she lived in, and pulled out all the metal she could, in liquid form. She then made a staff that contained about 17 different elements, that did not bend, flex, or seem to show any signs of brittleness. It was white in color and became her new best friend. She tried to produce the crystal substance she remembered from that night 6 years ago, and couldn't quite manage it. Puzzled, she reached deeper inside herself, catching something. Yes, finally the truth she had sought came alive. She felt stronger than before, and was this time able to summon the same liquid crystal, this time with the same level of control as other liquids. She willed it away and it melted back into her body, as if it were actually her energy. She extruded a small chunk of crystal and said, "I think I'm going to call you Tidal Silver." As if responding to her, the crystal made a little ocean wave, sparkling in the sunlight above. Off in the distance, she heard the sound of fighting, and became curious, peering out her window to see a couple men in robes fighting what she knew to be a hollow. Curious as she still was, she opened her window, still in what she referred to as secondary form and used what force she could to propel herself from building to building, until at the scene. She looked up at them and waved, apparently surprising the two robed men. "Looks like you boys could use lady's touch. Might wanna stand back and let me handle this." They seemed rather pressed for the situation, barely making a dent in it. Maki produced about 13 pounds of the crystal, affixed it to the length of her staff, forming a greatsword with a 7 foot long blade and charged at the hollow, cleaving through it without breaking a sweat. The two men looked shocked, asking me if I was a shinigami. I replied with "What's a shinigami? I have no knowledge of such a thing." They looked at me odd and asked if I was a human and I simply nodded at them and they panicked like all hell and disappeared through a magical-looking door. Whatever. Some help men are anymore. Apparently, there were indeed others like her, but this was only the beginning of the world that she was now a part of.

Not even 6 months into her stay at the Committee, she's been shifted from the head of the Research and Development (and Accelerator's dog) to the Leader of the Committee. This was no easy journey, as when she was tasked with the mission to defeat Sla Yer, she suffered traumatic injury, keeping herself alive with her raw determination and power control. After Accelerator showed up to deal with the Hollow that did this to her, he took her back to the Committee where she could restore her body. Upon doing this, she found she could no longer use her powers. Puzzled, Maki decided to do experiments with lab equipment, at one point, touching her staff, feeling her power surging when doing so. Curious, she went into the back bay of the Albatross building, attempting to summon Tidal Silver and successfully doing so. There was something Maki had always wanted to try, but had failed to do because of her limits. Firing off several shards, she noticed they now glowed slightly, emitting energy. She reached into them, looking for all the energy they teased at, and let it loose, causing the shards to explode. Letting her Tidal Silver slip to the floor and vaporize, she felt as though she really needed this new power. As the head of the Human Committee, she became a terror to her enemies, and a respectable ally to those that would call on her.

During a training accident, Maki would end up suffering traumatic injury again, this time at the cost of all four of her limbs. Thankfully, medical staff were on call, and rescued her in time to prevent death by blood loss. She grew tired, but once her wounds were treated, her nerve endings were considered dead at what one could call her ‘stumps’. She simply built mechanical limbs to replace these, and with a little reiatsu, she could move again. It was a little limited, and much cruder than before, but she wasn’t going to let it stop her. She couldn’t feel anything with them, and it did upset her a little, but she’d continue being the leader she was meant to be.

RP Sample: Ever since she'd gained control of her powers, she'd developed a workdesk and a sort of business of her own. She'd been making really unique alloys that she'd never read about before, and because of this, was able to profit off of the fact that it was a new material. She would also purchase low grade materials, including iron and aluminum, and purify them, getting every last impurity out of it before selling it all at a much higher price. It was almost like she was the living copy of the library that she'd read so long ago, enchanting the world around her to her will. Maki liked the sound of that and smirked. In time, she also purchased other metals to work on inventing things. On one particular afternoon, she'd purchased a set of materials including rubber, leather, plastic, silicone, and a sheet of velvet. Using the velvet as a base, she trimmed and threaded it it in such a way that it was
in one piece, a body suit I suppose you could call it. She took the rubber and silicone, mixing them together to create a jet black material that was soft and malleable. she spread it onto the seams of the bodysuit, covering them, and also making guidelines for the ornamental designs later. She then took brass from her metal supply, removing all the impurities, and applying it to the design, making the trim shiny and yellow, almost like gold. She then sealed it with the plastic, ensuring it would look shiny for years to come. She liked the end result so much that she made a similar outfit for casual use that was a jacket and pant combination. "With this outfit, I'll be able to move freely without limiting a single millimeter of my body during combat." With that, she was ready for anything that should come her way.

Side Notes: To be fair to everyone reading this, I'm posting this as a separate application so that my current list of threads can be finished up as normally.

This is mainly here as a placeholder and to serve as a basis for where I take Maki as a character
Also, yay for Cyborgs.


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Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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