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#1 [Battle] Can't OHKO this girl (Kiyo vs Urek) on Thu May 04, 2017 9:53 pm

Being out in Tokyo, one of my favorite places just because people can be so stupid here, I was looking for something to do, a thing to steal maybe, just because I was bored. I figured I was too important to rob a lowly convenience store, but hey. I figured the best place to steal from was the back room. Since I could easily tell where the security cameras were, I wasted no time in eliminating them.

It's not like they'd be able to tell what happened. The cameras would look like they took too high a voltage, the memory cards would be fried too, so no one would be able to tell what had happened. And to think, all I wanted was some ice cream. You know what they say, don't get between a girl and her ice cream.

I'd simply pick up a couple bars of Orange Creamsicle, then walk towards the door. The shopkeeper would look at me funny and tell me that I needed to pay for them, but I'd look at him with my trademark innocent eyes and walk up to the man, as simple as he looked. I could barely see over the top of the counter. I slipped the two popsicles onto the desk he was stationed at, then walked around, lightly charging my left palm as I did so. "Hey, mister. Can I ask you something? I can't quite hear you, could you come down here so we can talk about the ice cream?" And as the man knelt down, I'd palm strike him on the forehead, knocking him out cold. The jolt would probably wipe his memory of the last 20 minutes or so, and I'd make my escape back into the streets of Tokyo as if nothing had ever happened.

I made my way into an abandoned home somewhere in the outer districts. It had been my base for about a week, since my fresh release from Hell. Man I hated that place. I opened the first popsicle and savored it. For some reason, they always tasted them better when I swiped them out from under people's noses. Granted the man almost caught me, but I mean.... I covered my tracks. There's no way he'd remember, nor have any proof aside from inventory that something was missing.

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#2 Re: [Battle] Can't OHKO this girl (Kiyo vs Urek) on Thu May 04, 2017 11:18 pm

Urek strolled around casually in the air, striding above the town as he looked down upon the people. They looked like ants, and they were indeedly so. They were ants under his feet, just waiting to get stepped on. Urek could do so easily. It would be simple. It wouldn't take much, it wouldn't be hard either. He just had to drop really anything. WHAT interested him a bit is how long it would take for him to destroy the whole city. After a while of thinking he shrugged and slowly descended down towards the ground.

He traversed around the corner, hands in his pockets. However he was a bit disappointed when he saw a smal girl beat down a store clerk in a store. He stopped walking and kept watching through the window as she proceeded to leave. This eight year old looking girl obviously wasn't normal. Arrancar- no mask.. Shinigami, definitely not.. Quincy? No they would use a bow.. visored? Potential. Sinner? Another possibility. Urek smirked and followed her all the way back to wherever she was going. "Hey girl, you have a nice punch hmm? I saw you deck that old guy across the face, baby."

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#3 Re: [Battle] Can't OHKO this girl (Kiyo vs Urek) on Thu May 04, 2017 11:36 pm

As I finished my ice cream, I realized something. Someone had followed me. I didn't like being followed. Well, as he appeared, and seemed relatively impressed with me, I tossed him the other popsicle I had. All of a sudden the thought of devouring a second creamsicle felt disgusting to me. "Yeah? well don't call me baby. I might have to call you a pedophile otherwise." That's right, he was flirting with me. Another thing I didn't like was when the tables were turned. That was my thing. Then again, by the looks of him, he might just be crazy enough.

Who knew? Either way I'd wonder who the hell he was, how he followed me, and what business he had with me. I mean. . . I had no reason to put on the innocent act when I knew he didn't think I was innocent. He probably didn't think I was human, either. I stood up, dusted my little white dress off, and stared... up at him. Dammit, why I had to stay so short was beyond my understanding. Though...

I had an idea that might make usefulness of the fact that he followed me. "How about you pledge your undying loyalty to me? Then you can do with me as you please, and I might even let you live. You might even be treated half-decently for once in your life." I said with a sly grin, something that would tease him and maybe even reel him in for a minute. After all, to him, I was still a little girl, what could he do against me?

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#4 Re: [Battle] Can't OHKO this girl (Kiyo vs Urek) on Fri May 05, 2017 12:01 am

Urek tilted his head about her pedophile comment. He just decided to put it aside though he caught whatever she threw at him. A popsicle.. alright then. However what he found amusing the most was how she's started talking to him. Loyalty? Do what I please? Let me live? Treated half decently? Urek couldn't help but burst out in laughed, leaning his head back a bit. He then smirked at her with a look of amusement. "That was cute, kid. Did you learn that from your parents or something? That was funny. Keep talking like that and we'll see if you can still breathe."

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I couldn't help but think the boy was a little dense, but I didn't think on it too much. He at least seemed to accept the icecream, but outright rejecting a generous offer from me? Oh hell no. Through his laughter and grins, I held one thought in the back of my mind. I was going to put this sad twerp out of his misery. At the least, he had a sense of humor. I just hoped he liked mine. After hearing, "That was cute, kid. Did you learn that from your parents or something?" I laughed back.

The secret? "Actually no, I killed both of my parents. Cute thought though. That was funny." and with a maniacal grin, charged up my left palm, shortly before ramming into his forehead. He'd take a good bit of damage if that hit, and I could dole out plenty more. He'd earned a rather painful death, so I wasn't too worried about taking my time with him.

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They really were an eight year old. Not very creative, one of those 'I know you are but what am i' things.Urek rolled his eyes as the girl the next jumped towards him and tried to dome him with her fast. Predictable and not very smart. Didn't she know that letting oneself get struck in the forehead is a way to easily break your opponents fist? However Urek instead stepped towards her and moved his head to the side so it went past and he simultaneously flicked her forehead with a yellow/white glow to his index finger. If it hit it would most definitely send her flying off into the distance. Urek kept a bored expression. Would she really even deem a challenge for him?

Technique Used:

Ability Name: Supreme King's Dome Splitter of Destruction
Description: Urek simply flicks his opponent with the power of Hadou 55. Visually there is a white/yellow glow around his finger. 2 post cooldown.

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I'll give him credit for dodging the palm strike, that was a given, wasn't it? However, seeing as I didn't make contact, my right palm would remain charged. Not like that mattered. He was bound and determined to treat me like the child he saw me as, flicking me in the forehead. Except that it hurt. Not that I minded that. He was the type to take charge, huh? As the force from him flicking me in the fore head sent me from midair to the ground, I wondered what would happen if I played dead. Would he figure it out? or would he sense something? Either way, I laid there lifeless, for now.

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Oddly enough, we stayed like that for several minutes. Though he seemed spaced out and lost, he'd long seemed to stop caring about me as a target. Big mistake. I rose up, grabbed both of his fists, and fired two rods of pure electricity up each arm, ripping them both apart from the inside out. "Are you happy now that your source of pride is gone?" I watched as his body fell to the floor, and charged up another strike. This one would be it. Charging my body full of electricity, I palm striked his forehead, watching it and reveling in the sensation of his skull caving inward. He wouldn't be coming around anytime soon, that was certain.

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